Link's Heartbreak
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"Link's Heartbreak"

Link's Heartbreak

By: Rebecca Kraft

Link was walking up to the castle one day when he heard someone say, "Pssst. Over here." It was Malon beckoning him.

"What is it now? I don't have the time," he said, walking up to her.

"Oh, nothing much, I just wanted to see you again." She runs her fingers through his hair. Suddenly Link realizes she is trying to seduce him, and he storms away through the gates into the castle.

Zelda was waiting for him inside the front hall when he came in. She appears to be very upset about something. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Oh, sure, 'What's Wrong?' You are so insensitive!" she replied.

"Wait just a minute!" He said, "I have not done anything wrong!"

"Yeah Link, there's nothing wrong when you're with another woman, is there?" She storms off and slams her bedroom door, locking it.

"Zelda please! Malon was coming on to me, not the other way around! Zelda!"

When Link leaves, he uses his ocarina to transport to the forest where Saria is waiting. "Hi Link," she says, walking slowely to him.

"Hi Saria," He says in a very dull manner.

"What's wrong? Had a bad day? I know I don't look grown up but, maybe I could help." Yet again he finds someone trying to seduce him.

"First Malon and now you? Why must you do this? I only love Zelda!" He runs through the forest to his home, where Zelda is waiting.

"I came to apologize, but it looks like you'll be just fine!" She snaps at him when he approaches.

"What? What are you talking about! I never did anything wrong!" He says, startled by her sudden anger.

"Oh yeah! Yet again the hero of time doesn't know anything at all! Well I saw you Link! Just like last time!" She runs off.

"No, this can't be happening!" he yells at himself. Then he sees Saria coming and dashes for the exit. He immediatly mounts Epona and rides for the castle. He doesn't bother to dismount when he gets to the drawbridge.

Just then, the guard stops him. "Link," he yelled, "thank goodness. The princess was captured by one of Ganondorf's minions!" Link looked to the sky as a bright light sears from Death Mountain. He kicks Epona and starts off again, leading her up the stairs to Kakariko.

When he and Epona get tot he top of death mountain, Ganondorf is there. He had yet again been released from the realm of darkness. Link fights him in a fierce battle and succeeds as the victor. When Ganondorf dies, Link sees a shape on the ground that looks like a pile of rags. "No. It can't be," he says as he walks up. But it is what he feared. The shape was Zelda. Link looked at her face, running fingers through her hair as he looked at her. He tried to get her to respond, but the only thing that happened was blood trickling from her mouth. Suddenly, the great hero began to cry. Sadly he mounted Epona and pulled Zelda onto his lap. They rode together to the Kokiri Forest where he buried Zelda. It was the best place he could find. Right underneath the warm sunshine by the Deku Sprout.