Friend or Foe
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"Friend or Foe", Chapter 1

Friend or Foe

By: Toffee Chai

Chapter One

Author's Note: This story takes place 5 years after Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

It was a beautiful day in Hyrule. Link had just celebrated his 15th birthday with his kokiri friends. Link always woke up early and Saria always wakes him up. This time, Link got up too early. He got dressed and went outside. His usual routine was to visit Saria. Mimi was blocking the way to Saria's house.
Mimi is a Hylian. 15 years ago her mother abandoned her in the forbidden forest because of the war. Saria saw this poor baby crying so she took her to the Deku Tree. The Deku Tree took Mimi in and raised her as a kokiri.
She looks exactly like Link(hair colour and eye colour). Mimi has long blonde hair and big blue eyes. Almost every kokiri mistakens her as Link's sister(which she's not) She has a crush on Link. Link however, thinks that Mimi is nice and everything but she can get annoying and they tend to fight a lot.
     "Hi Link how about a good morning kiss?" Mimi asked, showing Link.
     "Ew! How about no," Link said, pushing Mimi away from him.
     "Who do you like then?"
     "Obviously it's not you."
     "Tell me!" Mimi yelled. Saria was still sleeping till she woke up from Link and Mimi yelling. Saria always break the fights between Link and Mimi.
     "Hey you two." Saria said, pushing Mimi and Link away. "Some kokiri are trying to sleep."
     "For once I woke up earlier than you." Link teased.
     "It's time to wake up, Saria. Me and Link are your alarm clock." Mimi replied.
     "Oh well. We can prepare breakfast while the other kokiri are sleeping."

      The reason that Link won't tell anyone who he likes because Saria might feel bad and so will Zelda and Malon. Link kept it a secret till the time was come to tell.
Saria, Link and Mimi prepared breakfast until the other kokiri woke up. After an hour they woke up and had breakfast. Saria and the others helped cleaned up.
Saria had an idea to get Link and Mimi out of the forest so that the kokiri can have peace and quiet. After all, Link and Mimi were the only Hylians in the forest.
     "Link and Mimi will you go to the market and buy the following on the list?" Saria asked, handing the list to Link.
     "No problem Saria. Come on Link." Mimi said, linking arms with Link.
     "Get off of me!" Link jumped. Saria just laughed. "You two better not fight or I'll tell Mido and he'll make you scrub his floor in his house." Saria warned.
     "Ya we won't fight." Link promised. They waved goodbye to Saria and left kokiri forest.

      Zelda and Malon were best friends since they were very little. Zelda always visited Malon and helped her with her chores so they can hurry up and do something.
     "Is this all you do? Feed the horses, groom the horses, saddle them and clean them." Zelda complained.
     "That's basically it." Malon said, grooming the horse. " I don't mind doing my chores but if we hurry we can go in the field and do something."
     "Don't you get days off and stuff like that?"
     "My dad gives me breaks. That's why I have friends like you, Link, Mimi and Saria."

     Zelda was tired of grooming the horses so she went to explore lon lon ranch. She saw the obstatacle course.
     "Hey, Malon can I try the obstatacle course?" Zelda begged.
Malon stopped what she was doing and looked straight ahead at the obstatacle course. This gave her an idea.
     "I have a better idea," replied Malon. "How about a little competition?"
     "You the set the record. There's no way I'll beat you."
     "You never know. You can use Epona?"
     "Fine." Zelda finally agreed. They set up the obstatacle course and got the horses ready. Malon did the obstatacle course first. Her time was 45 seconds. Zelda was next and she got 40seconds.

     "I never knew I was that good. I shouls ask my dad to put this on my classes." Zelda said.
     "How could you beat me? I set the record of all of Hyrule you know!" Malon yelled.
     "Hey, calm down Malon. It was just for fun, no big deal."
     "It is to me! Everyone will know that you beat me in the obstatacle course."
     "No one will ever know except you and me."
     "Not anymore, you're going to tell everyone. You're such a big mouth." Malon insulted.
     "Watch your language Malon. I happen to be your best friend you know."
     "Not anymore I hate you."
     "If you hate then I'm leaving."
     "I don't really care you can leave when ever you want and never coming back."
Zelda ignored Malon and left lon lon ranch.

      Link and Mimi were almost done their shopping. Zelda saw Link and ran up to him. Link was happy to see Zelda. "Hi Zelda." Link greeted. Some how Zelda was not happy to see Link. She just turned away. Mimi saw Link and Zelda so she ran up to them. "Hi Zelda. Link you can talk to Zelda while I buy the last few things on the list." Mimi ran off.

     Link was worried about Zelda. "What's wrong?" Link asked.
     "I don't want to talk to about it." Zelda frowned.
     "Oh. So, how was your morning?"
Zelda didn't want to tell Link yet. But she had to tell him sooner or later or he'll find out on his own and that will lead to trouble. "I'll tell you." Zelda finally agreed. They got to a comfortable spot and Zelda began telling what happend.
     "It was an ordinary day in lon lon ranch. I was just about finishing and helping Malon with her chores. I got bored and went to explore lon lon ranch. Till I saw the obstacle course. I asked her if I could try the obstacle course till she challenged me to it. After it was her turn I went and set the new record. Malon started to get mad at me and I left. I never want to talk to Malon again." Zelda was sitting on the gossip stone while she was telling Link what happend.
Link didn't know what to do. He tried his very best to solve it. "Maybe Malon got mad at you because no one ever set the record except her." Link guessed. "I highly doubt that." Zelda said.
     "Sorry." Link aploigized.
     "Not you Link. I'm just so mad."
     "Maybe you should go to sleep. That way you'll feel better."
     "Ya, I guess I'll do that then. Thanks Link." Zelda gave Link a hug and went back to the castle.