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"The Legend of Powerpuffs"

DISCLAIMER:  I don't own ANY of these characters.

The Legend of Powerpuffs

By: Alexandra Spears

Chapter One

It was an average day in the city of Townsville, and one of that city's residents, one Professor Utonium, was in his laboratory, working on a new invention. Lately he'd been interested in alternate dimensions, and he was working on a transdimensional portal. Well, at least that was what Utonium called it.

The machine looked very much like a six-foot-tall doorway, to the side of which was attached complicated-looking machinery. The Professor took a wrench and tightened some nuts on the side of it, smiling to himself.

At that same moment the Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium's three "daughters," were sitting in beanbag chairs watching Back to the Future. Blossom sat in a pink chair, Bubbles in a blue chair, and Buttercup in a green one.

"I bet the Professor's smarter than Doc Brown," giggled Bubbles.

"Yeah he does seem to be a few beakers shy of a chemistry set," laughed Blossom.

"Yeah but Doc Brown is funnier," Buttercup put in.

The movie was reaching its climax, and the three girls stood up, jumped up and down, and screeched as they watched as Marty McFly came racing down the street at eighty-eight miles per hour and as the Doc Brown of 1955 slid down the electrical cable.

Professor Utonium ran up to see what the screeching was about. He saw the girls jumping up and down, heard the movie, and figured that they were just getting into it.

"All right he made it!" shouted Bubbles.

"He got a real charge outta that!" said Buttercup.

"I thought there was something wrong, girls, and I thought maybe the likes of Mojo Jojo or Him was attacking!" the Professor said as he approached them. He looked at the television. "I guess it was just Michael J. Fox. Well...speaking of time travel...I have an invention I'd like to try. It's not a time machine, but a gateway to different dimensions."

"Really?" Blossom said, sounding excited.

"I was wondering if you girls would like to try it out with me," the Professor said.

"Sure!" said Buttercup. "Maybe there'll be some monster butt to kick!"

The Professor chuckled at that. Buttercup was always looking for a fight. "Well, come on downstairs," he said.

The three girls followed their "father" down the stairs and into his lab. "Wow...where is Rod Serling?" Blossom joked.

The Professor picked up a remote-control unit from one of the many tables. "This will turn the portal on and off from either side," he said. "It's important that we not lose it. All right, girls, let's hold hands."

The girls did better than that; they flew up and clung to him. Utonium pressed a button on the remote and a white light appeared in the framework that served as the doorway.

Utonium and the Powerpuff Girls walked into the light, leaving their world behind, not knowing what world they would be entering. Seconds later, they emerged in a forest, on a pathway. The white light was still glowing behind them, so the Professor pushed another button on the remote, whereupon the light disappeared, and the Professor slipped the device into one of his lab coat pockets.

"Looks like any old forest to me," said Buttercup.

"Not exactly...the leaves don't look like anything I've ever seen," said the Professor.

"I see a castle up ahead," said Blossom.

"Are we in England?" asked Bubbles.

"No silly, another dimension, where there is no England," Buttercup retorted.

"Stop strangers!" commanded a hoarse voice.

The four found themselves surrounded by walking, talking skeletons. Bubbles shrieked and hid herself inside the Professor's lab coat.

Chapter Two

Link, the Hero of Hyrule, was lazily riding his brown horse, Catherine. He was lying on his back on the horse's back, dreamily plucking at the petals of a white flower.

He had married Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule, only two weeks ago, and he was happy as could be. After all the time it had taken to convince her that he was the man for her--!

Suddenly he heard the sound of a child screaming. Link sat up with a start, fell off Catherine. Ignoring the ensuing scratches and bruises, he got back up and mounted Catherine. "It came from that way--let's go!" he commanded.

Link leaned over his horse's head as she ran off at top speed, into the forest near North Castle. His longish brown hair was flying in the wind and miraculously his green cap stayed on his head. His brown eyes were filled with excitement. He was a Hero, and he lived for adventure. Even though his adventuring days were pretty much over since marrying Zelda, there was still plenty of excitement here in Hyrule, most of it due to evil characters trying to get hold of the Triforce.

What he saw upon entering the woods shocked him. He saw flashing lights of pink, baby blue, and light green, and leaning against a tree was a guy--with rounded ears as opposed to pointed like Link's and the rest of the Hylians'--calmly watching and smiling.

The light flashes turned out to be three little girls totally wasting an army of Stalfos, skeleton warriors of Ganon's. Link dismounted his horse, not taking his eyes off the spectacle. The little girls, having vanquished the Stalfos, hovered in mid-air in front of the strange black-haired man.

"Wow! I have never seen anything like that!" said Link as he cautiously went up to them. "Who are you, anyway?"

"Why, I'm Professor Utonium, and these are my, um, daughters, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup." He gently tapped each girl's head as he said her name. "They're the Powerpuff Girls."

"And we're superheroes!" Bubbles piped up.

"My name's Link. Sir Link. I was just on my way home to North Castle when I saw you totally beating up those Stalfos," said the young man.

"You live in a castle?" asked Bubbles.

"Yep. I'm married to Princess Zelda of Hyrule," Link said proudly. "Why don't you come with me? You're obviously not from around here."

The Professor looked at the girls, and they all shrugged. "Sure, why not?" asked Buttercup.

"A real castle," Blossom said dreamily.

Deep in Hyrule's Underworld, a cloaked figure gazed into a sphere. "So...small children have defeated my warriors, eh?" asked a rather high-pitched voice.

Ganon, holder of the Triforce of Power, looked up. He was standing at the base of what he called his Evil Jar, out of whose pink mists he summoned his vast (rather incompetent) numbers of warriors. The Stalfos who had attacked the children were hovering inside the jar.

"Those children have super powers, Evilness," said one of the skeleton warriors in a raspy voice.

"Really," said Ganon. He thoughtfully stroked what "chin" he had on his porcine face. He then looked back at his sphere. "I want those children captured! They will work for me!"

Ganon's evil laughter echoed throughout the vast chambers of the Underworld.

"Link! Who are our guests?" asked Princess Zelda. The pretty blonde, green-eyed young woman hugged her new husband.

"This is Professor Utonium, and his daughters the Powerpuff Girls. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup," said Link. "They defeated an army of Stalfos. The girls have super powers."

Zelda blinked. "Pleased to meet you, Professor, girls," she said.

"You have a very nice castle," said Bubbles.

"Why thank you, Bubbles," said Zelda kindly. "Where are you from?"

"Another dimension," said Professor Utonium. "I was trying out my latest invention, a transdimensional portal." He fished in his pocket...and fished out broken pieces. "Oh no...the remote was broken in the fight! I have to fix it before we can go home!"

"Professor...are you able to fix it?" asked Blossom, not sure if she wanted to hear the answer.

"Yes, but it'll take a few days," he replied.

"I just hope Townsville doesn't go to heck by then," remarked Buttercup.

The Professor sighed. "Well, there's nothing you three can do. Why don't you take a look around here?"

"I was hoping Link could teach me some fighting moves," said Buttercup.

"She's the fighter of the bunch," the Professor said a bit absentmindedly as he studied the pieces of his remote.

"I noticed some nice flowers," said Bubbles.

"Zelda loves flowers. Go with her and pick some," Link suggested.

"I'll stay here in case you need help, Professor," said Blossom.

"All right," he replied.

Bubbles happily followed Princess Zelda out into the courtyard. "This is really nice, Princess," Bubbles said as they knelt down together in the grass.

"I really love flowers," Zelda told her. "I'd be happy to teach you what kinds we have here."

"Buttercup is named after a flower at home," said Bubbles. "But don't let the name fool you. She's tough."

"So I noticed," Zelda said.

Suddenly, they felt the ground rumbling. "What's going on?" asked Bubbles fearfully. As strong and powerful as she was, she was still easily intimidated.

Zelda clutched Bubbles to her and stood up. The ground about twenty feet in front of them seemed to explode, sending dirt, grass, and flowers flying every which way. Zelda and Bubbles were also sent flying, and they both screamed.

"Hey, this sword is really cool!" Buttercup grinned as she swung Link's magic sword experimentally. She had just discovered that the sword could be used to "zap" things--a bolt of magic shot from it.

"Careful with it, Buttercup," said Link. "So you and your sisters were created as inventions, you said?"

"Yep. Professor was trying to make one perfect little girl. The Chemical X gave him one--and Blossom and Bubbles," Buttercup said mischievously. "But he's still our father."

"Well, yeah, if he created you," said Link.

Suddenly they heard a pair of screams. "Bubbles!" cried Buttercup.

"Zelda!" Link shouted. "Come on, Buttercup, they're in trouble!"