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"Beyond the Realms"

Beyond the Realms

By: Nitron

Deku Scrubs (4)
Dark Link
Ganodorf's Shadow
Zoras (2)
Big Fairies (2)
Kokiri Children (4)
Zelda's Guards (5)
  Act I

Scene 1

Setting: Kokiri Forest, Zora's Domain, Saria's House

It's early afternoon. Link and Saria are sitting on a large tree stump in front of the ruins of the Forest Temple. Trees are to the left and right of them. Link seems sad. Saria is sitting next to him, playing her ocarina (first four measures of "Let It Be") trying to cheer him up.

Saria. What's wrong, Link? You seem upset. Usually, you play right with me.

Link stands up and walks over to a tree.

Link. It's just . . . .(he pauses, looking around) I can't stand going off on all these wild crusades. Just once I wish I could stay here with you.

Saria. Well, you are the Hero of Time. That's not a title that says you can sit around.

Link. (walking back over) Last time I chased the Skull Kid all the way to Clock Town.

Saria. Did you ever get his mask back?

Link. Yes. But it wasn't easy.

Saria. (looking down) Sometimes I wish you could stay here, too. I really missed you last time you left.

Saria continues to play. Link sits back down.

Link. I'm getting tired of it. I don't know how long I can keep it up.

Saria stops playing for a moment. She then plays the Sun's Song softly. The lights dim down. The forest fills with the sounds of night animals.

Saria.(Looking up at Link) How do you feel now?

Link and Saria exchange glances. Link takes his ocarina out of his pocket and slowly begins to play Saria's Song. Saria joins in. They play together softly as the lights fade out. They come back up on Zora's Domain. Three Zoras are swimming around, when suddenly the lights brighten and all three Zoras suddenly cannot move. They are frozen, along with the water all around them. A booming laugh fills the air as the lights fade out. They come back up on Saria's house in Kokiri Forest. Saria and Link are sitting by the fireplace in the moonlight, the dim glow from it keeping them warm as they talk quietly.

Saria. (whispering) This is so peaceful.

Link. I wish I could spend more time doing things like this.

Saria. It's has to be stressful, being forced to leave the ones you love so often. No offense, but I hope I never have to be the Hero of Time. Sage of the Forest is hard enough.

Link. I know the feeling. Sometimes I'll wake up out of a sound sleep just because I felt something touch my mind.

They sit a few moments longer.

Saria. You know, Link. After you defeated Ganondorf, I never really got the chance to thank you for everything you did. (She pauses, pulling out her ocarina) I wrote you a song. I call it the "Song of Destiny". (Saria plays the Song of Destiny. Link looks up after she is finished)

Link. That's beautiful.

Saria. Just like the one it's written for.

Link and Saria look at each other, then hug.

Link. You know no matter where I go, I'll always be there.

Saria. (looks at him adoringly) And so will I.

They sit a moment longer. Mido enters.

Mido. Link, something is wrong with Zora's river. I was playing their diving game and all the water froze.

Link. (getting up) We'd better check this out.

Mido, Saira, and Link leave Kokiri Forest. The lights fade out on the forest, and come up on Zora's Domain as they enter.

Saria. (looking around) How did this happen.

Link. The same thing happened during my battle with Ganondorf. For some reason, the entire river froze. The effect disappeared after I defeated him.

Saria. (suddenly concerned) You don't think he's back, do you?

Link. He can't be. He couldn't resurrect himself without the Triforce of Power, and Impa has that now.

Mido. (looking up at Link) Maybe it froze naturally. It is rather cold.

Link. No, that can't be it. It's not natural ice. Only blue fire can melt it. And if it were natural, the whole river wouldn't be frozen. Just the top.

Saria. Is there anywhere you can get blue fire near here?

Link. Only in the Ice Cavern. I'd have to be pretty quick to make it back in time, though.

Saria. What do you mean "in time"?

Link. (looking around) Zoras can't take freezing temperatures for too long. Eventually, if we don't get them unfrozen, they may all die. (looking down) I'm more concerned about what caused this.

Mido. It just happened. (He pauses) There was also this strange laugh, too.

Link freezes in place. A startled look appears on his face.

Link. What?

Mido. There was this booming laugh right after the water froze as I was running here. It sounded just like Ganondorf after he captured Zelda.

Link looks at the frozen Zoras in disgust.

Link. We've got to get to the bottom of this.

Saria. I remember now! You told me that this was because of Morpha taking over the Water Temple.

Link looks up at her.

Link. Yeah, you're right. (He pauses)So all I have to do is go to Lake Hylia. If everything is normal there, than it isn't the Water Temple, because anything that happens to the temple directly affects the lake.

Link and Saria look around for a moment. Mido is staring at two of the frozen Zoras.

Link. (to Saria) Come on. Let's go.

Link and Saria run offstage. Mido stands a moment longer, than runs off as the lights fade out.

Scene 2

Setting: Hyrule Castle, Zora's Domain, Temple of Time

The lights come up on Hyrule Castle (Zelda's Throne Room). Impa paces back and forth as Zelda sits on her throne. A guard stands on either side of the throne. They both look worried. Impa speaks first.

Impa. I tell you, if this fiasco in the Market was caused by anything closely related to Ganondorf, I will find out immediately.

Zelda. (looking up) See that you do. If he has returned, we will need to stop him before he can get his revenge. And get it he will.

Impa. (spinning to look at her) Should I go tell Link of this?

At that, Link and Mido walk into the room. Mido seems tired. Link isn't even breathing hard.

Link. Princess, we've just come from Zora's Domain. It seems to be frozen over again.

Zelda. Really? We just had another near riot in the Market. Impa, do you think these two events may be related?

Impa. If they are, I think it's safe to say Ganondorf is back. (He turns to Link) How long ago was this?

Mido. About an hour ago. I was diving, and all the water froze. With three Zoras still in it.

Impa. (turning to Zelda) Your highness. With your permission, I would like to take Link to the Ice Cavern. We have to get blue fire and try to melt that ice.

Zelda. You may go. Whether you get it melted or not, come back here as soon as you're done.

Impa pulls out his ocarina. He plays the Nocturne of Shadow. Link joins hands with him, and the warp lights brighten, then all lights fade as they warp to the graveyard. They simultaneously come up on the Temple of Time. Two guards are walking around, waiting for any trouble. Smoke begins to come from the area behind the pedestal and the gems. One of the guards walks back to the platform to check it out. Suddenly, a fire breaks through the wall. The guards yell. Four little Deku Scrubs come running through. One of the guards chases them, as the other dives for the pedestal holding the sacred gems. He doesn't make it; they go up in flames right in front of him. He screams and runs out of the Temple, yelling for help. The Nocturne of Shadow begins to play as the temple burns. The lights crossfade out and up on Zora's Domain. Link and Impa hold a large blue bottle. Impa holds it up and examines it, then gives it to Link.

Impa. Let's hope this works.

Link. Yeah. I don't know how much more these Zoras can take.

Link pulls the cork off the bottleand hands it to Impa and Link steps back as Impa shakes out the blue fire. The lights brighten to dark blue as the fire seems to spread across the ice. Impa looks on as Link watches the Zoras. The lights dim. The blue fire does nothing.

Link. (surprised) Why didn't it work?

Impa. Maybe it's a different kind of ice.

Link. Or he put a spell on it.

Link stares at the ice as Impa replaces the bottle on his belt.

Impa. (sighs) Well, it was worth a try.

They both stare at the still frozen Zoras for a few more moments, then walk offstage. The lights go out, then come up on Zelda's Throne Room. Zelda is sitting in her throne looking at a scroll. She is reading it silently to herself. A guard barges in, covered in ashes and soot. He is gasping for breath. He trips over an ornamental rug and collapses. Zelda leaps from the throne to his side.

Zelda. What is the matter?

Guard. (faintly) Your highness! Four Deku Scrubs have just set the Temple of Time ablaze! We were not able to save the sacred gems!

Zelda. Oh . . . . my . . .

Guard. (frantically) My partner chased them out of the temple. I don't know where they went.

Zelda looks around in total disbelief.

Guard. (standing up) We have to figure out what happened to the Door of Time. If the jewels are destroyed, then it could either be sealed or wide open to all. Including anyone trapped in the Sacred Realm.

Zelda. We have to tell Link!

Guard. I will find him immediately!

The guard charges out of the room. Zelda looks down at the scroll.

Zelda. And may the Triforce help us.

Fade out.

Scene 3

Setting: Lake Hylia

Link walks up to the shore of the lake. Everything appears to be normal. There are two trees to his left, and the shimmering water of the lake is sparkling clear. The mountains behind him can be seen very clearly.

Link. Well, so much for that.

Suddenly Saria's Song fills the air. A moment after the song ends, Saria speaks to Link.

Saria's Voice. Link, it's Saria. Can you hear me?
Link. (to nothing but the air) Yes.
Saria's Voice. Is there anything wrong at the lake?

Link. No. Everything is perfectly normal.

Saria's Voice. Nothing is wrong?

Link. (looking down at the water) Not a thing. It's as normal as it was two days ago.

There is silence for a few moments. Link kicks a small pebble off the shore and into the lake. He watches it sink out of sight.

Saria's Voice. All right. I'll see you when you get back.

Link stands there looking toward the sky as the lights fade out.

Scene 4

Setting: Hyrule Castle, Temple of Time, Saria's House

Link and Saria are standing inside Saria's House, talking. Link still seems disappointed about the blue fire not working. Saria tries to cheer him up.

Saria. You'll just have to find another way.

Link. What other way is there? If it's Ganondorf, and if he put a spell on the ice, then the only way to melt it is to send him back into the realm.

Saria. Link, we don't even know if it is Ganondorf. And if it is . . . . . .

She never finishes the sentence. One of Zelda's guards charges into the house. He grabs Link by his tunic.

Link. Hey! Calm down! (pushes him away) What's going on?

Guard. Link! The Temple of Time has been burned down! You must go there at once.

A look of horror crosses Saria's face. Link tears out his ocarina and plays the Prelude of Light. Saria calls to him as he warps out.

Saria. Link! Be careful!

The lights go out and come up on the Temple of Time. Link warps in. The temple is totally destroyed. The pedestal Link stands on is all that remains. Link looks around in amazement.

Link. (astonished) Whoa . . . .

He jumps off the pedestal over a large piece of stone. He goes to the remains of the platform where the sacred gems were. He sifts through the rubble. After a few moments, he pushes aside a large piece of wood and hauls Kokiri's Emerald from the pile.

Link. (yells) Yes!

He looks around some more. There seems to be nothing else to be found. He sifts through some more debris. A shiny glint of metal catches his eye. He grabs a huge chunk of stone and shoves it aside. He pulls the Master Sword free of the floor.

Link. (very pleased) Am I good, or what!

He spins around at a shimmering sound behind him. The lights brighten. When they dim, Impa stands behind him on the triforce pedestal.

Impa. Find anything?

Link holds out the Master Sword, then Kokiri's Emerald. Impa walks up and takes them.

Impa. You are the best. (He puts the Master Sword in the sheath at his side)

Link. I don't know if Zora's Sapphire or Goron's Ruby are here. They might have been stolen by the Deku Scrubs that burned the place down.

Impa. (looking around, then up at Link) Only one way to find out.

He starts to dig through the rubble. Link looks at him, then begins to dig himself. The lights fade out as they rummage through the wreckage. They come up outside Hyrule Castle. Two guards stand beside the large doors leading to the entrance of the castle. They both hold Fairy Bows. There is a rustling sound offstage. The guard on the right looks in that direction, then walks over to some bushes, priming his bow with an arrow. He looks around. Impa walks out of the castle.

Impa. Come inside. Zelda wants to see you both.

The guards comply. They walk inside the castle, Impa in the lead. As the doors sit open behind them, the four Deku Scrubs from earlier leap out of the bushes, two from each side of the stage, and sneak inside the castle. A few moments pass, and one of the guards returns to close the doors. The lights fade out. They come up slowly on Saria's House. She is talking to two Kokiri Children. They sit for a few moments, talking quietly.

Saria. And that's what happened.

Child 1. (clearly amazed) Did they find our emerald?

Child 2. I thought the temple couldn't burn!

Saria. We don't know how they did it. Just remember: if you see any Deku Scrubs lurking around here that you don't recognize, let me or Mido know right away.

They nod, then run out of the house. Saria stands up and goes to the window. There are two more Kokiri playing out side. She watches them for a minute, then walks over to her bed. She looks at her hand-drawn picture of Link on her nightstand. The lights slowly fade out.

Scene 5

Setting: Death Mountain Crater, Desert Colossus

The lights come up slowly on Death Mountain Crater. There is a huge rock protruding from an island in a pool of lava at center stage. A small bridge connects it to the cliff face at stage left. A storm surrounds the crater. Thunder crashes through the air, and lighting flashes light up the whole crater. A darkly clad figure resembling Link stands next to a large figure dressed in a huge black robe adorned with jewels. A large treasure chest sits next to them. The large figure, Mephysto, speaks.

Mephysto. I will handle the job of luring Link here. Then I shall banish him to the realm. If you manage to destroy him before he can escape, (he points to the chest) these twenty thousand rupees will be yours.

Dark Link. I shall not fail you, master Mephysto!

Mephysto. See that you don't. It would pain me to have to . . . . . . . correct your error.

Dark Link. (slowly) And . . . . that means . . . . what?

Mephysto. I would hate for you to have to find out.

Dark Link eyes the chest for a moment, then looks back up at Mephytso.

Dark Link. How do you intended to lure Link here? And even if you did, how would he survive the heat? A Hylian couldn't last any longer than an icekye in here.

Mephysto. He'll survive. He has a special Goron's Tunic. It can protect him from even the hottest know temperatures. As to getting him here . . . . . (a long pause) . . . . . that will easily be accomplished.

Dark Link. How?

They are interrupted by the four Deku Scrubs returning after their invasion of Hyrule Castle. They run up to Mephysto and hold out an oblect wrapped in black fabric. Mepyhsto eyes it adoringly.

Mephysto. (looking down at the scrub) Is this it?

The scrub nods. Mephysto takes it from him slowly. He holds it above his head, then grabs a corner of the fabric. He tears the fabric off. There is a huge flash of lightning and a loud, crashing thunderclap. The Gilded Sword rests in his grip!

Mephysto. (yelling) Yes! The sword of evil's bane is mine! The mighty Gilded Sword is mine!

Mephysto walks over to Dark Link, and Dark Link admires the sword.

Dark Link. Whoa . . . . . . is that gold!?

Mephysto. With this weapon, and the entire Triforce in my possession, there will be no one to stop me!

He tosses each Scrub a yellow rupee.

Mephysto. Now go, my loyal servants, and bring me my treasure!

The scrubs turn and run offstage. Dark Link turns to Mephysto.

Dark Link. What "treasure"? Is there something you're not telling me?

Mephysto. (still admiring the sword) Not at all.

Dark Link. Then how do you intend to get Link here?

Mephysto. By endangering the one person he truly holds dearest, and closest to his heart. And after I have done that, I shall take the entire Triforce into my body, and the Dark World will rise again!

Dark Link. A pretty mighty agenda. This will be quite a victory.

Mephysto.You will now go to the Desert. I will summon Link there. You are to tell him that someone close to him will soon be in grave danger. Engage him in a brief sword battle. Then return to the realm. I will take care of my end of the plan.

Mephysto throws back his head and laughs. Dark Link walks over to the chest and admires it, then looks back up at Mephysto.

Dark Link. How about letting me see the goods?

Mephysto laughs again.

Mephysto. Always the nature of a true warrior! I will honor your request.

He walks over to the chest next to Dark Link, and pulls a large silver key out of his pocket and puts it into the lock on the chest. It clicks open. He puts the key away. Dark Link opens the chest. It is full of red, purple, and yellow rupees. It is almost overflowing with money.

Mephysto. (quietly to Dark Link) All yours if you succeed.

Dark Link slams the lid on the chest shut, then pulls out his ocarina.

Dark Link. The Hero of Time will be no more!

He walks over to the platform used for warping, which is the same as the on in the Temple. He plays the Requiem of Spirit. The lights brighten as he warps away. Mephysto stands there a moment.

Mephysto. Long live the Hero.

The lights crossfade to the Desert Pedestal. It is surrounded by sand and boulders. It is early afternoon. Link warps in on the pedestal. He is now wearing his Goron's Tunic, a dark red garment that is exactly the same as his Kokiri Tunic. He looks around, then jumps off the pedestal.

Link. I forgot how much I hate this place. (he hesitates) Well, better tell the Gorons about the ruby.

He starts walking away toward stage left. The wind suddenly picks up and Link tumbles backwards. A bright flash appears in front of him. He sheilds his eyes. The lights dim. Dark Link towers over him. Link stares at him for a moment, then rolls over and jumps back up, drawing his sword in the process. He stands in a ready position, breathing hard. Dark Link draws his sword slowly and just stands there.

Link. What in the universe do you want?

Dark Link. God, Link. What do you think?

Link. I probably don't want to know.

Dark Link. You mean that if someone you love was threatened, you wouldn't want to know?

Link. (very agitated) What do you mean? What do you want?

Dark Link. Only to tell you that someone you hold very dear is in grave danger.

Link. (growing very angry) If you mean . . . . .

Dark Link. (shrugs) Actually, I have no idea who it is. I'm only a messenger this time.

Link. (inching forward) You lying bastard!

Dark Link instinctively snaps up his sword, as Link charges him. Link slashes for Dark Link's throat, and the blow is blocked. The swords stay locked for a moment. Link pulls back and swipes at Dark Link's chest, but that too, is blocked. The swords lock again. Dark Link shoves forward, and Link stumbles, falling on his back. Dark Link raises his sword and slashes downward. Link rolls out of the way, and spins back up just in time block a blow that would have taken his head off. Link leaps backward and raises his sword in a jump attack. He leaps at Dark Link, who simply jumps out of the way. Link trips over a small rock as he lands. He hits the sand face first. He realizes he is in big trouble and rolls over onto his back. To his surprise, Dark Link stands a few feet back of him, sword held at his side. He is smiling widely.

Dark Link. You're still as clumsy as ever. I look forward to our next encounter.

Link jumps up, but he is too late. Dark Link raises his sword and vanishes in a flash of very bright light and smoke. Link stands there for a moment, breathing rapidly. He puts his sword back in its sheath.

Link. (worriedly) I have to get back to the forest!

He charges offstage as the lights fade out.

Scene 6

Setting: Temple of Time, Kokiri Forest, Saria's House

The lights slowly fade up on Kokiri forest. Saria is laying on her bed, drawing. It is early morning. She sits up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed, and places the half-finished drawing next to her on the foot of the bed.

Saria. (sighs) I wish Link would came back here.

Someone pounds on the door.

Mido. Saria! Open the door! Quickly!

She leaps from the bed and runs to the door. She unbolts it and swings it open. Mido pushes past her and runs to the window.

Mido. Darn! He got away!

Saria. What? Who got away?

Mido. A Deku Scrub just stole a small chest of rupees from the Kokiri Shop. We tried to stop him.

Saria. (motioning toward the door) Come on!

They both charge out. The lights crossfade to Kokiri Forest in front of the Forest Temple. Mido and Saria run to the tree stump and stop. They both look around. There is no sign of anyone.

Mido. (gasping for breath) I'm almost positive he came this way.

Saria. Did he go into the Temple?

Mido looks at her.

Mido. How would he get up there?

Saria. I don't know. (She begins to walk away) Let's keep looking.

They both start to walk away. One of the Deku Scrubs looks out from behind the tree. The four of them leap out from behind the two trees. Two of them grab Mido. He yells.

Mido. Saria!

She spins around. The Scrubs pull him back. She starts toward them. The other two come up behind her. They grab her by the arms, and the other two grip Mido around the neck and throat. He gugles, then collapses.

Saria. (shouts) Mido! (she struggles to break free) Help!

She tries to escape, but they hold her firmly. Two of them bind her ankles with a large piece of rope, while the other two put a piece of cloth over her mouth. They drag her offstage left. A few moments pass. Mido finally mumbles and drags himself to his feet. A Kokiri Child runs up to him from stage right.

Child. Mido! What happend!?

Mido clutches his throat as he talks.

Mido. Those four Deku Scrubs kidnapped Saria. One of them put me out cold.

Child. (frightend) Where did they go!?

Mido. I have no clue. We have to find them.

The lights fade out slowly. They come up on the Temple of Time. Zelda's guards are sifting through the wreckage.

Guard 1. Find anything?

Guard 2. No, there's nothing here, sir.

Guard 3.You know, there's no way this can get any worse. I still can't believe this place burned down. I thought it couldn't!

Guard 1. We all did. Just keep looking.

Two guards come charging out of the room containing the Door of Time. They both looked very panicked. They are screaming as they run.

Guard 1. What the . . . . . . . . . . . . what are you doing?

The guards charge out of the temple. Suddenly a huge flash of light comes from the other room. Ganondorf's Ghost comes charging into the room.

Ganon's Ghost. I am free! Free to exact my revenge!!!

The guards run toward him, but as they get to him, he simply shoves them away.

Ganon's Ghost. No! I will have my revenge!!!

He raises the sword and a bright flash fiills the temple. When it dims, he is gone. The guards lay there for a minute. The first guard picks himself up off the floor, then helps up his comrades.

Guard 1. (as he helps up Guard 3) Tell me again how this can't get any worse!

The lights fade out as they run out of the temple after Ganondorf's Ghost. They come up on Kokiri Forest. It's empty. Link enters from stage left.

Link. Saria? Saria!

He just stands there. He is very upset. He waits for a moment, then sits down on the tree stump they sat on earlier. He takes out his ocarina and plays Saria's Song. He waits for a few moments. Nothing. As the lights crossfade to Saria's House, Link slowly walks over there. He looks around her house for a moment. He walks over to her nightstand and picks up her hand drawn picture of him. Mido runs in.

Mido. (frantically) Link, Link!!!

He runs into Link's arms.

Link. Easy, little guy. What happend?

Mido is frantic. He can hardly stand. Link has to hold him up to keep him from falling.

Link. Mido, please. Tell me what happend.

Mido. The Deku Scrubs . . . . . . . . the ones that burned the temple . . . . . they took her . .

Link. They took Saria?

Mido. (nervously) . . . . . . . Yeah.

Link stiffens.

Link. Where did they go?

Mido. I don't know. They put me out.

Link is beside himself. He goes back over to the bed and sits down. A moment passes.

Link. We have to find them.

Mido and Link walk out as the lights fade out on the house.

Scene 7

Setting. Hyrule Castle, Death Mountain Crater

This scene opens in Hyrule Castle in Zelda's Throne room. Impa is pacing back and forth. He seems very upset. He paces for a few moments, and Zelda enters. Impa notices her and runs up to her.

Impa. Princess, there is word from Kokiri Forest. Saria has been kidnapped!

This hits the princess like a brick. She is suddenly upset. She slowly walks over to her throne, and sits down.

Zelda. . . . . . . How?

Impa walks up and sits down on the steps up to the throne.

Impa. Four Deku Scrubs stole a chest of rupees from the forest shop. Saria and Mido chased them. The scrubs hid behind the trees in front of the forest temple. When Mido and Saria showed up, they knocked out Mido and took Saria.

Zelda slowly takes all of this in. She stands up after a few moments.

Zelda. Do we have any idea where they went?

Impa. No.

They both walk out of the room as the lights fade out. They have slowly been fading up on the crater at the same time. Mephysto stands where he did before, the chest still beside him. The storm still rages around the crater. Mephysto seems to be waiting for someone. Just then, Dark Link runs up to him.

Mephysto. Well, did you succeed?

Dark Link bows to his master, then stands.

Dark Link. Yes. Link didn't suspect a thing . . . . . . (laughs) Well, maybe he suspects Saria is in trouble.

Mephysto can hardly contain his pleasure.

Mephysto. Yes. Everything is proceeding according to my plans.

As if that was a cue line, the four Deku Scrubs drag the still struggling Saria onstage. She is trying to break free of their grasp. They haul her over to Mephysto, then take the cloth off of her mouth. They untie her ankles, but continue to hold her in place. Mephysto is so happy he is beaming a huge smile.

Mephysto. Yes! At long last, I now have the Sage of the Forest!

Saria is still trying to break out of their grasp.

Saria. What do you want?

Mephysto leans in very close to her.

Mephysto. Exactly what everyone before me wanted . . . . . . . the Triforce! And I will stop at nothing to get it!

A look of horror crosses Saria's face.

Saria. Oh my . . . . . . . Link!

Mephysto leans in even closer.

Mephysto. That's right. And you're the bait!

At that, Saria spins and kicks one of the Deku Scrups holding her in the shin. He falls to his knees in pain. She runs to the edge of the island and stops. Mephysto simply laughs.

Mephysto. Ah, a fighter. That will serve you well in my grasp!

Dark Link doesn't think it's funny at all.

Dark Link. What are you doing? Stop her!

Mephysto. No. Wait.

Saria turns to the Deku Scrubs who are helping up the one she kicked. She raises arms in the air, and the lights of the Six Sages fill the crater. She looks up.

Saria. Light, Fire, Water, Shadow, and Spirit! I call upon thee!

To Mephysto's pleasure, nothing happens. Saira tries again.

Saria. I call upon the power of the Five Sages!!!


Dark Link. Ha!

Mephysto stands there, a roaring laugh coming from him.

Mephysto. You forgot we burned down the Temple of Time! You can't call upon them for help. You are mine!

Saria lowers her arms in defeat. She just stands there. Mephysto raises his right arm, and sends s pink pulse of energy at her. It strikes her in the chest. She is suddenly encased in a pink crystal. Mephysto's laugh fills the air. Dark Link approaches the crystal.

Dark Link. Now your boyfriend will come to save you. We'll send him into the realm, and he'll be all mine!

Saria. What are you talking about? Who are you?

Mephysto laughs again.

Mephysto. (starting over) I'm surprised at you. This is Dark Link, ressurected from the Water Temple and given a physical essence by me, to serve the purpose of finding and destroying my ultimate enemy, the Hero of Time.

Saria can't believe this. She just stands there, all efforts to escape ceased.

Mephysto. Now go, my loyal servant. Enter the realm and await the arrival of the Hero.

Dark Link walks to the edge of the island and turns to Mephysto. He raises his sword.

Dark Link. To victory!

Mephysto sends a pulse of energy at him and sends him into the realm. Mephysto stands another moment.

Mephysto. Long live the Hero.

The lights fade out. The Requiem of Spiritfills the air. When it finishes playing, the lights come back up on the crater. There is no one there. Saria stands still trapped in her crystal prison. Suddenly, a huge rock crashes to the floor opposite Saria. She looks up. Link slowly comes out from behind the remains of the boulder.

Saria. Link! No, it's a trap!

Link ignores her, running up to the crystal, sword raised. A huge falsh of light and smoke appears in front of him. He staggers backward, sheilding his eyes. An evil laugh fills the air. It's so loud Link has to cover his ears. He looks up. Mephysto steps through the smoke.

Mephysto. Ah, Link. The Hero of Time. I am honored to meet you.

Link steps back, raising his sword to a ready position.

Link. Who are you?

Mephysto. I am surprised that you don't know me. I am Mephysto, created by Ganondorf to continue his reign of evil when he died. Burning the Temple of Time allowed me to break free of the realm and begin to take control.

Link. (points to Saria) Let her go.

Mephysto. Not now, no. It wouldn't be appropriate. Not until I have the entire Triforce and you and your sages can do nothing to stop me.

Link. What do you want?

Mephysto. Hyrule.

Link looks at Saria, then at Mephysto. He takes a few more steps toward him.

Link. I could destroy you, you know.

Mephysto. I am ultimately powerful. I doubt you could defeat me with just the Biggeron's Sword. Especially when I have (he pulls the Gilded Sword from it's sheath inside his robe) this!

Link doesn't move, but a look of fear crosses his face. Mephysto stands in a battle ready position.

Mephysto. Well, Link? Do you feel confident?

Link doesn't respond, but he steps a few inches closer to Mephysto. Meanwhile, the four Deku Scrubs are trying to sneak up on Link from behind. They are a few feet away. They charge him. Link throws his sword to the floor, then leans backward, drives his left fist forward, and throws the his right hand forward and down. The lights become bright orange as Din's Fire creates a flame shield around Link. The four Scrubs run right into the flames, and run backward as they catch fire. They charge offstage screaming. Mephysto stands before Link, impressed.

Mephysto. A nice move, Din's Fire. A pity. They did so much for me.

Link steps back, inching to charge Mephysto any second.

Mephysto. I don't know what you're waiting for. Get it over with.

Link doesn't move.

Mephysto. Don't force me to do this the hard way.

Still, Link refuses to move. Saria watches on in horror. After a few moments, Mephysto drops the Gilded sword.

Mephysto. You disappoint me, Link. I thought you were a warrior. I'll just have to convince you otherwise.

He turns away. This is the exact moment Link has been waiting for. He raises his sword, and charges. Mephysto whirls around and strikes him in the chest with a huge blow. Link goes tumbling backwards and lands on his back, the wind knocked out of him.

Saria. Link! No!!

Mephysto towers over Link.

Mephysto. (enraged) How dare you charge me from behind with impunity! You shall pay dearly for this!

Link stumbles back to his feet, and Mephysto blasts him in the chest with a pulse of evil energy. He lands sprawled out on his back, knocked out.

Saria. No! Mephysto, stop!!!

Mephysto. (turning to Saria) Why? I'm just getting warmed up!

He walks over Link and towers above his unconscious body. He raises his arms, and leans his head backward. The lights brighten. Link begins to convulse in pain. Mephysto laughs. A ball of yellow light rises off of Link's chest, and he stops shaking. The ball of yellow light rises high above the stage. The thunder filling the crater begins to boom like bombs. The lighting flashes become very rapid. Then, the warp lights brighten. When they fade, Impa runs in from behind Mephysto and strikes him with the Master Sword. Mephysto screams in pain.

Mephysto. Aaaaahhh!!!

He stumbles forward. The yellow light begins to rotate quickly as Mephysto begins to lose control of it.

Mephysto. Who dares to strike me from behind!?!

He spins around. Impa stands there with the Master Sword raised. He shouts, and charges Mephysto again.

Impa. (screaming madly) Let her go!!!

Mephysto is irate. He raises his left arm to his right, and swings. A huge pulse of energy flies at Impa, striking him in the chest. He stumbles backward, and the Master Sword flies from his grasp. It lands a few feet away from him. He collapses.

Mephysto. Too easy.

He reaches upward and clenches his fist. He regains control of the ball of light, and slowly begins to pull it into his body. He shouts as it encompasses him.

Mephysto. Yes! Yes!!!

The lights dim. Impa gets up slowly, then runs offstage.

Mephysto. (screaming) At last! The Triforce of Courage is mine! The Hero shall be no more! (He moves back to Link) Link, I banish you to the Realm Between Worlds. And with the sacred gems in my possession, I shall seal the Door of Time. You will have no means of escape!

He raises an arm, and sends a huge blast into Link. The lights become extremely bright as Saria shouts uselessly.

Saria. No! Link, no!!!

Mephysto leans into it. The lights go out immediatley. The Nocturne of Shadow plays loudly as the curtain falls. 

Act II

Scene 1

Setting: Kokiri Forest, Realm Between Worlds, Death Mountain

The lights come up slowly on Kokiri Forest. Two Kokiri Children sit on the tree stump, crying. Mido is standing next to them, very upset. He stands a moment, then kicks a small rock offstage. He paces back and forth a few times, then stops. One of the children speaks.

Child 1. Why does this always happen?

Mido. (walking over) I don't know.

Child 2. Who's going to stop Mephysto?

Mido. Someone will have to find a way. Link will try, that's for sure.

Impa. (walking onstage) No, he won't.

At this, Mido spins around to face Impa.

Mido. What do you mean, he won't?

Impa. Exactly that. He can't do a thing. Mephysto banished him to the Realm.

One of the children gasps.

Child 1. Oh no . . . . . . .

Impa. I tried to stop him, but he's too powerful

Mido. Now what do we do?

Impa walks over to a rock and sits down.