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"The Final Battle"

The Legend of Zelda: The Final Battle


The crisp air of the area made Link want to retreat, it made him want to go back to his safe home in Kokiri forest, the home he left so long ago. But he couldn't. That part of his past was gone forever. He had been the savior of almost every world. He had to admit to himself that he never believed he would ever have to go back to the land of Termina after he broke the evil curse on Majoras mask. But here he was. In Termina. On a deserted part of Snowhead. He took a moment to smell the cool air, watch how the the sun reflected off the brilliantly glowing icicles hanging from the trees. Then he noticed the beautiful snow on the ground, its pure white color, its enchanting way of seeming to bring everything around it to life, or make it seem like everything was dead. Then he noticed Ganondorf, the Gerudo king with the triforce of power he defeated so many times in the past.

Then, in what seemed to take mere seconds, Ganondorf  placed the Fierce Deity's mask, a mask which Link thought he got rid of for good after his adventure in Termina, on his hideous face. In mere seconds Ganondorf took the form of Link, in a white Hylian tunic, with glimmering silver-black armor, an extremely large sword, numerous red and blue face tattoos, and glowing white eyes, whiter then the snow the two fighters were standing on.

"There  is no way you can win," shouted Ganondorf.  And with that Ganondorf punched  Link  in the cheek. It caused a minor bruise, but nothing the hero of time couldn't handle.

Suddenly, Link threw the Master sword with all his might. Ganondorf managed to catch the sword right before it pierced his neck, but the blade did succeed in cracking the Fierce Deity's mask into multiple pieces. Then, an odd warp sucked the hero in.

Pallet Town, Earth

Jet was preparing dinner at his house. He had just finished chopping the mushrooms for the pizza he had planned. Jet used to be a gym leader in the Indigo Pleatu , soon after becoming a pokemon master. But two years ago he traveled through an odd warp on accident. He there landed in a place called the digital world. After quite a few adventures with his partner Haugurumon, Jet married Kari and settled down in his town of Pallet.

Out of nowhere, a warp appeared and an odd figure came out of it, followed by what Jet thought looked like two ping- pong balls with wings. The first figure was wearing white tights and a white dress shirt under what looked like a damaged green tunic. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, wore a green hat, had a bruise on his left cheek, and, what seemed most peculiar to Jet, the figure had pointed ears.

Jet then saw the man looking at him. That's odd, Link thought. Jet was dressed in a digimon T-shirt, blue shorts, and dirty socks. He was pretty tall and his blonde hair was styled into a bull-cut. He wore an armband on his right arm, and a wrist watch on his left arm. " Kari theres a dude who just came through a warp portal on the mushrooms. Kari walked into the kitchen. Her hair was short, she wore pink and white leather, and had a camera strapped around her neck.

"Whoa, who's the hot chick," said Link.

"WHAT!" said Jet fuming at the stranger.

"Calm down," said Kari in a relaxed tone.

"Some guy opens a warp portal into my kitchen and try's to steal my chick and your telling me to calm down?"



Jet was sitting at his computer, a warp right in front of him. "Okay Link or whoever you are, this warp should take you back to whatever fairytale you came out of."  Suddenly, a huge explosion opened a large gap in Jet's wall. He then saw a shadowy figure on horseback galloping towards him. The dark figure used a large silvery sword and cracked the Master sword in half. The next thing Link knew he was in his child form, Ganondorf right in front of him, charging up a fireball that he knew would kill him instantly. Link suddenly pulled out the Fierce Deity's mask transforming into the great warrior. Link struck Ganondorf once and his lifeless body fell to the floor in two pieces. But that was just the beginning of the problem. Majoras mask flew out of the same warp that spawned Ganondorf. It flew onto Links face turning him into a mindless warrior bent on killing all. It slowly walked towards Jet, its sharp blade extended.

Temple of Time, Hyrule

Sheik was worshipping the three goddesses in the temple when she noticed something through the corner of her eye. The Master sword was missing from the pedestal of Time.

"Link, no," and with that , she ran out of the temple.

Jet's backyard, Earth

Link was about to cleave Jet's head straight down the middle when he got hit in the back of the neck by a dagger. Nobody was there, but Jet was glad the ordeal was over. Link, now back in his adult form noticed somehow the Master sword breaking was an illusion and that it was still in one piece. Then, without warning Sheik dropped down from a nearby tree branch. "You only defeated Phantom Ganon, we must stop the real Ganondorf."

To be continued...