Legends of the Triforce
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"Legends of the Triforce", chapter 1

The Legends of the Triforce: The Next Chapter


Legal disclaimer: Nintendo owns the Zelda cast and crew, only the original characters introduced came from me.

Through the darkness, one could hear someone breathing hard as footsteps pound against the ground with a noticeable grunt each turn.  A boy holds his arms up in front of his face to shield it from the hard, sharp rain.  All the while, he just kept going forward, not knowing why he was going forward; just that he had to keep going forward.  The occasional lighting bolt was the only thing that broke the thick darkness as they quickly hurdled across the sky, with no sound as they faded out of existence and sight.  The boy firmly plants his feet in the ground to push himself forward against the swift wind that threatened to blow him away.

As sudden as he found himself in this fierce storm, it subsided and a peaceful calm took over the landscape.  The boy didn't really question this event as if it were something normal to him, but only kept walking forward to his unknown destination.  Then, a booming sound rolled across the bleak night air. The sound startled the boy, and he quickly realized that the sound was that of someone, or something, laughing, menacingly.  The young boy looked around franticly trying to locate the source of the sound, but to no avail.

A shadow appeared behind the boy and took the form of a human.  The new creature looked down at the boy with a snicker upon its face.  The boy realized that something was behind him, and as the boy turned around to face the creature, he reached for a sword that wasn't there.  The fact that there wasn't one there shocked the boy as much as the fact that he had even tried to reach for one, for the boy knew not how to handle such a weapon.  The boy looked up and saw before him a large man outlined by his dark, black, armor, blacker than the dark night sky, looking down at him with a smile on his face, snickering at him.

The boy was poised for battle not sure why or even what for, he never fought anyone before, not even in a fistfight.   The creature spoke to the boy in a deep, patronizing, grunting, voice "So you are the chosen one."

The boy spoke quickly and questioningly "The chosen one? What do you mean?"

The creature spoke again in the same manner "You, young boy, have been chosen to fight me.  As like the others of your line of descent." The creature paused.

"Hmp! You, who have not the name of your predecessors, have the honor of dueling with me, Ganondorf." The creature now known as Ganondorf begins to laugh manically once again.

The boy just looks up at this Ganondorf and says in a dubious manner "Ganondorf huh? Huh, I must be dreaming." The boy slaps his face, and says to himself "Time to wake up from this freaky dream!"

The Ganondorf creature snickers again with a smirk on his face. "You are partially correct about this being a dream; however it is just as real. You cannot wake up from your slumber, from this dream, till you accept your destiny."

The boy looks up at Ganondorf and says "Whad'a mean accept my destiny?" The creature smiles yet again and floats down to the ground. This surprises the boy for the creature was so huge that he thought that the creature was naturally that tall.  Ganondrof sets his feet on the ground, still looming over the boy, as he starts to circle him.

"You, who are descended from a line of warriors, heroes even, are meant to fight me for eternity."

The boy chuckles at this, as he says "Eternity huh? Well that would be quit hard considering that I am only a MORTAL."

Ganondorf snickers and says, "Your soul is that of which battles me for eternity, you, are merely the physical vessel that allows it to do so." He pauses for a moment "You, who is destined to hold a power that is truly unlike any other."

"Really?  Well I'll tell what, you let me know when this is supposed to take place and uh, I'll get back to you on that." The boy replies snidely.

"Hrmp!" Ganondorf projects his dissatisfactory.  "You are a foolish one, like all those before you.  Nonetheless, I will explain to you what it is that you will come to face.  Your line allows you to hold a power of courage itself."

"Huh! Yeah, sure it does." The boy smartly remarks

"Grrr. Don't interrupt fool.  You are even just as foolish as those before you, and then some.  You may come to hold this power, but it is I that will take it from you when you release it from its prison, by your death if need be."

"Whoa, let's not get hasty here." The boy says in a worried manner.

Not heeding the boys remark Ganondorf goes on to say "You already are a strong warrior of heart, and I suspect that you will succeed were many before you have failed; and if at this time you do not cooperate I will do what is necessary to make sure that I get what is rightfully mine." Ganondorf changes his voice from a growl, to a patronizing chuckle, as he says, "So till we meet again young. what is it that you prefer your friends to call you.  S isn't it, yes, it is, but what it is that it stands for will suffice, eh Storm?" Ganondorf snickers some more.

"Only my friends has the right to call me S, you sir, however, can call me by my name, Terry." The young boy says hotly.

Ganondorf laughs at this display of anger and says, " W.C.S it is then. See you around, Mr. Storm.  Ha...Ha...Ha...Ha...Ha." With this, Ganondorf dissolves from site until he disappears completely.

Terry looks around and finds himself alone once more, and he returns to his travel, trudging on his way once again.  Then he hears another voice,

"Terry.  Please help me, find me."  A female voice implores him.  Terry looks around swiftly expecting the Ganondorf character to return.

"No Terry. I am not him." The voice states in an almost annoyed manner, "I need your help, please save me."  Then out of the darkness comes a light with a hand reaching out.

"Let me show you the way." With this Terry somehow knew that the voice wanted him to touch the hand, and so he reaches for it, but was finding it difficult to grasp, for some kind of field of energy was blocking contact.  However, he kept trying and with a great effort, he thrust his way through the field and grabbed the hand.  When he did this, images flooded his mind.

With a jolt, the young man sat bolt upright in his bed, gasping in disbelief that he was finally awake.  The sky outside was still dark, so he looked at his clock and it told him it was only three thirty two in the morning.  He flopped back down on the bed and rubbed his eyes.  He had been sleeping for just a little over an hour, but it seemed longer somehow.  Terry let out a sigh, nestled back into the pillow, and drifted off to sleep once more.

The next thing that he knew his alarm clock was going off, and he rolled over drowsily looking at the clock, nine twenty three was time it told him.  He groaned and rolled back over, trying to get situated to go back to sleep.  However, as he did he felt something on the back of his left hand.  Terry brought up his hand to look at it, and to his stunned surprise, he saw a triangle broken into three other pieces with the lower right one a slight shade darker than the other two.  He then remembered his dream from early that morning, and the images came flooding back into his mind, then he heard it, that female voice again

"Terry, please hurry, you must help me, please!"