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"His Adventure Continues"

His Adventure Continues

By: Patriot2k182

Chapter One: Saria's Secret

It was early in the morning and, like always, Link was asleep. Today he decided he would wake earlier than usual. He got dressed in his usual green tunic and white tights. He put on his boots and gloves, and, to finish the final touches, he put on his earrings last. Today was Link's sixteenth birthday, which was why he was up so early. Saria had told him yesterday that she was going to make a big breakfast to get him started for his long day.

"Hey Saria! Are you finished with breakfast?"

"Yes come on and eat," said Saria. Link had begun stuffing his face as usual. When he was finisheded he wipeed his mouth, gave Saria a kiss on the cheek, and was on his way.

"WAIT!" asked Saria. "Where are you going?"

"I plan on picking up Malon and going to the castle because Zelda has a surprise fro me," said Link.

"I was hoping we could spend the day at our special place," said Saria.

"OH! Well I tell you what; how about me, you, Zelda, and Malon have supper together near the little Deku sprout?" asked Link.

"Well how 'bout just me and you, Link? I wanted to give you your gift tonight and I think I will feel better if it would be just you and me there alone."

"Well, ok. I guess I'll see you tonight then."

"Oh great!," said Saria. "Be there at nine sharp."

Link was on his way to the ranch, but he couldn't help but wonder if Saria wanted him alone to tell him how she had felt about him. At one time he did love Saria, but as he grew and she didn't, he began to realize there was no hope for a relationship between the two of them.

At the castle Zelda was preparing for Link's party. She was always trying to look her best; she felt that it attracted attention to her and she loved that. Her father was off talking to the new knig of the Gerudos, who happened to be Ganondorf's son. Unlike his father, Gamo was loyal and nice, so Zelda trusted him. Zelda looked in the mirror; she was satisfied with her looks and went down to start the party.

Link has picked up Malon and was on his way to the market. They both decided to stop at the market so Malon could pick up a new scarf to match her
new dress, and so Link could sit there and argue with a boot salesman over a pair of high-priced shoes.

"Link is here, so everybody hide," said Zelda. When Link came in everyone screamed, and Link jumped in terror but was relieved to see friends instead of a huge Stalfos or Wizzrobe. Link was having fun when the party started. He danced with Malon, Zelda, Ruto, Nabooru, and even Impa. Then Link opened his presents. He recieved a new dagger from Malon, a pair of new boots from Zelda, the king got him a new sword, Impa gave him a bow and a decorative quiver to hold his arrows in. Ruto gave him a kiss and ring that she wanted her so claimed fiancée to have.

When it was all said and done, he said good bye to Zelda and dropped Malon off. He went straight to the Kokiri forest and prepared to go see Saria
where he promised to meet her. The time had come and he went to meet Saria. When he saw her in the new dress she had on, he just wanted to pass out
from her childlike beauty. She was wearing a green top and white skirt; her hair was down and she looked beautiful from standing in the moonlight near
the tree. They ate and chatted for hours and it finally came down to where Saria was ready to tell link her secret.

"Link I have something to say to you," said Saria.

"Sure what is it?" asked Link.

"I love you, I have loved you since we met. I will always love you, but I know you can't be with me because of the Kokiri curse of never growing old.

All Link could do was say, "I love you too. I just wish we could end the one thing keeping us from being together," said Link.

"We can, Link," said Saria.

"How I will do anything to be with you," said Link.

"You have to kiss me, for if you truly love me, then your kiss will set me free from the curse." Link did not hesitate he quickly dropped to his knees and
kissed Saria on the cheek.

When it was over, an exposion occurred and a light appeared over Saria. When it cleared Saria wasn't there; instead it was her but she was older, about fifteen and very beautiful.

"So what do you think of the new me," asked Saria. But all Link could do was cryl he wasn't crying from sadness, he was crying because he was happy. When Saria saw Link crying she began to cry herself, and they both kissed each other on the lips. It was a kiss of passionm and a kiss of longing and waiting that they had been doing since they both fell in love with each other.

When the night ended they both fell asleep in each other arms, but elsewhere in the shadows there lurked a boy dressed in black. He was holding a strange mask,and in his eyes stared a look of anger and revenge. And who else would his eyes be on, but our Hero of Time, known as Link.

  Author's Note: What will happen next to our hero? Will he live happily, or will this new evil try to destroy Link and Saria? Find out in my next chapter, which I have no title for yet, but I will soon.