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"Destiny's Plan"

Destiny's Plan

By: Shelly Byrne

Anya hurried home from work. She worked hard and earned very little. The sun had began its slow descent. She thought of her son. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and his father's smile. His father. Tears streamed down her face as she thought of him. A violent war had been going on in Hyrule for quite some time. The Zoras had attacked Kakariko Village and he had been taken prisoner. Anya wondered if he was alive or dead. She loved him with all of her heart and was angry at the Zoras for taking her husband and her son's father.

Anya looked up into the sky praying to the goddesses to bring him back home. As she glanced around she saw a dark cloud above. No big deal, she thought, just a little storm. As she got closer the smell filled the air. She know what the cloud was, it was smoke.

Anya ran with all the energy left in her, almost collasping as she entered the village. Houses were on fire, dead bodies lying on the ground. She didn't have time to stop and cry for them, she had to find her son.

Anya ran as fast as she could to her little house. Her sister lived there with her husband and herself. They had bought the house together, two families. Even though they were poor, they had love. Her sister had a child that was two years older than her son, Link. Link was still an infant, but there was something about him, she knew he had a purpose in Hyrule.

Anya reached the door and opened it. Smoke was billowing out of the door. She dived through without a second thought. Smoke was everywhere, blinding her, choking her. She knew her baby's crib was on the other side of the room. She ran as best she could through the house, cutting her leg on the edge of the table, stumbling over chairs and glass. Anya tripped over something, she turned around and felt it with her hand and almost screamed. It was Tisha, her sister. Beside her was her husband. Anya ran to the crib and grabbed Link and ran out the door.

Anya didn't reliaze how long she'd been in there until she toook a deep breath of fresh air. She plopped down on the grass to rest. She looked at Link, he had inhaled a lot of smoke, but she hoped he would be all right. Anya's arm was severly burned, the skin was begining to peel off already. She got up and looked around at the destruction. Link began to cry. "Shhh, my baby, you'll be okay." Anya gently rocked him. She surveyed the the village as she hummed the royal family's tune. All Sheikah knew that. She was a Sheikah. Link's father was a Hylian. She was determined to survive to tell Link about his father and what a great man he was.

Anya walked to the nearest body to determine who had attacked. It was the Gerudos, only the Gerudos killed women and children. Kakariko Village had become a bloody wasteland. Anya wanted to cry for them all. Was she the last Sheikah? No. There was one more. Impa, she lived in Hyrule castle and was the Royal Family's bodyguard sorta speak.

Anya heard horses in the distance. She looked up and saw the Gerudo returning. They always came back to make sure there were no survivors. Anya cried, how could she outrun the Gerudo Army? Suddenly Anya felt calm, as if in a dream. Her energy returned and before she knew what happened she was running. She didn't know where she was going, she just let her feet carry her.

Anya knew the goddesses had given her strength, there was not a doubt in her mind about that. Anya was running when pain hit her right shoulder, shattering the bone. She screamed out in pain and turned to see two Gerudo, not very far behind her on horseback. They shot another arrow, it burned as it hit her back. It was a fire arrow. Anya ran with more speed until she reaced the forbidden Kokiri Forest. She ran across the bridge into the little village. Her persuers stoped and argued. "You go in," one said.

"No you, it was you're idea to chase her!" another argued. They both turned back and Anya breathed a sigh of relief. They didn't want to enter because they knew that if anyone entered this forest and it was not in the name of peace, the goddesses would stike them down.

As Anya lay there, a curious Kokiri approaced her. "Umm, you can't stay here," she said.

Another joined her. "But she's hurt!" More came over until Anya coudn't count them.

"What should we do?" one said.

"Go get Mido and Saria!" one answered.

"Ok." One disappeared and came back a minute later. A green haired girl gasped and kneeled beside me.

"I'll take you to the Deku Tree , he'll know what to do!" she comforted me. I raised up and staggered down a walkway to a giant tree, the one called Mido mumbled something and then left.

The giant tree spoke, "Ahh, I sensed one of the outsiders entered the forest."

"Please I beg you have mercy and save my child," Anya said.

He pondered the statement for a moment and then answered, "Yes, I will, because I sense this is a child of destiny whose fate will determine the outcome of the world." He spoke with wisdom beyond his years. Saria came and took the child and stood nearby.

"Thank you..." Anya said weakly.

"Even with all my power I can not save you, I am sorry," the tree replied. That was okay. I was just glad my child was safe. I looked towards the sky and I knew the goddesses were happy with what I had done. As I drew my last breath I smiled, for I knew that I didn't have to understand what was happening, or what was going to happen, it was all a part of Destiny's plan.