Link’s Own Flesh and Blood
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"Links Own Flesh & Blood", chapters 1 & 2

Links Own Flesh & Blood

By: The Wind Sage

Chapter One: Sunrise

The sun was just coming over the hills on the East Side of Hyrule, the first rays of the morning light peeked through a window in Kokiri forest, awaking Link, Hyrule's Savior.

"Ugh," moaned Link with his eyes still closed, "C'mon, Just give me five more minutes to sleep."

Try as he might, the sun was as bright as ever and Link finally dragged himself out of bed. "I might as well get the morning business done," he said to himself. He slipped on the famous green tunic, grabbed two pots, and headed for the pond in the Lost Woods where all of the Kokiri get their drinking water. One pot was for himself, the other for Epona. Link sat on a stump as he filled the pots, but out of the corner of his eye, the air began to get a blue glow to it. Instinctively, Link drew his sword prepared to do battle, but as he did, the glow began to fade and all that was left was a piece of paper. Link picked it up and tried to read it, but it was the Old Hylian language, and could only be translated with the ancient Book of Mudora. Not knowing what it meant, Link picked it up and put it in his pocket. He began the walk to his home, when he got there, Epona was waiting for him. Link pulled out a carrot for the hungry-looking horse and put one of the pots of water at her feet, like he did every morning. Link climbed walked through the door of his home, and couldn't stop staring at the piece of paper while he ate his breakfast. Then suddenly he remembered, the Book of Mudora had been copied from the same pieces of paper, and the Royal Family owned one of the copies! He could go there and have Princess Zelda translate the letter! He strolled back outside, saddled Epona, and he set out for the castle.

Outside of the castle, Link set Epona outside and walked to the main door of the castle, where two guards were always standing

"Good Morning, Link," said one of the guards, "What brings you here?"

"Good Morning", said Link,."I'm here because I found a letter in the Kokiri Forest, it was written in the ancient hylian language, then I remembered the Royal Family had a copy of the Book of Mudora, I was wondering if Zelda could translate it."

"Oh, Absolutely my boy," said the other guard. "You saved this land numerous times, the King said himself, you are always welcome at the castle."

The guards opened the door as Link walked inside, walking down the corridor. He made a right into the royal dining room, there, Princess Zelda was also eating breakfast. She didn't realize Link was in the room until she looked up.

"Oh," she said as she wiped her face. "Link, why are you here?"

"Well," began Link, "just like I do every morning, I went to the Lost Woods to fetch some water for the day, when a strange blue glow caught my attention. When it disappeared and all that was left was this letter, that was written in the ancient Hylian language. I remembered that your family holds a copy of the Book of Mudora, and I was wondering if you could translate it for me."

Link handed Zelda the Letter as she glanced at it, "Well, of Course," said Zelda. "Lets go to the library, that's where the copy is."

Link followed the Princess down the hall and into the library. After a few minutes of searching, Zelda found the book. She set it, the Letter, and another piece of paper on a table and began to flip through the pages, writing down letters on the piece of paper. When she was done, she handed the translated letter to Link so he could read it.

"Whoa," said Link

"What does it say?" asked Zelda, Link began to read the Letter


This message comes to you from the future, it is written in the ancient hylian language because at the time you are in, I had no idea whether you were still using it or not, either way, You are not the last of your bloodline, but you are the youngest, another message will appear in the Kokiri forest at the same time tomorrow, where I will unravel more of this story, until then, remember this message.

Chapter Two: The Letter Writer

"Who is this?" Link thought, "And what does this letter mean?"

"Link," Zelda spoke up, "I want to go with you into the Kokiri Forest tomorrow."

"What, Why?" Said Link in surprise

Zelda Began to speak, "Link, I am the princess of Hyrule, I am partially responsible for what happens to this land, whether it be good or bad, I'm going with you"

"Zelda," Link said reluctantly, "I understand why you would want to go with me, but you're right, you are The Princess, and a grown woman, you should be
allowed to make your own decisions, Although it's against my better judgement, I will allow you to go with me tomorrow."

"Thank you," she said, "I know father won't mind, if I'm with the Hero of Time, he will have nothing to worry about."

"I'll have Navi or Saria wake me up early," said Link, "Ill be here to pick you up at sunrise, I'll see you tomorrow"

Link must have read the letter to himself 20 times before he got back to the Kokiri Forest, where Mido was waiting.

"Where were you this morning?" He asked in his normal snotty voice.

"I was at the castle," Link replied, "What's it to you?"

"Did you have permission from The Great Deku Tree, much less me?" he asked again.

"First of all, I'm not a Kokiri, I'm Hylian, That's why I age and you don't." Link said, "Therefore, the Deku Tree said I can come and go as I wish, and as far as you're concerned, I am 17 and look 17, I am legally an adult according to Hylian law and can do what I want, unlike you who's 214 and looks 10."

"Don't get mouthy with me!" Mido commanded.

"Look," Link began to get annoyed as he spoke, "Don't try to lay your hang ups on me just because Saria won't go out with you."

Mido thought for something clever to say to Link, but was too apauled to get
the words out, so he simply said, "I'll deal with you later, carry on."

"Before you go," Link stopped Mido, "Have you seen Navi?"

"No, I have not seen your assigned fairy" said Mido as he stormed off. Link then pulled out his Fairy Ocarina and played the Minuet of Forest to warp in front of the Forest Temple, There, he found Saria sitting on a stump, playing her ocarina.

"Hi, Link," She said as he walked up

"Hey, Saria," He said as he sat down next to her, "I have something I need to tell you, so far, I've only told Zelda."

"That's because your madly in love with her," she teased, if he was still a child.

This would offend Link, but he was grown up and acted mature as he shrugged it off and said "So what if I am?"

"Oh, so you admit it now, huh?"

"Would you please stop that and let me tell you my story?" Link said as he chuckled.

"I'm sorry, Link," she said as she chuckled herself, "Go ahead."

"Anyway," as he began, "I was fetching some water this morning, and a blue glow came into my sight, it left this note, It said I'm the youngest in my bloodline, I wondered if you knew anything about it seeing as you took me from my mothers arms into yours when the Deku Tree summoned you."

Saria thought back a long way and began to speak, "I remember when you came here and your mother spoke with the Deku tree, she said you have a twin
brother who was older than you by about 6 minutes, but she knew you were the chosen one when the war happened, she said she put a note in your brothers cradle and threw him into a mystical time hole, Not knowing where he would end up, then she knew she had to keep you in this time, so she dropped you off in the security of the Kokiri Forest, then she died."

"I think I know where these messages are coming from now," Link said, "My brother was sent to the future, and he must have found a way to communicate with me, he's sending me another letter tomorrow, and me and Zelda are going to be there to receive it."

"Can I come too?" Saria pleaded

"Ok, but just be at the pond at sunrise," said Link.