Aganhim's Seal
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"Aganhim's Seal"

Aganhim's Seal

By: Alagbor

All right here is the first part of Aganhim's Seal.  I know some of you have been eagerly awaiting it so here you go.  I know the visuals aren't much but I'm not an artist.  If anyone out there wants to improve the pictures e-mail me about it because these ones I just through together and I would really appreciate if someone could do that, I'd give you your rightful credit and all too.  I have a few important notices: first, you know the citing and all the legal stuff.  First off, I don't own Zelda, Lord of the Rings or any of those trademarks I'm just a fan who feels like writing about this subject for fun, I claim only ownership for my ideas within this story, nothing previously conceived by J.R.R. Tolkien or the folks at the Nintendo Company.  Also I have cited at the end of the story any other characters, places or concepts that belong to other people within this story.  I think its just one minor character though.  The pictures are cited right next to them and I think that's about it.  Before you start reading this I suggest that you have previously read Lord of The Rings or seen the movies, just so you can understand this story a little better.  Enjoy the story and give me any comments on forums or e-mail me at  And without further ado I give the Legend of Zelda: Aganhim's Seal...

The world has changed.  Mountains tall have crumbled and oceans deep have dried.  Great civilizations have diminished and all that remains of them are writings.  They are told or written.  And we who read these and adapt them are the ones who peak into the past through the window of time.  What do you see through that window?

            I look into the Third Age of Middle-Earth.  There are great civilizations dwelling in this enchanted world where adventure lurks around every corner.  There is strength, valor, honor, wisdom, prosperity and power.  But also there is sorrow.  And evil is growing in the East.  And we travel now to the Far East.  Beyond Eriador and Rhovannion and Mordor and Rhun.  Here is where you find the Kingdoms of the Hylians. 

They are noble people of great knowledge and wisdom and power.  They have often been depicted as the halfway point between men and elves.  This creates a perfect mixture of the courage and honor of men, and the beauty and magic of the elves.  Though mortal, their lives are also significantly longer than that of men.

Also dwelling in this country are Gorons.  They are strong and loyal and tough.  They choose to dwell in caves and mountain caverns.  They seem simple and, to no offense, they are.  They mine and laugh and love life.

In the rivers, lakes and watery places in Hyrule dwell the Zoras.  The Zoras are a heavily cultural people, sometimes self-centered.  But they defiantly prefer the presence of their own people to strangers.

Then there are the Gerudos.  Their society consists of almost all females.  Every 100 years a male will be born who is awarded the leader of the people.  They Gerudos generally appear to be a rat people and do not seem to like anyone except other Gerudos.

These are the known inhabitants of Hyrule.  But legends of another people living deep in the thickest forests of Hyrule.  They are known as the Kokiri Elves.  It is said that they have threefold the power of the Hylians.  Their first power is the power of the Royal Family of Hyrule, such as telepathy, prophecy and mind tricks.  Their second power is of eternal youth, and their third, like any elf, is immortality.  They say that there are two kinds of Kokiri.  But there is much to understand of this.

The Golden Realm of the Kokiri

The Golden Realm of The Kokiri is the Empire of the Kokiri.  Or so it was.  It was a beautiful land of prosperity and peace.  Only Kokiri inhabited it.  No other people could find it though hard they tried.  There were a few civilizations native to that land.  And what a land it was!  Nay, not a land, an entire world.  Rugged, with endless frontier.  Forests that sprawled thousands of miles.  Mountains that rose higher and grander than any seen today.  Rolling hills, great plateaus, great cities and small villages.  Open plains and thick jungles.  Vast lakes, flowing rivers that winded through a variety of different landforms and cultures.  Kokiri worshiped this land, namely the forests which they inhabited, though their larger cities were on the borders.  They worshiped these woods and for a good reason.  Dotted through the thick, lush forests and jungles rose great tall tress.  Tall, the word cannot describe such trees.  These trees were massive.  Taller than any skyscraper today and wider than 10 skyscrapers put together.  Small cities could be built in the thick canopies of these trees.  Great Deku Trees they were called.  Kokiri were probably the most thriving civilization in that vast realm.  Kokiri though, commonly traveled outside their borders so they were not completely unknown to the other races.  But all good things come to an end.   Many Ages ago it was besieged and ruined by a dark lord.  It would never be known how the lord's armies breeched the realm.  But the war was close to success for the Kokiri though they had sustained considerable losses. 

The Kokiri were playing out a nearly perfect tactical war, full of spectacular victories and infamous heroes.  But through all this the enemy was slowly closing in on them.  At first the Kokiri had been taking the Approach of: be patient and wait for the right moment to strike when the odds are in, some way, against them.  Eventually the Kokiri's generals and military when into panic as the enemy closed in about the great cities: Rond Tal, Auroch Tal, and Beleg Tal.  Their approach changed: Bring in all of our forces from the forest, gain whatever income lies there, but don't make it look like anything is there.  Protect the great forests.  These were the massive forest that spawned on almost endlessly. 

It came down to one battle.  The enemy was tentative for it seemed the Kokiri always came up with another army when it was needed.  The Kokiri were tentative for the enemy had ruined Vanima Tal and Beleg Tal.  They had a huge army, staggeringly large.  But the Kokiri did also.  But for the protection of the civilians they were evacuated outside the city to the south so that the enemy would have to get past the Rim Hosse Kokiri (Kokiri Grand Army) and Rond Tal, the great city.  But back in Rond Tal, the Ohta Cora (War council) and Arcora (Council of elected nobles) and the Aran (King) were still advising the movements of their people and giving orders and organizing and debating the fate of their people that they didn't think that they should leave the city for their safety.  Realizing this, a young Kokiri warrior named Alagbor and a few of his close companions rushed up into the city to try to save the leaders. Alagbor's father had advised him to save the nobles.  Alanor, the father of Alagbor and the commander of the Rim Hosse was slain shortly after giving that order.  In a desperate act to save the government and the remaining Kokiri elves, Alagbor, the new chief commander of the armies evacuated the nobles out of the Kokiris' Golden Realm.  Soon followed the remainder of the Rim Hosse, which for the most part was annihilated.  The Golden Realm fell and the remaining Kokiri were now refugees in Middle-Earth.  They knew they would be chased by the enemy hordes so they moved quickly into hiding.  The survivors were split, some retreated to the forests under the protection of the Great Deku Trees.  They were fortunate and would live in secluded happiness.  The other half would wander the mortal world in a constant emotional darkness.  Lost with no home to return to.  But determined not to allow other races to fall like they had.  It is these Kokiri that you Zelda fans know nothing of.  The strong, noble and fair ones, grave and bittersweet.  Sorrowful too, for the long, bloody war between the Dark Lord and the Kokiri destroyed their sacred empire and claimed the lives of three fourths of their population.  The few of them who are left are on a mission to the death to see that peace shall not be broken.

The Tale of Aganhim

Now we unfold the plot.  Of old a dark lord came out of seclusion and rose against the Hylians.  He was known as Aganhim.  It is not known exactly what happened.  All of Hyrule was in chaos.  He was too powerful to be repelled by the Hylians and he was pushing back them back into a far corner of their land.  The future looked bleak for the once prosperous land of Hyrule.  It is said that Aganhim and his closest henchmen were wandering down a forest road one day, burning it as they went along.  Writings from Aganhim's closest henchman, the only survivor wrote this:

"We don't know exactly what happened, first there was one blocking the road, standing in our way, sword drawn, very menacingly.  We don't know what happened.  They came so quickly.  I did not dare to look back.  There could have been dozens... or for all I knew, the greatest host in Hyrule.  They got Aganhim.  They.  The Kokiri Elves."

The Kokiri, who had long been known to aid the people of Hylia, had become involved in the war against Aganhim.  When Hyrule Castle Town was besieged the Kokiri formed and trained a Hylian militia to oppose Aganhim.  In this case they had ambushed Aganhim himself, just as they attack his supply lines.  It worked.  Whatever happened they got Aganhim.  With the help of an Istari by the name of Saruman, they sealed him in a dark realm that became known as Aganhim's Seal.  Saruman also created a ring.  He said that it would be for the better to create a way into the realm for whatever purpose.  Though it must not fall into foul hands, for they would intend to release Aganhim.  He remarked that Sauron's great power in Mordor was based around his ring.  Saruman believed that this power could be used for a purpose such as this and guarantee safety.  Consequently, Sauron fell into shadow shortly after these events, thus beginning the third age.  People began growing suspicious as some of Aganhim's evil still lingered and never died out with the rest of him.  They believe that it may be because of the ring, which was lost somewhere in Hyrule near the end of the third age. 

The Forest Dwellers

It is 13 years before the war of the ring at the end of the third age. We are in the depths of Hyrule in the eternally peaceful Kokiri Forest.  Here inhabit the equally peaceful Kokiri Elves.  Having no remaining memory of their dark past they are quite happy and could care less about their world around them.  Who's to blame, they know nothing other than their lives inside the forest.  But this certainly does not make them numbskulls.  They just choose to ignore all dealings of a less positive nature.  Of the inhabitants of this forest is a green haired, blue-eyed girl named Saria. 

A few things to note about her.  She is the unofficial leader of the village, being the oldest of the inhabitants, she is kind, creative, outgoing, and she loves music and everything about it.  Yes, that about covers it for now.

Another point of interest, Link.  Another villager, little is known of his past.  Probably because he is a strangely quiet boy.  It would later be debated over even what species he is.... A Kokiri, a Wood Elf, or a Hylian.  Wow, a hero whom his admirers can't specify, quite intriguing.   That was, fortunately, sorted out in one of his most moving (and only) speeches.  His role, of course is extremely... minor in this story.  So if you want another story of the heroics of Link you should not read this though it has many heroics.  You'll be introduced new and great heroes in this story.

It was as usual a normal and predictable in the Kokiri Forest.  Fairies and other odd glowing orbs and bugs floated about in the thick hazy air of the forest.  The Kokiri were active in their usual business.  What with picking berries, cleaning their small tree stump homes, those that use to be the bases of huge trees.  Their chores of collecting water, trimming tall grass and tidying up their environment brought the suggestion of gossiping while they worked and soon brought to the Kokiris' minds the thought of procrastination.  Altogether the village was laid back; little was done, due to the simple lack of anything to do.