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"Ganondorf's Shadow"

Ganondorf's Shadow

By: Ryo-chan

It had been 8 years since Link's defeat of Ganondorf and Majora's Mask. Hyrule and Terminia were both prospering. And for some mysterious reason, ever since Link defeated Majora's Wrath, the portal between Hyrule and Terminia had stayed open all the time, except the on the day of the Carnival of Time, and the eve of the carnival. Treaties were signed, and there was peace between Hyrule and Terminia. Link and the Sages traveled back and forth between Hyrule and Terminia to fix Ganondorf's and Majora's wrongs. Tomorrow was Malon's 19th birthday, and the eve of the Carnival of Time. Link was going to take her to the carnival, and say hi to some old friends. But that night, he had a strange dream, the same dream he had been having for quite awhile. The night after he had defeated Majora's Wrath, he had seen something in the sky near Ikana Canyon. There had been a short earthquake, and a strange yellow beam shot out of the ground and went into the sky, until it was too high to see. Link went to Ikana Canyon to see what had happened, but there wasn't a trace of it. The last few nights he had had a dream about it, but he decided to put it out of his mind for now. If he told Zelda, she would worry, and he didn't want to spoil Malon's birthday.

So the next day he rode Epona to Lon Lon Ranch to meet her. "Hi Link! Listen, my horse is sick so can I ride Epona with you?"

"Sure," Link said, "hop on." Link and Malon were riding to the forest when they saw Ruto sitting on the riverbank with a friend. She saw them, and gave then a half-hearted wave.

"She still hasn't forgiven you for asking me to marry you, has she?" asked Malon.

"Umm. not exactly," Link replied. As they got deeper into the forest, Tatl and Tael ran into them. Along with them was the Skull Kid that had once been controlled by Majoras Mask.

"Oh! Hi Link, Tatl, Skull Kid, it's Link and. er. who are you?" Tael asked.

"This is Malon," Link replied. "She's my fiancée."

The Skull Kid stopped playing his flute, and walked over to Epona. "Hi Link.what does fian..feancay mean?"

Malon giggled and said, "It means that I'm going to marry him."

"Marry? Then you got to kiss her, gross!" Tatl laughed and told Link that they where going to the Lost Woods because that they heard that there were other skull children there. Link told them that there were, and then pointed them in the right direction. "Yeah!" Skull Kid was really excited, "c'mon, let's go!" They said goodbye, and then Link and Malon entered Terminia.

"Wow," Malon said as she looked at the Clock Tower, "I've never been here before."

A large stage was being built near the Clock Tower, and Link heard someone call his name as he was getting off Epona. It was Miaku, the Guitarist of the Zora band, the Indigo-g's, and his best friend, Jappas. Jappas was the bassist in the band. "Link! Wazzup man?"

"Hey Miaku, hey Jappas."

"Huh?" Jappas turned around to see who was talking to him. "Dude, its Link! We havn't seen ya in, like, a year man! So, what's kickin?" Link introduced Malon, and Jappas seemed a little annoyed. "Man! Miaku, now you too? Before long, I'll be the only bachelor left in the band!"

"Is your band performing tomorrow?" asked Malon.

Jappas responded, "Nope, not this year."

"Why not?" asked Link. "You guys always perform at the carnival?"

"Its 'cause of Evan," Jappas said. "The jackass, went and broke his leg a few days ago, now he can't perform! Oh well, some other band is performing instead. That's cool I guess."

Link found a place to leave Epona and rented a room at the Stock Pot Inn for him and Malon. They sat outside that night, with Miaku and Jappas waiting for the fireworks show to begin. The show began at midnight, but before the show, Link got a horrible, yet brief headache. Then he heard a faint voice from inside his own head. He couldn't catch everything it said, but he could make out some of it. It said, chance is here.waited 8 years.1 year in that cursed place.all because of him.that son of a.when I get my hands on revenge.and her.they'll both pay.they'll all pay! It stopped, and Link was trying to figure out who that was. Surely it wasn't Majora's Mask, he thought, but that voice, it was so familiar. Link noticed that Miaku was starring at him. "What?" asked Link.

"It's your hand, man. It's glowing!" Link looked down at his hand, the Triforce of Courage was glowing brightly. It only glows in the presence of another Triforce, and Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom, she isn't here. And the Triforce of power.

The Triforce of Courage was glowing, but very faintly. At least that gives me some time, Link thought. "Malon, get Epona. Something bad is about to happen."

Malon was puzzled, "What?" But then she saw his hand and understood, and quickly left.

Jappas saw her leave, "What's with your girlfriend, Link?" But before Link could answer, a violent shockwave shook the whole town, and then it was gone. Then a yellow beam shot out of the ground near Ikana Canyon and flew up into the sky.

"Just like my dream!" Link said. But then something different happened, the beam came back down, and it was going to plow into the Clock Tower! Malon had returned with Epona.

"Link, what is going on!?"

"I don't know!" Link said. The beam was getting closer and closer with tremendous speed.

"WHOA!" Jappas yelled, "hit the deck!!!" The beam missed the Clock Tower by about an inch, then plowed right through the stage. The beam turned into a large ball of energy, and then materialized and Ganondorf stood there triumphantly between the shattered halves of the stage.

"He's back!" said Link.

"He's huge!" said Miaku.

"His nose ring rocks!" said Jappas. Link, Malon, and Miaku looked at Jappas strangely. "Um. just kidding," Jappas said.

"Crap! I missed!" Ganondorf said. A man named Gorman was very angry because his show was ruined.

"Who the heck are you!! You just ruined the show that my troupe was been working on for a year! How dare you." Gorman didn't say any more because Ganondorf picked him up and has holding him high in the air by his neck.

As he continued to choke Gorman, he said, "Silence, you fool! Don't you realize who I am? I am Ganondorf, the Great King of all evil! A mere man like yourself doesn't stand a chance against my immense power! Soon, I will rule both Hyrule and Terminia, and there is no one who can stop me!" And with that Ganondorf flung Gorman into the air and chucked him at the remains of the stage, killing him instantly upon impact. The Rosa sisters (twin members of Gorman's troupe) went to help Gorman, but he was dead.

Link had seen enough, he was going to teach Ganondorf a lesson, but then the ground once again started to shake. The Four Giants of Terminia were coming to protect their country! "You.hurt.our people.leave this place," one of the giants said.

Ganondorf responded, "What are you gonna do, step on me?" he sneered and then flew up to the giant's height. "Link, I know you're down there, and now I show you how superior I am to you!" Link did realize that Ganondorf looked a lot stronger than he used to. His body seemed to radiate evil energy, he must have trained in his magical powers a lot that eight years. But how did he get out of the Dark realm when he and Zelda had imprisoned him there? The giants started to surround Ganondorf, but he did nothing but hover in midair and give a sly grin. Then he closed his eyes and seemed to be concentrating on something. Suddenly a typhoon of evil energy surrounded him, and it grew quickly. It became larger and larger, it looked like a force that could plow through practically anything. It surged and then.exploded violently. A supernova of energy shot towards the giants like a hurricane, and when it hit the giants, they all fell to the ground, defeated. Link was amazed at Ganondorf's power. By then the townsfolk had seen enough to know not to mess with this guy. They all fled except for Link, Malon, Miaku, and Jappas.

Ganondorf spotted them and teleported to the ground to speak to Link. "Miss me?" he sneered, "I suppose you are wondering how I escaped the Dark realm? When you and that brat Zelda imprisoned me, you knew nothing of Terminia, but I did. So I went to Terminia instead of Hyrule to help that rookie, Majora's Mask. But surprised to see you in Terminia that day, I was!"

"How did you see me?" Link asked suspiciously.

"I saw you because the sake in that bar over there tastes really good!" Ganondorf pointed to a building where the Gerudo pirates and thieves liked to hang out and drink sake, which was a spicy mix between green tea and some other alcohols. He pulled out a bottle of the stuff and took a big chug, the sake made even his face turn a little red. "Anyway, I left you to Majora's Mask because I had other matters at hand, and I prefer to fight you as an adult. It's much more fun. And you", he was speaking to Jappas, "So, you like my nose ring, eh? Well, I had to something these past eight years." Jappas was so terrified that when Ganondorf turned to him, he screamed a high-pitched scream and hid behind Miaku.

Link was very angry with Ganondorf, "You just killed five people for no reason at all!! This is unforgivable!!"

"Oh, so you didn't like my display of power? Well how about if I make it a six? If you dare to challenge me, then do so!" Link drew his sword and prepared to battle, but then the clock stroke twelve, signaling the eve of the carnival. Ganondorf turned to look at the clock, and said, "Well, 12 already. I must be going, I'll see you in two days, sucker!" He whistled and then shouted, "Oy, Volvagia! We're out of here!" A huge dragon that Link recognized too well appeared. It was the lava dragon Volvagia, one of Ganondorf's favorite giant monsters.

"Come back here!" Link yelled, but Ganondorf wasn't stopping.

"Link!" said Malon, "I understand! He's fleeing to Hyrule! When the portal closes you'll be stuck here and he'll be able in take over Hyrule without you getting in the way! You've got to get back to Hyrule, c'mon!" Link and she mounted Epona and raced to the portal. Ganondorf had already crossed, and the portal was closing quickly. Epona ran as fast as she could, and they just made it into Hyrule. Epona stopped to rest, and once again they were back in the Lost Woods.

"Where did Ganondorf go?" Malon asked, "and what was that thing!?"

"That was his 'pet dragon,' and I bet that he went to the Gerudo Desert. That's where his followers are, and they'll be glad to fight for him. He'll probably attack Hyrule Castle next. I have to go warn Zelda!"

Malon looked worried, "Link, I'm worried about my father, he's getting pretty old now and."

"I understand," said Link, "let's go." Link and Malon were on their way to Lon Lon Ranch and sure enough, they saw Volvagia flying to the Gerudo Fortress. Ganondorf didn't see them, and Malon waited till he was gone to speak to Link.

"I'm going to go tell my father what happened. But what should I do after that? I can't just sit around and hope you'll survive, I want to help, too!"

Link thought for a minute, then said, "Go warn the Gorons and the Zoras about what's happening. To get into the Zora's Domain, tell them that Zelda sent you. Don't worry about talking to Darunia. And hurry, we don't have much time."

Malon got off Epona and ran inside the Ranch, and Link rode off to Hyrule Castle. People wondered why he was in such a rush but decided not to ask. When he got to the gate of the castle, the guard said, "Why are you in a hurry, Link?" Link couldn't care less, and Epona jumped right over the gate. Link wondered why the guard knew his name, but then he remembered that Zelda had introduced him to her father long ago. The king would have been angry with Zelda if she told him that Link had been sneaking in, so she told her father that she had seen him in town. Zelda was normally not one to lie to her father, that made it a pleasant memory. Link snapped out of his memory to see the castle entrance.

"Hey!" it was a guard, "you can't just ride you horse into the castle!"

Link didn't care, "Move it!" he yelled as Epona plowed through the doors and into the throne room.

"Link!" Zelda wasn't too thrilled with Epona in her castle, but when she saw the look on Link's face she didn't mind. "What's wrong Link?" she asked, "You looked troubled. Weren't you going to the Carnival of Time in Terminia with your fiancée? The portal's closed, how did you get here?" Link sighed and showed Zelda his hand. Zelda wasn't sure what Link meant, "it always glows when you're around me."

"It's been glowing," Link said, "for the last six hours. And it's not glowing because of you."

"But if it's not because of me, then," Zelda stopped, she suddenly looked shocked, "no, it can't, he can', it can't be true!"

"It is, we knew this would eventually happen," Link said. "Ganondorf is back, and there is nothing we can do about it except try and stop him before he.." Link stopped and looked around him, practically every guard or person in the castle (including the king) was peeking into the room hanging on to Link's every word. "Um. hi?"

"Daddy! This isn't any of your business!" Zelda yelled, "And guards, leave now!" The king wasn't to happy about what Link said, but the guards left.

The king spoke, "What do you mean this isn't any of my business!? If Ganondorf is back, he will probably try to overthrow me, or more likely, KILL ME!! We have know idea where he is, what he's going to do, or when he'll do it. The people of Terminia won't know what to do! They've never even heard of him!"

"Oh believe me," Link said in a sarcastic tone, "they know now."

"But that won't help, for all we know, Ganondorf could be sitting around here somewhere, laughing at our every word and thinking of how stupid we are!!"

All was quiet for a second, then.. "That is a good guess, kingy, but not entirely correct, mind you." They looked up to see Ganondorf hovering upside down near the ceiling.

"You!" Link said, "you little sneak!"

Ganondorf suddenly looked furious, "Little!?! I wouldn't be talking, shorty!" Apparently, Ganondorf didn't like to be insulted about his height. "Anyway, the king's guess was good, but I decided to bring a few friends with me."

Zelda looked outside to see their guards losing a battle to a large group of Stalfos, Dinoflos, and some Gerudo women. Then a Gerudo girl walked into the room, she was wearing strange armor. "Orders, sir?" she said. Ganondorf didn't seem to want to give his orders in front of the king. He righted himself in midair and stood on Zelda's chandelier. He then gave her his orders in Gerudo.

"Can you translate it?" Link asked.

"No, I don't understand Gerudo, I know Zora," Zelda replied.

The girl left, and Ganondorf turned and said in a cruel tone, "Now Zelda, though I would prefer you dead, if you give me the Triforce of Wisdom, I'll spare you. For now", he added on.
"I'd die a thousand deaths before serving you!" Zelda said. And then she picked up a Deku nut from a small tree outside the window and threw it onto the ground. Ganondorf had not expected that, and didn't have time to shield his eyes. After the blinding flash, Zelda and Link fled up a secret staircase. They heard Ganondorf cursing loudly at them, so they fled to one of the castle's highest towers.

"Link, I'd hate to ask this of you again, you know that, but this time, we have to get rid if Ganondorf for good," Zelda sounded really worried. "Please, can I ask this of you? You know that only you have the strength to defeat him."

"And you know that I would never say 'no, it's my destiny, but. Ganondorf, he is so much stronger than he used to be. Have you heard of the FOUR giants of Terminia?"

"Yes, I have," Zelda replied, "they are the four guardians of the Zoras, Gorons, Deku, and humans."

"Yeh, but not anymore," Link said.

Zelda was confused at that, "what do you mean?"

Link looked down and said, "Ganondorf killed them all last night. He had destroyed the stage made for the carnival, a man named Gorman, who didn't know of Ganonodrf's power, started to yell at him."

"Oh, that's real smart," Zelda said sarcastically.

"Yeah, anyway, Ganondorf seemed annoyed at Gorman, so he.he killed him. The four giants came to protect their people and Ganondorf killed them too, at once." Zelda was shocked, and Link looked sad, he had known the giants.

"That.that type of power, it's incredible," Zelda couldn't believe that this was true. "The giants, they are the four guardian spirits of Terminia, each of there powers is incredible. To destroy them all, Ganondorf must have trained so much these past years. And without them, Terminia is left defenseless, the people there.they won't know what to do. But, as long as Ganondorf is here, we must focus on the people here first. The Gorons, and the Zoras! We must tell them what has happened!"

"Don't worry," Link reassured her, "Malon went to go warn them."

As they spoke, Malon had just arrived at the Zora's Domain. "I need to speak to King Zora, now!" she said to tall Zora outside the entrance to the king's chamber. He reluctantly let her in, and she walked up the stairs to the throne. She bowed to the king and then said, "Your highness, something terrible has happened!"

"And who might you be?" the king asked Malon.

"My name is Malon, and my father owns Lon Lon Ranch, but that's not important now. Ganondorf is back, and you and your people should take refuge."

"What, no! IT can't be!" the Zora king was very startled. "But. yes! It makes sense! We Zoras are very sensitive to the weather, and lately, the weather around here has been going haywire. It's horrible! Just look at our Zora Fountain!" Malon looked behind the king to see the once huge, sea-like lake, now nothing more than a small pond. "And it gets worse by the hour," the king said glumly, "soon, there will be nothing left of it. Just a barren wasteland, then we Zoras will have to leave. But where could we go, a Zora needs water, and without water."

"I'm sorry, but I must go now," Malon said, "I need to warn the Gorons, too."

The king suddenly snapped out of his thoughts, "Oh, the Gorons! Yes you must tell them, they have it in for them, they do!"

"What do you mean?" Malon asked. King Zora seemed to be surprised that Malon didn't know what had happened to the Gorons.

"The Gororns have it even worse then we do!" the king said, "didn't you know? There's a blizzard blowing atop Death Mountain now!!" 

"Link, I'm so worried.Ganondorf, he is so powerful. And he still wants the Triforce.this is horrible. Link, you have done a good job defending the Triforce of Courage in the past. But I.I've just been lucky."

"Don't say that," Link said.

"No, it's true," Zelda said, "if Ganondorf has this much power, he could easily take it from me. But you, you could put up a fight! I think.the Triforce of Wisdom would be safer with you, and you will need it to fight Ganondorf. It will make you much more powerful, I'm sure." Zelda put her hand on Link's, and the Triforce glowed brightly in their hands. They where surrounded by a bright flash. And then Zelda's hand stopped glowing, and the Triforce mark was gone from her hand. Links hand was glowing brighter than ever, now the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom where within him. Link could fell tremendous power inside himself, power he had never had! Then Zelda heard someone approaching the door. She locked it quickly, but that wouldn't buy her much time. "Link, you must leave!" she said, "As long as you're her, Ganondorf will stay to fight you, and that puts everyone in town in danger! Go to Hyrule field, so people can't get hurt. Don't worry about me, now go!"

Link jumped through the window and landed on a lower section of the roof. Then he whistled for Epona, and jumped onto to her and rode off. When he left, someone tried to open the door to the room that Zelda was in. It was Ganondorf, and after he noticed that it was locked, he simply blasted his way through. "Silly little girl," he snickered, "do you actually think that a locked door would stand in my way? Now, give me the Triforce of Wisdom, or I will take it from you!"

"Link will defeat you," Zelda said in a strangely calm tone, "because two pieces of the Triforce are more powerful the one." Zelda held up her hand, and to Ganondorf surprise, there was no Triforce mark on them. He looked at his own hand, and it wasn't glowing.

Then a Lizafos came running into the room, "Ssssirr! Ssssomeone getting away! Sssssshort man in grrrreen clothes on horrrsssssse!" it hissed.

"WHAT!!" Ganondorf yelled, "how dare you let him get away, you overgrown lizard!!" Ganondorf flew down to the ground and spoke to the same Gerudo girl that he had seen earlier. "Get my horse and.check that, who needs a horse!" Then he once again called for Volvagia and rode her to Hyrule field. He saw Link there, and Link saw him too. Ganondorf got off Volvagia and stood near Link, "Well, shall we play?" he asked Link in a strange tone. Link drew his sword and his shield, and Ganondorf took out from behind his cape and long, dark colored sword. This was the first time Link realized that Ganondorf was a lefty. But then Ganondorf pulled out another sword that looked exactly like it's partner. They where twin Gerudo samurai swords. He then stood on his toes (with amazingly good balance) and struck a fighting pose. Link got ready for battle as well.

Meanwhile, Malon was doing her best to trudge through the blizzard that blew on Death Mountain. It would have been easier with Epona, but she had to leave Epona with Impa in Kakariko Village. She saw Gororn City ahead of her, "Finally!" she said exhaustedly. She walked into the cave like place and a little Goron saw her.

"Who are you?" he asked, "And why did you come here? It's way too cold because of the snow, my daddy won't let me go play. Not that I want to go play out there, I'll freeze!" Malon laughed a bit, but then here laugh turned into a cough.

After she stopped coughing, she said to the Goron, "Who is your dad?"

"Daddy's name is Darunia, he's the leader of the Gorons, that's neat!"

"Oh, that's good," Malon said, "I need to talk to your father right now, it's very important." The little Goron led Malon to his father, who was busy banging his head against a wall and cursing loudly. "And a thought I was stressed," Malon said.

"Yeh, what?" Darunia said in a tired voice, "this is bad news, isn't it?"

"Um. yeah, it is" Malon replied. Darunia sighed and stopped banging his head against the wall.

"Hum.WHY!?!?!?" Darunia was now banging his head so hard that he was making a dent in the wall. "First, our bomb flower crop is NEGATIVE!!! Now, a BLIZZARD on A VOLCANO!!!!!! Next thing ya know, GANONDORF WILL COME BACK!!!!!!!!! So, what do you want!?"

"You already guessed it, I came to tell you Ganondorf is back, and you'd better stop hitting your head, or you won't have a wall to bang it on." Darunia looked like he was going to have a heart attack, he was hyperventilating.

"WHAT! Back.can', bu-but-but-bu-ut-but.noooooo!" Malon pitied poor Darunia, he was always so stressed out.

Link was about to make his first move on Ganondorf when. Ganondorf jumped up and got a chunk out of Link's arm. Link was very surprised at Ganondorf's agility. The last time link had fought him, that one of his main weaknesses, but now.he was really fast. Even if you are fast, I can be just as fast, too, Link thought. The cut on his arm wasn't too deep, so Link ignored the pain. Ganondorf was about to strike again but Link dodged him and sliced Ganondorf's cheek, leaving a cut equivalent to the one on Link's arm. The battle went on, each person gaining a few minor injures. Whenever Link was about to score a fatal blow on Ganondorf, he would jump high out of the way, and vice versa. Then when Link tried to slash Ganondorf once again, instead of jumping out of way, he disappeared in a flash. Link started to look for him, and then Ganondorf reappeared right behind Link. Link didn't turn fast enough, and Ganondorf had the tip of his left sword to Link's throat. He had a big smirk on his face as he pinned Link to his spot. "Drop your weapon," Ganondorf ordered. Link wasn't about to do that, it would leave him defenseless. Then he remembered that because of Ganondorf's evil powers, he couldn't even touch the Master Sword. Link dropped the sword, but made sure it touched Ganondorf's shoe when it hit the ground. A white beam shot out of the Master Sword and hit Ganondorf with great force. He was thrown backward by the force and hit a tree. At least it was a tree. After that, the battle resumed, they fought for what seemed for hours. And the whole time, one aggravating thought went threw their heads, we're equal!?

Malon got back to Kakariko, and Impa came running up to her. "Malon!" she said, "Quickly, take Epona! We have to go to Hyrule field Link is battling Ganondorf! Impa gave Epona back to back to Malon and then mounted her own horse. The two rode down the mountain together.

"I hope Link is okay," Malon said. When they reached the field, they could see the battle, but decided to keep their distance.

"Even with two pieces of Triforce, you'll never beat me!" Ganondorf yelled at Link. Link was fighting his best, but still had not made much progress. But then he suddenly carved a deep wound in Ganondorf's left shoulder. Ganondorf yelled at the pain and dropped one of his swords. The cut in his shoulder looked bad and Ganondorf could no longer hold his left sword. He decided to ditch his other sword to and took to the air. "Now things will get interesting," he said in a threatening tone. He let go of his shoulder and shot an energy ball at Link. It hit Link and made him lose his balance, but he got back up and fought back. The battle went on for at least an hour, and both where getting extremely weary. Finally, Ganondorf retreated, along with Volvagia. After Ganondorf left, Link fell to his knees. He had been hurt badly there was a big gash in his side.

"Oh, Link!" Malon yelled as she ran over to him. "Oh, are you okay? You did great, you did. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Link's voice had a dry tone. "Um, yeah.a doctor would be nice," he mumbled. And then Link collapsed. When Ganondorf got to the Desert Colossus, he cursed VERY loudly, and then also collapsed.

Malon put Link on Epona and took him to Lon Lon Ranch. Impa went to get Zelda and a doctor. A few hours later, Link woke up and saw Talon talking to Malon at a table nearby. He realized that he was in Talon's home. "Oh, your awake!" Malon said.

"Ow," Link moaned, "that really hurt."

"You did a really good job, and now you should rest. Ganondorf is probably hurt just as badly as you are, so you shouldn't worry about him." Zelda said as she entered the room with Impa. Link noticed he had a bandage around his waist covering the gash in his side, he had one on his arm, too.

"Did you warm the Gorons and the Zoras Malon?" Link asked.

"Yes, I did," Malon replied, "and poor Darunia, he didn't take it very well."

"Malon," Link said as he rested his head, "happy birthday."

Two weeks later, Link had recovered most of his strength, and he was sitting out in Hyrule Field with Epona beside him. She was chowing down on a bush, and Link was looking at his ocarina. He had not used it in a while, but he remembered the songs he had learned by heart. He looked at the sunset, but his eyes where drawn to Death Mountain instead. The blizzard was still there, and the whole mountain was covered with snow except for the very top of the volcano. It had been erupting a lot lately, the weather everywhere was bizarre and Link couldn't figure out why. "You shouldn't worry so much, Link." Link turned around to see Nabooru standing behind him.

"Hey, I haven't seen you in a while, Nabooru." Link said, "and don't sneak up on me, I hate that."

"The only reason you hate it is because I'm the only person who can sneak up on you," Nabooru said. Link could tell that she looked sad, she was always sad for some reason. "Anyway," she continued, "I know things are bad, but we have what we need. You don't need what you don't have, so keep your hopes up, okay?"

Link nodded, "where did you get that?" he said sarcastically.

"An old boyfriend told me that," Nabooru suddenly looked sadder then ever, and Link wished that he hadn't asked. "Who shall remain nameless," she added. Link didn't bother her, but he did wonder who it was. Link looked at the river that came out from the Zoras' Fountain and twisted its way around Hyrule Field. There was nothing in it but mud the water had almost completely dried up. Water was starting to be scarce now, and the ice on Death Mountain just wouldn't melt.

"Do you miss him?" Link asked Nabooru.

"Miss him!? Oh, I don't know, Link. I guess not, he.died. years ago." Link was surprised about what Nabooru almost said it's like she was hiding something. But then again, it wasn't any of his business.

"Oh.I'm sorry," Link said.

"That's all right.I got to go.I'll see you again."

Nabooru walked away then vanished in a flash. Link was startled at first, he forgot that she could do that. But she was the Sage of Spirit. Link looked back to the Zora River. Then he saw a Zora walking out of the bend. He looked horrible, he was losing his blue color, his fins were a milky white color instead of green. He walked slowly with heavy steps, and he looked like he hadn't seen water in weeks. He had his head down, so he didn't see Link. He kept walking, but then he fell down and didn't get up. Malon can out to see Link, "Link, how are you doing. oh no, who is he? Poor thing, c'mon, let's help him." Link carried him into the ranch, and Malon poured some water on him.

"Who is that?" Talon asked when he walked into the barn.

"We don't know, we saw him outside, he's dehydrated," Malon replied. Link noticed the Zora was holding something, he picked them up. "What's that?" Malon asked.

"I think they're drumsticks," Link replied.

After a while, the Zora woke up, " head. Where am I, what happened? Dude! Where are my sticks?"

"Here, I think these are yours," Link said. Link handed the Zora his drum sticks.

"Hey, thanks man, there's like no water left in the Zora's Domain at all, and. Hey, aren't you that guy who battled Ganondorf?"

"Yeah, that's me," Link replied. "My name is Link, and this is Malon."

"Oh, hi!" the Zora said, "My name's Zuke, but everybody calls me Zuny. And, no offense or anything, Link, but you're crazy! Fighting that big guy and that dragon thing, you're brave, but crazy!" Zuny was a sort of odd looking Zora, who definitely overdid it with the tattoos. The fin on his head split into two near the end, and he had small fins that came down by his ears that looked like sideburns. His 'sideburns' were each pierced and he had a good collection of tattoos. He had a big dopey smile and a sort of clueless look on his face. Zuny seemed to be pretty carefree and reminded Link of Jappas. "Thanks for saving me," Zuny said. "So, are you still trying to save Hyrule and all that?" Link nodded, then Zuny's face sort of lit up and he got an idea. "I know something that will help you, I guess. Ya know that everybody thinks that there are five races in Hyrule, right? Well, it's rumored at the Zoras Domain that there is a sixth race! There supposed to live deep within a jungle near the end of the Lost Woods and the Zora's Fountain. It's said that they don't come out because they dislike humans. That girl Ruto, you know her, right?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Link sighed.

"Yeah, she's full of herself, but anyway, she said that she saw one, she said it flew over her. It would be, like so awesome, if we could fly!! I mean, how cool would that be!?"

"How did you get that?" Link asked, "I think that might help me out."

", I don' know. There's supposed to be this guy that lives in deep in the Lost Woods, forgot his name.Oh Yeah! His name is Kiro Kiro, he'll help ya out. If he's even real, that is."

"Thanks, all right Epona, lets go!"

"Wait Link!" Malon yelled, "are you sure you're all right now?"

"I'm fine, really." Link insisted. "Zuke, I mean Zuny, do you want to come? There is still lots of water in the forest. Do you want to come Malon?" Malon said no, because Zelda had asked her to help with something in the castle, but Zuny agreed.

"Here, you can take Dad's horse," Malon said and she gave him a large, spotted horse. Link could tell that Zuny didn't ride horses much because he couldn't sit still, but at least he was hanging on. When they reached the forest Link bid farewell to Zuny and continued on into the Lost Woods. Link went very deep into the woods, he even passed the entrance into Terminia. After hours of riding Epona, Link saw a beautiful waterfall and decided to stop and rest. The waterfall was very well hidden, I almost walked right past it, Link thought. Epona was going to take a drink, but she then reared back and snorted. Link saw why, the water there was a strange turquoise color. He sat there and looked at the water for a while, then Link heard a very faint noise. It was the sound of a tree twig snapping. He listened for more but heard nothing else. Link had a feeling that someone was watching him, but he saw no one. He looked behind him and saw it, there was something in the tall cherry blossom tree behind him. It was too dark to tell what it was, but Link drew his sword just in case.

"Who are you?" Link asked firmly. The creature did nothing at first, maybe it's just some animal that can't talk, Link thought. But then it jumped to a lower part of the tree so it was a bit closer to Link, but Link held his ground.

"I have no wish to harm you, put down your sword," it said. "The Master Sword, it is a magnificent weapon, yes I know of the sword and yes, I can read some of your thoughts, but I try not to. It is rude of me intrude on people's thoughts, you see. But if I look you in the eye, I can't help it. Don't worry, I can't read all of your thoughts, especially in this state. So you are looking for the Guardian of the Seal?" The Creature climbed down and jumped out of the tree, but landed rather clumsily. Link saw why, the creature had a large wound that started on his waist and went all the way up his chest. It then continued onto his face as if something extremely large slashed him across his body. He also limped on his right leg. The creature had thin and rubbery, turquoise colored skin and wore no clothing. By his elbows, he had long sharp blades coming out of his arms and a tail that was even longer than his legs. He had four, long webbed toes on each foot, and fins by his chins. He had red eyes and strange marks on his face, and it had two large horns on his head that curved up, then down, then the tips curved up again. His ears hung below the horns, and he had the top of his ears pierced. "Yes, so you are the Hero of Time, a fine person you've become. You're heart is filled with love and courage, and you have.two? Two pieces of the Triforce! You are a good man, so I shall share my secret with you. I am Kiro Kiro, Guardian of the Seal."

Link was surprised, he thought the Guardian would be a human, not whatever this guy was. "What do you mean by 'Guardian of the Seal'?" Link asked.

"It means that I control the portal between Hyrule and Terminia. And because of what is going on in Hyrule, I have not opened the seal since your battle with Ganondorf. I watched the fight from afar, and you did quite well, despite your injuries. Perhaps you would like to know how your foe fared? Don't be ashamed of having to recover, Ganondorf had to do the same. How do I know that? I.have my sources." Kiro Kiro suddenly clutched his chest and groaned in pain, Link helped him sit down. "Forgive me," Kiro Kiro said through clinched teeth, "I should of better explained my position. Normally, I wouldn't have shown myself to you, it's just.not my nature. But in this state, I'm afraid I must ask of your help. Ganondorf knows of me, and is trying to kill me so he can control the seal. The first time he found me, I only narrowly escaped. He is responsible for my limp. Then, he decided to send that dragon after me, it has been tracking me ever since! I've had to keep on the move. The second time he discovered me, that dragon gave me this." Kiro Kiro pointed to the scar across his chest, then stood up again, with difficulty. "And there have been other times too. If I get too weak," Kiro Kiro continued, "I won't be able to control the portal, and right know keeping it closed is the only way to protect Terminia, and.."

Kiro Kiro stopped and suddenly looked around, "It's here!" Link saw a fire in the distance, only Volvagia could start a fire that big within seconds.

"You hide, I'll fight it!" Link said as he drew his sword. Kiro Kiro started to leave, but he suddenly clutched his chest again, and fell over. It was clear that he couldn't get up on his own, but Link knew what to do. Link told Epona wrote a note to Malon and put it on Epona, he then told Epona to go back to Lon Lon Ranch. Somehow, the horse understood, and ran off into the woods. Link put Kiro Kiro's arm around his shoulders and helped him get up, "Where can we hide?" Link asked him.

Kiro Kiro was breathing heavily, but he still answered. "Behind.the waterfall," he said. The water was strange, but Link decided to take a chance, and he jumped in. Kiro Kiro moved his tail to help them swim, and they went through the waterfall together. There was a cave behind the waterfall, and Link set Kiro Kiro down against a rock. Link watched through the water, and sure enough, the huge fire dragon came hunting for Kiro Kiro. Because they where behind the waterfall, Volvagia couldn't see them or pick up Kiro Kiro's scent. After a while, Volvagia got confused and left. "It's gone," Link said reassuringly to Kiro Kiro. Kiro Kiro sighed and rested his head.

"What is.your name?" Kiro Kiro asked Link.

Link wasn't sure why Kiro Kiro asked him that, "My name is Link.but, don't you know that?"

"I' weak to read.your thoughts." Kiro Kiro said slowly. "Link.the's open. I.can't control it.anymore."

Malon was still at the ranch waiting for Zuny to come back, when Zelda came by. "Where did Link go?" Zelda asked.

"Link went to find some guy named.Kiro Kiro, I think." Just them Zuny ran into the ranch, but not with much success because the spotted horse that Malon gave him was biting his head fin.

"Get it off me, get it off me, GET IT OFF ME!!" Zuny yelled. Malon got on the spotted horse, and Zelda raised an eyebrow.

"C'mon, Bancha! Get off him!" The horse reared and bucked, but Malon finally got stubborn Bancha to let go of Zuny. Zuny looked at his now red and swollen fin.

"Ohhhhhh," Zuny groaned.

"I'm sorry, Zuny, I guess Bancha didn't like you very much," Malon said after she put Bancha back in the barn.

"Oh well, that's okay, it was fine until Link left, then it went all crazy! It bit me and wouldn't come back here and.yeah. Thanks for helping me earlier."

"Um.Zuny, where did Link go?" Zelda asked.

"This is Zelda," Malon explained.

"Wazup, Zelda!? Link went to see Kiro Kiro, yeah. I wonder if he, like, found em yet?"

"Kiro Kiro?" Zelda said, "I thought he was just a myth."

Link sat with Kiro Kiro in cave behind the waterfall. There where some odd looking things in the cave and Link guessed that they belonged to Kiro Kiro. "Do you live here?" Link asked.

"Yes," Kiro Kiro replied. "Home.sweet home. Link.I need to stay recover. First.I want take this. With can control.the portal.for a while." Kiro Kiro pointed to something on a table nearby, because he couldn't get up and get it himself. Link picked it up, it was some sort of exotic necklace. The chain was a silky beige color, and there was a pendant on the end. The pendant was strangely shaped, and had some odd writing on it that Link had never seen before. The writing was in black on top of a brilliant orange stone. "You can only.control the portal.for a few months," Kiro Kiro continued. "Why.did you come to.look for me?"

"A Zora told me about a race that lives in a jungle near here, and then he told me a little about you," Link explained.

"I see.well.what he said.was true. Go to.their land.they can help you. must wear.this necklace.they dislike.humans.for some reason. I think.the.problems in Hyrule.the blizzard.the drought.have something to do.with them. If you.need to me, read the writing.on that pendent."

"I can't read this," Link said.

"Ask.the's in.there language." And with that, Kiro Kiro stopped talking and rested his head against the cave wall. Link could tell that he didn't want to talk anymore, so he left. He felt really bad about just leaving Kiro Kiro there, but Kiro Kiro knew that Link should go. He assumed that the Raykia where that race Kiro Kiro was talking about.

Malon just and watched Zuny and Zelda argue and bicker. "Sad, they just met and they're already fighting," Malon sighed.

"Your tattoos are a disgrace!" Zelda yelled at Zuny.

"My tattoos rock! I wouldn't be me without them!"

"They're horrible, and they're all over you!"

"Yeah? That's because they rock!"

"Oh, just shut up!" Malon yelled at them both, and just then Epona entered the ranch with Link's note.

"Uh.nice horsey," Zuny said as he backed away and hid his fin behind him. Malon spotted the note, and read it.

"Oh no, not this time Link!" she said to herself, "I'm not letting you have all the fun. Lets go, Epona!" Talon walked out of the barn and saw Malon leaving.

"Where you going, Malon?"

"I'm going to find Link, daddy," she replied.

"Hon, you're old man is going to need some help around the farm." Malon hated it when her father did this, he's always treating me like a kid! she thought.

"I'll help!" Zuny offered.

"Um.I don't think that's such a good idea, Zuny," Malon said as politely as she could.

"Oh, he'll do" Talon seemed satisfied. Malon left on Epona and Talon took Zuny to learn how to help out on the farm. Zelda stood alone on the grassy field, Something isn't right about this, I feel.strange. I almost feel guilty, but.why?

The plants and wildlife around Link where changing rapidly. The jungle trees where so high that Link couldn't see the canopy, by far. "Okay, where am I!?" Link said to, well, no one really. Or at least that's what he thought.

"You're right here, silly human!" came a perky guy's voice from out of nowhere.

"What the..." Link had been caught off guard. A creature with tan fur swooped down to Link. He had large gray wings that he had to pump to stay elevated this close to the ground. He was covered completely with fur, and had a long tail with a curved spike on the end. His feet looked like larger versions of his hands, and he had retractable claws on the end of his toes and fingers. He wore no shirt, but long, baggy pants. And his eyes, they almost glowed. They were a brilliantly bright shade of green, like the pendant that Link wore.

"Hey, I know I'm good looking, but are you gonna stare all day?" it asked him.

Link shook himself out of his thoughts, "Sorry."

"Okay, I've never seen a human quite like you before! In fact, the only other human I've seen is.him."

By now Link knew exactly who 'him' was, "He's been here too huh? What'd he do to you guys?"

"I don't really think I should tell you!" the Raykia said. "I would tell you, but I'm not supposed too. My name's Kaysho! Hey, what's that?" Kaysho landed and pointed to Kiro Kiro's pendant. Kaysho realized what it was and didn't give Link time to answer. "Hmm.oh is that from Kiro Kiro!? Yes, it must be, that writing, you're so lucky! I've never seen the guy, people say he looks strange! Okay, I can trust you, I tell you what happened. Or.have the Elite tell you what happened, he was there, but I wasn't. C'mon.oh yeah, you can't fly, bummer! It'll take us a while to get there now.unless." Kaysho had one of those looks on his face that made one nervous. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Link, and what's with the devilish grin thing?"

"Nothing, just hold still." then Kay jumped into the air, levitated himself, then swooped down and picked Link up and carried him up into the sky.

"What the heck! You'll drop me!" Link yelled.

"Don't worry, I did this for my little sis all the time before she could fly, and where not that high," he replied.

After a few hours, they made it to some sort of tree top town. Link was sore from Kaysho's claws and was relived to sit on a huge tree branch, if every Raykia who flew, walked, or leaped past him didn't stare at him. Kaysho came back with someone else, an older looking Raykia. He had small, tired eyes and long dark, green hair. "So, you the one Kiro Kiro sent," he said.

"Yeah, but how did you know?" Link asked.

"Never mind that, I haven't much time. My name is Okopo, and I am second in charge of all Raykia, my daughter is the 'head honcho.' Now, you must here the legend of our people's guardians. A long time ago, our people where protected by a humble, yet fierce dragon. One day, an evil creature attacked the dragon, but the dragon defeated it. But, the dragon was mortally injured, he was going to die. He created two eggs and placed them in two opposite regions of Hyrule. One egg was laid in the volcano, the other in a freezing ice cave. When he died, the two eggs hatched and two new female dragons emerged. They came to this jungle and ruled together and a temple that was built for them. The dragon born of ice is Iylustice. The dragon born of fire is.Volvagia."

"WHAT!?" Link yelled, " attacked me, and Kiro Kiro, she is Ganondorf's servant, not a guardian."

"No, Ganondorf attacked us first before everyone else in Hyrule, because nobody would notice it. On that day, he fought the dragons and was interested in their strength. Then he.did something to Volvagia, I'm not sure what. She started to fight Iylustice, and then left with Ganondorf. Now, Link I'm going to ask a favor of you, I want you to go to Dragon Shrine Temple and find Iylustice. Something is wrong there, Iylustice should be protecting us, but she hasn't. Our people have always disliked humans, but if you do this I believe we can put that behind us. It is a rather foolish grudge, I think. Will you do this?" Link was about to answer, but Malon arrived at the scene.

"What are you doing here Malon?" Link asked.

"I told you before, I am not going to let you have all the fun," she replied. Epona licked Link's face and neighed happily. Kaysho saw Malon, then elbowed Link and 'purred.'

Link turned back to Okopo. "We'll go," Link said. Kaysho showed them the way and wished them luck.

"Wow." Link said when they reached the temple.

"It's.huge!" Malon said. It was definitely big enough to house two dragons. When they entered, they saw two very large ancient dragon statues. Each had an orb in its mouth, but only one was glowing. It was glowing an icy blue. "So.that must be Iylustice," Malon said as she pointed to the one with the glowing orb. Suddenly, Kiro Kiro's pendant started to glow, and the whole temple started shaking. An opening appeared in the floor, with a long staircase leading down into a basement. Link and Malon walked down, and down, and down. After about an hour, they reached a huge chamber. It was very strange, on one side there was a huge pool of hot, molten lava. On the other side, a huge lagoon of frozen, icy water. Water too cold for even a human to touch. And in the middle, a lush island with all sort of exotic plants. The staircase took them to the island, and when they got there, they both sat down, very tiredly.

"Well, I don't see a dragon," Link said.

"Uh.Link, what the heck is that!?" Malon yelled. Link turned around to see a huge, plantlike monster behind him. Before he could get up, the creature picked him up and threw him into the air. "Link, Watch out!" Malon screamed. Link was going to fall into the icy water. Link could do nothing but shut his eyes, but them he felt himself stop moving. He opened his eyes to find that he was sitting on the snout of a huge snake-like dragon. The dragon had no problem with the icy water it was in. It looked somewhat like Volvagia, except it was blue, had long, straight horns, and bright purple eyes. Malon screamed because the creature now had her in its grasp. The dragon quickly set Link down, and using its tail, whipped the creature off its feet and high into the air. The creature dropped Malon. Then the dragon reared its head back, then shot a huge blast of ice at the creature, and froze it solid in midair. It was Iylustice.

Lightning-quick, Iylustice whipped its tail against the frozen creature and sent it hurling into the lava pit. And that was the end of the monster. The dragon turned and spoke to Link and Malon telepathically. Thank you for coming here, it has been a long time since I saw a pleasant human. So, from that sword you must be the Hero of Time, and you? You are quite a lovely young lady, even if you don't have a tail. As you have probably already guessed, I am Iylustice, ice guardian of the Raykia. Were you sent to help to find me? I know that Raykia feel unprotected without me, sister, I cannot do anything without her.

"What happened to Volvagia?" Link asked.

Volvagia, my sister, I haven't seen her in years.Ganondorf brain washed her, and controls her. But you, you boy, you could save her! Oh, please boy, I'm begging you! Save my sister, then I can protect my people! Will you?

"Um.alright," Link said, "what do I have to do?"

Listen well, um.Link right? Well, just listen. Ganondorf controls Volvagia with a black ring on his left hand, it had a glowing red ball on it. What you must do is take the ring and break it, completely. I know it sounds hard, but I know a way you can do it. Using our father's ancient powers, I can turn you into a replica of Volvagia, but not for too long. Go to his castle in the desert, and hopefully he won't recognize you. Do you understand?

"Yes," Link replied, "but what about Malon?"

Alone I only have enough power to change one of you.

"That's alright," Malon said. Iylustice nodded, and flew up into the air. A magic glowing sphere appeared in the middle of the cavern. It grew bigger and bigger and then shot straight toward Link. Link was engulfed in it, and when he emerged, he looked exactly like Volvagia. Oh, WOW! Link thought, this is great! He flew and floated around in the air. And the will power! When he concentrated his anger, he blasted flames into the air. Malon was very jealous. Link dove into the lava and came back out unharmed.

Whatever you do, don't speak like I am, though you look like Volvagia, you still have your own voice. You must speak in Dragon tongue, a special language that only few reptiles can speak. And for some strange reason Ganondorf can understand it. Iylustice explained what to do again to Link, and teleported Malon back to the entrance of the temple.

Link was on his way to Ganondorf's castle and thinking about what he should do when he got there. I could finish him off now, but.oh, Kiro Kiro, I have to help him! First things First, smash the ring, help Kiro Kiro. Link reached Ganondorf's new keep, it was smaller than his last 'home'. Of course, he never really stayed in one place for long. Koume and Kotake flew by, because Ganondorf had resurrected them.

"Hey, Volvagia," Koume said dully, "Ganondorf's been waiting for you. I'd hurry if I were you, he's in a very bad mood."

"Yeah," Kotake said. "Worse than extremely bad. I'm surprised the place is still standing. He's especially angry with you because you haven't killed Kiro Kiro yet!" Kotake sneered.

"Sucker," Koume muttered. Link spoke, but strange sounds came out of his mouth, although he still could understand what he was saying. "Why is he so mad?" Koume said. Good, they can understand me too, Link thought.

Koume and Kotake laughed, "Stupid dragon, he is Ganondorf, he doesn't need a reason to be angry. Now go spew some ash or something, we're busy." They left, and Link continued on to the castle. When he got inside, he didn't know where to go, which might look suspicious. He started to wander down a corridor when Ganondorf strode into the room, electric currents surrounding him. He also had a bandage on his shoulder from their last fight.

"Is Kiro Kiro dead!?" he shouted at Link. Link said no in dragon tongue. "CURSE YOU VOLVAGIA!!!!" he yelled as loud as he could. "YOU INFERNAL WORM!!! I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN YOUR SISTER INSTEAD!!! TO HELL WITH YOU!!! WHY."

Oh great, perfect timing, Link thought. The real Volvagia just entered the room.

Malon walked with Epona back into the Raykia town. She was walking with her head down, and she accidentally bumped into someone. "Sorry," Malon said.

"That's cool, girly," a deep voice replied. She looked up and saw that the Raykia she bumped into was a medium sized guy. He was wearing big, baggy pants that covered his feet and hung at his hips. He had purple eyes and his hair was put up in little dreadlocks that hung down from his head like antennae. He had gone completely overboard with body piercing. He had earrings, eyebrow rings, tongue ring, nose ring, and little rings hanging from the end of his dreadlocks. "Yo," he said, "my name's Chango, you?"

"Malon," Malon replied.

"Cool, whatcha doing here, no humans ever come here. You wit that guy that came by earlier?"

Malon couldn't help not laughing at Chango, he was very nice but he's language was pitiful. "Yes, heehee, his name is Link, he is my fiancée."

"Ooohhh. heheh," Chango chuckled, "say, you eva been to a concert?!"

"Not in a long time?" Malon said.

"I'm in one today, do you want to come?!"

"But, I'm a human, will I not be welcome there?"

"Nah, as long as I'm playin', you in."

"Okay!" Malon said.

"Well, well, aren't we a weasel, Link. So, I see that you have met Iylustice. And looking for this, are we?" Ganondorf held up his hand, and sure enough, there was the ring on his left finger. Link lunged for the ring, but Ganondorf dodged it. Link kept trying, but all he did was get himself shocked by Ganondorf. But then he looked up at the ceiling and had an idea. The roof was made of wood, and wood burns. Link shot a blast of fire and made parts of the ceiling rain down on Ganondorf. While he was dodging it, link whipped his tail and flicked the ring up into the air. Link then used all his might and drew a huge blast of fire, and melted the ring. The real Volvagia started to glow, and suddenly snapped back to life. "Volvagia!! Attack Link now!" But Volvagia turned on Ganondorf and rained fire on him. "Curse you Link!!" Ganondorf yelled while he dodged the blaze. Ganondorf said a few words and flood the room with water, killing the fire. Volvagia motioned for Link to leave but link looked back and saw something strange. Ganondorf had no reflection. Ganondorf realized that Link noticed this, and he wasn't happy about that. Ganondorf yelled and cursed some more and tried to electrocute Volvagia. But his yelling was going to do him any good, Volvagia and Link left. "COWARD!!!" Ganondorf yelled. But Link didn't look back.

Chango took Malon to a building and asked her if she wanted to sit near the front. "Too bad Link couldn't be here," Malon said.

"What's he doin'?" Chango asked.

"Never mind." Malon said, "maybe he'll make it back in time."

"That's cool, but if the music is too loud you should move too the back. Last time we had to hand out earplugs at the door." Chango sighed.

"What is it?" Malon asked him.

"Nothing, it just that this is our last performance, the bands breakin' up. It's for the better, I guess."

Link and Volvagia made it back to Dragon Shrine Temple, and went to the cave where Iylustice was. The two dragons embraced each other when they met. And they did their best to 'hug' each other without getting the other frozen our burnt. Thank you boy, Volvagia said. I missed you so much sister, and I hope we never see that horrid man again. And strange enough, I think Ganondorf is going to miss me! He really did enjoy riding on my back.

"And thank you Link." Link turned to see Kiro Kiro, leaning on a walking stick, but his eyes were filled with pride. "Iylustice healed me, she knew that's what you wanted. You no longer need that pendant, because I am healthy again. Although I will never be fully healed again, I must use this walking stick. But please keep the pendant, to remember me by." Iylustice turned Link back into his normal self, and he now stood with Kiro Kiro.

"I'll keep it, but I have a question," Link replied. "What does it say?"

Kiro Kiro read it to him, "It says 'What is forever can't be forgotten.'"

"What does." Link started to ask, but Kiro Kiro had vanished. Iylustice and Volvagia thanked Link again, then Iylustice sent him to where Epona was in front of the temple.

Kaysho ran up to him, "You did it!! Dude, that's great!! You have a very special talent!"

"Thanks," Link said sheepishly.

"Oh yeah, no time for this, your girlfriend's looking for you. She made a new friend, his name is Chango, he's in the band!"

"Band?" Link asked.

"Yeah! He's the bassist, but you'll miss the show if you don't hurry! So take your horse and come on!!" Link rode Epona and Kaysho flew. Link was amazed that Kaysho could very easily outspeed Epona. Link left Epona outside when they reached the house that Chango was playing in. Malon ran up to him when he entered the room. Link thought she was going to hug him, but Malon slapped him instead.

"Next time you'd better let me be the dragon," she threatened. Figures, Link thought, but he knew better than to say that aloud.

"Fair enough," Link replied. Kaysho asked if they would sit with him. There were low, Asian style tables and they had to sit on the floor, but Link and Malon didn't mind. And after a few minuets, Chango and three other Raykia came onto the stage. There was a singer, a drummer, a guitarist, and Chango with his bass. When they started playing, it wasn't very loud, but after a minute BOOM!! It was really loud, but they toughed it out. After the band was done, They stopped jumping around and bowed. Chango jumped off the stage with his guitar in his hand and gave Kaysho a friendly bump.

"You were rocking man!!" Kaysho said to Chango. Malon introduced Link to Chango. Chango reminded Link of Miaku and Jappas, who were back in Terminia. After they all said their good-byes, Okopo confronted Link.

"Thank you for everything Link, you truly are the Hero of Time. Thanks to you, we will be making peace with your people very soon. Good luck with your journey, and you are always welcome here." Link and Malon got on Epona, and waved goodbye. Epona reared up and ran towards Hyrule.

Ganondorf was flying around Hyrule Field destroying anything within his sight. He was unable to control his rage, now that Volvagia was gone all he had was Koume and Kotake to help him. Some help they are, Koume is always burning through her brooms and Kotake is a ditz! he thought. Volvagia was the only really helpful one of the three, even if she was brainwashed. Well, I don't need them anyway. Ganondorf saw a tree and little kids playing around it. That didn't last long, because Ganondorf engulfed the tree in flames and burned it to the ground within seconds. The children took one look at the pile of ashes that had once been a large tree and ran for Kakariko Village. Ganondorf didn't care what happened to other people, he just wanted to destroy everything in sight. He flew on, as fast as he could, hurtling boulders into the air and setting plants ablaze. Then he stopped and saw Zelda, Impa, and Nabooru together in the field. Zelda was leaning against a fence, Impa was staring up at the sky, and Nabooru had climbed a tree. Impa spotted him glaring at Zelda. This is all her fault! Ganondorf thought, if she hadn't given the Triforce to Link, I could have easily beaten him! I swear it Zelda, you'll pay!

"Look out!" Impa yelled. Ganondorf also yelled and charged at them. Ganondorf had completely lost control of himself, he didn't care what happened to him, he just wanted Zelda dead. He was using so much power that he had a glowing forcefield around him. Zelda and Impa got out of the way just in time and Ganondorf plowed through the earth where they had stood.

"What do you want from me!?" Zelda screamed at him, "I don't have the Triforce, and I'm getting tired of being kidnapped!!"

"ALL I WANT IS REVENGE!!!" Ganondorf yelled as loud as he possibly could. He came after Zelda and Impa and would not stop. Nabooru quickly broke a branch off the tree she was in and used her power to turn it into a wooden sword. She jumped out of her tree and ran after Ganondorf. He didn't notice Nabooru, all kept after Zelda and Impa. They ran, and he destroyed anything near them. He always missed by only a few inches, but Ganondorf was so out of control that it was hard to for him to stop himself.

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM!?" Impa yelled.

"HE'S GONE MAD!!!" Zelda shouted. Ganondorf then materialized a glowing blade and increased his speed. He was right behind Zelda and Impa, who had taken to the air as well.

"YOU'LL PAY!!" he roared. Nabooru knew what Ganondorf was going to do, and looked away.

Link and Malon had made it back to the beginning of Hyrule Field, and Epona was exhausted. "Good job Epona, you got us out of the woods very quickly," Link said to her. Then they heard someone scream very loudly.

"It's Zelda!" Malon said, "Epona! Lets go!" Epona was tired and wasn't going to move. "I'll give you a whole basket of carrots when we get home, but you have to find Zelda!" Epona sprung to life, she really liked carrots. Epona used all of her energy to get to find Zelda. When they got there, Zelda was crying and still screaming. Link saw Nabooru coming after to find then with her sword. "Oh my god." Malon said. Link turned and was horrified at what he saw. Ganondorf had slammed his blade into Impa's back and strait threw her torso. Ganondorf was still holding the end of the blade, and he was laughing madly. He let go of the glowing blade and kept laughing. Impa tried to speak but no air came, because the blade had gone completely through her. She fell to the ground, and died while Ganondorf was still laughing at the top of his lungs.

As far as Link was concerned, Ganondorf had gone psycho, literally. He couldn't stop laughing and had a crazed, evil smile on his face. Zelda was crying, but she stood and faced Ganondorf. "YOU MURDERER!!" she screamed, "YOU'RE HEARTLESS!!! WHY DID YOU KILL HER, SHE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU!!! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY!?"

"ONE SAGE DOWN, SIX TO GO!!" he roared, "AND YOU'RE NEXT!!" Ganondorf made the sky above them rain lighting and charged at Zelda. Nabooru ran in front of Zelda with her wooden sword. Seeing Nabooru somehow made Ganondorf regain his sanity. "Out of my way!!" he ordered, but Nabooru didn't move. Link and Malon got off poor Epona and link drew his sword.

"Wait Link!"

Link stopped, "What is it Malon?"

"Why.if Ganondorf wants to kill all the sages, then why won't he hurt Nabooru?"

"I.don't know," Link replied. Nabooru wouldn't move, and Ganondorf threatened to blast her, but he didn't.

Ganondorf turned to Link, "I'm not finished with you, boy!!" Ganondorf vanished from sight. Zelda ran to Hyrule Castle Town, Link started to go after her.

"Let her go," Nabooru said.

Nabooru called upon the other sages while Malon and Link took Malon back to Lon Lon Ranch. No one said much of anything they were all pretty shocked. Talon didn't know what happened and came out to greet them. "There you are, Malon! You know, I should of listened to you earlier. Zuny, he's a nice guy, but." Zuny ran out of the barn with a whole flock of chickens chasing him.

"Attack of the killer chickens!!!" Zuny shouted, then he ran into the milk shed.

"Well, you know what I mean," Talon said. "Malon, what's the matter?" Malon didn't answer, instead she took Epona into the barns to give her some carrots. Zuny came out of the milk shed with a chicken perched on his head that kept pecking at him.

"Impa.died," Link told Talon and Zuny. Malon came back out, and leaned on Link's shoulder. Zuny forgot about the chicken on his head. The sages, minus Impa, had gathered near where Impa had been killed. Nabooru was by herself up in a tree again, still holding the wooden sword. Why did Ganondorf spare me? she thought, he was so heartless to them, but why not me? Unless.

Zelda ran into the castle crying, and the guards didn't have the heart to ask why. She ran into her father's room and buried her face in his chest. "Daddy, he killed her, he killed her!"

"Slow down, Zelda," the king said, "now, what happened, who killed who?"

"Oh, daddy! Ganondorf, he killed Impa! He murdered her! Then he just stood there and.laughed! How could he!? Impa.she was so kind to me, she was like a mother. She loved me and protected me my whole life! I can't believe it, I won't believe it!" The king was also sad, Impa was a good friend of his,

"I'm so sorry, Zelda."

"She loved me so much, and she saved my life so many times! And.oh, it's all my fault!" Zelda kept crying, but her father tried to make her feel better.

"It isn't your fault, Zelda. Ganondorf is.a very disturbed man. If it is anybody's fault, it's mine. I can't believe I trusted that man. He tricked me, and you could sense it, but I didn't listen to you."

She looked up at him, "It isn't your fault, daddy. Oh, look at me, I'm a mess, twenty years old and I still call you daddy." They laughed at that, but Zelda was still sad.

"Where should we bury her?" her father asked.

"You want me to decide? I.right where she is, she died defending Hyrule from evil, and we should honor her for that."

Later that night the sages, Zelda, her father, Link, Malon, Zuny, and Talon were attending Impa's funeral. Even Kaysho and Chango sneaked in, even if they never really met Impa. After all was said, the king tried to make peace with the Raykia, but probably he needed to speak to someone a bit more mature than Kaysho and Chango. "I am the king of Hyrule," he said, "I am very pleased to meet you."

"Wazzup!? I'm Kaysho! And this is my main man, Chango!"

"Yo," Chango said.

"You know, if you want to talk about peace between are races, those aren't exactly the best guys to talk to," Link said to the king.

"Oh, thanks, we feel real loved," Kaysho snarled. Chango was talking to Zuny about music, but their conversation was amounting to much else. Nabooru was still in her tree, and Zelda was sitting with Ruto.

"Link! Link!" Saria ran over to Link, "I missed you Link!"

"I missed you too, Saria," Link said. "Look, Link! He's my new friend!" Saria held up a cute little Keaton pup. Nabooru saw it, and appeared right in front of Saria.

"Oh, Saria! It's a cutie!" Nabooru cooed. She picked up the Keaton, it smiled and licked her face. Nabooru hugged it, "Oh, he's so sweet he's so sweet!! What's his name, Saria?"

Saria was glad that Nabooru liked it, "His name is Puppy!"

"Puppy? That's original," Link said sarcastically.

"Puppy is a good name, Link!" Nabooru said.

"I'm sorry Saria, Puppy is a nice name," Link said. Link turned around, only to get a very hearty slap on the back from Darunia. "Must you do that!?" Link asked him.

"Of course I do, you're my little bro!" Darunia said. Later, link left the group and laid down on the moist grass. He wondered about the strange things that had been happening to him. Ganondorf was acting so.weird. Weird even for him, Link thought. He doesn't have a reflection, and the nose ring! That was actually pretty funny. And today.first, he goes psycho, kills Impa cold blooded, and then.he took mercy on Nabooru. It just doesn't make any sense!

Malon had joined him, and she gave link a hug. "Don't worry, just for tonight," Malon said to him.

"Okay," Link sighed. Malon smiled and they kissed. Link looked up at Death Mountain, "Hey, look Malon." At the top of the mountain the blizzard had stopped blowing, and Volvagia was melting the ice. After the ice had melted, Volvagia met Iylustice over Hyrule Field. They both went to the Zora's fountain. Iylustice froze over the lake, and Volvagia heated it just so the ice turned into water.

"See what happens when you don't worry so much?" Malon said. They both laughed, and headed back to the ranch for the night. Nabooru didn't want to Saria to leave, because that meant that Puppy would have to leave too. After everybody left, Nabooru was still Hyrule field, alone. After Link had set her free from Koume and Kotake, she thought it would make life better to be a sage. Momentarily that night, she was happy again, because that little Keaton loved her.

"Maybe what I really need is the love I once had," she said, but no one was there to answer her.

Morning came and Link and Malon woke up. "Today.I have to go today," Link said.

"Why today Link?" Malon asked.

"I don't really know why. I just have this feeling. Somehow, I know that I have to confront him today."

"Okay, but I'm coming."

"What? You can't come this time, Malon!" Link insisted. Malon slapped him playfully.

"Who do I look like, Zelda? As long as your going, so am I, got it?"

"All right," Link said.

"I'm going too, I have a score to settle with Ganondorf." Link turned to see Nabooru, who was sitting in the windowsill. She had slept on their roof.

"Nabooru!!!" Link yelled, "A little privacy, please!?!?"

"Oops." Nabooru muttered, and she jumped out of the window onto the ground below. But she ended up landing on Zuny, who just happened to be standing below still trying to get that same chicken off his head. Link looked down to see what had happened.

"I'm okay." Zuny mumbled. Link helped Zuny get up. "At least things can't get any worse," Zuny said. Then Chango came crashing down from the air and landed on Zuny.

"Looks worse to me," Nabooru said.

"Sorry man," Chango said, "rough winds on the way here." Zuny groaned.

"Why are you here, Chango?" Malon asked.

"I overheard guys talking 'bout going to fight Ganondorf. Link, I am so there, man." Link couldn't argue with them, they were his friends. And they wanted to help him, even if it meant risking their own lives.

"You guys sure about this?" Link asked. Malon nodded, and Nabooru drew her wooden sword.

"Bring it on!!" Chango shouted. "Hey, Zuny, if I don't come back, Kaysho gets my guitar, alright?"

"All right, lets just hope he doesn't go psycho again." Link was grateful to have such good friends.

Link, Malon, Nabooru, and Chango reached the desert hours later. "We're almost there," Nabooru said. Chango had gotten tired of flying and was sitting on the back of Nabooru's horse. Chango was playing his guitar.

"I can't believe you brought that," Link said.

"I can't live without my guitar, and besides, this awkward silence is really startin' to bug me." They rode on, and Chango played his guitar and sang a song that his band had written. "Hoping praying.I've been waiting. Everybody needs some body to love. There's no question.strait from heaven. You're my angel.I'm so crazy for you. You're a Godsend! A blessing from above, you've been God-sent to me. You're the Godsend.I've been dreaming of! You're a Godsend, oh. Holding your hand, touching your face. I will love and always I swear. I will never forget! That first moment me met! When two worlds, they collided. And I found my best friend, oh.You're a Godsend! A blessing from above, you've been God-sent to me. You're the Godsend.I've been dreaming of! You're a Godsend. I saw you there.I was're an're a Godsend. I was made for you, and you were made for me. I'm this lonely world we were meant to love! I will never forget! That first moment we met! When two worlds, they collided. And I found my best friend, yeah! You're a Godsend! A blessing from above, you've been God-sent to me. You're the Godsend.I've been dreaming of! You're a Godsend, oh oh yeah oh yeah! You're a Godsend! An angel from above! You've been God-sent to me. God sent an angel! God sent an angel to me! You're my Godsend. Oh.God sent an angel to me! You're my God.send.Yes you are.that's what you are."

"That's a wonderful song!" Malon said. Chango stopped his song, and looked up at Ganondorf's castle.

"It's.big.really big," Chango awed.

"Lets go!" Link said.

The four sneaked into the castle only to find Koume and Kotake waiting for them. "We don't have time for you two, get lost!" Nabooru threatened.

"And just what are you going to do with your wooden sword, girl?" Koume said, "I'll burn it to a crisp!"

Chango had an idea. "Leave them to me, and play along," he whispered. Chango took a look at the hags.
"What are you staring at, boy!?" Kotake said.

Chango spoke, "Hmm.yeah definitely Koume, huh Nabooru?"

Nabooru caught on to Chango's plan, "Oh yeah, Chango! Koume is much better looking than Kotake!" Koume was flattered and Kotake was outraged.

"I'm better looking then you, Koume!!"

Koume was mad too, "Are not!"

"Are too!"

"Oh yeah? Well take this!!" Koume slapped Kotake. Kotake slapped Koume. That went on for quite a while. Soon, they were wrestling each other and shooting fire and ice everywhere.

"Sad. Well, that should keep them busy for a while," Chango said. They left Koume and Kotake and continued down the corridor. Link looked up and saw a spear hung up on a wall. They kept walking, and saw another spear, and another, and another, and another. "So.either this dude really likes spears, or we been walkin' round in circles," Chango mumbled.

"Let's split up," Malon suggested.

"Good idea," Nabooru said. Nabooru went right, and Chango went up.

Link gave Malon a kiss, "See you later." Link went right, and Malon went straight. Link went on and somehow got himself locked in a room with a group of Dodongos. Link drew his sword and shield, and the Dodongos came towards him. After some fire and swordplay, Link defeated them. But their still wasn't a way out of that room. And to make things worse, the walls started to close in on him. "Oh, perfect!" Link yelled.

Nabooru's luck wasn't much better, she ran into pack of four Dinoflos. They saw her and started laughing among themselves. "Ssssssilly girl wantssssss to fight usssssss!" one said.

"Well, letsssssss not disssssapoint herrrrrrr!" said another. Nabooru took out her wooden sword, but they weren't impressed. But that was what made Nabooru's sword powerful, she used magic to make it as powerful as a normal sword. But they didn't know that. Nabooru took her sword and prepared to fight. One of the Dinofos jumped at her, but she jumped and killed it with ease. The other three attacked at once, but after a while she killed them too.

"That was close," she sighed. Then she went up the stairs that the Dinoflos had been guarding.

Chango had flown up to a hallway that led to a large room with a dome ceiling. "This totally kills where we've been performing," Chango said. He turned around and saw a huge, Iron Knuckle. "Oh.crap." Chango did his best trying to fight it, but his tail and claws were no match to the Knuckle's steel armor. Chango was tossed against the wall viciously. His guitar landed on the floor and made a little noise. The Iron Knuckle winced at the noise. "Doesn't like noise.oh yeah. Feel the power!" Chango picked up his guitar and played it as loud as he possibly could. He played riffs and scales and played it louder than ever. He sang along too to make the music even louder. The noise ran out through the whole castle. The Iron Knuckle couldn't bear it and fell down, now nothing more than a pile of huge armor. "OH YEAH!! In your face big, scary metal dude!!"

Link had to think fast if he was going to get out of there. He looked up at the ceiling, one of the tiles looked loose. Loose enough for him to move. One problem, he couldn't reach it. "Why does Ganondorf have to be so freakin tall!?" Somehow he managed to balance himself on his shield and move the tile at the same time. Link hoped out of the room just in time, and turned to see his shield being crushed. Then Link heard Chango playing his guitar, "so much for sneaking up on Ganondorf."

The place that Malon was in was dark and mysteriously quiet. She hadn't run into any evil monsters yet, but she had the feeling that someone was watching her. She stopped, she was lost and couldn't see where she was going very well. Then Malon felt a very cold hand on her shoulder. Before she could scream a hand covered her mouth and another held her by the elbows. "And just where are we are headed?" it was Ganondorf. Malon refused to let herself be captured, she bit his hand and kicked his shins, but it didn't do her any good. Then, she remembered what her father told her to do if someone ever tired to hustle her. "Kick 'em higher." That's what her father had said. I was a good thing Talon had a sense of humor. Malon kicked Ganondorf again, this time in that 'special spot.' His eyes went wide and he let go of Malon.

"Holy.shh." Malon couldn't help laughing at the sight on Ganondorf bending down and cursing in pain. Of course, he didn't think it was funny, and within seconds Malon had a sword's blade to her throat.

"Run and your head rolls across the floor, come with me," he ordered. Well, Malon couldn't really argue to that, so she reluctantly followed him, sword still to her throat. Link, where are you?

Nabooru and Chango ran into each other and where looking for Ganondorf together. "This place gives me the chills," Chango said. Nabooru didn't answer, she just kept walking with her head down. "What's wrong?" Chango asked her.

Nabooru stopped, "Nothing.I was.just thinking, that's all." They came to a staircase and started to walk up.

"I got a question," Chango said. "I've heard people call Ganondorf, Ganon, is that like, his nickname or somethin'?"

"Well, not exactly. In fact, we, us Gerudo, always thought his real name was Ganon. But that was years ago. He used to go by Ganon, but he changed his name, why I'll never know. Ganon is actually a very nice name. In Gerudo it means, 'eclipse'."

"That's why probably why he didn't like it," Chango said.

Nabooru smiled, "Makes sense."

Malon wondered where Ganondorf was taking her, although she didn't really want to go there. "Ain't you Link's girlfriend?" Ganondorf sneered. Malon held her head high.

"I am Link's fiancée."

Ganondorf stopped walking, "He getting married!? It had been a while... Lets see, then that makes me.twenty-seven, give or take a year. Hey girl, remind me to steal a calendar from someone." Right after he finished his sentence, Koume and Kotake came crashing through the wall firing blasts of magic at each other. Ganondorf looked annoyed, "KOUME!! KOTAKE!!" he yelled. They stopped dead in their tracks and looked up at Ganondorf, who was looming over them. "You're supposed to kill them not each other!!! How many times must I tell you this!?!?" Koume and Kotake knew better than to say anything. "This is the fifth time TODAY!! Get out of my sight, NOW!!!" They picked up their brooms and ran down the hall as fast as they could. Ganondorf kept walking through hallways and up staircases for what seemed like an eternity. He seemed to have memorized his way around the castle and had his eyes closed half the way up.

He really needs to get out more, Malon thought. They reached a large room near the top of the castle. It had many of Ganondorf's strange possessions in it, and it looked like h had punched out the outside wall in furry. It had a good collection of pointy items in it and a black statue of an Ampphisbaena being eaten by a Phoenix. "Well, what do you want!?" Malon demanded.

"All you have to do is stand still," Ganondorf sneered. Malon suddenly felt her feet being lifted off the ground. She suddenly felt very sleepy. Malon tried but couldn't fight the spell. And before she drifted off she saw herself being surrounded by a green mist.

Link had made it to the top of the castle, and was spying on Ganondorf. He was unaware of Ganondorf kidnapping Malon. While Link was leaning against the wall, Ganondorf was standing with his arms crossed and looking out at the sky. Ganondorf was thinking of his past. I am.again. I guess this is my life now, could have been different. Maybe, that is gone, but I still have.memories.of that. Nothing was important then, their weren't any problems. Perhaps I miss.those times. No! Curses! What's wrong with me!? ..What have I become?

Link didn't need to waste time looking at Ganondorf's back, so he showed himself. Ganondorf was unaware of him, And quickly stiffed and regained his normal pose. But he didn't realize that Link had seen the tear roll down his cheek.

Chango and Malon rushed into the room, and Chango got his first look at Ganondorf. "Dude! His nose ring kicks!" Chango said. Nabooru gave him that 'okay.' look and Link rolled his eyes. "What'd I say?" Chango asked. Ganondorf appeared behind Chango, and in the blink of an eye, pick-pocketed his guitar. Chango yelled and cursed at Ganondorf to give it back. But Ganondorf had other plans, he disappeared then reappeared on the other side of the room.

"Where'd you get this, Raykia boy? Boy, did it keep me up, here's for not letting me get any sleep. He smashed the guitar against a pillar, and threw that remains onto the ground. Chango's beloved guitar was a shattered mess. Chango stared at it, And Ganondorf seemed proud of himself.

"You broke my guitar," Chango said.

"When he's serious, Chango actually sounds normal," Nabooru said.

"You broke my guitar!" Chango repeated.

"They don't call me the king of thieves for nothing, kid," Ganondorf sneered. Chango was boiling with so much rage he could barley talk.

"You.broke.MY GUITAR!!!" Chango lost it. He whipped out his retractable claws to their full extent, which was pretty long. He opened his wings and held up his long tail with the spike on the end pointing towards Ganondorf. "BRING IT ON!!!" Chango roared at Ganondorf, and lunged towards him.

"Oh great, he goes psycho too, perfect," Nabooru muttered. Link tried to stop Chango, because he knew that Ganondorf was stronger. But Chango ignored him and flew straight past. Then Link saw something that caught his eye.

"Malon!" Link saw Malon unconscious floating in the air, surrounded by a thick, green haze. Link turned on Ganondorf, who was easily blocking Chango's attacks with a magical shield. "What did you do to her!?" Link demanded. Ganondorf ignored Link. Instead of helping Chango, Link ran over to Malon and tried to free her. But every time Link or his sword touched the haze, he was blown back by an invisible force. Ganondorf, who was now completely ignoring Chango's crazed attempts to break his shield, turned and laughed at Link.

"Fool! That is a powerful magic shield! Took me a while to make, and you can't break it by just slashing your sword at it!!"

Link turned on him, "Let.her.go." Link said. Ganondorf was again distracted by Chango, who had used all his might too slam his large, razor sharp claws through the shield.

"Breaking a barrier using nothing but sheer strength," Ganondorf said. "Impressive, for someone of no magic ability. But those claws aren't going anywhere, you can't even get a hand through. I'll enjoy this, and now it's my turn to retaliate!" Ganondorf's barrier disappeared and he clamped his hand down firmly on Chango's head and would not let go. Ganondorf started to mumble a spell, and Chango's eyes went wide.

He started to glow a dark purple, and Ganondorf kept mumbling. Link stopped trying to free Malon and turned to see Ganondorf toss a motionless Chango against the wall. On impact, Chango left a dent in the wall and fell to the floor. He started to shake violently, and could not control himself. His pupils would grow very small, then dilate, then repeat the process. Nabooru knelt down and took a good look at him. "He's been poisoned," Nabooru confirmed. "If we don't help him, he'll die. And.I'd give him, hmm.two days."

Ganondorf and Link were staring each other down. Link blinked. "Hah! I win." Ganondorf seemed pleased, even if it was only a staring contest. A few minutes later, they were all on the roof, and lightning poured down from the sky.

"This looks familiar," Link muttered.

"Doesn't it!?" Ganondorf sneered. Malon was also there behind Ganondorf, still asleep in her floating green 'bubble.' Ganondorf once again drew his twin swords, and Link brought forth the Master Sword and his shield. "Let's finish this." Ganondorf said in a deep, evil tone. They started to do the staring thing again.

Nabooru sighed, "Boys.will be boys." Link made his first move, going for Ganondorf's still injured left shoulder. He dodged that, and did the same thing, aiming for the split still in Link's side. Nabooru watched carefully, while caring for Chango, who still twitched every now and then. Every time their swords clashed sparks went flying and their swords lit up where they had collided. Link swung the Master Sword firmly and hurled it at Ganondorf, who used his right sword to block it. But the Master Sword went strait through the Gerudo blade, cutting Ganondorf's sword into two pieces.

"Useless piece of crap!" Ganondorf yelled, and he tossed bough swords of the roof. He took of his cape and prepared to take Link on without a weapon. Ganondorf wasn't preparing to use any magic yet, which link thought was a stupid move. Don't underestimate him, Link, Nabooru thought. He's full.of surprises. Link lunged at Ganondorf with his sword but Ganondorf jumped up out of the way.

"Link, be careful!" Nabooru shouted. "Ganondorf is a skilled swordsman, he has mastered the art of battle! He's not even using magic yet!!" Link looked up and wondered how was it possible that Ganondorf wasn't using magic when he had just jumped up fifteen feet in the air. Ganondorf came back down fast and hit Link hard with his elbow. Link swung his sword at Ganondorf's face, and it left a line of blood across his left eye and forehead. And that's how the fight went for a while, Ganondorf kicked Link karate style, Link zapped him with his sword. Ganondorf hit Link to the floor with a Lariat strike, Link cut off a chunk of Ganondorf's ear. Ganondorf got Link in a sleeper hold, Link swung his sword at Ganondorf but only nearly missed his nose.

"Biff!" Ganondorf sneered. But they looked down and saw something little and silver clang against the floor, and Ganondorf's nose started to bleed. "Hey, my nose ring!!" Ganondorf yelled. His nose ring, along with a little bit of his nose, lay on the floor. They all ewwed, even Ganondorf. Then the battle resumed.

Ganondorf's punches, kicks, and chops proved to be powerful, but soon they were not enough to wear Link down. Link was winning. "Time to get serious!" Ganondorf yelled, and shot bolts of energy at Link. Now the odds were against Link, but we wasn't going to give up.

Link looked at Malon, "I WON'T LET YOU KILL HER!!!!!" Link shouted. The two pieces of Triforce started to glow on his hand. Link also started to glow, a brilliant white aura surrounded him. His love for Malon is what gave him strength, incredible strength. Malon woke up, but was still imprisoned in the green haze. Link and Malon were now able to talk to each other with their thoughts. Malon, I swear I won't let him lay a finger on you.

Thank you, Link. But, I gave him a good kick. Link smiled, and then turned on Ganondorf. Link gave him that evil, show-no-mercy, boy-am-I-gonna-kick-your-butt look. Link was glowing and dug up the ground where he stood because he radiated such power. And know, Ganondorf couldn't hide it, he was afraid.

How can the Triforce give him such power!? Ganondorf thought, he doesn't even know how to use them properly!! Link walked towards Ganondorf slowly. He dropped his sword, he didn't want, or need it right now. Ganondorf stood his ground, but Link held up his hand and effortlessly shot a ball of energy at Ganondorf. When it hit Ganondorf, he was thrown back and nearly fell off the roof. He floated back up and charged at Link. Ganondorf hurtled himself straight into Link, but Link stopped him by merely holding out his hand. Link threw Ganondorf into the air, flew up beside him, and elbowed him fiercely in the pit of his stomach. This was a power that even Ganondorf could not handle, who gasping for air. Link then slammed Ganondorf's face down into the roof of his own castle.

"HOW CAN THIS BE!?!?" Ganondorf yelled, "HOW CAN." Ganondorf looked deep into Link eyes, they were flaming with rage and passion. And then he looked at Malon, and understood. "NO!! IT'S YOU!!! IT'S YOU AND THAT CURSED GIRL!!! YOU'RE DOING THIS!!!!" Ganondorf charged at Link many times, only to get zapped, beaten, and slammed onto the roof. Now, hours later, Ganondorf was suffering mortal injures, and Link was still glowing with rage and had barely broke a sweat. Ganondorf was full of pride and would not give up, he stood once more. Link was making Ganondorf pay for everything that he had done to him. And Link delivered a powerful kick into the pit Ganondorf's stomach, and sent him flying to the other side of the castle. Ganondorf lay on his back against the stone, unable to move or even scream in pain. Link loomed over him, and called his sword to his hand. He pointed the Master Sword to Ganondorf's throat.

"Let Malon go," Link ordered. "NOW!" Ganondorf didn't answer, but the green haze that held Malon captive disappeared. Link wasn't done yet, "Heal Chango." Link ordered Ganondorf once again. Ganondorf was finally able to heal Chango after many tries, because he was hurt so bad. Chango stood,

"Dude, that was.really weird." Chango looked at Ganondorf. "I want my guitar back!" Chango said. Chango's guitar appeared beside him. Link looked at Chango, who seemed to be better, but he turned to look at Nabooru, she looked sad. Nabooru was staring down at the ground. Link turned on Ganondorf, who was doing everything in his power just to stay alive.

I know I should kill you, Link thought, but.I've never really killed anyone before, human anyway. Link still held his sword to Ganondorf's throat. Ganondorf brought up enough energy to speak, "Well.go ahead.I'm not.stopping you."

Link couldn't believe what he was saying, Ganondorf had too much pride. Then, Link remembered, everything. He remembered everything that had happened to him, lately. He remembered Jappas, and Miaku. He remembered what Nabooru had told him. He remembered Kiro Kiro's Pendant. He remembered Iylustice and Volvagia. He remembered Impa, and the Sages. He remembered how much Nabooru had loved that little baby Keaton, Puppy. He remembered when he had been spying on Ganondorf, and.the tear. He looked at Nabooru again, then back at Ganondorf. Ganondorf was having trouble breathing, covered in blood, and was staring up at the sky, waiting for his life to end. Then Link remembered something from long ago, when he was a little kid, how he had told Saria that he would never want to kill another person. Ganondorf, Link thought, he's a monster, but.he is still.a person. Link sighed, then smiled.

Ganondorf didn't understand, "You.can't do it.can you?" Link but his sword back where it belonged, then turned to Malon and Nabooru.

"Let's go home."

They walked away, and Ganondorf painfully used all his energy to levitate himself. Why is the boy doing this? Ganondorf thought. Nabooru looked back at Ganondorf, he looked at her. She smiled, and then they left, leaving Ganondorf on the castle alone. He stayed up there for a while, and then Link and them reached the bottom they looked up to see Ganondorf fly away, slowly. "Where do you think he's going?" Link asked.

"Who knows," Nabooru said.

"Nabooru, what's that? I thought you gave up being a thief!" Nabooru had a big bag over her shoulder.

"I don't think he'll notice," Nabooru giggled, "I just took some of his sake!" Epona and Nabooru's horse were still there, so the four rode home.

Well, Chango flew with his repaired guitar, "Hey! He did pretty good job fixing this!"

"Link?" Malon said quietly, "I'm happy about what you did today."

"Me too," Link replied.

Two weeks later Link was helping Malon at Lon Lon Ranch, which had now become his home. Chango was playing music with Zuny, and Nabooru sat on the roof drinking some sake. A guard from Hyrule Castle came up to Link. "We received a letter for you, sir. Not sure who it's from, it came from Gerudo Valley." Link took the letter and opened it. Inside, on a brown crinkled piece of paper, was some very sloppy handwriting. The letter was not signed, and only contained two words. But that was enough for Link, he knew who it was from. All it said was: thank you.