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"A Hero's Life"

A Hero's Life

By: Mosli


It was a dark gloomy night in the Kingdom of Hyrule. The wind howled like wolves howling in a full-moon night. The trees and leaves rustled furiously as if they were shivering from the nighttime's coolness. The nightingales chirped a beautiful melody that soothed the creatures of the dark, not even the ruthless savage Wolves could withstand this enchanting tune.

Yes, Hyrule was peaceful indeed. It had been several months since the attempt to revive the prince of darkness, Ganondorf Dragmire. What an unforgettable incident indeed.

The rapid unexpected attacks of Ganon's remaining underlings were not a sight to see. Many innocent bystanders were injured, harmed, and even executed by those vile heartless monsters. Nobody knew why the creatures were enraged all of a sudden. That is, until something incredible happened.

The defender of peace, the hero of Hyrule, the slayer of evil.he was a man of many titles indeed. But he didn't like to be praised a lot, so people called him by his name.


The name struck fear in the hearts of all monsters. Evil kneeled before him like a slave after he had defeated Ganon two times in the past, and in the last encounter he had finally ended the life of the so called King of Evil.something no knight of Hyrule had ever done before.

In the day of his 16th birthday, a symbol appeared on the back of his hand. It shone the golden hue of Hyrule's crest-- the legendary Triforce.

With the advice of the old yet wise Impa, the nursemaid of the princess of Hyrule, the valiant lad was able to restore peace to this magical Kingdom, and evil was never seen or heard of again.

People lived in harmony for several months. However, there was a troubled soul among them.the soul of the hero himself, Link.

Episode I: A Hero's Curse

He sat alone in a wooden chair; a candle illuminated the room with its small, red flare. He was gazing at the ground emotionlessly, deep in thought; so deep that he could drown in his own world of memories and emotions, never to feel the world around him anymore.


Why did I have to pull that damn sword and start all this?

Link remembered his first quest as a child. He had entered the temple of time, where that damn sword slept undisturbed. The sword of the evil's bane, the Master blade, was the key to defeat evil, the only way to slay Ganondorf.

The magical sword was embedded in a pedestal at the center of the time chamber. Link remembered his child-self approaching the sleeping sword slowly as thoughts circulated in his mind:

[I can't do it.the fate of Hyrule lies beneath my hands.I'm only a child.what can a child like me possibly do?

He stopped in his tracks, looking at the remarkable sword, and then lowered his head to face the marbled ground.

Be brave Link. You've gone far enough into this quest by collecting the magical stones and helping the tribes of can't stop now.

He lifted his head, gazing at the resting blade again, and started walking towards it once more.

Why me? I'm just a Kokiri boy with no parents.this is too much for me.what if something happens to me? What if I wasn't the chosen one? All I'm doing is letting Hyrule down by trying.Letting Zelda down.

He stopped again, picturing princess Zelda in his thoughts. She was a beautiful girl indeed; her silky golden hair, her smooth pink skin, and her azure-blue eyes.everything in her was just stunning. He liked her.he loved her. He was confused; he didn't exactly realize his feelings for her until now.

Does she love me too?

He dashed to the embedded sword, until he found himself face-to-face with its crystal blue hilt. The blade almost surpassed the height of the green-clad child.

If I don't try, I'll let people down.I'll let Zelda down. She's counting on me.that frightened look she gave me while getting away from that strange desert man.she knew that I was her only hope.I have to try.

The lad continued to gaze at the hilt. He almost thought that this sword had eyes. Suddenly, he broke his stare and looked over his shoulder as he heard a tinkling sound.

It was his guardian fairy.

A pink glow with wings tinkled again as she flew around in circles, sparkles of fairy dust trailing her. Navi was the fairy's name. She flew to Link's pointed ear and whispered in a gentle, feminine voice, "No matter what happens, I'll always be here with you."

Navi was not only his guardian fairy.she was his true friend. Those words she whispered echoed in Link's mind. They were words of love no doubt. Link wondered if she really cared about him this way.if his fairy really did love him.

I'll do this for all the people who love me!

He brushed his thoughts away as he nodded to her, turning away and facing the Master sword. Gripping the hilt with his two hands, he pulled with all his might. To his surprise, the blade slid out of the pedestal easily. The swishing sound of the sword echoed throughout the temple of time as Link and his fairy were engulfed by a blue aura, which disappeared in a matter of seconds.]

I was a fool, a fool to think that things would get better, but as a matter of a fact, things got worse.for me.

Ganondorf tricked me.Awaking the Master sword from its eternal slumber opened the gate to the Sacred Realm, where the golden relic rested in peace-the legendary Triforce.

.And I was the one who led the way for the desert man.

I woke up seven years after, only to find that Ganondorf had taken over Hyrule and Imprisoned the Seven Sages. I was a child's soul streaming through the veins of a man's body. I was someone I didn't want to be.

I fought, I fought will all my might to end this charade; my childhood was what I wanted.I wanted my life back.

I was going to revive what I desired the most after defeating Ganon, but she had to turn my life against me... I helped her, rescued her, and loved her from the bottom of my heart. What had I done to deserve this curse? Was it the curse of a hero, or a curse of many heroes that had donned upon me?

She had sent me back to my childhood, yes.but in the worst possible way. She played with time and erased all the events that had happened in my quest, and as a bonus, she erased me from existence.

I returned back to my sanctuary, the place I was raised in, the holy forest of the Kokiri, as my nine-year-old self again. My happiness was darkened as I realized what she had done to me.

I wasn't remembered by anyone, except my Elvin brothers, the Kokiri, who barely recognized me. Nonetheless, I was treated as a stranger in my world, let alone this forest. My friends. were all gone.

I hadn't see Navi since I was sent back. Even she, my best friend, had abandoned me.

Saria, my beautiful green-haired friend, was nowhere to be seen. She was the Sage of Forest, and that title obviously meant a lot more to her than me.

Malon, the redheaded ranch girl, didn't remember me. But Epona, my faithful steed that helped me in my quest, did. I was least she remembered me. The astonished Malon was so kind as to lend me the horse once more, even though she didn't remember me. But apparently she trusted me, after looking into Epona's eyes, into her soul.

I hadn't heard from the rest of the Sages either. I was alone in the world.I cried, I called, I begged. No, no one heeded the call of a hero. I was trapped in a never-ending void, depressed, shattered, and tired.

Indeed, this was the curse of a hero. I didn't understand.the people I had saved turned their back on me.

And it was all her fault.

Hatred started to weaken my thoughts and emotions, as if there was poison flowing in my blood, consuming my body little by little. Zelda.augh! The mention of that name stabbed my heart.why had she done this to me?

This was too much pressure for a mere nine-year old. I was starting to go insane. I walked in circles inside my tree house as I started tearing at my belongings, ripping them furiously apart while screaming maniacally.

The pain I felt was overwhelming. Emotions blended, thoughts deepened, memories echoed.I was going to die from this 'pain'. I curled up my body and lay down on the smooth lumber, mentally injury that could take forever to overcome.

I cried and cried, still waiting for a reply to my distress signal, the call of a hero, and that was when I heard the soothing, yet deep voice of the protector.

Yes, it was the voice of the Deku Tree, protector of the forest and its inhabitants. Long have I waited for a hero to save a hero. It was happening at last, I was saved.

He told me to come to his lair right away. I responded with a mad dash out the door, followed by a dare-deviling jump from my tree to the ground.

The hero was recalling the events that happened long ago, in the meadow of the great Deku Tree:

[The blanket of the night covered the great woods of the Kokiri. Hordes of fireflies brightened the forest with their glowing sparks, not leaving a corner unlighted. The soft green grass swished as the whistling wind blew by. It was a cold quiet night indeed, just like every other night in this holy forest. The Kokiri people sheltered themselves in their wooden homes, sleeping like babies. It wasn't safe to roam around at this time of day, but there was one person who was willing to take the risk.

Little Link slowly walked the narrow path leading to the Deku Tree's lair, anxiously turning left and right on the look out for any monsters. He shivered as a whooshing breeze blew by him, sending a chill through his skin and spine. He was cold, scared, and unarmed; but every chill, every fear, and every step was worth it. Link had no one to turn to but the Deku Tree, a wise and caring tree with advice of wisdom.

After minutes of walking, he finally found himself exiting the path. He looked around; he was in a familiar vast grassy field... In the center stood a very large and aged tree. The Deku Tree.

"Thou hath come," a voice boomed. "Approach, lad."

Link obeyed, and walked closer towards the tree, his tear-stained face held an expression of fear.

"Do not be afraid my boy," said the Tree. "Heroes do not cry."

Those words grabbed Link's attention, causing him to walk closer.

"So you. remember?"

"More than thou can ever know," it responded. "Hyrule owes it all to thee, Hero of Time."

Link was shocked that the Deku Tree knew his title. He thought no one would remember his quest.

"You.know about my quest?"

"Thou underestimates me, Link. I may have died but my spirit has lived on. I would never abandon a member of my family; even death would not stop me from helping thee. Even though thou art not Kokirian, I still treat thee as my son."

So, he knows I'm Hylian, Link thought.

"You helped me?"

"In a way, indeed I have."

Waves of silence echoed in the air as the shocked Link wiped his tears. He felt comfortable to be with the Deku Tree, 'someone' who remembered him. But he wondered if he knew about the so-called 'curse' that had befallen him since the day he saved Hyrule. The green-clad child had so many questions in mind, and luckily he knew exactly where to start.

"Why have you summoned me?"

"I sensed trouble and sadness in thee. What is wrong hero?"

Link didn't know how to explain this, so he answered in the clearest way he possibly could, "Nobody.remembers me."

"I see. Thou hast no one to turn to for love and support." The Deku Tree was trying to comfort his 'son'.

"I don't know what's going on anymore. Everybody treats me like a stranger. It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. I fought for them; I fought for Hyrule. I don't deserve to be treated like dirt. I'm a hero, you hear?! I'm a.hero." Link started to cry again, covering his face with his two hands.


"I cannot explain to thee what hast happened, for thou art too young to understand.I can only tell thee this: if everyone should recall the events of thine quest, it wouldeth be a disaster.

"Thou art the greatest of heroes Link, and thine legacy shall live on, for I willeth always remember how thou hath saveth me.

"Heroes do not give up, that is why I will send thee on a quest that will never end."

Link was shocked. How can he send me in a quest at a time like this?! Does he have no feelings?!

"A quest that requires courage and patience, and thou had demonstrated thine courage, but now thou needeth to prove thine patience.

"I will send thee on a quest to seek friends, friends who willeth support thee in need. "

Link felt very happy and relieved to know the greatness of his quest. A smile crept in his handsome face.

"Thou will be missed. I love thee with all my heart.I shall love thee forever."

Link couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was this a dream? If it was, then he wished that he would never wake up. Tears shaded his handsome face as he ran towards the Deku Tree. and hugged its large trunk, smiling happily.

"Thank you, o wise Deku Tree, for your love and support. You're the first friend I have found in this new quest," Link smiled.

The Deku Tree chuckled, "so indeed I am. And thou art the first person that hugged me.I have always wondered how hugs feel, and now I knoweth."

"And I have always wondered how it feels to hug a tree," Link joked. "Comfortable, but a little on the rough side I might say."

The Deku Tree chuckled again. "Thou dost hath a sense of humor, for I hath never laughed like this in a while. Never have I met a hero like thee, Link my lad."

"And you never will o wise Deku Tree.and you never will."]

A tear of happiness trickled from Link's azure eyes, a tear that dedicated his love to the Deku Tree. He wished that he could see him again, but that was not to be.

His time is gone.I live a new era, and I will never be able to return the past.I will never be able to see the past again.

To Be Continued in the next Episode.