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"The Amulet of Lost Woods"

The Amulet of Lost Woods



It was a few weeks after Link's victory of saving Hyrule, but something didn't seem right. Link was having a dream. In the dream, Link would find himself standing in the very middle of Lost Woods. He would look around then start to walk. Soon, once he reached the Sacred Forest Meadow, a Stalfos would jump in front of him. The Stalfos did not attack, though, it spoke. It said, "Link, save the Lost Woods!"

After that, Link would wake-up. Now, most people would shrug the dream off and say it was nothing, but Link had different thoughts. He knew it was a sign...

Chapter One


Link had the dream again. He was gazing up at the ceiling and wondering, What does this dream mean? Link sighed. He knew it was silly to think it would mean something, but he wasn't sure. 

I'll go talk to Saria about the dream today, thought Link. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but he couldn't rest. He had to know what the dream meant. Link tossed and turned. No matter how hard he tried, sleep would not take over him. He put on his slippers and walked out the door.

Outside, the air smelled fresh with the new fallen rain. Link breathed deep. He loved the smell of the air after it rained. As he climbed down the ladder, Link wondered if the dream did mean something. After all, he had a dream before, and it came true. There was no telling if the dream  was telling him something. He had to know. 

In the land of Termina, a young boy was running. Why was he running? It was a legend in Termina. The King of Ikana Castle was murdered by a thief, who was greedy for the king's treasure. The king's son, Prince James, fled from the castle. He wanted to find a place where he would be safe. For years, he was running from place to place. His elegant robes were replaced with filthy rags. Prince James was very well known for his power to talk with the dead and was said to have helped spirits in the canyon, where he once lived. At least that's what the villagers said. But what a shock they got when they saw young Prince James running toward the clock in Clock Town yelling: "I must hurry to the Lost Woods. They need my help!" He never went in though, but today, he would. 

James ran. And he ran. And he ran. Running was his specialty. But he wasn't running for fun, nor was he running to escape the pain that his past was clouded in. The people in Termina said he was running from the pain, but the story was only true sometimes. The reason he ran from the pain sometimes was because Ikana Castle was surrounded by hidden Garos. The Garos were spies and were hungry for the king's treasure. "The Garos are up to something, I just know it!" James had told his father long ago. "Son, the Garos will not do anything. The guards are too much for them to handle," the king had assured James. But James wasn't going to agree on that. "You don't understand, father," he had whined. "They spy on us. They want our riches!" "They aren't up to anything, James," the king had snapped. 

James couldn't stand it any longer. He had to leave the Garos behind. He dressed up in ragged clothes and stole a sword from the armory. He had ran to Clock Town and lived there. He stole food from the Stock Pot Inn and drank water from the Laundry Pool, which he lived in. Then, the most mysterious thong happened. On the eve of the Carnival of Time, a ghost gave James the power to see and talk to spirits. Since then, James helped spirits everywhere. That's how he got his nickname "Spirit Boy". Then one day, he decided to head to Lost Woods. When he still lived in the castle, he had had a dream where he was in a forest. He met a skeleton creature that said, "James! Save Lost Woods!" James took the dream for granted...until he got his powers. 

That was why he was running. It was because he had to go to Lost But then he stopped running. What if the dream wasn't trying to tell me something? he thought. I would have used all my effort for nothing!

But somehow, he knew the dream was telling him something. He knew it. He knew where Lost Woods was. He had heard the directions from a man who had come to visit Termina from Hyrule. 

So, James finally reached the clock, then traveled through. Jumping, climbing, anything to get there. Soon, he reached the end of the path and journeyed through a foggy forest. Soon, he reached another forest. It was dark green and was filled with many tunnels. James had finally reached Lost Woods. 


It was nearly dawn. Link had waited for hours. Splashing some cold water on his face, he told himself, "Maybe I should put on some clothes. That way, Saria won't know I was outside in my nightshirt all night long." 

As he left for his house, Link wondered if the dream really was true. Basically, the dream was telling him something. He was sure of it.

Inside his house, Link was putting on his tunic, hat and boots. When Link was done, he headed to Saria's house.

When he got into Saria's house, he explained his dream to her. She listened closely to his every word. "Saria, my dream has to mean something," Link concluded. "That's silly," said Saria. Link frowned. "It's true!" he screamed. "And if you won't help me, I'll just save Lost Woods myself!" With that, he stomped out the door.

Chapter Two

James walked around Lost Woods. He didn't know where to go. He decided to take the left tunnel. He walked in and found himself in a strange forest. There were houses all around. People must lives here, he thought. He walked forward, then bumped into a boy wearing a green tunic. "Hey! Watch it!" the boy shouted. "Sorry," said James. "I'm James," he added. "I'm Link," Link said. "I'm looking around Lost Woods because I had a dream where a skeleton told me I had to save Lost Woods." "I had the same dream!" said Link. "Let's go to Lost Woods together!"

James and Link walked into Lost Woods. Suddenly, the same Stalfos from their dreams appeared. "You finally came!" he said.

"Yes," said James. "What do we do?"

"A long time ago, there was an amulet that protected the forest. Now, a really big storm came a few weeks ago and blew the amulet from its altar. I was supposed to be guarding it, but I fell asleep. When I woke-up, I saw the amulet fly away. I chased after it but found out I couldn't reach its hiding place. That's when I contacted you two in your dreams. Now I need you to find, otherwise, the whole forest will be filled with Moblins!" explained the Stalfos.

"That's awful!" said Link. "Let's go!"

The Stalfos made a beam appear. Link recognized it as Farore's Wing. "Touch it, then you'll be transported to the place where I saw the amulet last," the Stalfos said. Link touched the beam, closely followed by James. The appeared in a strange part of Lost Woods.

Before Link had left, he got his Kokiri sword, so he was ready to fight. James had a sword with him, too. "Let's go through those trees," suggested James. Link nodded and the two boys walked through the trees. Suddenly, a Wolfos appeared. Link and James charged at it and slashed it. The Wolfos collapsed, but more came. Link and James ran and killed Wolfos, until they came to a small clearing, where a sparking green amulet rested. Link grabbed it, then the Stalfos appeared again. "You got it!" he said. Link and James nodded. "I'll take you to its altar then," said the Stalfos. With a flash of light, Link, James and the Stalfos appeared in another clearing.

"Put the amulet there," said the Stalfos, pointing to an altar. Link rested the amulet on the altar. "Thank-you," said the Stalfos. James and Link disappeared and re-appeared in Link's house. "That was fun!" said James. "Yes," said Link. "Hey, why don't you stay with me? We can go on all kinds of adventures!" "Sure!" said James. 


From that day forward, Link and James used their special powers to fight evil. They were both happy and both found good wives to marry. But no matter what, they would never forget their quest in Lost Woods.

Author's Note: I know what you're thinking. "What's the point of this story?" Well, I wrote it because I was inspired by reading the first Deltora Quest book. Believe it or not, that's where this idea came from. I was going to write a Zelda/Deltora Quest crossover, but since not many people would know about Deltora Quest, I threw something together that was made of elements from Deltora Quest. I did no copying ideas from it, but I do give full credit towards the author of Deltora Quest. I also would like to thank my sister, who helped me write this fanfic.