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"The Goddesses' Roses"

The Goddesses' Roses

By: Stephen Young

One day seven years after Ganon being killed Link was picking flowers in the Lost woods he cast his mind back to remembering how it was seven years ago. Just after Ganon was killed he was sent back to his younger days all of Ganons actions had been wiped from history, the deku tree was alive, and everything had been normal, only him, the deku tree, zelda, and the sages remembered although there was another?. Just after he had been sent back Zelda came to him saying something about some scrolls. Turned out that Ganondorf wasn?t evil, well he was, but only because of some kind of parasite had latched onto him sucking the goodness out. The ancient parasite was named Ganon, of course after he was destroyed the man was good once again. He became known as Dorf, that is after they revived the body.

The flowers he was picking were beautiful green roses they were the biggest ones he had seen, he liked flowers and plants and thought he could try to
propogate them. That afternoon back at his house he put the flowers in a special solution then but them in soil. He could see roots growing already, he knew the solution made roots grow fast but not that fast. He had finished tending to them and it was only 3:00 so he spent the rest of the day with Saria and Mido. Then he went to bed.

The next morning he went out to see the flowers, they were dead already, he was upset about it, but never mind. That day he went out of the forest and went to see Zelda.



They were good friends, but never had much to say to each other.

"Do you want a cup of tea?"


They sat down and started drinking tea.

"I think," Zelda said.

"I..I think I'm falling in love."

"Who with?"


Link fell off his seat and spat out his tea. "DORF!!!"


"But he's a Gerudo, it wouldn't work."

"Yeah, you're right."

Link sat back down again and continued drinking his tea. "Maybe," said Link.

"Maybe what?"

"Well, if you spoke to Nabooru she could tell you the Gerudo laws."

"Yeah. I'll do that."


"Yes Link?"

"I think I'm in love too."

"Saria, but she's about 10, and I'm 17."

"Maybe the Deku tree can turn you into a Kokiri."


Then they decided to go off and talk to the Deku tree and Nabooru. After a while they went their separate ways.

Link told the Deku tree about his problem. "Hmmmmmm. If you became a child of 10 again I could, but you would need to find four roses."


"Yes sacred rose bushes were planted across the land by the three Goddesses. Farore's bush is in the Lost Woods, green flowers; Din's is in the volcano, red flowers; and Nayru's is in the lake, blue flowers."

"What about the fourth?"

"The fourth is in the Hero of Time's true love's heart."

"What the!!!"

"You have to make her love you in order for the plant to grow."

"Where would it grow?"

"Within Hyrule Castle."


"The knowledge of the locations apart from the true love rose is unknown."

"I know where the courage plant is."


"But do I really have to? Can't you just change me?"

"It is necessary for any race to change to another race without the aid of a mask."

"You mean any race can transform to another, like Zora to Goron?"

"If they have the roses, yes I could."

"Couldn't I just find the mask?"

"No, a mask never shows the true race. Incedentally, you will have to find the roses before you time travel, as the rose bushes only bloom when the hero is 17 or over."

So with that Link went to see Saria. "LINK!!!" Saria was rinning towards him. "Navi overheard your conversation with the Deku tree and told me."

"What the-"

"I love you too!!!" With that she jumped up and kissed him. "I always have, but go now find the roses."

Link noticed the time and realised he was supposed to meet with Zelda. "Bye!" Link yelled as he ran off. When he got to the castle he saw Zelda crying.
"Whats wrong?"

"He skas hr rklfe sbs jetb dk kjg vjdj dlklkf hghf hhh hjhg hg gygb ghg!!!"

"Calm down,  I can't understand you."

"He said he loved me, but can't marry a woman from a different race!"

"But I thought a Gerudo woman could marry a Hylian."

"Yes, but not the king of the Gerudos."

"Its alright."

"How is it?" He then explained what the Deku tree had said about a race turning into another race. "Really?"


"Then I shall go with you tommorrow at noon!"

They went to bed in their different houses.  The next morning Link went out and found the Courage plant and plucked two off of the bush, then he went to
meet Zelda.

"Hi Link. I know about the dangers of where we're going so I bought Goron, Zora and Kokiri dresses."

"Why Kokiri? Why dresses?"

"A princess cant be seen in a tunic."

"I have two roses of Courage."

"Oh. Quickly we must find the Roses of love. A bush grew in the courtyard I heard Impa telling a guard to let it stay there because it was so beautiful."

They found the rose bush and Link got his, Zelda got hers then, they went to find the others. As they approached the volcano crater, "Wait...Link. I have to..change" Link stood in front of her while she got into the Goron dress. They went into the crater and got the roses of power. Then they dove into the lake for the roses of wisdom.

"Now we go to the Deku tree."

"Don't we have to be in the past?"

"Only I do, as I want to be Kokiri and have to be young."

So Zelda went to the Deku tree and changed to a Gerudo. She and Dorf got Married and had two children: a daughter named Saria and a daughter named Linka.

Zelda let Link go back in time, and he changed to a Kokiri. He and Saria moved into the forest temple and made their garden (sacred meadow) a utopia for plants and flowers. Then they got married with Dorf and Darunia as best menm and Malon, Zelda, Ruto, Impa and Nabooru as bridesmaids. They were then blessed by the Deku tree as the only Kokiri to have children then they had five daughters named Zelda, Malon, Impa, Nabooru, and Ruto, and three sons named Darunia, Rauru and Dorf. They all had greeny blond hair and blue eyes.