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"I Want My Manhood"

I Want My Manhood


Chapter One

Fierce Deity Link shot another fireball at Majora. Another hit! This is so easy, he thought and he shot another fireball. Majora exploded. Fierce Deity Link pulled off his mask to reveal himself as a ten-year-old boy. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and began rummaging through his pockets. He pulled out a bottle of fresh spring water. Link took one big gulp of water and wiped his mouth. He took another gulp and finished his drink. He stepped into a circle of blue light and was transported back to Termina field. It's finally over! Link thought. He pulled out his ocarina and called Epona. The little filly came running and licked Link's face. Link mounted onto Epona and rode back to Clock Town.

In town, people came running over to Link. The postman, the mayor, Anju, the bartender and even the carpenters were there to thank Link with open arms.

That night at the milk bar, every townsperson came to celebrate Link's victory. The Indigo-gos played songs while everyone danced and drank milk. Pamela's father was discussing something with the man from the observatory, while Jim chatted with Romani.

After much partying, Link decided to go home. He got on Epona and rode to the Clock Tower. Inside, the Happy Mask Salesman greeted Link. "Did you get the mask back?" he asked. Link nodded and gave him Majora's Mask. "Mmm...good, lots of courage you must have! And that I shall reward!" said the Happy Mask Salesman. Link and Epona were lifted off the ground and were caught in a vortex. The next thing they knew, they were back in the Lost Woods. Link breathed a sigh of relief and headed home to Kokiri Forest to rest. He was very tired and needed a good amount of sleep. For tomorrow he would regain he manhood.

Princess Zelda was daydreaming in the castle courtyard. She was concerned about her friend, Link. He had gone to look for Navi, his fairy partner. A tear rolled down her cheek. "Oh, Link, where are you?" she whispered.

Link was getting ready for bed. He pulled off his tunic and cap and pulled on a green nightshirt. He wriggled under his blanket and blew out his candle. As he rested his head on his pillow, he knew that he would have the best sleep he would ever have in a life time.....

"Link! Link! Link!"chanted the crowd of Hylians, Gorons, Zoras, Kokiri and Gerudos. Princess Zelda and Link were standing were standing on the steps in the Temple of Time. Zelda put the ocarina to her lips and started to play the Song of Time. Link began to change. He was a man again- and Zelda was a full-grown woman. She began to lean closer and closer to Link and then...

"HEY!" yelled a voice that sounded very familiar. Link jumped out of bed and stood in a fighting position, holding out his fists. "Ha ha he!" said the voice, "no need to fight me. I'm Navi, remember?" Link became calm and grinned sheepishly.

"O-of c-course I r-remember you," Link stammered. He had never been much for words. The only words that he was used to saying were: Yes, no and OK. Although he knew other words that he had secretly learned from other people when they talked to him.

Link put his tunic, cap and boots back on and walked outside. The Kokiri were crowded around his treehouse- even Mido and Saria. Link climbed down and hugged Saria. "Did you miss me?" asked Saria.

"Yes!" answered Link. He was glad that she had asked a simple question, because he was Hero of Time and the questions of the other Kokiri were much harder to explain.

Chapter Two

Zelda sat in the courtyard, still waiting for Link. She knew Link would come back. More tears pelted her cheeks. "Oh Link!" she sobbed. "I want you to come back!"

Impa walked into the courtyard. "Zelda, what's wrong?" she asked.

"It's Link. I know he'll come back, but I just don't know when! It's been such a long time!" explained the weeping princess. Impa patted Zelda's back.

"Link's coming to the castle today. He sent Navi to deliver this letter," she said, handing Zelda the letter. Zelda read it and her eyes cleared up at once.

"Tell the guards to not throw out a boy wearing green clothes and carrying a sword and shield," said Zelda.

"Don't worry, I've already done that," said Impa, smiling. But just then, an evil man flew into the courtyard.

Link was riding Epona through Hyrule Field. He was going to take her back to Lon Lon Ranch. At the ranch, Malon was singing her song. "Ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo," she sang. Link galloped into the corral. "Hey Link! Where have you been?" asked Malon.

"Lost Woods!" said Link proudly.

"Have you come to give back Epona?"


"Was she well behaved?"


Malon hugged Link. "Bye Malon!" said Link.

Boy oh boy! I can't wait to be a man again!" thought Link. As he walked through the market,  people ran up to him and shook his hand. Link had to squeeze through the crowd to make it to Hyrule Castle. Suddenly, a scream came from castle's direction! Link ran into the towering fortress and gasped in horror at what he found.

Ganondorf had Princess Zelda trapped inside a pink crystal. "Gimme the Triforce!" he ordered. Link drew his Kokiri sword and Hero's shield.

"Ganondorf l-leave her a-alone!" commanded Link. Ganondorf grinned evilly. He drew his own sword. It was brown and the blade was chipped and battle-worn. Gerudo markings were engraved on it.
"Hee hee hee hee hee!" laughed Ganondorf. The whole courtyard turned black and dead. Impa and Zelda disappeared. Link gazed up at his foe. Would he have enough strength to defeat his nemesis? 

Ganondorf lifted his gigantic foot to kick Link in the chest. Link blocked his enemy's foot with his shield but was pushed backwards. Ganondorf cut open Link's arm with his sword, causing his sword to be covered with blood. "AAGG!" screamed Link. He flung his shield off and held his wounded arm in agony. The shield hit Ganondorf's head, making him bleed.  Ganondorf fell to the ground. Link looked over his shoulder and rushed over to the monstrous man. He sliced open Ganon's chest and saw the opportunity to stab his heart. Just as he raised his blade, Ganondorf grabbed it out of Link's hands and threw it. When it landed, it broke in half. Ganondorf punched Link in the stomach. Link punched Ganondorf's lip. Ganondorf held his aching mouth. "My jaw's broken!" he screamed. Using the distraction, Link ran around Ganondorf and grabbed the top half of his blade. He threw it in Ganondorf's back. Ganondorf fell to the floor and breathed his last.


"Link! Link! Link!" chanted the crowd of Hylians, Gorons, Zoras, Kokiri and Gerudo. Zelda was beside Link. They were behind the altar in the Temple of Time. This is just like in my dream! thought Link. Zelda put the Ocarina of Time to her lips and played the Song of Time. A beam of white light appeared. When it cleared, Link and Zelda were no longer children. They were adults. Link had his old Master Sword and Hylian Shield back! Then he saw Zelda. She had her arms around his neck and was leaning closer until they kissed. And this time, there was no Navi to stop them.

Author's Note: The fight between Ganondorf and Link was inspired by the old demo of Gamecube Zelda. I give full credit to Nintendo for that. I wrote this story two years ago, and I also thank my sister for encouraging me to finally submit it.