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"Good Night Ganondorf"

Good Night Ganondorf

By: Akira

The wind whistled through the dark walls of the Gerudo fortress. The pale moon and dim starlight shimmered through the small cracks in the ceiling. All was quiet... So quiet that you could hear the small footsteps pat against the cool sand. A small child, the four-year-old prince, walked almost in silence into the long hallway.   He gently wrapped himself in his massive blanket as he walked,  to hide from whatever shadow monsters were out that night.

The hallway, lit with moonlight, was still to dark for his Gerudo eyes to get used to right away. He clumsily walked into a tall, decorative pole. It tipped over and fell to the floor with a loud clang. He froze for a moment, then looked to see if anyone had awakened. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw no light from any of the doors.  He continued walking down the moonlit hall, occasionally bumping things, to a large door.  The door that led to the room he had been looking for.

Taking a deep breath, he slowly opened the door. It bellowed and squeaked.

It's amazin, he thought, how at night, every sound is bigger.

Once inside, he stood in awe at the massive room.  Although it was much smaller than his, it was almost as elegant. The ground was littered with golden statues and toys that have obviously been forgotten after the first time of playing with. The small carpet in the middle of the floor was laced with all sorts of patterns and was almost as red as his hair. The whole left side of the room was a giant mirror, giving more illusion of  a larger room. There was a sweet fragrance in the air, the only thing not found in his own room,  being the only male and all.

Grasping the blanket tighter around him, he walked slowly to a small bed in the back corner of the room. It was almost lost in the elegant surroundings.

"Psst," he whispered. "Nabooru...Are you awake?"

A small lump in the bed stirred under a small silk cover for a moment, then went still again.

"Good," he sighed. He didn't know why, but he liked talking to her. Especially if she was sleeping.  It was as if...he thought she heard every word.

"I had a bad dream again," he whispered. "This one was even scarier than the last one."

He looked around the room once again to see if anyone was there.

"It was like...I was running, and running. Everything was all dark and I couldn't see anything. Someone kept calling my name."

He paused as Nabooru turned in her sleep and mumbled dreamily.

"You were there," he continued. "You were calling me...I think. I wanted to go to you, but this..."

His face twisted in thought as he  searched for the right word to use to describe it. He ran his fingers through his fiery red hair.

"But this ...evil...demon grabbed my foot.  I looked up at it. It was saying something to me...I forgot what it was. I think it was, 'you're mine'. Its face was really scary. It was like"

He thought he heard a faint giggle. Was he just hearing things? Nabooru was still fast asleep.

"Anyway," he continued, now keeping a close eye on the sleeping bundle. "It reached up for my leg, like this," he twisted his hand around in the air, making the fingers seem like claws,  "and it grabbed me, and kept pulling me away from everything. Our father, our mothers, Everyone and everything. It was eating me Nab! Then, I got a good look at Its face..." His voice trailed off and a small tear dropped onto the silk sheet, leaving a small mark where it landed.

"At first it looked like this giant pig, but then...It was our father. He laughed at me. While he was laughing, his eyes seemed to disappear. Then his laughter turned to screeches. Like he got hurt from something. Then the blood. It was coming from him at first, all out his mouth and eyes,  but then I looked at my hands. They were bleeding too. Then the blood started to glow really bright. Then a golden shape, I think it was a um....a triangle...appeared from it. Then a voice asked me which would I want more, courage, wisdom, or power? I said power. Then the voice said that everyone I knew and loved, would die because of what I said."

He looked down at Nabooru and leaned closer to her. He could hear her steady breaths and the strange gurgling sounds coming from her stomach. This sound amused him very much. And he smiled.

"You can't die," he said knowingly. "You can't die 'cause I'm gonna marry you. And we'll be together forever. Just like Mom and Dad. Just you wait and see."

He giggled at the thought. He wasn't even sure what marriage was. All he knew was that It made people happy and through parties. Not once has he heard someone say, "Oh no....your getting MARRIED?" and go off crying. All he heard was laughter and all he saw was smiles on all the people. So it had to have been a good thing. He wanted to be happy, and he wanted Nabooru to be happy too. So it all worked out.

"I sure wish these bad dreams would stop coming," he whined. His voice was a little shaky. "I wish I didn't have to go back in that hallway."

Gathering his blanket, he started to leave. But then his eyes met Nabooru, and he walked over to her. Stroking the hair out of her eyes, he stood for a moment. Then, gently, he placed the large blanket onto her, smiled, and left.

Nabooru clutched the blanket as she lay awake in her bed.

"Gannondorf, I had that same dream," she whispered to herself. "And you and I both know that wasn't father."

She then tucked herself in, and wrapped his blanket around her.

"Goodnight Gannondorf."

After a few minutes, she began to giggle.

"Hehe....a pig."