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"The Gerudo Creation Epic"

The Gerudo Creation Epic

By: Richie S.

The Gerudo creation epic goes as follows: After the three goddesses created Hyrule, Din, the goddess of power, willed herself to be with child. She gave birth in the desert to Nabitah, which translates to sand or desert goddess. She was goddess of the desert, the sun, the daytime sky, and the day. Nabitah, like her mother before her willed herself to be with child, and from her womb she gave birth to the Gerudo Race. The Gerudos started out with both male and female members. Nabitah then conceived a child with a Hylian male, and she gave birth to Cheman, the god of the night, moon stars, and the night sky.

The fall of the Gerudo male started when Cheman fathered children with Gerudo females. One of Cheman's sons, Rehme, wishing to seize control from Nabitah and Cheman, organized a revolt among the Gerudo. The rebels were virtually all male, with but a few paltry females. The side of Nabitah and Cheman, however, was made almost entirely of females with but a paltry few males. When the rebellion occurred, the losses were staggering. Rehme, and virtually all the Gerudo males on his side, were killed in battle, and the survivors, both male and female, were executed. Nabitah and Cheman's side also suffered staggering losses. In fact, only one Gerudo male survived the war. The surviving male was one of Cheman's sons, and he was made king of the Gerudo. Cheman then vowed that every one hundred years he would concieve a male child with a Gerudo female, and that man would be king of the Gerudos. Nabitah then blessed the Gerudos with the ability to conceive only female children (unless Cheman intervened). Cheman then claimed that only his sons were worthy of being called "men". And that all males that were not his sons were at the best "boys" or at the worst savage dogs. When a male does something great among the Gerudo, such as when Link freed the Carpenters, the male is said to be a "Son of Cheman", that is the Gerudo believe Cheman is literally the man's father. When one of the Gerudo's kings dishonors himself (example: Ganondorf), they are said to be a Rehme, and are treated with extreme contempt.