Children of the Triforce
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"Children of the Triforce" Prologue & Chapter 1

Children of the Triforce

By: Alexandra Spears


This was it, the final battle against Ganon. Seventeen-year-old Link and his wife, Princess Zelda, had what they needed to finally defeat Ganon once and for all. Ganon kept calling forth his minions from his Evil Jar, and Link and Zelda kept clearing them out. Link had managed to deliver two zaps with his magic sword. Now all they needed was the silver arrow to finish him off for good.

Zelda took careful aim with her bow. "Hold them off, Link!" she called.

"What I'm doing, Princess!" Link shouted back as he back-flipped away from a Stalfo and slashed his way through some Goriyas. He was trying to get them away from Zelda so she could deliver the final fatal blow to Ganon with her silver arrow.

Zelda let fly and the arrow sailed straight at Ganon, who let out an ear-piercing shriek as the arrow pierced his chest. A blinding flash came from the figure of the defeated wizard, and Link and Zelda both shielded their eyes with their arms.

They lowered their arms, found themselves in a black chamber, lit only by the red glow of the Triforce of Power. Hand in hand, the young lovers approached the pedestal. "At last-the Triforce is united, after several years," breathed Zelda. "You and I will make sure it's never separated again."

Zelda, holding the Triforce of Wisdom in one hand, gently lifted the Triforce of Power with the other. "Hyrule is safe," she said.

"I'd say I deserve a kiss for that," smiled Link. He and Zelda had been married for only a few months and Link still had the habit of asking her for a kiss.

"I'll give you what you truly deserve when we get home," Zelda said, her voice suddenly seductive. "Let's go, my hero."

In the vault that used to double as Link's bedroom, Link and Zelda placed the two Triforces side by side on the pedestal. He held out his hands, and the third Triforce, Courage, appeared next to its fellows. "Looks like I won't be needed again," said Link, almost sadly.

"The Triforce won't be, now that Hyrule is finally at peace," said Zelda. She looked up at her husband. "But I'm sure you'll still be needed. You never know who might try to get to it next." She kissed his cheek. "And I'll always need my lover."

Link smiled at that. He put his arm around her shoulders. "I'm sure your father is going to throw a big party for us too, Zelda."

"If our ancestors could have seen this," said Zelda, referring to the Hero of Time Link and his wife, Princess Zelda, and their descendants-this Link and Zelda's ancestors-another Link and his wife, Princess Zelda. "It's so hard to believe Ganon has been around for so long, and dealt with three Links and three Zeldas!"

"Probably used the Triforce to gain immortality," said Link as he looked at the red, green, and blue glow emanating from the Triforce.

"Our fight has gone on for centuries, and at last it's over," said Zelda as she took Link's hand. She pulled him along. "We have several hours until the party begins, Link," she said, sounding suggestive.

"I'm with you, my princess," Link smiled as he happily followed her to their bedroom.

That evening, a huge celebration began. King Harkinian had announced from his throne that this particular day would be declared a holiday, the day that not only was the Triforce reunited, but Ganon was forever defeated. Centuries of fighting with him had come to an end.

Link, dressed in his finest tunic, something that Zelda had helped him pick out, was drinking a little bit of ale and chatting with some of the guests. He didn't need the ale to make him feel giddy, though; no, the fact that he was a Hero was enough. Almost enough. Add the fact that he was married to the girl of his dreams.

Zelda came up to him. "Link, my father wants to see you," she said.

"If you'll excuse me, I must see what my lovely wife's father wants," said Link politely.

Zelda took his hand. "You are going to love this, sweetie," she told him as she led him to one end of the banquet hall, where King Harkinian had a throne set up. "I think it's something you'd really like."

"I'm already married to you, Zelda," said Link.

Zelda laughed. "You'll see."

Link approached his father-in-law, who smiled at him. King Harkinian raised up his hands and called for attention. "I see before me a young man who aided us in restoring peace to Hyrule, and who ridded us of an evil that existed long before we were born," he said. He took out a sword. "Kneel, Link," he said.

Link's jaw nearly dropped, but he did as he was asked. Harkinian touched each of Link's shoulders with the sword. "I hereby knight thee, and you shall be known as Sir Link of Hyrule! Arise, Sir Link!"

Cheers went up, and Link slowly got to his feet. "Thank you, Sire," he said, speechless. A knight! He looked over, saw Zelda smiling at him proudly. Link was feeling giddy and it wasn't from the ale.

Zelda hugged him. "You truly are my hero," she said.

A month went by. Zelda found her husband to be a little bit more responsible around the castle. If she'd known that by marrying him, he wouldn't have tried to get out of doing chores so much, she most likely would have married him sooner. Link was also training as a knight. She knew it was something he'd wanted. He'd definitely earned it.

Zelda was looking for Link, as she had something to tell him. She finally found him in the courtyard, taking a rest from his training. She sat down on the bench next to him, and he smiled at her. "Remember that wonderful night we had, the night of the party?" Zelda asked.

"How could I forget something that mind-blowing?" Link grinned.

Zelda smiled and her cheeks turned pink. She just looked at him. "Well, there's going to be a little reminder of that," she said.

Link put two and two together. "You mean-a baby?" he asked. "We're going to have a baby?"

Zelda nodded.

"This is great!" exclaimed Link as he hugged his wife. Zelda was so happy that she and Link were going to have a child, she didn't tell him about the dream she'd had the previous night. A dream about the future.


Chapter One

Less than a year later, Hyrule was having another celebration. Sir Link and Princess Zelda's firstborn child, Prince Cecil, had just been born. As the firstborn son of Princess Zelda, he was next in line to the throne of Hyrule-after his mother.

Once again the banquet hall was overflowing with people. In front of King Harkinian's throne at the one end was a bassinet, in which slept the newborn Prince of Hyrule. Link and Zelda stood on either side of their son's bassinet as a reception line made its way through.

"How are you feeling, Zelda?" asked Link after the last guest had congratulated them. Zelda had given birth only the day before. He'd been so worried, since she'd been in so much pain. He'd been at her side every single minute during her labor and birthing.

"I'm fine now," Zelda told him. She looked at her son. "He looks like you-he's going to be a handsome boy," she said.

"He has your eyes," Link said quietly. "But I wonder if they'll stay green like yours or turn to brown like mine."

"We'll find out," said Zelda.

Harkinian peered into the bassinet and gazed at his grandson. "You two go dance and have a good time, and I'll watch over my grandchild," he told them.

Link and Zelda grinned. Harkinian could stare at his grandson all day and not be bored. "You sure, Daddy?" asked Zelda.

"Yes, yes. It's a lot of work being a parent, have fun while you can."

"Yeah, Zelda," said Link as he took his wife's hand and led her out onto the dance floor. "Cecil's asleep, you can feed him when he wakes up." Zelda wound her arms around Link's neck and looked up at her handsome, dark-haired husband. Link held her close and played with her golden hair as they danced together. "It's hard to believe I'm a father," Link murmured. "He's a cute little fellow."

"Yes, he is," said Zelda. "And he's half you, half me."

Link grinned at that. "That's what I like about it." He looked over to where Zelda's father was holding the sleeping baby. "He's gonna be like me."

"What makes you say that?" asked Zelda.

"That kid can sleep through anything."

Link and Zelda's lives were pretty uneventful, and just over two years later, Zelda gave birth to their second child, a daughter, Princess Kristin. Zelda still had the chilling dreams once in a while, but she somehow knew that they didn't have all that much to do with her two children.

Cecil was four and Kristin two when Zelda discovered she was pregnant for the third time. That was when the vague, frightening dreams really began.

Link was terribly worried about Zelda. Her first two pregnancies had been so simple compared to this one. With Cecil, and then with Kristin, Zelda had had just a little bit of morning sickness during the first few months, and then she'd felt fine.

The royal physician had said that Zelda's pregnancy was in trouble and had ordered her to stay in bed. She'd been bleeding some, indicating a threatened miscarriage. She was barely able to keep anything down, as the morning sickness occurred not just in the morning, but almost every time she ate something. Link was worried out of his mind, wondering if it was something he'd done, though he'd been assured that it wasn't his fault, that things like this happened.

Link did everything he could to keep Zelda comfortable. He brought her meals to her and cared for their two small children, keeping them quiet so she could rest.

Link had a spare moment, as Cecil and Kristin were in the nursery napping. He went into his and Zelda's bedroom and sat down on the bed, facing Zelda. "How are you feeling, sweetheart?" he asked.

"All right, considering," she replied. "At least the bleeding has stopped. Link, this may sound cruel, but I just keep getting the feeling that I'd be better off if I did lose the baby. Those dreams I keep having.oh Link, I don't know.I want this baby but I keep sensing something.."

Link gently pulled her into a sitting position and hugged her. "It'll be okay, Zelda," he said. "I keep blaming myself.."

"Link, it's not your fault," Zelda said with surprising firmness. "Neither of us had any idea that this pregnancy would have all these problems with it. Especially since Cecil and Kristin were virtually no trouble at all." She lay back, and Link covered her with the blankets.

"Want something to drink?" Link asked after a pause.

"Yes, please," Zelda replied.

Link kissed his wife, then went to the royal kitchens to get Zelda a glass of her favorite drink. Zelda smiled when he brought it to her.

Zelda sipped it slowly, making sure it would stay down before she took another sip. "How are the children?" she asked. She'd been bedridden for close to three months; she was at the end of her first trimester.

"Well, Cecil hopes you'll be well enough for his fifth birthday next month," said Link. "And Kristin's always wanting to know when you're getting out of bed."

"Well, if there are no more problems, I should be all right," said Zelda. "I've been able to eat and drink more and like I said the bleeding has stopped." Slowly she finished off the drink. "I wish I could get up and play with our children."

"You'll be able to, though not as soon as you'd like," said Link.

"Have some training this afternoon?" Zelda asked.

"Yeah.though I'll skip out of it if you want me here with you," said Link.

"No, just go on with your training. Besides, I like what it does for your body," she added.

"I'd say you're feeling better," smiled Link. "Yeah, you're right. I need to work off this nervous energy." He gently kissed Zelda's forehead and touched his nose to hers. "You get some rest. I'll go train and take care of the kids."

Zelda's pregnancy progressed, though not without problems. She had to rest quite a bit during her pregnancy and she was constantly worried that there was something really wrong with the baby.

One night, about four weeks before she was due, Zelda woke up screaming. Link was instantly wide awake. "Zelda-what's wrong?" he cried, figuring that she'd been having a nightmare. Then again, she'd never screamed quite like this..

"Link, the baby's coming now!" she shrieked.

"Let's get you to the infirmary-"

"There's no time!" she cried.

Link didn't even bother to protest the fact that it wasn't time for the child to be born yet. With all that had happened, a premature birth wasn't going to be all that surprising. Besides, he thought, trying to calm himself down, it would get things over with that much sooner.

The door opened, and a frightened five-year-old boy came in. "Mommy?" asked Cecil.

"Cecil-go get the physician-and hurry!" Link ordered his son. Cecil didn't need to be told twice. He rushed from the room.

Link got up from the bed and tried to calm Zelda down. She was still screaming and writhing in pain. Fortunately Link had been through this twice before and he knew what to do. There was no way Zelda was going to be able to get up and go downstairs, and things seemed to be progressing quite rapidly, so it looked like Link was going to have to deliver his third child himself.

Link hurried into their bathroom and ran some hot water into the tub. Zelda's screams frightened him as he assembled the items he'd need for the birth. He managed to keep a level head-it would do him no good to panic.

"It's coming, Link, the baby's coming!" Zelda cried.

Link hurriedly got the things together and put them on the nightstand. He couldn't help but think that this birth was really rushing along, and he recalled that Kristin's birth had gone much more quickly than Cecil's.

"Link.this hurts so much-!" Zelda gasped as she gave another push.

"I have the baby, Zelda-it's another girl!" Link called. He quickly tied and cut the cord. At that moment, the physician came rushing in.

"Take care of the child.I'll take care of the princess," the physician told Link.

Link carried his newborn daughter into the bathroom and gently washed her. The child gave a weak cry. "It's okay, sweetie, Daddy's here," Link said as he wrapped her in a blanket. She was so small.smaller than her brother and sister had been. But then again, Link reminded himself, she'd been born too soon.

"How is my wife?" Link asked as he carried the baby back into the bedroom.

"She's lost some blood.but she's going to be fine," he said.

"Link, is the baby all right?" Zelda asked, sounding tired.

"I think so.she's breathing," said Link.

"We should get the mother and baby down to the infirmary," the physician said.

That morning, Link was tired from the previous night's events. The newborn baby, Princess Kyla, was fine, but a little weak. Zelda was all right but she'd never be able to have another child. That didn't really bother Link-they had three children now.

Zelda was sitting up in bed in the infirmary, resting, her newborn daughter in her arms. "She's so adorable, Link," Zelda said as she kissed her newborn baby. She recalled what she'd said months earlier, about a feeling that she would have been better off if she'd miscarried. She regretted those words. Little Kyla was a sweet, adorable little baby girl.

"Yeah, she is," Link agreed. "Want me to bring her brother and sister in to see her?"

"I think it's okay," Zelda nodded. Link kissed Zelda's lips, then went to get her father and other two children.

Zelda looked up and smiled as her father came into the room, holding five-year-old Cecil and three-year-old Kristin by the hands. "So this is the child who couldn't wait, eh?" King Harkinian smiled.

Link lifted his son and older daughter onto the bed. "Another sister!" grinned Cecil.

"That's right," Link said as he tousled his son's light-brown hair.

Kristin crawled over to her mother and snuggled up to her. "Kyla," she said, pointing at the baby.

Zelda laughed at her golden-haired daughter. "Yes, this is your baby sister Kyla," she said.

Inwardly, though, Zelda didn't feel like laughing. Her newborn daughter was a cute little baby, but there was something about Kyla. Zelda didn't want to think about that, though. She didn't want to think such things about an innocent newborn girl.