The Clash of Hylia: World War
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"The Clash of Hylia: World War"

The Clash of Hylia: World War

By: Aegis Runestone

Prologue: Dawn of Darkness

Blackness filled the sky of the Dark World. From the shadow of Death Mountain, a world of chaos could be seen. Much like Hyrule, the Light World and yet not even close in description. The grass is tainted green like a dying mass of sickly people, the trees have hollow wood cavern at the front for mouths and eyes. In the middle of this chaos stood the old and decaying Pyramid of Power. For many millenniums the Pyramid turned into ruin, it could hardly be land-mark for the Dark World any longer. Vines and weeds grew all along it, without a trace of a single soul.

At least the Pyramid is still in one piece! Thought Koume to herself, as she looks at rumble which used to be a Tower, the tower of her master. Koume looked to her twin sister, Kotake. The two sisters were witches, Koume commanded the power of Fire while Kotake commanded Ice. Both had long, fat noses and big round eyes. They wrote black cloaks and rode on old broomsticks. On their foreheads lay a gem, the color matched the witches's element they commanded. On Kotake, the gem was Icy blue, but on Koume, the gem was a fiery orange.

"Where is the Sorceress of the Shadows?" Koume asked her sister with raspy yet evil voice. "And the General of Darkness?" Kotake didn't look back, but she did not waste a moment in replying to her twin sister.

"Sorceress Veran and General Onox will be arriving soon." Kotake smiled, then her eyes trailed to her sister in a hawk-like matter, "Majora will arrive with the Kishoke child soon...." Koume smiled.

"Perfect," She laughed a witchy-like laugh, "Not only will we get rid of the Hero, we will end the Kishoke Family, the family of the Hero who has stopped our master at every point and we will revive our master...all in one single swoop." The twins laughed their witch-like laughs, which echoed down to the beasts of the Dark World. "Do not worry my friends," Koume said looking down at the small dots which were the monsters, "Your king will return..."

Kotake and Koume went back into a break of witchy laughter, but then they stopped Suddenly at the sound of a female voice. "Are you going to sit there and laugh all day?" The twins turned to face two figures covered in black robes. The shadows of their hoods shielding their faces from the sight of others. There was a smaller figure, obviously the one who had projected the voice and a larger and very tall figure. "We have arrived...I and the General, Twinrova. It is...quite an honor to see you, the gerudo witches who have served master for so long." The figure bowed and then drew back it's hood, revealing a dark blue-skinned woman with an attractive face. She had long black hair, set and curved like a scythe.

"Ah!" Koume said, "Veran! It is good to see a fellow evil back again." Koume turns to the large figure, "And I suppose  this is General Onox?" She asked. In reply the figure pulled back his hood and revealed a face covered by a golden helmet of a ball and chain knight.

"Yes." Onox bows to the old witch, "I am Onox, General of Darkness. Where is our evil masked friend?" His voice deep and very bold, with a hint of evil in it. He watched Koume and Kotake move towards an alter in the center of the ruins, Koume began to light the torches, as Kotake turned round.

"He will be arriving with the boy soon." She said, her voice cracking. "It will not be long now." Koume finished lighting the torches. Even with the light from the torches, the alter appeared deathly-black. On it's top laid blood-red pentagram symbolizing the evil that lays underneath it. Veran shrugged off her robes, revealing herself, she wears a tight purple top, and large dark-purple shoulder covers, and skin-tight sleeves, a dark, long skirt covers her legs while a blue cape hangs from her elbows. Veran began to advance toward the alter.

"So, we are gunna kill him?" She asked, Koume, in reply, smiled wickedly.

"Yes," She answers, "He will be the sacrifice we need to resurrect our master." Koume cackled, flying around Veran, "When his hylian blood touches the alter, it will revive our master to power. At the same time, he will be dead and with no one else to continue the family, there will be no resistance to us!" Koume laughed evilly as Onox removed his cloak, revealing him to be a very large ball and chain solider in gold armor.

"Well...then..." A maniacal voice sounded from the shadows, "the time of our victory has come my friends..." Koume, Kotake, Veran and Onox peered around silently for the figure. Their eyes trace nothing. "Now, dear friends..." The voice continued, "Do not be afraid. It is I. The masked one. I have brought the Kishoke boy to you for Sacrifice." Out from the shadows appeared a man, or what seemed to be a man in a black robe. Not a hood but a Mask covered his face. Shaped like a heart, the mask had two yellow horns sliding straight up out of the head, while on the sides are yellow spines. Purple, orange and white symbols cover the mask, all of them center around the two large and orange-yellow eyes in the mask. In the mysterous new-arrival's arms, unconscious or asleep, lay a boy clothed in a forest-green tunic. He wore a cloth cap on his head which matched the color of his tunic. He wore muddy-brown boots which almost covered most of his legs. A red belt strapped around his waist with a gold buckle could be noticed. Golden-blonde hair streaked from his head, and shined brightly in the torch-light.

"Majora!" Kotake shouted, "It's about time." Kotake flew over to Majora to examine the boy. "So, this is him, eh? He doesn't much like a Hero now..." Majora flashed a glance at Kotake.

"He may look like a wimp now, " He said, his voice seeming to echo evilly with a blend of deep and high voices, "But if we let this seed grow, he'll get in the way of our garden. He must be disposed of, immediately." Veran examined Majora.

" are Majora..." She said, her voice sounding a little scared, "Do you think you can raise the Gerudo King?" Majora nodded silently and then walked over to the alter. There, he put the boy down on top of the gruesome symbol. He pulled out the chains hooked to the alter and locked the cuffs around the boy's wrists and ankles. Snapping her fingers to get the Evils' attention, Koume explained the plan.

"This is what we are going to do, Majora, Kotake and I will begin the Incantation." She says pointing to Majora and Kotake, "Veran and Onox, you will take these knives," She handed Onox and Veran a few wickedly shaped daggers with skulls on the hilts, "and you will stab the child to death." Veran and Onox both nod once. "Understand? Good! Let us begin!" Koume moved to the north of the alter while Majora went to the east and Kotake on the west side of the alter. As the witches and Majora did what they needed to prepare the ceremony, Veran and Onox went to the head and feet of the boy, respectively, and prepared for the wizards to begin.

The moon was full, it's rays shone onto the black alter were the boy lay, not knowing the danger so close to him. At that moment, Majora, Kotake and Koume commenced the chanting. Their hands began to glow in dark and ominous lights, shadows could be seen dancing in the moonlight as they could feel that the time was near. The Prince of Darkness would rise very soon.

Veran and Onox stepped up to the alter and raised their daggers. Suddenly, without warning, the boy opened his eyes. It took Veran and Onox by surprise, and the daggers did not plunge into their target. Taking a few moments, the boy began to realize what was happening and let a vivid scream of Terror. He stared up at Veran and the to Onox. His crystal-blue eyes were wider than the witches' eyes.

The fear was so tremendous that the boy could not speak. "That's right, kid..." Veran cackled, showing no mercy for the boy whose ancestor had ruined her plans in Labyrnna, "You're gunna die! Say your prayers!!" At that moment, Onox and Veran lowered their daggers.

A few moments passed and not a scream was heard. Koume and Kotake stopped chanting and glared at Veran and Onox. "What are you doing!?" They shouted with rage, "Kill him, dang it!" But Veran and Onox would not move, they were frozen in place with their daggers over the boy who was breathing like a scared rabbit about to be cooked.

"I...I..." Veran tried to speak, but she had to fight to open her mouth, "I...can't....move...!" She forced out of her mouth. " this...?" Majora had also stopped chanting, he had turned around to face the cause of the curse.

"Here is our problem." He said, making Koume and Kotake turn full-circle to find themselves facing two robed and hooded figures, like Veran and Onox, the hoods shielded the figures' faces from natural sight. But this time, one figure was wearing a blue robe, the other a red robe. "Who are you? It is unwise to disturb such delicate practices." Majora's voice creaked, "If you leave now and remove the curse from our partners, We'll let you live." Majora chuckled evilly to himself, however the figures seemed unaffected by his threat.

"Answer!" Koume shouted.

"Speak!" Kotake jumped in.

"Release the boy and we will leave you." Announced the figure in the red robe. The voice was mysterious and hard to tell if it belonged to a male or a female. "You will be allowed to do your will if you give us the boy." The figure in the blue robe nodded as if to confirm what the red one said. But Koume and Kotake just laughed. Majora was silent.

"Never!" Shouted Koume. "Don't mess with us! You have no chance for a victory such weaklings like you." She said pointing to the figures' direction. Kotake nodded.

"If you do," She said, "You'll have to mess with the three evils of Hyrule and us; Twinrova, the Gerudo witches!" Kotake and Koume laughed witchy laughs. The figures didn't respond or move. After a bit, Twinrova stopped and glared at the two figures. " will leave, now!"

"We will not leave..." Replied the one in blue, "If you will not give up the child, we will take him!" Suddenly, The two figures threw off their robes to reveal themselves. The one wearing the red robe was a beautiful woman wearing a skin-tight, flashy, sleeveless reddish-pink dress with ruffles set on the skirt. Her skin was darkish color and her eyes were blood-red. Around her neck was a golden collar and around her wrists are golden bracelets. On the sides on her hips on her dress are red flame-shaped ribbons that hang and dangle to her knees. Her flaming-red hair is set in a pony-tail that is perfectly smooth with no split-ends.

The other one was also a beautiful woman. However her skin was light colored like the boy's and she had brilliant blue hair, which was very long, streaming down to the back of her knees. Wearing a gold tiara, and a blue tunic-like top and cyan- semi-tight skirt which laid down to her knees. She has two laced cloth rings set just below her shoulders on her arms with cyan ruffles. Veran and Onox immediately recognized the two.

"Din!" Onox shouted at the girl in red.

"Naryu!" Veran shouted at the girl in blue. Both women smiled.

"You recognized us, but we are not who you think we are." Naryu replied, her eyes fell on the boy, "Din, you know what to do." Din nods with a wicked smile. Koume and Kotake growl and prepare to attack. Majora follows suit. Veran and Onox can only watch the commencing battle as their bodies remain in a frozen state.

But Naryu had other plans, raising her arms and opening her hands she shouted out a cry. "Wisdom's Light!" A small spark of white energy flowed from her hands and it soon grew until no one save it be Din and Naryu could see anything. Din, with great speed, rushed over to the boy and began to free him from the chains that held him to what could have been his grave.

However the spell was not to last much longer and it already began to wane. Veran, freed from her frozen curse, noticed Din freeing the boy. Veran dashed at her, not realizing that Din had already released all the chains, to slash at the boy and kill him at the last moment. However, Din moved herself and the boy out of the way of Veran's deadly dagger.

The boy let out a yelp of surprise and began to sniffle. Din talked soothing words to him to calm him down as she returned to Naryu. "I got him!" She shouted, "Let's get...Ugh!" She felt something wet on her hand. Taking her hand off the boy's left arm she examined it. Blood, fresh blood. She looked at the boy and noticed that he had yelped because Veran had slashed him! Naryu noticed it too, in fact even the three evils and Twinrova noticed it. All eyes peered onto the alter. A small pool of fresh blood was on it, just a few drops.

Before anyone could react, the whole mountain began to shake, the torches went out and the alter began to glow. Koume, Kotake, Veran, Onox and Majora looked on eagerly. The shadows cried and screamed. The Prince of Darkness was rising! The evil King, the master of hatred, the gerudo long-lost and defeated would rise now! All the shadows scream his name in unison; G...a....n...o...n...d...o...r...f!

At that moment, the alter gave in and exploded in a flash of darkness, screams of torture and sorrow filled the air. Din could feel the small clinging to her in absolute fear in hopes of some comfort, but even Din and Naryu were feeling the fear swallowing up their souls. The evils smiled, and they grinned and they laughed, evilly. Black smoke rose from once the alter stood, filling the air and covered the tower ruins in darkness.

There was a long silence, then the smoke finally lifted. There, standing where the alter had been. A twelve foot tall monster with large horns and giant snout. Wearing dark armor and blood-red cape, spotted with holes, his white pitchfork now greyed and bent from battles long ago. His eye's glowed with green evil. And a large breathing of a beast from the beyond could be heard echoing throughout the Dark World, signaling that the King had returned.

Din put her mouth to her sister's ear, "He's hereee..." She said, eyes wide with fear, "Let's get outta here while the getting is good!" Naryu nodded to agree, but then a dark voice stung their souls.

"Where are you going, my lovely angels?" They heard the voice cackle, "Oh, for me? How sweet, you brought me the most recent of the warriors of the Kishoke family as a Sacrifice..." Din and Naryu jumped as the voice roared in an alien like laughter that pierced their hearts with terror. "Bring him to me, my pets!" The giant beast stood up and lifted up his right hand, the triforce symbol appeared with the top triangle, representing the Triforce of Power, brighter than the others.

But Din and Naryu just looked at each other and then looked at the beast. "Ganon!" Din shouted, "We refuse!" She then turned to Naryu, "It would be a good time to run now, eh?" Naryu nodded and Din picked up the boy and dashed away, Naryu following behind shortly. They heard Ganon, Veran, Majora and Onox's laughter following behind them.

Din looked behind her, the four evils and Twinrova were following close behind her and Naryu. "Teleport, quickly!" She shouted to her sister, while carrying the boy in her arms. But Naryu just panted.

"I..." She said, "I can't! I need time to concentrate!" Naryu and Din got to the bottom of the mountain and stopped. Din opened her hands and shouted out a word in the same matter Naryu had earlier.

"Wall of Flame!" Suddenly a huge wall of fire lit up and spread around the mountain, blocking off the four evils to give Naryu some time. "Ok, Concentrate...Now!" Naryu nodded and began chant. She was tired from the run, but she continued to chant in spite of her weariness. Ganon snorted, and then fell.

"Master!" Koume flew over to him. "Whats wrong?" Ganon grabbed Koume by the neck in anger, his green eyes flashed with green fire of a black heart.

"You idiot!" Ganon growled, "You didn't give me enough Hylian Blood!" Koume could begin to feel her lungs beating fast, "I'm too weak now!" But from his grip, Koume didn't think that was true. Kotake went over to the wall and used a ice storm to counter it. Ganon looks over to Kotake and let's go of Koume, "Good! At least your sister has a brain, unlike you!"

Din tried to keep her wall of flames ablaze, but Kotake was beginning to get the best of her. "Hurry, Naryu! Hurry!" Naryu kept chanting. Sweat breaking out down Din's face, she felt her nerves popping out of her head. "I can't keep this up much longer!!" No response. "NARYU!!!!!!" Then it happened, she couldn't hold it any longer and she collapsed. The four evils began to rush towards them. "Oh no..." Din said, weakly. Din then looked behind herself, monsters of all shapes and sizes, moblins, wizrobes, stalfos, gibdos and more dashed towards the feeble.

"Go my children!" Ganon shouted, "Your king has returned! Crush the Oracles and bring the Hylian boy to me!" The monsters roared in a victorious rumble and continued their advance on Din, Naryu and the boy. "Hahaha! Now, Din, Oracle of Power and Naryu, Oracle of Wisdom, you shall both die!" The hideous monster laughed with wild evil and anger. The shadows seemed to join him in a dark chorus. But then, Naryu felt the light free from her hands and she stretched out her arms and opened her hands wide.

"Teleportation!" Naryu shouted, just at the right time, Din, Naryu and the boy vanished out of sight and out of danger. Ganon and other evils dashed to an empty pit at the bottom of the mountain. Naryu and Din had escaped with the boy which the evils all knew, would cause many problems in the future.