Dark Jealousy
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"Dark Jealousy", prologue & chapter 1

Dark Jealousy

By: Xaven

Note: okay, if you don't like werewolves or gore then don't read it. This story is written as I type, which means it has no plot, and if makes any sense at all.then enjoy it whilst it last. Anyways it was originally called The Bitch's Curse, but I decided to change it. Why? I don't know. Just because it's my first fanfiction doesn't mean you can go easy on me. Just review it and say what comes to mind. I can take some criticism, it's not as if I'll die if you hate it... It'll only help me make improvements for later stories to come. Neh Neh '^-^'


The air around me smells of death.why aren't I ecstatic in it's reign? My hunger for bloodshed and flesh.it's unbearable. He paused momentarily, staring at the mutilated bodies around him, praying that this all was a dream gone twistedly wrong. But it was all real, terribly real. The taste of blood was still fresh on his tongue, his mouth and hands stained crimson. He shook feverishly, sick to his stomach, the acidic contents of his gut already starting to burn the back of his throat. The smell.its too strong.he thought in distress. What have I done.why couldn't I resist? Groaning he headed for home, or what he called home, cringing in disgust as his bare feet stepped on spilt entrails one too many times. He tried to cry out the tormenting emotions within him, but only found the inhuman furore struggling to be unleashed again.

Chapter One

During the morning Link had come to the table and made an effort to act normally as if nothing had happened, but that was proving difficult. His muscles ached, his nerves were shot and the morning sun appeared to be an intense high beam of light. And he was still savagely hungry. He found little comfort when Princess Zelda came to sit next to him at the dining table.

"Good morning Link, did you sleep well?" she greeted him with a cheery smile. He almost snorted at the idea. How did he sleep? He hadn't had a wink, had tried to sleep when he came back but no such thing happened. Despite it he was ultra alert, and found no trace of fatigue.

"I'm doing fine," he murmured. Princess Zelda grew silent, her eyes searching his. Did she suspect something? He tensed up a bit at the thought.

"Link. The killings at Kakariko Village are getting worst and out of hand. No matter how many men I send there they always end up like the dead, so," she drew in a breath. "Suppose we move the inhabitants just outside the castle. We have large meadows and we can set up camps for them." Link swore he could feel a drop of sweat roll down the side of his face, he hoped she hadn't noticed his sudden dread.

"That's a great idea. At least for that time we can rebuild Kakariko into a safer environment," he replied approvingly. And keep me out of trouble hopefully.Zelda smiled.

"It's the only way. I mean there are only a few dozen of them left, and I doubt they'll cause too much trouble," she said. Soon the servants of the castle came in, resting food on the table. Link's hunger once again grasped him, and he eyed the food steadily. This wouldn't suppress it. "So let's start today. The sooner we do, the better the chance of survival would be." He was silent. It was obvious something was bothering him, but he never told anyone about it. She presumed it could be caused by all the deaths, which could be the blame since Link knew some people very well. However, it wasn't the sort of sadness that came from the death of a close friend sort of thing. It was self-pity almost, and disappointment. Whatever the cause she was patient. Link will eventually tell her, she knew he would.

What was wrong now? He had already filled himself up but he was still hungry. The food wasn't fulfilling, it wasn't his food any longer. Groaning he slid down the wall of the hallway, his face burrowed in his crossed arms propped up on his knees, not bothering to care if anyone saw him. How can he go on living like this? Why hadn't he sought help when he was first contaminated with its blood? Why had he let it progress into something stronger than himself?

"Hey kid. Are you alright?" Xanath asked, bending next to him. He was the head person for the knights and guards. For such an intimidating person he was soft hearted and understanding. "What's eating at you?" Link looked up at him with wounded eyes. Xanath was a trusted friend, but how could he go to him at a time like this? The man could very well have a change of heart and rip his liver out with his bare hands.

"I'm just.musing," he whispered. Another lie, another damn period of torment. "I'm okay, really." The war official sat down, squeezing the teen's shoulder.

"I know just as much as you do that you're not alright. Ever since those killings you've been really depressed and crap," he said.

"Enough with the damn killings already! I couldn't-"Link stopped abruptly, realising what he was saying. Xanath gave him a stern look, pulling back slightly. Blown your cover?

"Goddesses." He rose up and walked away, hurrying his steps as he left. He could feel the man's concerned stare boring into the back of his neck. Xanath sighed out heavily and scratched his hair.

"Have you noticed anything with Link," he asked Zelda when he entered the hall. The princess looked up at him, and then averted her gaze.

"Yeah. He's been acting weird ever since his fever he got two months ago. Ever since then, I've observed him as a different person all together," she said sadly. "He won't tell me what's wrong, but I just think it's the deaths." Xanath shook his head slowly.

"He's obviously hiding something from us, and he's too afraid to confront us with it. Do you think he has some involvement with the killings?" he asked. The princess looked as if she was having a panic attack.

"Of course not! What makes you think he's capable of doing such a thing? We shouldn't even be talking behind his back like this," she snapped. Xanath's lips drew into a tight line.

"I have all the rights to think like that. One reason is that he's always locked up in his room. Just right now, he said 'enough with the damn killings already, I couldn't' and then he cuts off. Suppose he was about to say 'couldn't control myself?'" there was a long silence before either one spoke up.

"Listen Xanath. I'll rather like to be helping those people than talk about Link's absurd behaviour," Zelda muttered as she rose up. "In the mean time why not come along and help me." The man nodded and followed after her to the stables. As they walked out of the castle, something bright caught his attention, and he paused long enough to allow enough distance between him and Zelda. Bending down he observed the oddity that had caught his attention. A fabric nonetheless, drenched in blood. From his experience he knew it was only a few hours old.

"Xanath! C'mon!" Zelda called. "We don't have all day!"