Endgame Scenario
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"Endgame Scenario"

Endgame Scenario

By: Takeda

Chapter One: Peace Interrupted

The door slowly opened, squeaking on its rusty hinges. Footsteps followed and a shadow came across the wall opposite the brightly-lit window. The elfin hero of many lands entered the building with little fear in his heart of any danger. His leather boots with rubber-soled bottoms made slight bangs on the floor as he walked over to the desk where a stout, old man stood. The man had a beard that shrouded his face in curls of hair cookie crumbs. The elfin hero, known as Link, came up to the counter and jumped up onto the stool.

Link, as many know is rather small (unless you talk to elves, they consider him one of the largest elves to come from their brooding), he only stands four-foot-nine but he is still able to do what is to be done. Link lays his shield down on the floor, leaning up against the desk. The old man smiled a rather large smile and rubbed his belly.

"Why Link, I haven't seen you in these parts for many years. How goes it?" The old man rubs his belly after every sentence.

"Well Papin, I have been busy you know. My line of work takes me around." Link slides his scabbard over his head and sets it down next to his shield.

"Well the Tri-Force is a mighty mistress, no? Ha, I bet it is. Oh I bet it is." Papin chuckled while holding his belly and one could think he was about to burst. A cover smile went over Link's face as he pulled out his last bomb, which lacked a crucial part, a fuse (which was cut off when wrongly lit).

"How are you Papin? As you said, we haven't talked in a long while. We must have much to catch up on, I would think." Link, finished unpacking settled into his chair and let out a sigh of relief.

"Well I must admit nothing much has happened since you were last here, how long was it? Three? Four?"

"More like three and a half."

"Well anyway, the Wizrobe you banished from this land has not shown his face in these parts and I'm happy about it. He did nothing but cause trouble and almost mean the end of this city. Not to mention the end of my business." Papin didn't rub his belly this time; he only looked out the window and up into the blue sky. "But that's in the past and we are beyond it. What have you been doing as of late?" Papin drew his attention back to Link. He smiled and waited for an answer. Link sighed and rubbed his head.

"Papin, what I have done in the last few years would take the next few years to explain. Let's just leave it to, I've been keeping myself in the heat of battle, making friends, and almost getting my head cut clean of my shoulders." A plain look came over Papin's face, soon a smile then a chuckle.

"What a silly question I have asked you. What have you been doing? Isn't it obvious? Link, I certainly to admire you. Many of men wish they had the bravery of you, your skill, and me, well I wish I had your youth." Papin paused and ran his hand threw his hair. "But a life spent is better then one not." A brief silence followed in which children's voices could be heard just outside the window. They soon dissipated into the distance and the two sat there thinking.

"Papin, I have something to ask. Since you are a man of great knowledge." This brought a grin of self-confidence grew on Papin's face.

"Link, you know how to flatter an old man of my talents. What is it you wish to know? Of Science? Math? Mythology?" Papin paused. "Love?" Link's head shot up.

"No, no. Well... no." Link looked back down at his shoes and kicked them around. "It's about a creature I heard of a while back."

"Well, Link. Don't trail off continue." Papin began to lean back in his chair.

"Do you know of Omegeons?" Link looked back up at the old man. Papin rubbed his belly.

"Hmm... To my knowledge I do not. But let me check my books. I could possibly find something." Papin rocked back in his chair then used the momentum to get himself up. He walked over to a wooden door behind the desk and opened it. He turned around as he walked through the entrance. "Come back in an hour I guess. I should have the information you need by then." Link nodded and jumped down from the stool.

"I'll leave my things here. Keep an eye on them will you?" Papin closed the door behind him and didn't reply. Link sighed and picked up his things. He walked over to the corner of the hut and set the sword, shield, and single bomb down. He turned and walked out of the single floor building.

It was a bright sunny day with only a few clouds dotting the mostly blue sky. Link stretched out his arms and started forward. The city was in the middle of the busy hour. Men and women walk quickly from point A to point B. The people talk and laugh and continue going their own way. Link, not really having a planned destination slowly made his way around town. Seeing old places from way back and new places just established. The elfin hero walked up a few steps into the main courtyard. The sounds of flutes and a harp filled the air. It was a gentle sound that relaxed all that listened, Link included. Vendors yelled and hollered about what important products they sold. Bombs that could fit in your hand that held the power of a large powder keg. Swords that could be thrown and like a boomerang, would return to your hand. All these things didn't much interest Link, but they did annoy him a great deal.

He continued walking until he spotted something that hadn't been here several years ago. A tall tower, hundreds of feet high, whose top was hazed by the sunlight. Link walked over to its base and to a door. He walked in and was surprised to see a small shop. A few items were sold, like bombs, shields, and magic potions. Link made his was over to the counter where a man wearing a dress was present.

The man was tall and wore a pink skirt with a white top. His hair was done up in ponytails and his fingernails painted red. He smiled at Link and bent over.

"What can I do for you little boy?" The man asked in a high pitched voice. Link smiled.

"I just wanted to know why such a big tower is located here. It seems a little out of place when compared to the other two-story buildings." Link glanced around the store once again as he talked.

"Well young man I'm guessing you aren't from around here because otherwise you wouldn't be asking this, am I right?" A questionable look came over the man's face and he seemed to be looking at Link as if he were a crook.

"Well I have been traveling for several years now. I have not been to this city for a couple of years now."

"You see, this building was made in honor of a elfin boy that saved your fair land from an evil Wizrobe. This tower represents the tall task that the hero had to embark on to free our land of evil. At the top," The man pointed up. "There is a statue of the great hero that did so much, and asked so little. Surrounding the room is glass that gives a clear view for miles." The man looked upward and a puzzled look came over Link's face.

"Can I go up there and see the monument?" Link noticed a door hidden behind a bookshelf. The man's head whipped around and his eyes stared right into Link's. He then let out a sarcastic laugh.

"You? You cannot go up there for only the mayor can. That is, unless your the hero. Which, I might add is an impossibility." The man continued to laugh and Link could only smirk.

"Why would that be?" Link stepped back and faced the entrance.

"Well, you are too young. Only a man of great strength and not to mention height could defeat the mighty Wizrobe." Link, being to proud at the moment didn't try to disapprove the man's claim and he headed out.

Link shut the door and headed out. It had been about twenty minutes out and Link had time to spare. He decided to walk to the stables and check on Epona. He walked over to the exit of the town. A guard in full armor and handling a sword saw Link coming. As Link was about to exit the man sidestepped to block Link's path. Link looked up at the much taller solider.

"Why may I not pass to check on my horse who is being kept in the stables just outside this gate?" Link was slightly frustrated by this action. The guard kneeled down to Link's height.

"You see little boy I can't allow you to leave unless you have a sword..." The man stood up and looked over at another guard who was listening in on the conversation. "...or your mommy." The two guards laughed between each other while Link walked off.

Things like this happened all the time to Link. Many people make fun and point to someone that has saved their land from destruction and a painful end. Link decided to head back to Papin's the retrieve his sword and then go to another exit, to spare himself from more embarrassment. He headed down the stairs to the section where Papin's house was. Link walked along slowly as small children ran by, one after the other in a game of tag.

The door of Papin's house opened with a creak and Link walked in. Papin was at his desk scrolling threw some old, dusty books. The creaking door brought his head up. His beard was covered in a light covering of dust. He smiled and closed the book.

"Well, your back earlier then I asked. Can I ask why? You're not one to lose track of time."


"What kind?"

"The kind that make me come back here."

"Oh, I see." Papin was startled briefly before opening the book up once more.

"Have you found anything out?" Papin looked up.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I have." Papin stood up and walked over to a smaller desk that was supporting a mountain of books. Papin pulled a book off of the top of the pile and brought it back to the desk. Link jumped back up to the stool and leaned over the book. Papin opened the book to a page marked with a red ribbon.

"This book is over five thousand years old, so don't sneeze. Now, as you see here these 'Omegeons' are actually three mythical creatures that were banished by Kazicok."

"One of the first Wizrobes?" Link interrupted.

"Yes, you know your history."

"You can't help but learn," Link replied.

Papin went back into the text. "As I read it here he banished them to a place where no man could hold a level foot. Whatever that means. Anyway, these creatures destroyed many cities and killed millions of people, elves, animals, and anything else they felt the pleasure of killing."

"Do you have any specifics on the creatures themselves?"

"Well, not at the moment but I think more research would provide answers to the details. Now, how did you come across this discovery of the Omegeons?" Papin closed the nook slowly and Link sat back.

"Well, on the way to Hyrule a storm was brewing only a few miles away. I then decided to head for shelter. After a mile or two later I found a rather small town, only four houses and store. I went to one of the houses and a rather scrappy looking woman opened the door. I asked if I could stay until the storm passed. She hesitated a while and finally let me stay in the barn. So headed behind the house but something seemed to be happening back there. As I drew closer I could here voices. Unfortunately I only got the end of what they were talking about."

"Which was?" Papin leaned forward in his chair.

"There talk was about bringing the Omegeons back and how soon they would travel to a place they only referred to as the Cave of Circumvent. Then they spoke of getting it underway quickly. I then waited until they all went there separate ways then headed into the barn. A large wagon filled with boxes took up most of the small barn. I put Epona in a stable that wasn't occupied by one of the four horses that were, at that time eating. Then I fell asleep on the hay and when I woke up that old woman was in the barn getting the other horses ready to pull the wagon."

"Hmm..." Papin paused and rubbed his beard. Then a look of surprise came over his face. "Of course. How could I not see it before?" Papin swung his chair around and reached up into the bookshelf. He pulled out a rather new looking book whose title read: Atlas of Worlds. He opened the book and swept through pages upon pages. Finally he stopped on a large map. He turned it around so Link to read it. Papin's finger came down toward the east side of the map.

"Here, this is the Cave of Circumvent. Right next to Windoft, a town near the cave." Link looked at the map and a small black dot next to some small buildings represented this town and cave. "No more then a days ride I would think." Papin traced his finger back to land they were currently in.

"Now what is this Cave of Circumvent?" Link asked. Papin turned the book around and flipped by a couple a pages before stopping again.

"It seems that it is a cave of rather great significance to our world. It drives the winds that move the clouds and blow leafs around, it makes weather and ends it. According to this, the wind blows from this cave at such a strong force that unless you have the right equipment the winds can blow you off your feet. Even though you're two miles away!"

"What drives it?" Link asked gaining more interest.

"Well no one knows for sure considering it is impossible to enter the cave unless to go during the Rupting. Which is to say that the winds stop blowing for exactly five minutes. This happens once a day all year long except for one day when it stops for ten minutes."

"Haven't people tried to enter the cave and find out what its source is?"

"Oh yes, people have tried but you can only get about two and a half miles in before the wind picks up. Because you see horses can not go in because of the vertical drop."

"Vertical drop?" Link's eyebrow rises.

"Yes, this cave's entrance shoots right up into the sky. Very interesting I think."

"So you have to climb down into this cave? Seems like a challenge."

"It is. According to this records about thirty expeditions have tried to enter the cave and only one person came out alive from all of those parties. That's about fifty men to a group each." A look of shock in Link's eyes as he hears this is noticed by Papin.

"So many lost." Link added as Papin began again.

"Now if I connect this correctly to the legend, 'where a person could not hold a level foot' might be referring to the Cave, where the Omegeons are kept."

"So this means the Ramshaks are trying to bring back the Omegeons?"

"Ramshaks? Did you say, Ramshaks?"

"Yes, I did. I thought I mentioned them when I told you who I stayed with." A look of horror could be seen in Papin's eyes. He shut the book and placed it back in its spot. He turned around and took a deep breath.

"Link I'm guessing you do not know who these people are."

"No. I don't. Should I?"

"No you shouldn't but I'll tell you. The Ramshaks are a family whose ancestors can be blamed for many great disasters and tragedies of this land."

"What, do they descend from pirates? Are they also creatures of evil intentions?"

"No. They are a family that tries to gain power by helping to release demons from the underworld to our world and in return gain a place of power in the new rulership. Years ago they brought forth demons of Asgrath. The demons killed many but were finally stopped before major effects could occur."

"What did the Ramshaks get in return for releasing the demons?"

"Well upon releasing the creatures most of the family slaughtered for there troubles and only a few survived to carry on the sick traditions. Too bad the creatures didn't kill them all. But what would be worse is if they release these creatures from there sleep. Then our land..." Papin stopped in horror of what could be done by these creatures. "I don't want to think about what could be done by them. Easily said you must stop them before they free those demons. Now I suggest you head out right now. Just head east and you should reach the town by tomorrow night."

Link nodded and walked over to his stuff that was in the corner. He got everything on and walked to the door. He opened it and turned around. Papin looked up and gave a smile of confidence.

"Link," Papin started. "If anyone can stop those people, it's you." Link waved quickly to Papin then headed out. Wasting no time he ran to the East Gate Exit and got threw without any problems. The guards saw his sword and shield and didn't give argument. Link ran over to the stables and ran into the barn. He picked Epona out from a distance. Link ran over to the door and unhinged it. He pulled Epona out by the reins and put the saddle and several other packs on the horses back and jumped on. As Link rode out a young lady walked in his path. He went to the side and stopped.

"Take these Mr. Link. And good luck on the travels." The young women handed Link a small satchel. Link pulled off the top flap and looked at the dozen carrots inside. Link smiled and put the satchel in his larger bag, except for one of the carrots. He leaned over and gave to it Epona who eat it without hesitation. When Epona finished Link gave a light tug to the reins and Epona started forward at a good pace.

The two pulled out onto the main road and headed out. The sun was at its three o'clock position and Link knew that the Ramshaks had at least a two-day start on him. The two friends rode out in a hope to catch up to the Ramshaks but it was not in their favor. The Ramshaks were already at the town, getting ready to enter the cave.

Chapter Two: Time, the Ultimate Enemy

The sun set on another day in the land of the elfin hero Link. Epona had kept a steady pace for about four hours and was beginning to feel tired. Link was watching the trees pass around him in a harmonious fashion. A gentle breeze blew and Link's hair went with the wind. Link looked down and saw that Epona was slowing down. Link rubbed Epona's ear.

"Don't worry, the next opportunity we have to stop we'll set up camp for the night." Link scratched Epona's neck and mane. The two continued on for two more hours, unable to find a reasonable place to rest. Fireflies began to come out and sounds of the nighttime forest began to sing. Link knew this is when the deadlier creatures came out so he unclipped the safety clip on his scabbard. A grouping of bushes next to the road rustled and Link drew his sword out. He held it down to his side while his other hand held the reins.

Another hour of riding provided a good place to set up camp. They pulled off to the side and Link dismounted. He pulled Epona over to bent tree and tied the reins to one of the branches. He fed her three carrots then ate some dried meat and drank from his water canteen. Link unpacked his blankets for it was a cool night and his clothes would not provide suitable warmth. Link set a blue cloth on the ground and then a wool pillow. He took his scabbard and put it in the dirt next to his left side. Link took off his hat and boots; he laid down and closed his eyes.

But Link didn't fall asleep for another few minutes. He thought of what could happen if these demons were released. Now, Link knew little about them but guessed them similar to Gannondorf and other evil things Link has banished from this world. Then Link thought of Zelda, the princess of this Hyrule. He smiled at the thought of her then, satisfied fell asleep under the canopy of tree branches.

The morning came with the rising of the sun. Already Link had been traveling for about an hour to catch up on any lost time. Early day dew grasped onto the grass and shined with the sunlight. At about mid-morning the two reached a ridge overlooking a town. Link dismounted and came to the edge of the cliff. He put his hand over his eyes to block the sun and he scanned the town and surrounding area. Behind the town a few tall hills shot up from the forests, but something was strange about the forest. It seemed as if the whole forest was moving, like waves on the ocean. A quick, sudden breeze blew on Link and forced him back a few feet.

"I think we have reached our destination," Link said, getting back on Epona. The two took a small path down to the path of the ridge and started toward the town. As they got closer travel became harder. A strong wind pushed against them with an undying force. It didn't let up and only continued to push harder and harder. Small debris started to fly pass the two and it gradually got bigger as they reached the town.

The town was surrounded in a stone wall that was about three stories tall. There was only one door reaching into the town and it's located on the side facing the west. Travel to this point was difficult and treacherous. A sudden strong wind blew Link from Epona and backwards through the air. He didn't hit the ground but continued to flip backwards through the air. The slowly became less intense and Link was able to regain his footing. He only seemed a few hundred feet away, about three hundred from Epona but it was unimaginably difficult. Knowing that he couldn't walk it by himself he waved Epona back.

The horse slowly made its way back and stopped a few feet away from Link. He walked over to the horse and dug into the rear pack. He pulled out two Hookshots from the pack. He clipped one of them to his back and held the other firmly in his hand. Link snapped the reins and Epona trotted forward. Travel was slow and steady and once again the wind blew Link off but this time he used the Hookshot to grapple onto the ground and quickly real himself is. He remounted and continued on. A few more times he flew off but he once again used the Hookshot to keep with Epona who was now down to a slow walk. Finally the two reached the stone door. Link jumped off the horse and banged twice on the door. Clicking and followed by footsteps and the door opened. Link and Epona walked in and began to breathe heavily due to the fast winds.

Inside of the wall were several soldiers who seemed bored and tired. One of them pointed over to a grouping of stables near the wall where Link could leave Epona. Link pulled Epona over and took off the saddle and left on a nearby chair. He feed him a few carrots and petted Epona on the head then left. He walked over to a guard that was sitting next to another stone door that led to town. The guard looked up at Link and saw that he was going to town and got up. He stretched briefly then opened the door up. A long hallway appeared after the door opened that was only lit a by a few candles hanging from the curved ceiling.

"Head down and knock on the door down there." The guard pointed down the long, damp passageway. "Another guard will open it. So let me welcome you to Windoft town." The guard said this with a feeling of he didn't want to be here. Link walked into the hall and started down. The stone door slammed behind him and he was alone.

A green moss was growing in the cracks of the floor and the walls seemed to be confining Link like a prisoner. When Link reached the other end he knocked on the door and it opened faster then the other doors. Link stepped out into the town and the bright glare of the sun hurt Link's eyes. He shielded them and walked into the busy town. He turned around and a saw another guard closes the door and sit down in a chair located next to it. Link turned back facing the city and walked forward. The strong winds that blew against Link as he traveled to the town seemed non-present. It seemed like a normal town like any other he had been to. Yet the thought of being in the midst of strong winds gave him the feeling the town would just blow away.

Link walked along silently, looking at all the different signs until he came across the mayor's office. Link opened the door and crept in. A woman was sitting down behind a large desk. She was writing on some paper and hadn't even noticed that Link had entered. Link walked up to the desk. He coughed lightly to draw the woman's attention and she looked up. She had light blue eyes, and blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. She dropped the pen and leaned over to Link.

"So, what can I do for ya'?" The woman asked in a polite manor.

"Well, I was wondering if I could speak to the mayor. I have something to discuss with him." The woman smiled at this and she thought that Link was a little kid.

"Do you have an appointment?" Link paused.

"No I don't. I didn't realize I needed one. You see..." the woman cut him off without hearing another word.

"I'm sorry little boy but you need to get an appointment at least three days in advance to see the mayor. He's a very busy man. So if you would like to fill out a form I bet I can squeeze you in sometime in the next two weeks or so. Will that do?" Link became frustrated with the woman's laid back approach to this.

"I don't mean to be to frontal about this but I really need to see the mayor, it's very important." The woman totally ignored Link. She was now back at work and didn't take notice that Link was even there. Link groaned and left the office stomping his feet in anger. He knew know that he would have to do this all by himself.

It wasn't long before Link and Epona were braving those terrible winds once again. They tried to come around from behind a hill to where they believed that cave was but the winds didn't let up. As they drew closer to the cave the winds began to diminish slightly. Link looked around as he started to enter the forest.

"I guess the trees are a windbreaker which should help out." Link and Epona trotted on until they came to a large wall made from large tree trunks. Link stared at the top of the mighty wooden pillars at the large tips that seemed to be covered with some sort of reflective metal. The two walked along the wall looking for an entrance and came across a small cabin. Link pulled up to the hut and dismounted. The winds were still very strong so he kept his Hookshot in hand. He opened the door to the log cabin and only saw a few wooden chairs, a table, and a skinny man sleeping in one of the chairs. Link walked over to the man and tapped him on the shoulder.

"What do you want?" The man said in a sleepy voice.

"I need to get to the cave. Here can I pass through this wall?"

"Do you have papers?" Link looked puzzled.

"Papers?" Link replied.

"Yeah. The papers so I can let you by." The man turned away from Link and continued his sleepy state.

"I don't have any papers like that."

"Well then you're not getting in. Those are the rules." Link seemed shocked.

"But I need to get through!" Link waited for an answer. After a while all he could hear was snoring. Link groaned once again and left the cabin. He walked over to Epona and started to pet his head.

"Seems that the only was I can get over is to climb over. I'll go around the wall and try to find a good spot to get in. you stay here in case I need you. Ok?" Epona snorted and reared. Link smiled and reached into his pack and grabbed the extra Hookshot. "I'll need these two if I'm going to get in and out quick enough." Link also pulled out a carrot and fed it to Epona. He ate it up and with that Link was off.

He ran as hard as he could and as close as he could to the ground to prevent from being sucked up by the winds. The wall never seemed to get smaller in size as Link ran around it. As Link rounded yet another corner he noticed a large pile of dirt being blown around. Link ran over next to the pile and looked around. Suddenly he heard horses reins being snapped a little ways out from the wall. Link followed the sound and came across four hoarse and a wagon, the same ones he had seen at the Ramshaks barn. Link slowly approached the wagon as there was a man sitting on the driver's seat. Using the horses for cover Link sneaked under the wagon and to the back without being noticed. He pulled himself up on the back and all the crates he had seen before were now gone.

"Looks like two more minutes." The man in the front said stretching out. Link crept slowly through the wagon being careful not to make much noise. He finally came up right behind the man. He wasn't very tall but he had a mustache and moles across his face. Link pulled out his sword and flipped it around so he had the handle part facing out. He raised it slowly and dropped it quickly on the man's head. He lurched forward, unconscious and down for the count. Link pulled the man into the back before giving him a slap across the face. The man woke and started to rub his head.

"What happened?" The man opened his eyes to see Link standing there with his sword drawn. The man held his hands up and began to panic. "Didn't do nothing, I'm just the wagon guy. Don't kill me!" The man began to cry is a desperate attempt to gain compassion.

"Why are you here?" the man cried more before replying. "These people," He cupped his hands in front of his face. "These people told me to bring them here to they could take care of some business."

"What kind of business?"

"I don't know." The man cried even harder for before.

"How many were there?" He sucked up threw his nose as it began to run.

"I don't know." Link laughed.

"You take them on a two night journey and you say you don't know how many there are? You risk your life by not telling me the truth." The man cried more and link became annoyed greatly by it.

"Six, only six. I know nothing else."

"I bet not. What were saying about how there were only two minutes to go? Tell me or I will cut your arms off." Obviously Link wouldn't do anything he said and his anger was only in show but he knew it would force the information out that he needed.

"Until the winds stop for ten minutes. I assure you now I know no more!" The man began to cringe up in a ball and cry again. Link, satisfied with what the man told him brought up a firm voice.

"Ok then, now take these horses and this wagon out of here." The man stopped crying and looked up. "Now I say!" Link put his sword away and jumped from the wagon.

"Thank you sir. Thank you for sparing my life." The man nodded repeatedly then sat down in the driver's seat. He whipped the horse's reins and brought them around. He then rode of threw the forest as Link started back toward the wall, with a smirk on his face.

"Maybe I should have brought that tone up with the man in the cabin." Link walked over to the wall near the dirt pilled and looked around. He spotted an area where dirt seemed to be coming up from the ground. As he neared the area small rocks and dirt flew around and into Link's eyes. He pulled his hat down almost so he couldn't see. He walked steadily until he fell down a small hole. Link slid down the side until he came to a stop. The blowing dirt was gone so he pulled his hat up.

It was indeed a hole and someone had dug it, most likely the Ramshaks to get under the wall. Link crawled on his hands and knees until he reached a ramp that led up. He crawled up the hole and out. The mighty winds picked him up into the air the second he left the cover of the hole. Link began to panic as he quickly was brought up into the air. He reached onto his back and pulled out his two Hookshots. He shot one forward and was quickly brought to the ground again and lifted back up into the wind once more. This time he attempted to roll forward to he could go toward the direction of the cave but the winds wouldn't allow it. Link then turned back to his Hookshots and shot them to the ground. This time they barley mad it to the ground and pulled Link in. he continued this pattern to make his way to the cave. Finally, it was in view.

The winds were unrelenting now and the Hookshot found it harder to make it to the ground. Link was now only a few feet away from the cave when the most powerful of all the winds picked him up into the air. He attempted to Hookshot but it was turned away by the strong winds. Link began to fly directly over the massive hole at heights of over five hundred feet. Link could only imagine himself being drawn up so high into the sky that air was non-present and it was colder then the peaks of Snowhead. But sudden, and without warning the wind stopped, and Link dropped.

He fell undaunted by wind threw the air and towards the cave. His Hookshot would be no good in this situation, as it would only bring him faster into the ground. Link steered himself so he was falling into the cave. He fell right threw the entrance without hesitation and zipped by pointed rocks. He turned himself to he was looking right into the darkness of the cave. He squinted his eyes to protect from any debris. A small could be seen in the distance and it became closer as Link neared. After falling for at least a half of a mile Link used his Hookshot to pull himself to the side of the cave.

Once he stopped he could now notice small details he didn't while he was falling. Small bits of rock were settling and an eerie scent blew over him. He slowly began to descend down and around the rocks. As he rounded a large boulder he notice something on the other side of the cave. Link pulled out his Hookshot and grappled over to the other side. He put the Hookshot away and climbed out on a boulder that was next to what appeared to be six ropes. Link bent over and tugged on the ropes several times. It had some slack, which meant that no one was on it. Link drew his sword and slashed through all the ropes but one. A single scream could be heard but only for a moment, it quickly faded into the darkness. The only remaining rope Link grabbed onto with both hands and slowly began to shimmy down the rope. With every few feet conquered he would look down for signs of life, but none could be seen.

Several minutes had passed and Link almost completely forgot that the winds would start up again soon. Once again Link looked down but this time he could a bright light streaming from one side of the cave to the other. It slowly grew in width and soon it enveloped the whole section of the cave it was coming from. The light became brighter and brighter.

"It sure is getting brighter." A rumple and the sound of small rocks falling. The heat in the cave rises quickly and Link begins to sweat. "Wait a minute." Link paused to grab one of his Hookshots. "It getting closer." Link let go of the rope and looked up. He shot the Hookshot forward and let it take him half way up the chain before switching to the other Hookshot he had. He used this method to quickly climb the cave.

The heat began to rise and Link kept making progress. The intense light came closer and the rumbling louder. Link's arms began to get tired and he knew that he couldn't keep the pace up much longer. He grunted as he could now see the exit. He quickened his pace as he could feel the energy behind growing and becoming hotter. Link gritted his teeth and pulled until finally he reached the exit. He shot the last of the hooks toward the very edge of the cave and swung himself over, out, and onto the ground. Link got up to his feet and the energy burst up from the cave like a beam. Link stumbled back and began to sprint. His arms tired but his legs strong Link went as fast as he could. Suddenly a strong wind caught him in the back and lifted him off the ground. Link could only yell as he was thrust upwards into the sky. He soared briefly and then began to fall as the wind let up. He looked down and only saw the small cabin and Epona standing next to it.

Panicking, Link put his Hookshots away and pulled out his shield. He put his knee into the rounded end and his hands grasped the edges firmly. He pulled the shield up as it slammed the roof of the cabin and slid down on the wooden beams. Link pulled the shield up just as he touched the ground. He ran over to Epona and jumped on without hesitation. The door on the log cabin opened and the man walked out rubbing his eyes.

"What's going on here? Aren't you gone yet?" The man said with a yawn. Before Link could respond the ground began to shake and the wall cracked and separated.

"We have to go..." Link was cut off by the breaking apart of the wall. The large trucks began to be broken like matchstick and thrown about. "... Now!" Link made a pass by the made and grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him onto the back of Epona. Link whipped the reins and shouted for Epona to move. The horse ran as fast as it could. The light behind them grew and the winds began to pick up behind them. Soon crosswinds whipped them side to side. A wing coming right at them was to strong for the man in the back and he was thrown backwards from the horse. Link reared the horse and turned. The man flew several yards backward before landing awkwardly on his neck. Link began to go toward the man when a strong head wind kicked in. Link shouted to the man.

"Please, get on your feet and come this way!"

"I, I, I cannot!" The man shouted back. Link tried to understand what could make the man say such a thing. The now towering wall of energy drew ever closer.

"Why not?" Link shouted back trying to keep Epona steady. The man didn't move at all except for the slight movements of his head.

"My legs, my arms, and body are numb. I can't feel a thing." Link was now slowly coming towards the man but the winds forced him back.

"I... can't... make it!" Link yelled to the man as the light was now only a few hundred feet away. Link knew that if he tried to rescue the man he would probably be vaporized.

"Go. I'm useless now. Only deadweig..." the man was cut off by the energy that was almost on top of him. Link could only shed a tear as he turned around and started toward the town. Link came up to the door and didn't bother to dismount. He kicked on the door repeatedly until he swung open and a scared guard stood there. Link ducked his head and rode on in.

"Your lucky you made it in when you did. We were about to lock the doors." The guard looked around Link. "Did you see a man near a lob cabin next to the wall?" Link looked down at Epona's mane.

"He, he didn't make it." The guard paused.

"Well, he was a stick in the mud anyway. Good riddance I say." Link couldn't say anything to defend the man because he himself knew little about him. "I suggest you get to the other side of the town and then run to safety." The door began to slip back and the guard noticed. He jumped over and got his shoulder on the door. He waved his hand to the guard at the door that lead to the tunnel. "These new winds are massive!" The guards were pushing the door but it continued to push harder. Link jumped down from Epona and grabbed the reins. He pulled the horse over to the guard and gave a final look over to the guards holding the door.

As Link began to turn down the tunnel a scream turned his head back around. The door had swung open and crushed one of the guards; the one you opened it for Link against the wall. The other guard had fallen in the doorway and disappeared into the yellow light. Link's eyes widened and he pushed Epona into the hallway. He rushed over to the door to the tunnel and quickly closed it. Link turned and grabbed Epona's reins and started to lead the horse down the tunnel. A shudder rattled the walls and caused some of the candles hanging from the top of the tunnel to fall to the ground. Light in the tunnel was cut down to only two candles. Link began to walk slowly down the tunnel as the walls began to get closer. Epona tried to rear up but couldn't because of the lowering roof.

"Calm down Epona, will get out of this." Link watched as the ceiling around the other burning candle collapsed and caused a burst a dust to blanket Link and Epona. They could hear the door behind them crumbling under the pressure and Link pulled Epona down to its knees. The ceiling was only two feet from Link's head. Epona could be heard whimpering. Link put his hand on the horse's head and began to calm it by rubbing its nose.

"We'll make it..." A brick fell down into Link's lap followed by wood, cement, and rocks, all of them crushing his lungs, making breathing harder and harder. Light was lost, death was achieved.