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"The Hero of Time and Titans Together!"

The Hero of Time and Titans Together!

By : Alexandra Spears

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Teen Titans and related characters property of DC Comics, and Link and Zelda and related characters property of Nintendo, just borrowing them. This is an alternate universe/crossover story.

The ebony-haired Teen Titan, Raven, was at last freed from her father Trigon's evil. The Teen Titans, including the precognitive Lilith who'd been guided by the goddess Azar, had defeated Trigon, an interdimensional demon, once and for all.

Or so they thought.

Raven was waking up somewhere. Odd, hadn't her friends and teammates killed her when she'd been corrupted by her father?

She stretched out her arms. Her skin was no longer red--it was back to its normal flesh color. She knew that she no longer had four eyes like her father--just her normal two.

"I am from my father's evil," Raven said to herself.

The empath stood up and looked around. She was in a forest. She could hear an upbeat song echoing throughout the forest, and she wondered where she was.

Raven stepped through a hollow log, found herself on a bluff overlooking what seemed to be a village of some kind. It would be rather difficult to climb down wearing what was left of her long dark blue dress and cape, so she used her teleportational powers to lower herself to the ground.

Next to her, a little blonde girl, dressed in green, screamed. Raven looked down at her. "There's nothing to fear, child, not anymore," she said in a soothing voice.

A little boy wearing a green tunic and hat sauntered up to her bravely. "And just who are you?" he demanded.

"I am Raven," the empath replied. She could sense his emotions--a bit of fear, resentment that a stranger had just popped in. "I am not from around here, apparently."

"I am the Great Mido, Leader of the Kokiri," he said. "I really don't appreciate people scaring my fellow Kokiri."

"You are the leader? Are there no adults?" Raven asked, curious.

"We Kokiri don't grow up."

It was then that Raven noticed--fairies--? flying near the children. "Are those fairies?" she asked.

"Y-yes, they are," said the Kokiri girl, satisfied that the stranger didn't seem to want to hurt anyone. "All Kokiri have guardian fairies."

"All real Kokiri," added Mido.

"Mido, Link is a Hylian, and he's grown up," said the girl. "Don't be so mean."

"Where am I exactly?" asked Raven as she looked around.

"You're in Hyrule, and this is the Kokiri Forest," said the girl, who was clearly warming up to Raven. "We Kokiri don't leave the forest. But you can...through that hollow log over there." She pointed.

"Thank you," said Raven.

Raven walked to the hollow log the Kokiri girl had pointed out. All around her the Kokiri children went about their tasks. Through her empathic abilities, Raven soon found that while the Kokiri were children, they behaved more like adults--most of the time. A fun-loving, peaceful race, that was the Kokiri.

The empath walked through the log. She carefully crossed a rope-and-plank bridge in her bare feet, and went through another log. A sign just outside the log told her that she was now in Hyrule Field.

Raven followed a dirt path. To her right and ahead were mountains. She saw a castle far up ahead. Rather than shift through the dimensions and teleport, she decided to walk; she didn't want to startle anyone. Obviously she was not on Earth, but in another dimension.

She had the feeling that something--or someone--had drawn her here, which was why she hadn't attempted to teleport back to Earth. That same voice or intuition was drawing her to the castle up ahead.

Raven went across a drawbridge and into a marketplace. The square was hopping--people (all with pointed ears, Raven now noticed--like the Kokiri) were haggling over goods or wandering around. Some turned to stare at her, but Raven paid them no attention. She kept going in the direction of the castle.

Soon Raven came upon a brick wall and gate, in front of which stood a guard. "May I pass through here?" Raven asked.

"Sure, if you have ten rupees," the guard replied.


The guard shrugged. "Sorry, lady."

Raven used her teleportational powers, disappearing in a puff of black smoke and reappearing on the other side of the gate in the same manner. She continued down the road, and two more guards ordered her to halt. Once again, Raven used her powers to elude them.

Link and his bride Queen Zelda were sitting together under a tree near Hyrule Castle, relaxing. Hyrule was pretty much at peace since Ganondorf's defeat a year ago. Immediately after that Link and Zelda had married, and now they had a baby girl, Princess Jorinda, who was only a month old.

Zelda cradled their daughter in her arms. "She looks like you," she told Link.

Link reached over and tickled the baby, who began cooing and laughing. Suddenly, they heard a commotion.

"Zelda, take Jorinda and get to safety," said Link, ever Zelda's protector. He stood up and unsheathed his sword.

Zelda stood up, holding the infant to her breast. "I don't think we're in any danger," she said. "Remember the dreams I've been having?"

A young black-haired woman, dressed in a dark blue dress and cloak, was running from the guards. "What's going on here?" asked Link.

"This girl is an intruder," said one of the guards as he took hold of the girl's arm.

"I need to see who lives here," said the girl. "That is all I know."

"Let her go," said Zelda. "Who are you? You look familiar...."

"I am Raven, an empath," replied the girl.

"I am Queen Zelda. This is my husband and consort Link, known as the Hero of Time," she added proudly, "and our daughter Princess Jorinda."

"You don't look like you're from around here, Raven," said Link.

"It is a long story," said Raven. "I did not mean to cause any trouble. A voice told me to come here--Azar's voice? I am not sure."

"Back to your posts," Zelda told the guards in a soft voice. "Raven, I have a feeling we need to talk. Come inside with us."

Arella, Raven's mother and erstwhile bride of Trigon, sat moodily in a chair at Dayton Estates. Steve Dayton, fifth richest man in the world, was the adoptive father of a green sixteen-year-old, Garfield Logan, AKA Changeling, who could change to any animal he chose.

"Where can my daughter be?" Arella asked her daughter's friends, the Teen Titans. "I sense that she's alive."

Sitting on couches and other chairs were Dick Grayson, known as Nightwing; Dick's lover Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, known as Starfire; Victor Stone, known as Cyborg; Donna Troy Long, known as Wonder Girl; Joseph Wilson, known as Jericho; and of course Gar Logan--Changeling. Also with them was a former Titans member, the red-haired Lilith, who'd played a crucial role in Trigon's defeat.

Lilith held two rings in the palm of her hand. The rings used to belong to Azar, who had been the spiritual leader of Azarath, an other-dimensional temple that preached pacifism. Azar's immortal soul was in those rings. "I sense that Raven is elsewhere--another dimension," said Lilith, "and that she's there for a reason."

"Great, we know she ain't here on Earth," said Cyborg, a young black man whose body had been half-destroyed. His father had saved his life by replacing the destroyed body parts with cybernetics.

"Maybe she's with some happy elves or somethin'," quipped Changeling.

Lilith's eyes widened. "Not elves...."

Arella sat up ramrod straight, her black hair bouncing on her shoulders. "You know where she is, Lilith?" she asked.

"I--I think I'm getting a vision," Lilith said, closing her green eyes. "The names of places...Kokiri...Hyrule...I sense Raven in another dimension, a dimension of elf-like people. And *he* is there too, waiting for his moment to strike."

"Who is 'he?'" Nightwing asked slowly, not sure if he wanted to know.

Lilith looked at him. "Trigon."

"So this demon was your father?" Link asked as he, Zelda, and Raven sat at the dining room table, having lunch.

"Yes," said Raven. "I am a daughter of evil, but I want no part of it." She had told them about the battle with Trigon.

"This Trigon sounds like someone I saw in one of my dreams," said Zelda.

"She's known for her prophetic dreams," Link put in.

"If my dream comes to pass, Hyrule is in terrible danger," said Zelda. She looked at the baby in her arms. She did not want her child to grow up in a world fraught with danger. "We must contact the Sages."

Ganon, formerly known as Ganondorf Dragmire, King of the Gerudo Thieves, was in his banishment in the Evil Realm. The only thing that kept him company was the Triforce of Power. He'd tried to get the whole Triforce eight years ago, only to be thwarted by destiny. The other two pieces, Wisdom and Courage, had gone to his enemies. Princess Zelda safeguarded the Triforce of Wisdom, and Link now held the Triforce of Courage.

He heard a deep, thundering voice. "This place, what is this?" asked the voice.

Ganon looked up. Standing before him was a man with ruby-red skin and light red hair, and antlers on his head like a deer's. He had four yellow eyes, two of which were in his forehead. He wore a white loincloth and boots. "Who are you?" he asked.

"I am Trigon. I am looking for my daughter Raven. I sense she's around here. That cursed Azar thought she could use my daughter to get rid of me."

"Well, Trigon--"

"*Lord* Trigon to you."

"--Lord Trigon, this is the Evil Realm. I was banished here by seven sages. I tried to get an ancient relic, the Triforce, which is extremely powerful. I only got a third of it, the Triforce of Power," Ganon explained. "I cannot break out of this accursed realm."

Trigon studied the former Gerudo. "I will help you break free from this realm--but you must aid me in capturing my daughter Raven. I need her to subdue the Earth," he said.

"How do you propose we do that, Master?" asked Ganon. He sensed that this creature was much more powerful than he, and it was best to grovel just a little bit to get what he wanted. Easy.  Trigon would get his daughter and go back to wherever he was from--and Ganon would be free to go after Link and Zelda.

"You said you hold something called the Triforce of Power," Trigon said. "Let's see what it can do with my power added."

Link and Zelda left their baby in the care of a reliable nursemaid, and they took Raven with them to the Temple of Time, into the Chamber of Sages.

"We were expecting you," said Saria, a green-haired Kokiri girl who was the Forest Sage. She was Link's best friend. "We sensed a great disturbance in the Evil Realm."

"Someone who is more evil than Ganon himself--if that were possible," said Nabooru, a Gerudo woman who was the Spirit Sage.

"Ganon may break free from the Evil Realm with the aid of this being," said Rauru, a portly, balding man who was the Sage of Light. "He still holds the Triforce of Power. And the power we sense from this other presence may be too much even for us."

"Trigon!" gasped Raven. "My father--he is evil incarnate. Azar help us. I wish my friends, the Titans, were here. They have defeated him twice before."

"I sense a connection," said Zelda, who was the Seventh Sage. "Perhaps you were guided here to help us defeat him."

"He may try to conquer this world," said Raven. "This world, and my world."

"Will he--take you over again?" asked Link.

Raven shook her head. "I was cleansed from his evil during the battle. But he'll try to take me over again, and use me to conquer."

Trigon and Ganon laid their hands on the Triforce of Power. "Yes, Master...I sense that the sages' binding power is weakening," said Ganon.

Trigon eyed Ganon. He might just appoint Ganon as his representative for the world that had Hyrule. He would see if Ganon was loyal to him. If not, he could always use his death stare on him. "With the complete Triforce, all Hyrule will be mine!"

Trigon smirked. He could sure use that Triforce relic to increase his power.

"The barrier is weakening!" Ganon crowed. "At last!"

There was an explosion, and Trigon and Ganon stood in the Chamber of Sages. The Sages screamed and ran for cover.

"Raven, my daughter. How good to see you again," said Trigon.

Link and Zelda held each other as they looked at the creature that had just appeared with Ganon. "Link, Hyrule is in terrible trouble," whimpered Zelda. "We must stop him!"

Trigon looked around and smiled evilly. "Where are the other two Triforces?" he asked.

Ganon pointed to Link and Zelda. "Held by those two lovebirds over there, Master," he replied. "I think you have to kill them to get them."

Trigon's two upper eyes opened and began glowing. "It's been a long time since I used my death stare."

Lilith sat on the floor in the huge den, Azar's rings clenched in her hands. The young precognitive was having one of her visions, and this particular vision was coming from Azar herself.

"Trigon was not destroyed...he was banished from Earth," Lilith said, her eyes closed, still receiving information through Azar's rings, which belonged to Raven. "He's in another dimension. When Raven was purged of her father's evil Azar sent Raven to that same dimension. If Trigon conquers the world in that dimension he will be unstoppable."

Lilith opened her eyes. "We need to follow Raven."

"But how?" asked Arella.

Lilith slipped the rings onto her index fingers. "Everyone join hands. Azar will guide us, take us to where we need to be."

"Trigon almost defeated us last time," said Starfire. "He will be difficult to defeat."

"I have a feeling that we'll have help where we're going," said Lilith. "This time we're going to be the cavalry for them."

Lilith, Arella, and the Teen Titans all joined hands. For the second time in days, they had to prevent evil incarnate from destroying everything. From the sound of it, this time the whole universe might be at stake--everything that ever existed.

Link and Zelda were up against the wall, embracing each other, unable to do anything as twin beams shot out from Trigon's upper eyes. They screamed in pain as they began to feel tremendous heat building up inside them.

"NO!" shouted Raven as her now-white soul-self intercepted the beams. Raven's corporeal form knelt by them and she used her healing powers to draw the pain away. "Father, please leave them alone!"

"They have something I need," said Trigon. "Perhaps if they were to give up the Triforces of Wisdom and Courage I would spare them."

"Master--I need those Triforces--"

"Enough, servant!" bellowed Trigon. "I will give you this world to rule in my name, but I am going to get the Triforce. Settle for that or I will simply eliminate you. Your choice."

"Master, would you spare the royal daughter, Link and Zelda's child Princess Jorinda, for my use?" Ganon begged.

"We can share her. Raven needs siblings," smiled Trigon.

Zelda started to cry when she heard that.

"We can probably share this woman too," Trigon added.

Link swore under his breath in Hylian.

The sages were recovering from the villains' sudden attack. Trigon merely grinned at them. "Sages, eh?" he said. "Come, Raven--and you two," he added, referring to Link and Zelda.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light. "The Titans!" cried Raven.

"Into your castle--now!" said Trigon. "I'll deal with those upstarts later." He roughly grabbed his daughter Raven and Ganondorf jerked Link and Zelda to their feet. As they were exiting, Trigon used his death stare to bring the entire chamber down over the heads of the Sages and the Titans.

Trigon was sitting on Zelda's throne, looking pleased with himself. On Link and Zelda's way in, the nursemaid had handed Zelda her baby just before she was killed by Trigon's death stare.

Zelda and Link sat in a corner of the throne room, holding their daughter. Through the window Zelda and Link could see red-black clouds and stormy skies. Hyrule Castle Town was a shambles--it looked worse now than when Ganon had taken over.

Raven stood before her father as he studied her. "So, daughter--Azar's spirit now fills your soul-self, hm?" he mused. "Once I get the remaining parts of the Triforce, I'll purge that witch from you and replace it with my essence!"

Ganon, now in his Gerudo form, stood next to the throne. "How long, Master, should we wait for the former Queen and her husband to give us their Triforces?"

Trigon looked over at the couple, who looked at him fearfully, holding their baby. "You know, former ruler of Hyrule, I now control all of Hyrule. Even the innocent children of Kokiri Forest are under my control, and the peaceful Zoras." He stood up; he was easily two heads taller than Link. "I need to rest for a while, as taking over this land has taken up my strength more quickly than I thought. To answer your question, Ganon--they have until I wake from my rest to surrender those Triforces. Then I will let you kill them, as a reward for being my servant."

Ganon grinned maliciously.

"Raven, if you even try to flee, I will kill that innocent infant girl they hold," said Trigon as he closed his eyes.

Raven went and sat by Link, Zelda and their baby.

"Some Hero of Time I am," Link whispered.

"Link, this is out of our league," Zelda assured him. "Without the Sages we don't stand a chance."

The Temple of Time seemed to explode from within. Starfire and Cyborg stood there, having protected themselves and their friends from the falling building with Starfire's fanned-out starbolt and Cyborg's white-sound blaster.

"Old Four-Eyes doesn't learn, does he?" asked Changeling, who was at the moment a green elephant. "He tried that before."

"We must hurry to the Castle," said Impa, Zelda's former nursemaid who was the Shadow Sage.

"And do what?" asked Donna Long--Wonder Girl. "Trigon is extremely powerful. We've dealt with him before."

"Raven is the key," Lilith said mysteriously.

Changeling reverted back to human form. "You're green," said Saria.

"You have green hair. So will our kids," joked the hormonal Gar.

"This is serious, Gar," said Nightwing, nervously smoothing back his black hair. "Where are we, anyway?"

"Hyrule," replied Impa.

Introductions were quickly made, as they had a universe to save.

The group picked their way out of the rubble that had been the Temple of Time. "Whoa...looks like a freakin' tornado went through here. An' those skies--like the last time Trigon took over," said Cyborg. "What was this place?"

"Hyrule Castle Town," replied Rauru.

"Link, Zelda, and the baby are still alive. I can feel it," said Saria.

Link stared up at Ganon. He would fight Ganon while Trigon was asleep, but he didn't have the sages' medallions. It would be fruitless. The medallions were needed to banish Ganon back to the Evil Realm--and even that would be pointless, because Trigon would probably just free him again.

Ganon grinned down at the little family evilly. "And how is my bride-to-be?" Ganon sneered, looking directly at baby Jorinda.

"You pervert," Zelda retorted as she clutched her child closer to her.

"Oh, I won't hurt her, if she doesn't give me any trouble," laughed Ganon.

Raven sat nearby, trying to think. How was she supposed to defeat Trigon--and Ganon? Somehow she was the key--but how was she to go about it? Azar's spirit now dwelled within Raven's soul-self. That was supposed to be a big part of it. But what else was supposed to transpire in order for both these villains to be defeated once and for all?

The Sages, the Titans, and Arella made their way up the path to Hyrule Castle. In the skies of Hyrule were Trigon's winged demons. "Even the Kokiri weren't spared," Saria whispered, tears coming to her big blue eyes.

Changeling put his arm around the Kokiri girl's shoulders. "We'll help, Saria," he said in a comforting tone.

Jericho, the mute Titan with curly blond hair, tapped Dick's shoulder. "Do we just walk right in?" he signed.

"Looks like we can, Joey," said Dick. "I see no one around whatsoever. Still, we should be ready."

The castle grounds looked like the most desolate wasteland under the red skies. The six sages and eight humans continued along the path, alarmed by the complete and utter devastation of the land.

"All of our peoples are under this monster's control," said Darunia, King of the Gorons and Sage of Fire.

"It's even worse than when Ganon was taking over," put in Princess Ruto, the Zora who was the Water Sage.

"We must hurry. Link and Zelda need us," said Rauru, as he fingered his Light Medallion. "We may be up against terrible odds, but we must try."

Nightwing nodded, remembering he'd said pretty much the same thing to Wally West--Kid Flash--when Trigon had taken over Earth.

"Stop that baby's crying now!" Ganon demanded.

"Oh, Link, Jorinda's so scared, I can feel it," Zelda whispered as she cradled the baby in her arms and tried to rock her. The tiny baby was wailing loudly.

Raven moved over to Zelda and touched the baby's cheek. Soon the crying stopped. "I am an empath. I merely soothed the child," she said.

Ganon sat down on a chair. "All right, Your Majesty, for the last time--I want those two Triforces to give to Trigon!" he growled.

"Who's to say that once Trigon gets the Triforce, he won't kill you too?" asked Link.

Ganon seemed to consider that. "Either way I want that Triforce!" he snapped. He didn't dare mention that he'd try to stop Trigon and take over Hyrule himself--for all he knew Trigon might be able to hear him--or even read his mind.

"You're not going to get it, Ganon!" said a voice.

"YOU!" growled Ganon. It was Nabooru who'd spoken. "I thought Trigon got rid of you insolent wretches!"

A golden-skinned girl with completely green eyes and long auburn hair, Starfire, stepped forward. Her hands were clenched into fists and a pink glow surrounded each of her hands. "He should have learned from last time," said Starfire.

"Thank Farore, it's the Sages!" said Zelda.

"Trigon's asleep--he did that last time. Who's to say when he's going to wake up again?" said Wonder Girl. "Let's get rid of Ganon before he wakes up!"

Link stood up and unsheathed his Master Sword. Raven sat back in the corner with Zelda and Jorinda.

"Trigon! Wake up, blast you!" Ganon shouted, knowing he was in for it. Link, Zelda, and the Sages hadn't had that hard of a time banishing him into the Evil Realm--and this time they had reinforcements. That girl with the glowing hands didn't look like someone to fool with.

"Don't even bother holding back, Kory," said Nightwing to his girlfriend.

The Tamaranean princess unleashed her full power on Ganon. That was when Link jumped in and began fighting him. Wonder Girl held him in one place with her magic lasso. The Sages stood in front of Zelda, Jorinda, and Raven, protecting them and waiting for their moment to strike.

Jericho stood by, ready to use his power of possession if Ganon got free. Nightwing hit Ganon in the head with batarangs, distracting him while Link pulled out his fairy bow and hit Ganon with light arrows. Starfire continued her assault with her starbolts, and Cyborg made use of his white-sound blaster, making the battle easier for Link.

Now was the time for the Sages to strike. They stood in a line, and held out their hands. A rainbow band formed and surrounded Ganon, and Link struck him with the Master Sword.

The colored band of light glowed brighter, and Ganon vanished, back into the Evil Realm where he belonged. The Triforce of Power went with him.

Lilith and Arella went to Raven's side. "Raven, my daughter!" Arella cried as she hugged her tight.

"Mother," said Raven.

Lilith put Azar's rings on Raven's index fingers. "It's up to you now, Raven," Lilith told her friend. "If Trigon consumes all of Hyrule, the universe may fall. Hyrule is full of magic. He must not be allowed to release Ganon and claim the Triforce of Power, else he has an easier victory."

"My victory will be easy enough," rumbled a low, roaring voice.

Everyone turned. Trigon had awakened.

"Where is that fool Ganon? Did he run off with the Triforce of Power?" Trigon growled.

"He's back in the Evil Realm where he belongs," said Link. "And now it's time for you to leave Hyrule." He held up the Master Sword.

Trigon merely laughed. "You little insect! You may just as well tap me with twigs--that's how much your weapons are worth! I could use the Sages' power to release Ganon--but I'd rather just deal with you fools first and deal with him later."

So saying, he began growing, taller and taller. "Just like last time!" gasped Wonder Girl.

Trigon went right through the ceiling. Starfire, Cyborg, and Wonder Girl protected their friends from the falling rubble. "We need to get out of this castle, quickly!" said Impa. "Come on!"

Link led his wife and daughter out of the castle. The Sages and the Titans followed close behind them as Trigon grew to one hundred feet tall and completely demolished Hyrule Castle.

"I thought our last battle with him killed Trigon," said Arella.

"No...all the battle did was purge Trigon's essence from Raven, with Azar's essence in its place," said Lilith. "All that battle did was send him to another dimension and ban him from ours. Now Raven's soul-self, combined with the souls of Azarath, are needed to vanquish him once and for all. During our last battle Raven's soul had fled."

"In short this is Round Two of the big fight," said Changeling. "We barely survived Round One!"

They stood on a bluff just above the path leading from the brick wall to the castle. They watched as Trigon, wielding a staff, reached up into the sky with it. He seemed to be stirring the clouds above him. He was ignoring them, as he deemed them insignificant. Having absorbed the souls of Hyrule, some of which were magical, he didn't think the Teen Titans or even the Sages could defeat him again. In fact, once consumption of Hyrule's dimension was complete, he planned to release Ganon, get the Triforce of Power, and start taking over the universe--Earth included.

"Well, we have sages here, and magical weapons," said Nightwing.

"Well, we're it," said Cyborg. "Goldie--let's hope third time's the charm. Combine my white sound with your starbolt. And just mebbe we can get some sages to sing back-up."

Raven stood on the edge of the bluff, her cape blowing in the howling wind. "We must distract him, weaken him if possible," she said.

"Sages--join hands with Cyborg and Starfire," said Nightwing. "If he truly is powerful, we are going to need all the power we can muster to bring down this guy."

Jericho held out his hands, and Zelda placed her daughter into them. "Take care of my baby, Joseph," said Zelda.

Jericho nodded and cradled the baby to his chest.

Zelda and the other six sages formed a circle around Cyborg and Starfire, who were holding hands in order to combine their power. Link had lots of light arrows left, and he got ready to fire one at Trigon.

Trigon held his hands up to the sky and threw his head back. "Ahh...I feel it...the souls of Hyrule and other countries of this world!" he said triumphantly. "And once I get the Triforce, I will be invincible!"

"Let's shut him up," said Cyborg. "Now, Goldie!"

A pink/yellow beam shot out from them. The Sages held their hands out and aimed at them, imbuing the two Titans with their power, greatly boosting it. The multi-colored beam hit Trigon and he howled in pain.

"Good thing Navi isn't here...she'd be driving me crazy right about now," said Link as he aimed a light arrow. He released, and the arrow sailed straight into Trigon's upper right eye. A tremendous, ear-splitting roar followed.

Link quickly shot another light arrow into Trigon's upper left eye. "I hope that makes him unable to do that death stare," he said, remembering that he and Zelda had almost died from it together.

Trigon stared at them. Blood was pouring from his two upper eyes. "My death stare does not work!" he bellowed. "Pain! Terrible pain! I'll teach you fools!"

"Now, Raven!" called Lilith. "Link, keep shooting those arrows at him! They're affecting him! Victor--Koriand'r--keep it up over there!"

Raven closed her eyes and concentrated and unleashed her pure white soul-self, which was in the shape of a giant bird--a raven. In that soul-self were Raven's soul, as well as the souls of Azar and the rest of Azarath. Raven's was needed to complete the task of destroying Trigon, and that hadn't been available the last time. Azar had dwelled in the soul-self the last few days, as well as in the rings Raven now wore--and now Azar was powerful enough to finally stop her arch-nemesis, Trigon.

The white soul-self closed over Trigon and he howled with pain--as did Raven. "Azar! The pain!" Raven screamed.

Arella went to her daughter's side and held her. Raven's teeth were clenched as her soul-self struggled with her father.

"Victor--Kory--cease your attack--I need the sages backing Raven up, she's weakening," called Lilith.

Since Trigon had absorbed magical souls, the sages would be needed, Lilith realized. Raven's soul-self was barely enough, and the sages could be a big help. They aimed at Trigon as they had at Ganon and used the powers of their medallions to help Raven.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Trigon's flesh melted off and his bones crumbled to the ground. The bones turned to ash and were blown away on the howling winds.

Raven collapsed in her mother's arms, breathing heavily as she drew her shattered soul-self back into her body. She needed to rest before it would be whole again.

The sages all sank to the ground, as they too were weary from a hard-fought battle to save their world and others. Link cradled Zelda in his arms. "I'll be all right, Link," Zelda told him. "Look--everything's going back to normal!"

With Trigon gone, the skies began to clear and brighten. The castle and the Temple of Time were restored to what they had been.

"Trigon is now gone forever. Azar, Raven, and the people of the Temple Azarath finally vanquished him," said Lilith.

Jericho smiled as he gently placed baby Jorinda in her mother's arms. "Thanks, Joseph," said Link. "And thank you for helping us. I'm sure my lovely wife here would love to have a party in your honor."

"All right! Party!" yelped Changeling.

The following day a celebration was held in the ballroom of Hyrule Castle. Changeling managed to get Saria to dance with him. "You don't look very old."

"I am older than you, Gar," said Saria. "We Kokiri don't grow up."

"Great. An older woman who looks like a kid," smirked Changeling. "Well, it averages out...."<p>

At the end of the party, the Titans, along with Arella, sat down to dinner with Link and his family, as well as the Sages. "How are you going to get back to your dimension?" asked Zelda.

"I am able to shift through the dimensions and go anywhere I wish," Raven replied. "I did not earlier because I was drawn purpose being to defeat my father Trigon once and for all. I can also take all my friends and my mother back with me."

"I want to thank you all again for helping us," said Zelda.

"Thank you," said Arella.

"May I ask you something, Arella?" asked Link.


"You were actually Trigon's wife?"

"In a manner of speaking," Arella replied. "I grew up unwanted by my natural parents, shipped off from one foster home to another. When I was around Raven's age, I got involved in a satanic cult.

"One night I was in a ceremony whose purpose it was to bring the devil to Earth. Instead of the devil, so I thought, a handsome man came to me. We were married by the priests of Satan.

"However, once we had consummated our marriage, and once he was sure that I had conceived his child, he revealed himself as Trigon. He abused me, did whatever he wanted to me, and cast me back to Earth. I realized that I had his child growing within me, and one night in an alley I took a bunch of sleeping pills in order to commit suicide.

"As I lay in that alleyway to die, a light shone and a robed figure came to me. He took me to the Temple Azarath, where Raven was born. Azar raised Raven herself, trained her. When she was eighteen she came to Earth to enlist the Titans in battle against her father--and you pretty much know the rest."

Arella smiled at her daughter. "I was so foolish back then...but at least I was able to learn from my mistakes. And Azar turned the tables on Trigon. Now Raven is free to do with her life what she wishes."


That evening Raven returned herself and her mother and her friends to Earth. Link and Zelda waved good-bye as they disappeared.

"That was some battle," said Link.

"You did play a major part in it," said Zelda. "You stopped him from using that awful death stare he had."

"I hope Gar comes back to visit," said Saria. She sighed. "I think I'm in love."