The Unexpected Ally
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"The Emergence of the Reptilia"

The Emergence of the Reptilia

By: Neo X2

    Author's note: I don't own any Zelda characters etc. etc. etc. Now, this story takes place after the "Unexpected Ally" series I wrote. If you didn't read those two stories this will be a little hard to understand, but it's not a direct continuation so I'll try my best to make it easy to understand.

Chapter One: Back to Work Already

Link and Zelda had just got back from their honeymoon. They were busy unpacking when Impa came into the room.

"So how are you two doing after your holiday?" she asked the newlyweds.

"We're fine," they both chimed. "How are things here?"

Impa got that "something's wrong" look on her face and said, "Something is on the loose in Hyrule. It's already killed two people and has mutilated many farm animals. The other night it broke into Lon Lon Ranch and killed a cow and picked the carcass clean. I don't know what it could be."

"Sound weird enough," Link said.

"Have you made any attempt to catch this thing?" Zelda asked, alarmed.

"We did catch it in a trap we had but it broke out," Impa replied. Link and Zelda looked at each other. "The guard who caught said it was huge, at least nine feet tall."

"Link, we should go check out Lon Lon ranch. See if Malon or Talon can tell us anything about it," Zelda said.

"I agree," Link said. And they were off.

Chapter Two: Scene of the Crime

The first thing Link and Zelda noticed when they got to Lon Lon ranch was the smell of rotting flesh. They came around the corner and saw a carcass of a cow by the barn. Malon was by the carcass examining it.

"Is that it?" Link called to Malon.

"Oh hi you two," Malon called back.  "Yeah that's it. It's pretty nasty. If you have a weak stomach I recommend you stay away."

Link got off his horse and walked up to the carcass. It stank badly. It had obviously had been there a while. The meat had been almost completely picked off it. The sight and smell made Link gag, something he never does.

"I'm glad I'm not that cow," Zelda said as she walked up, and she almost barfed too.

"It'll be back tonight too," Malon said sadly. "It's going to kill something else, I know it."

"Not if I can help it," Link said boldly. "I'll set a trap and catch it if it comes to the ranch."

"Are you sure Link?" Zelda asked worriedly. "It might be dangerous."

"Danger is my middle name," Link said and he set to work getting supplies for a heck of a trap.

Chapter Three: Night Watch

Link was in the barn and it was growing close to midnight. He had two of the king's finest guards with him, hoping they could offer some assistance. He waited, and waited, and waited, until he felt his eyes growing heavy.

"Have to stay awake," he told himself. The two guards were also already beginning to get tired too. It wasn't till about 2:00 when Link heard a noise. It sounded like something had dropped on the floor by the cows in the corner. Something big. Fortunately, Link was on the other side of the barn. He heard foot steps and looked to the sound. He was able to make out the silhouette of something. Something HUGE. He was getting ready to drop the net he had placed, when one of the guards sneezed. The thing didn't seem to notice and continued in what ever it was doing. Link lit a lamp and shone it at the thing as he pulled the pin to release the net. The net came down right on the thing and, to the threesome's surprise, made no move to get out. Link shone the light at it and had to hold back a shout.

It was siting on all fours, with its hands between its feet. While it was crouching it looked taller than Link by a large margin. Link saw a large, powerful, muscular tail coming around its ankles and disappearing around its foot again. It had the black scales of a snake on its back, the tops of its arms, its whole legs and the top of its tail and had the white belly scales of a snake on its chest, stomach, underarms, and the bottom of it's long tail. A snake-like head appeared on the top of its wide massive shoulders. The head seemed like the right size in comparison to its massive frame. Link saw HUGE muscles under its scaly skin tensing and un-tensing. The body looked like it had evolved from humans, just that it had taken on a more reptilian and muscular appearance. Link looked it in the eye. Its snake like head had malevolent looking reptilian eyes. They were yellow and a single black slit went down the middle of both eyes.

Link took a step towards it, and it curved its lips up, revealing razor-sharp triangular shaped teeth. Link could swear the thing was smiling at him, but it wasn't a "let's be friends smile" it was more like a "you're going to die smile". Link looked it in the eye. He saw a glimmer of something in its eyes. It had the look of  intelligence in its eyes. Link realized that this thing was smarter than he had given credit for. Then, in one fluid-like motion, the large reptile raised its hands. Link saw claws on the tips of its fingers. It raised its claws to the net and in one motion completely shredded the net.

Link knew he had no choice. He and the two guards ran at the thing, swords drawn. Link made a move to swipe with his sword but the reptile caught the blade with its bare hand. Link could see that the scales covering its body were like armor. The reptile lifted Link (who was still holding the sword) up off the ground and tossed him aside as if Link were a toy. One of the guards ran at the thing but it shot out a clawed hand and got him in the chest. The guard flew across the barn and landed in a hay loft. The other guard shot an arrow at it and hit the creature in the arm and it let out a roar that nearly deafened Link. The creature yanked the arrow out of its arm and in the dim light Link saw the wound scab over instantly. The creature walked up to the guard (who was fumbling to get his sword out) and uppercut like motion which connected with the head. In the dim light Link saw a spray of blood erupt from the neck where the guards head used to be. Link nearly gagged again. Finally with everyone disposed of the creature took a cow and heaved it over its shoulder like the 1050 pound cow was a little kitten. It looked back at Link on the floor and began to walk over. Link tried to get up but a spasm of pain ripped through his leg and he dropped the floor again. The thing came right up to Link, crouched down till it was at eye level.

"Nicccccccce try PINKY hahahahahah," it said in a gruff voice that almost sounded like it was growling while it talked. It then got up and stood, no towered over Link and said in its harsh voice, "If a man isssssss hungry doesssssss he not go buy food for himsssssssself."

"Yes," Link said.

"That'ssssss what I'm doing. Getting food for mysssssssssself. So don't get in my way again," at this point the reptile lowered his clawed hand an inch from Link's face, then continued, "Or you won't live to tell anyone about our nexxxxxt encounter." It went to leave, but it turned around quickly and said, "My name isssss Raptor of the race of the Reptilia. And I 'm going to live in Hyrule whether you pink sssskinsssss like it or not." Then Raptor shot his tail out and hit Link in the head. The last thing he saw was Raptor walking out the door with his cow, then everything went black.

Chapter Four: Aftermath

Link woke up groaning. He looked around. He was in his bedroom back at the castle. He got up and saw Zelda sleeping by his bed side. He put a hand on her shoulder and she woke up and yelled,"Link, you're awake".

Link touched the place where Raptor had hit him. He felt what must have been a large bruise. "How long was I out?" he asked.

"About two days," Zelda said.

"Oh god, my head hurts," Link whined.

"The doctor said you have a very mild concussion. In a few days you'll be fine, but he says NOT TO DO anything adventurous. Lots of bed rest," Zelda said, like a worried mother.

"Sure, he could stay in bed," a familiar icy voice said, "but then he won't be able to help me catch that big reptile."

Link turned to look at the voice and saw Czar Kahn sitting on the window sill.

"Hey there old buddy!" Link said happily, "how's life?"

"Fine enough," the dark demon said, "so I hear you got a nasty bump on your head?"

Link touched the bruise and said, "Yeah, I haven't had one this bad since Ganon was around."

"Well," Kahn said, "let's fix you up!"

Kahn went to heal Link when Zelda stepped in, "Link just needs bed rest 'friend', so you can go on your marry way, okay." Kahn waved a hand in her face and she fell to the ground and started to snore loudly.

"Now that the old 'ball and chain' is asleep, let's fix you up," Kahn said. He knew Zelda didn't trust him, and that little stunt didn't help any but he had no choice. He put a hand above Link's bruise and it disappeared instantly.

Link got up and asked, "So what do we do now?"

"We catch that thing of course," Kahn said, "and I know just how to do it."

Chapter Five: Unexpected

Link and Kahn stood in the barn at Lon Lon ranch. Kahn had spun a net using the magic web fluid he used in his monstrous insect-like form. He assured Link the thing would not be able to get out of it. They waited for it to come. And waited and waited some more. Finally dawn came and nothing had happened. They were both baffled.

When they got back to the castle, they met up with an extremely angry Zelda.

"Where were you last night?" she yelled. "I was up all night worrying about you. Oh and while you two were off gallivanting around that reptile went to Zora's Domain and stole all the shopkeeper's fish! He almost went out of business!"

"We were out trying to catch that thing princess," Kahn said angrily.

"Who asked you demon boy?" Zelda yelled.

"Look guys, like I said before, this thing is highly intelligent. It can speak, figure out how to get out of traps and it's big and powerful and has a bad temper."

Link said, "It must have guessed we would be waiting for it. We'll set traps at Zora's domain."

It went on like that for a long time. Every night Link and Kahn set traps somewhere but Raptor never showed up. They tried traps in every place their was something for the thing to eat, but they never had any luck. Weeks turned into months and so on. They hunted it for 5 years until one fateful night they lucked out.

Link was in the slaughterhouse which had just opened a few weeks ago. He had a large net rigged up that would shoot out of the wall and tangle up the victim. It was also made of unbreakable fibers from Kahn's webbing. It was about late midnight when Link heard the familiar sound of its foot steps. He got ready to launch the net. It hit him hard in the side and Rator was captured. Rator of course tried to shred the net but it was made of a very tough material.


Czar Kahn explained to Link that Raptor had come from a palce on the far side of death mountain. The next day they hauled Raptor to the far side of the Death Mountain range and let him go. Where he was assumed to have rejoined the race of his people known as the Reptilia.