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"A Brief Interlude"

A Brief Interlude

By: Bongo Bill

Link rode into the clearing. The humid air, quite warm for spring, hung in the forest, and only the insects stirred. Small animals raised their heads as Epona's hooves landed near them, but none bothered to scurry off in the heat.

Dimly, he recalled secluded bits and pieces of his journey of the past three days. Was it only three days? It seemed longer than that. It didn't matter. All that mattered was that he had hidden away that mask. Unbidden, memories of using the mask came back to him. Fighting the demon Majora, the sheer exhilaration, the euphoria, of the power that had flooded through his very soul.

The power... it was a tremendous effort to not turn back and look for the mask, but he knew he had hidden it too well. He did not remember where he had hidden it, but he was certain no one could find it. But if he could...

No! He would not go back and look for it. Think about something else. Navi. Yes. Where was she? Wait, no. After that whole debacle in... in wherever it was he had been the last three days, he had no desire to continue his search. Maybe after he had gone home...

He had not realized until then exactly how tired he was. He felt like he had not slept in a week, and he had been running every moment of that week. Strange that he had not noticed that until now. After a (very) little thought, he decided it would be best to go home and take a nap.

Riding sleepily out of the Lost Woods down the dirt path, a few Kokiri who were outside looked towards him, but no more than that. He arrived at the ladder leading up his home, dismounted (more like fell), and climbed up the ladder, nearly falling as he did so. He didn't even make it to his bed before he collapsed in a heap on the hard wooden floor.

When he woke up, the sun had just risen, and the sky was covered with thick, gray clouds. Thunder boomed across the sky. After a large breakfast, Link thought about the previous day. Or at least tried to. He couldn't remember a thing since he rode into the forest, and everything since then was rather blurred together. Well, he had to get an early start if he was to find Navi, and he wouldn't accomplish that sitting around lost in thought.

The next few days were quite monotonous. Link rode through every corner of the Kokiri Forest, searching. Occasionally he would see, or imagine seeing, something bright and blue just out of the corner of his eye, but when he turned, nothing was there.

The sky eventually cleared, the heat wave passed, and the small animals and children returned to their daily routines. And as heat and rain left, so did Link's hope of finding his lost fairy. After all, simple willpower can only carry one so far. He continued to search, however, for his friend.

"Give it up, wimp," Mido had said, "everybody knows only real Kokiri can have a fairy. And you didn't deserve one in the first place." Still, he persevered. "Link, I'm sorry that you can't find Navi," said Saria, "but I'm starting to worry about you. If you haven't found her yet, then I don't think you can." The other Kokiri, or at least those few who associated with him, said more or less the same thing.

They were right, Link knew. But he still continued to search. Had he found anything during those three days when he couldn't remember what happened? Or before then? He couldn't remember those days very clearly, either.

It was fully three weeks after those days he couldn't remember that Link finally decided to give up his search. And even then, he did it reluctantly.

Link's life eventually did return to normal. Or at least as close to normal as a person like him could lead. In the times between the adventures he would have later in life, he often wondered where his fairy had gone, and once or twice even seriously considered continuing the search. He never did, though. He aged and grew, but never forgot his fairy; his only companion in his single greatest adventure.