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“Little Zelda”

Little Zelda

By: Ryo-chan

Hey, my new fic!  Not sure if I’ll finish it, we’ll just have to see what happens...this takes place before the Ocarina of Time, Zelda’s only 6 years old.
Disclaimer: I do not The Zelda games.  If I did, I’d be the happiest person on earth, enough said.

“Where are you going this time, father?” Zelda asked her dad, Harian, the king of Hyrule.

“I’m trying once again to meet with the prince of the Gerudo.  I’ve never even seen him, he’s always off somewhere.”  Impa helped saddle the king’s horse.

“He might still be a too young to attend these meetings, sir.”

He smiled, “Yes, I guess that could be true.  But how are we to know?  Well, this time I sent him a notice in advance, so we won’t miss each other.”

In Gerudo Valley, a tall teenage boy with wild orange hair read the king’s letter.  “You’d think by now he’d realize that I’ve been ditching him on purpose!” the boy mumbled as he threw the letter into the fireplace.

Zelda waved goodbye to her father as he left for his two-day journey.  “Can I go to town today, Impa?” Zelda asked anxiously.

“No, not today,” Impa replied. “You’re only 6 years old, you know.”

“Almost 7!” Zelda whined, but Impa was a firm person and wasn’t going to change her mind.  Zelda went off to play in the courtyard; it was better then nothing.  She climbed a tree, picked flowers, and played tricks on the guards.  But after a while the adventurous little princess would just get bored again.  Talon (who had already had his daily naps) walked by as he was delivering milk for the king.

“Hey there Zelda!” he said giddily, “Whatcha doing?”

“Hello Talon!” Zelda replied, “Is Malon here?”  Malon was one of Zelda’s only playmates because she wasn’t allowed to leave the castle very often.

“Nope.  Not today, she’s at home sick in bed,” Talon answered.  Talon gave the milk to one of the guards, then waved goodbye and left.  Zelda sighed, once again; there was nothing for her to do.

The young Gerudo boy was sneaking out of Gerudo Valley, but a Hylian castle guard stopped him.  “Excuse me, sir!  King Harian wants to see you!”  Crap!  I knew I should of left this junk behind, the boy thought to himself.  He tried to put on what one could call ‘a smile’ and was introduced to the king.

“Well, since you will take the throne in, four years, am I correct?  Anyway, I thought that we should discuss the...” King Harian babbled on, and on, and on.  And the Gerudo boy wasn’t paying any attention at all.  For the love of Din!  Does this guy ever shut up?!  I’m gonna be late to the sword match I planned with Nabooru, she’s gonna be mad.  And Koume and Kotake wanted to see me, why, I have no idea.  God, can’t I get any time to do anything!  Can’t even read a freakin magic book without being interrupted!  This really bites.

“And that’s why I wanted to see you,” the king concluded.

“What?” the boy said and looked up rather stupidly.

Harian didn’t seen to hear that, “What was your name again?” he asked.

“It’s Ganon,” the boy replied dully.  The king talked on and ended up inviting Ganon to Hyrule Castle in the near future.

Without giving Ganon time to answer, the king said, “See you soon, then!” happily.

“Oh.  Boy,” Ganon mumbled sarcastically; too quietly for Harian to hear.

Zelda was leaning against the castle wall staring up at the clouds.  She sighed, there was nothing for her to do.  It was hot outside so she sat down and put her hands up against the cold stone.  The little garden she was in wasn’t like the rest of the castle.  It was full of exotic plants that were never watered, but for some reason, grew just the same.  Instead of bricks, the walls were made of ordinary stone pasted together in an odd fashion.  Zelda aimlessly felt her hands across the stones, just because there was nothing else to do.  Then, she placed her hand upon a stone that was smaller than the others, and felt it move slightly.  She quickly withdrew her hand and stared at it.  It’s probably just a loose rock, She thought, and pushed it again to see if it would move any further.  It moved, and kept moving.  Zelda pushed as hard as she could and pushed it deep into the wall.  Suddenly, the whole wall started to shake!

“What?” Zelda said, as the rocks shifted and formed an opening.  It stopped, and Zelda stared at it with her mouth open.  “Oh!  Wow!” Zelda said happily, “I wonder what’s down there?!”  Her curiosity got the best of her and she started to run down the steps that the opening led too.  They went deep down into the earth.  But, halfway down, she slipped and felt herself fall for what seemed like miles.  She screamed the whole way down, but nobody heard her.  The last thing Zelda remembered was being shrouded in mist; then, everything went black...

Chapter Two

Zelda awoke to find herself lying in very tall grass.  It was definitely the greenest grass she had ever seen.  She tried to get up, but had suffered from a very long fall.  She fell unconscious again.

Impa was sitting on her bed in her room near the garden that Zelda had been in.  Her room was in that spot for a reason.  She was reading a book and had not seen Zelda fall into the mysterious place.  Impa was looking at a book full of legends about the royal family of Hyrule.  Zelda liked this book a lot, and Impa would parts of it to her as bedtime stories.  There was one legend though, that Impa hoped she would never have to read to Zelda.  Impa sighed; she knew that some day, Zelda would have to though.  Impa read part of the legend.  It said:

Only very few years ago, an evil monster was found creeping about Hyrule.  The king, fearing this monster, asked a Shietikah magician to seal this creature away so that it could never escape.  The Shietikah had to follow the king’s orders, but felt sorry for the creature.  So, he made a way for it to escape.  If the Ocarina of Time; the royal family’s sacred treasure was played by the right person; the seal would crack.  Once the king learned of this, he banished the magician and hid the entrance to the creature’s prison.  Now, the seal is guarded by the magician’s successor, and nothing is known whether the creature is still alive.

Impa closed the book and sighed.  This legend was not a pleasant one for her.

Zelda woke up again.  This time she was leaning against a tree.  Someone must have helped me, Zelda thought.  But she looked around, and saw no one.  She was leaning against a very tall, healthy tree and was surrounded by moist grass.  On the bottom of the hill, there was also a small stream that ran on into the mist.  The mist was so thick that Zelda couldn’t see very far.  “Wow!” she exclaimed.  She ran around and played in the grass, then sat by the stream and picked up the reeds.  She noticed that one of the reeds was apart from the rest, and was moving a bit.  She picked it up too, and looked at it.  It was hollowed out.  The place where she got it from started to bubble and ripple!  Zelda fell backwards as something big and blue came out of the water...

“There you are!  You’re late boy!  Where on earth have you been?!” Koume demanded as Ganon walked slowly into the Spirit Temple.

“That king guy wanted to talk to me, and he droned on forever,” Ganon replied.

“Never mind that,” Kotake barked, “Find anything useful in that book?!”

“Not yet...” Ganon said.

Zelda screamed, then stopped and looked at the thing that had come out of the water gasping for air.  It, he, turned around and looked at her and didn’t say anything.  Zelda looked very carefully.  He was a tall thing, was covered with blue fur and had a long tail.  He stood on four legs like a centaur, and had arms with only four fingers on each hand.  His eyes were a sad gray color, and above them and his ears hung down.  On top of his head were two large blades that stood strait up and had what looked like little black stones in them.  Zelda looked deep into his eyes, them managed to say something.

“...Hello...who are you?”  she asked.

He looked at her, She is different... he thought, confused, She has no reason to fear me.  “ name is Kaytu,” he said back.

Zelda smiled, in her eyes, he looked like a friendly...thing.  “Hi!” Zelda said happily.  “Will you play with me?”  Kaytu looked at her more, then finally answered.

“What is...‘Play?’”  He asked her softly.

She looked at him strangely, “Silly!  You know, lets have some fun!”

Fun... he thought, ...That was so long ago...  Kaytu stepped put of the water.  “Yes...I”

Impa had searched all over, but couldn’t find Zelda.  Perhaps she went to her room... Impa thought, and started into the castle.  “Impa!  A post for you!”  Impa looked at the letter that the guard had handed her.

Hello Impa, is all well?  I’ll be back from my journeys tomorrow, please tell Zelda not too worry.

            -King Harian

“Thank you,” Impa said and headed inside.

Zelda ran and ran across the grass, with Kaytu behind her.  She stopped to catch her breath.  “Hey!” Zelda said after she rested, “Can’t catch me!”  She ran off again, and Kaytu followed her effortlessly.  She got tired, but then felt her feet being lifted off the ground.  Kaytu had come up behind her, and put her on his back.  She sat on him, sort of like a small horse, and he started to run.  “Whoa!” Zelda said, as he was so fast that she had to hold on to his shoulders to keep from falling off.  “This is fun!” she yelled.

He looked back at her and smiled, “”

Chapter Three

Impa was now searching the castle for Zelda, who couldn’t be found anywhere.  She stopped, and thought.  Zelda said she wanted to got to town today...hmm...I guess I’ll look there.  Impa got atop her horse and rode down to Hyrule Castle town.

The mist around Kaytu and Zelda was so thick that they could no longer see the ground beneath their feet.  If there was ground beneath their feet, that is.  Kaytu stopped and running, and closed his eyes.  Zelda looked up at him, he seemed to be angry.  He turned around and walked back the opposite direction.  “Can we go that way?” Zelda asked him, confused.

“No.  We cannot,” he replied, clearer than he had spoken before.  There was a hint of...something else in his voice; something powerful and mysterious.

Zelda shrugged it off and yelled for him to wait.  “Kaytu!  Wait!”  He stopped walking immediately and seemed stunned to hear his own name.

“...Yes?” he said, as he turned to look down at Zelda again.

“I have to go now, Impa will be worried about me.  Can I come and play with you again?” Zelda asked.

Kaytu bent down so that he was near to her height, “...Yes, you may...but...your name.  What is your name?”

Zelda smiled, “My name is Zelda!”

He looked at Zelda, She is so small that she doesn’t know...why I’m here.  Who I am...she has no reason to be afraid of me.  “All right.  I’ll see you again, little Zelda.”

Kaytu walked away, and Zelda walked into the mists.  After a while, it suddenly cleared up.  What? Zelda thought.  The grassy land was gone, now she stood in a large room that looked like the dungeons of their castle.  She turned around, and gasped when she saw what was behind her.  It was the mist, with electric bolts jumping around every now and then.  There was no wall, just mist so thick that nothing could be seen beyond it.  It scared Zelda; it didn’t make any sense for that wonderful grassy hill and plain to just disappear.  She looked up and saw a staircase leading up, back to the garden.  She started to walk, then ran up the stairs out of fear.  When Zelda reached the top, she heard Impa calling for her.  “I’m here Impa!” Zelda yelled as she ran towards Impa’s voice.

Impa looked down and saw Zelda running towards her, with slight tears in her eyes.  “Zelda?” Impa said soothingly, “What is it, child?”  Zelda stopped crying and was about to tell Impa what happened, but she was struck with a thought.  Something told her not to tell Impa, or anyone, what had happened.

“Oh, nothing...I lost.  Lost, that’s all,” Zelda said quietly.  Impa straightened out Zelda’s hair and smiled at her as they walked back to the castle.  Kaytu... Zelda thought, We’re friends now.

Later, Impa had put Zelda to bed and was saying goodnight to her.  “Can you read me a story, Impa?  Please?” Zelda asked.

Impa smiled, “Yes.” She replied as she pulled the legend book from the bookshelf.  Zelda listened as she fell asleep, even thought she had heard most of these stories before.  “Good...night.,” Zelda said sleepily as se drifted off into sleep.  Impa closed the book silently and shut Zelda’s door on her way out.

“Goodnight princess,” Impa said quietly.

The next day Zelda woke sleepily because she felt someone running his hand through her hair.  “Hmmmm...wha?” she moaned, still half asleep.  She opened her eyes, “Oh!  Daddy!  You’re home daddy!!” Zelda shouted happily as she jumped into her father’s arms.

“Hah hah!  I see you missed me!  Glad to be home, sweetie,” King Harian said as he picked Zelda up and swung her around.  She giggled as her ponytail whipped in her face, then Harian set her down.

“So...” came Impa’s voice, “where were you all of yesterday Zelda?”  Impa and King Harian looked down at Zelda, waiting for her to answer.

“I!  Um...”  Zelda stammered, trying to think of a good lie.  “I was playing by the stream behind the castle, but then I got lost,” she said.  Impa stared at her, but then nodded.  The king rubbed Zelda’s head and messed up her hair a bit.  Zelda sighed a sigh of relief; Impa believed her because that had actually happened once a few years ago.

Kaytu didn’t sleep that night.  He never slept, he couldn’t anymore.  But tonight, he leaned against his tree and cried against it.  It felt so good to cry.  So, he cried; he cried out of sorrow and out of joy.  Kaytu’s lifeless gray eyes gained just a little amount of blue to them.  He cried, clinging to the tree.  It was the only living thing he could get near.  But...Zelda...little Zelda, he thought, ...please!  Please come back...  Kaytu cried sleep. 

Chapter Four

After Zelda had gotten dressed and ready for the day, she walked down the hallway holding her father’s hand.  “So, did you have fun while I was gone?” Her father asked her.

“Yes,” Zelda said, “some fun.” She didn’t want to tell even her father about Kaytu, which made her feel guilty.  “...Daddy, who’s that?” she asked as they walked outside.  A Gerudo man stood on the other side of the courtyard, flirting with a servant girl.  Harian cleared his throat, and Ganon stopped and turned around, realizing that they weren’t alone, much to his disliking.  The girl walked away quickly, and he was now even angrier with King Harian.  Not only must he drag me away to this boring place, but now I can’t even talk to the hot chick! he thought as he turned around and looked at Zelda.

“This is my daughter, Zelda,” King Harian said to Ganon, “Zelda, say hello dear.”

Zelda looked up at the tall man.  He’s even taller than daddy, she thought.  “...Hi...” Zelda said shyly.

“Yo,” Ganon said dully, as he hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before.

After all that boring stuff, in Zelda’s opinion, she was secretly looking for the place where she found Kaytu again.  But, the gardens were very large, and she couldn’t find it anywhere.

Ganon, on the other hand, was having a relatively good time playing poker with the castle guards.  “YEAH!!”  Ganon yelled as the guards gave him strange looks.  He was winning by far, probably because he cheated the whole time.  “Alright guys...” he sneered, “If you even have any cash left, who’s up for another round?”  All the guards who did have money left refused, so Ganon didn’t have anyone to play cards with.

“Excuse me?” came a voice and a tug on his pants.  He turned around, looked down, and saw Zelda looking up at him with big blue eyes.

“What, kid?!”  he asked impenitently.

“Um...could you please help me find a tree that’s pink?” Zelda said.  She remembered that there was a pink tree in the garden.

“Pink?!” Ganondorf didn’t like the very word, but knew what she was talking about, “A cherry blossom tree?  No.  Find the freggin tree yourself girl.”

“Please?!” Zelda continued to whine for what seemed like forever.

“ALL RIGHT!!!!”  Ganon yelled at her after ten minutes of her whining, “Just shut up already!!”  Ganon reluctantly helped her find the place she was looking for, then looked at her strangely as Zelda started to run her hands against the wall.  “What...the hey?!” he said, and then watched as Zelda found the smallest rock again.  She pushed it in firmly, then stood back.  Ganon’s eyes widened as the wall slid away once again.

Zelda started to walk inside, but remembered that Ganon was still there.  “Please don’t tell daddy!” she asked him desperately, “or anyone!  Please?”

“Chill, kid.  I do not plan to speak to your father for the next ten years,” he replied dully. “Just stay out of my way!” and with that he pushed Zelda aside with ease and started to walk down the steps.

“Wait!  I wouldn’t...” Zelda was too late, Ganon was already down the stairs.  So she followed, and walked through the mists again.  He now followed her into the mist, as Zelda ran off to the strange meadow again.  Screwy... Ganon thought as he followed the ‘annoying little girl.’

Kaytu heard footsteps.  Could...she be back? he thought as he stood and turned around.  “Kaytu!!” Zelda called out, as she ran over to him.  He fell to his knees to equal her height.  Zelda jumped up to him and gave him a big hug, and he started crying again.  “Why are you crying, Kaytu?” Zelda asked.  He stood again and looked at her, a hint of green was added to his once colorless eyes.

“Because my soul has been awakened.”  Zelda stared at him, he didn’t know what he meant but said nothing more about it.  Kaytu looked up, and his smile faded.  “Little Zelda, who is that?” he asked.

Ganon froze when the blue thing looked at him.  “Uh...” he mumbled stupidly, “Is this your meadow?  Sorry, I was...just...stepping on it.  Okay, I’m gonna go now, BYE!!!” he said very quickly ass he started to back away and curse in Gerudo.

“Wait Kaytu won’t...” Zelda said, but she looked behind her and saw that Kaytu wasn’t there.  Ganon turned to run. But stopped dead in his tracks.  Kaytu loomed over him, glaring.

“You will not tell another soul of this place or me,” he said in a dark tone.

“...All right...I swear!  Not another soul!!” Ganon swore.  Kaytu stared at him for a moment, then slowly moved aside.  “...Please?” Kaytu added on desperately.  Ganon walked quickly away, and Kaytu turned back to Zelda.

“Kaytu...he won’t tell.  Don’t worry,” Zelda said. “But...why?”

“Why?” Kaytu repeated, a hint of hatred in his voice, “...I’ll tell you, another day...”

Harian sat in his throne room staring at the ceiling.  He knew that he had work to do, but had something on his mind.  “What is it, sir?” Impa asked as she walked in, holding her small dagger-like sword in its sheath.

“It’s Zelda...” he sighed. “She’s been acting strange lately.  And, the time we all have that little talk...”  Impa cleared her throat, and Harian rolled his eyes, “That other little talk.”

“Oh...yes.  You do know that Zelda was lying this morning?” Impa asked.

“Yes, I am aware of that...” his eyes went wide, “Oh don’t think...she couldn’t...”

Impa stood, “I haven’t seen her at all today...”

Harian stood, “We have to look, I’m afraid.  Make sure no one sees us.” He said as they both quickly walked to the gardens behind the castle.

Ganon decided that he did NOT want to stay at this screwy castle any longer, and was about to sneak out when he literally ran into Impa and King Harian.  “Why are you in such a hurry, son?” the king asked.

“Um...” Ganon tried to think, but all of his good excuses just didn’t come to mind.  “Forgot to...send my girlfriend a post!” and with that he ran off, hopped a high wall with ease, and was gone from their sight.

“Never mind that boy, I almost feel that it was a mistake bringing him here.  Let’s go,” Harian said as they started running towards the neglected gardens of the castle.

Zelda sat next to the tree with Kaytu.  “Kaytu, how old are you?” she asked him.

He closed his eyes, “...I’m not sure.  What year is it?”

“1457, second circle of the star,” Zelda replied.

He thought for a second, “...I am 47,” he said, then looked down, anger filled his eyes, “...he wasted so many years of my life...” Kaytu said, but stopped when Zelda looked up at him, confused.

“Oh!  I’m 7!” Zelda said, then she picked a leaf from the tree that they sat against.

“Here it is,” Impa said as she opened the wall as Zelda had and they walked down the steps.  She and King Harian walked down the steps, into the cell-like room, and through the misty ‘wall.’  Harian gasped when the mist cleared, as he saw his only daughter sitting with the evil creature of legend...

Chapter Five

“No...Zelda...Zelda!  Get away from that thing!  Now!!” Harian yelled to his daughter.  Zelda looked up at him strangely, Why doesn’t daddy like Kaytu? she wondered.

Kaytu stood and looked at the king.  Then, he looked furiously at the king’s pendant.  So...he is Oran’s...descendant...but why are they here...unless...

“Hi daddy, what’s wrong?” Zelda asked her father sweetly.

“Zelda, that thing is a monster, get away from it.  It’s like the bad monsters on Death Mountain, come here now,” he replied as calmly as he could without screaming.

“But...daddy, he’s nice.  He won’t hurt me.”

Kaytu stood, and glared at the king.  “He told,” he said quietly to Zelda, so that only she could hear.

“No...I’m sure he wouldn’t,” Zelda said.  But Kaytu didn’t listen, he stepped forward and waved a hand through the air.  In a flash, Ganon stood there, having been brought from whatever it was he was doing.

“What?!  I can’t even eat at a tavern without being interrupted?!” he yelled as he threw down his chopsticks and bowl, but then was silent as he turned around.

Kaytu loomed over him again, and said, “You swore.”

Ganon slowly back away, “I didn’t tell...honest!” Ganon stammered.  In the blink of an eye, Kaytu held up his arm and flung Ganon aside.  Zelda was amazed at Kaytu’s strength, Ganon was a pretty big guy but Kaytu pushed aside as if he was nothing.  Impa suddenly appeared right behind Zelda and picked her up.

“Come on Zelda, your father’s right!  Let’s go!!”  Zelda kicked and squealed though, she didn’t want to leave, and something was wrong with Kaytu.  There was something about him she just had to know.

“Wait!!!” she cried out, but Impa wouldn’t listen.

“Zelda, come on!” Harian shouted, “That thing is evil!!”

What...?! Zelda thought, as she was to stunned to speak, Kaytu isn’t-  Suddenly, her thoughts were cut off as Kaytu swiftly leaped right over Impa’s head and landed right in front on the king.  “I am not a monster!!!” Kaytu yelled, “I am not a burden!  I am not evil!  I AM NOT A THING!!!  MY NAME IS KAYTU!!!!”

Harian looked up at Kaytu in fear.  But Impa used this opportunity to get Zelda away.  And so did Ganon.  Impa ran to the end of the mists, followed by Ganon.  “No!  Let me go!!  Kaytu!!!” Zelda screamed.  Kaytu leaped over to Zelda, but Ganon turned around and thought that Kaytu was going for him.  Then, it all happened so fast, Ganon had drew his sword and struck Kaytu.  Zelda screamed, but Kaytu got back up.  Ganon has missed his target spot, and Kaytu had a jagged line of blood across his arm and shoulder.  Kaytu’s eyes now gained a blood red color, as he glared at Ganon furiously.  Ganon held his sword up; ready to defend himself is necessary.  Suddenly Kaytu let out sound sort of roar, then sparks started forming around his body.  It seemed as if his aura was coming to life, and a white glow surrounded him.  Kaytu held up an arm, and a glowing ball of energy appeared in his hand.  He then punched Ganon furiously, and the energy exploded onto Ganon.  Ganon was thrown back, and landed hard on the ground.  He got back up though, and then something unexpected came from that boy.  He yelled, and shot his own beam of power at Kaytu. I guess they didn’t know... Ganon thought, That I’m a sorcerer.

Kaytu jumped high into the air, avoiding the blast completely.  He then lunged back down at Ganon, who made a shield to defend himself.  But then, Kaytu suddenly seemed to stop in midair and fire his own beam at Ganon.  The Gerudo boy was taken by surprise, and wasn’t able to defend himself.  The beam hit him, and he was instantly thrown back, though the wall of mist.  He was very bloody, and out cold.  Zelda stopped moving around, and looked at Kaytu.  She never knew he could do something like that. Is...daddy right? she pondered.  Impa and Harian both ran for it, and crossed the mists.

“Zelda!” Kaytu yelled and he ran after them.  He was mush faster than them, having four legs, and was right behind them until...he was stopped.  Zelda, Impa, and her father ran through the strange misty wall with no problem, but when Kaytu came it stopped him.  Electricity slashed at his body, as he desperately tried to get through the invisible barrier.  Bt it was no use; Kaytu was thrown backwards, and he could not get up.  He wasn’t dead, but injured.  And Zelda was carried away, the only friend that Kaytu had ever had, was taken away from him only a day after their meeting.

Chapter Six

Kaytu... Zelda thought, as she sat alone in her room, Who are you...?  It seemed like forever since she has last smiled, Zelda just stayed in her room and thought for days.  Her father and Impa had tired to talk to her, but she wouldn’t listen.  She wouldn’t listen to anyone.  What did they mean...Kaytu a monster?  He was so calm...and nice...but then...that man, Ganon...  Ganon almost died that day, now he lay in bed unconscious.  Zelda went to see him once, It’s my fault that this happened to him... She had thought.  Now he scared her too, just something about him, it scared her...

“I’ve had enough...” Zelda said quietly, and she got up and walked to her father’s study.

He looked up and stared when he saw her, “...Zelda!  You finally came out...what is it dear?”

“...Tell me!” Zelda ordered, tears filling her eyes, “Tell me who Kaytu is now!”

He looked down at her, then sighed heavily.  “All right.” The king said as he hung his head and reached for a book.  He told her the legend, the whole thing, and Zelda listened.  It seemed to break her heart to her what has happened.  “My father did this,” Harian said to Zelda, “That thing is a had to be done.  I’m sorry, Zelda, but you must understand...that you can never ever go there again.”

“What?!?” Zelda cried out, “Father you can’t do this!  He is not a monster!” She stood and yelled at him, “Kaytu is not a demon!!!”  She glared at him, then ran off into her room and locked the door behind her...or so the king thought...

“I’m sorry father,” Zelda whispered to herself as she climbed down her balcony, onto a tree, then down the tree into a garden.  She ran around, avoiding the guards and sneaking through the trees.  She ran for hours until she finally reached the garden with what Ganon had called ‘a cherry blossom tree.’  She ran down the path, and stopped.  The mist, it had always looked strange.  But what it did to Kaytu was something amazing to Zelda, and she herself was fearful to step though it.  She of course was unharmed when she walked through, and she felt the cold grass against her feet.  “Kaytu...?” She called out quietly, and walked around slowly looking for him.

“‘Tis very odd...” Came Kaytu’s voice in reply, “This place is beautiful...and is a prison.  My...prison.”

Zelda looked up at the only tree, and saw Kaytu laying next to it, gripping the tree with his front two legs.  Tears were falling down his face, and a glint of purple that wasn’t there before was in his eyes.

“Kaytu...?” Zelda sat down next to him, “How are you?”  Kaytu sat up and looked into Zelda’s eyes.

“I do not know who I am, little Zelda.  I don’t remember...and maybe I never will.  All I know is that, whatever I am, I am alone.  I know that you have a power that is yet to be awakened.  I know that that young man Ganon is not who he seems to be.  I know what the key to my prison is. I know that I am the only kind of my species.  And I know...that a demon lives within my body.”

Zelda said nothing, but hung her head.  But how could he know all those other things, she thought.  “...I...understand,” Zelda said.

Kaytu suddenly sat up, “What...?!”

She smiled, “I understand, and I hold no burden against you.”

He turned, then hugged her.  “Zelda...” he started, choking up a bit, “You.  You are the key to this place.  It is up to you...I do not care, as long as you are happy with your decision."

"Oh course I'll let you out!!" Zelda replied, as if it was obvious, "I don't care what they think!!  They're wrong!!  I...I love you, Kaytu.  You're," Zelda felt tears falling down her cheeks, "You're like a brother to me."

"And I love you...little Zelda," Kaytu replied softly.

"You must get your family's secret power," Kaytu explained as he and Zelda ran to the edge of his dimension.

" must mean the Ocarina of Time!  ...Daddy told me never to use that until I'm older but...This is important."

"It is your choice.  If you choose so, you must bring it back here, and...then I'm not sure..."

"I know!" Zelda perked up, "I think that I have to play it!!  An Ocarina is a musical instrument!!"

Kaytu thought quickly, "Yes...yes!  That would make sense.  Go now," he said as he stopped at the barrier.  Zelda caught some of her breath, then ran on.  She ran through the gardens, and into the castle.  It's gotta be upstairs... she thought as she ran through the halls, avoiding the guards.

"Ah!" She said, then quickly muffled herself.  She heard it; she heard the ringing from the Ocarina.  People of royal blood could sense when the Ocarina of Time was nearby.  She followed the sound, It's got to be close... suddenly, Zelda stopped.  She looked through the open door into the room.  It was the medical wing, or a small hospital more like.

Chapter Seven

Zelda crept into the room, and saw Ganon lying unconscious in a bed.  “Oh no...” Zelda said as she looked at him.  I...I hope he’ll be all right.  But... She thought as she walked over to the side of the cot that Ganon lay upon.  The castle doctor had done everything he could, but it was still a risky chance whether Ganon would even live.  There’s something about’s scary...  Zelda bowed her head sadly, then walked away back to her little quest.  But then, someone...or something stopped her as she was leaving...

“...Kid...” Ganon heaved.  Zelda sighed in relief and turned around.  Ganon had grabbed her sleeve to stop her from walking off.

“Yes...what is it?”

Ganon coughed, and let go of Zelda’s sleeve, and let his arm drop to the side.  “Listen...thanks.”

“For what?” Zelda asked, confused.

“For...for coming here to see me.” Ganon started coughing again, “These people...they try to save my life...but they don’t care.  They don’t care...about me.” He stopped to take in air, then continued quietly.  “Zelda...answer me this......  Who knocked the locks off of Pandora’s Box...?”

“...What?” Zelda was confused by the question.

Ganon repeated himself, “...Who knocked the locks off of Pandora’s Box?”

“I...don’t know-” Zelda started, but stopped as she saw Ganon’s eyes close.  He wasn’t dead, but he wasn’t in the mood for any more questions either.  Zelda ran down the hall.  Why did this have to happen?! The thought seemed to consume her mind as she ran up flights of stairs and countless hallways.  Finally, in the very top tower of the castle, lay two large doors.  Zelda pushed her hands up against the doors, and they opened up slowly, creaking with every inch.  Inside, on an old fancy table lay a small chest.  And inside the chest lay the royal family’s treasure, untouched for years, the Ocarina of Time.  Zelda stared at it, as it glowed a light blue.  I never knew how beautiful the ocarina was, Zelda thought, as she walked inside.  Everything inside the small room was oddly quiet, and as Zelda brushed away the cobwebs from the open chest, her eyes fixated on the Ocarina.  “I’ll help you, Kaytu, I promise.”  And with that thought, she reached into the chest and grabbed the ocarina.  She held it close to her heart, then turned and started down the stairs.  “I’m coming Kaytu...”

That blue guy...or whatever he was...his power... Ganon thought, It was so immense!  It surpassed my own...and by far.  How could it have...that’s not possible it cannot be true!  I’ll make myself more powerful than he...I will...I swear it...

Zelda ran down the castle as fast as she could.  But she suddenly stopped and gasped.  “Ganon?!”  The Gerudo man had vanished from his bed, without a trace.   But there wasn’t time for that now, Zelda continued through the castle.

“...Zelda?  Zelda sweetie where are you...” It was Impa, but Zelda pushed passed her and kept running, “...Why?  No...Zelda no!  Don’t do it Zelda!”

“I don’t care what you say!” Zelda screamed back as she slid down a stair banister, “I’m saving Kaytu before it’s too late!”  Impa ran to get King Harian, and Zelda darted outside and through the gardens.  “KAYTU!” She shouted over and over as she neared his prison.

“Zelda!!!  Please stop!!” Came her father’s voice from a window above.  Zelda ignored it, and found the entrance to the meadow in which Kaytu dwelled.  Sorry dad, Zelda thought quickly, then ran inside and through the barrier.

“Zelda!” Kaytu cried out as she entered, “Over here!”  Zelda ran over to Kaytu, as did he.  When she reached him, the Ocarina of Time started to glow even more brightly.  “I thank you, little Zelda,” Kaytu said, as he smiled and bowed his spiked head.  Zelda smiled beamingly, then leaned over and gave the right horn a small kiss.

“And I thank you, brother Kaytu.”

Zelda put the ocarina to her lips, and it was as if magic, the ocarina seemed to take over her mind.  She knew the song by heart, and Kaytu’s eyes widened as he began to hover off the ground.  Two shackles appeared on his wrists, one on the left and one on the right.  Zelda played the mysterious tune, as Kaytu began to shake.  Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hh-hmm hmm hmm...hh-hmm...  The song went, until Zelda was able to pull the Ocarina of Time from her lips.  “Kaytu?” She asked.  Kaytu floated lifelessly above her, curled up in a small ball.  But then, he slowly opened his eyes and looked down at her, beaming.  Zelda gasped as a huge smile spread across her face; while Kaytu came back to the ground and his right shackle hell from his hand and sunk into the ground and disappeared, never to be seen ever again.  “Oh!  Kaytu!  Your eyes!”

Chapter Eight

Kaytu eye’s seemed to shine with every color of the rainbow.  They were beautiful, blue for passion, green for life, red for rage, purple for sorrow, and other beautiful colors that seemed to coexist wonderfully.  “Oh Kaytu...they’re so beautiful!  You’re eyes, they’re so colorful!” Zelda smiled happily, but the smile faded quickly.

“Zelda!  NO!!” Harian shouted as he and Impa ran into the meadow, followed by dozens of castle guards.

“Oh no!  We’ve got to hurry Kaytu-”  Kaytu out a hand, and Zelda stopped talking.

“No, Zelda,” he put his hand on her shoulder, “I must do this alone.” He smiled, “Don’t worry about me...” Kaytu stepped forward, and so did Impa.

“I am the one who has been holding you within this prison,” she explained. “And I intend to keep it that way!!!”  Impa held out her hand and created a bubble-like shield to hold Kaytu.  He stood, and did not move, just stood there glaring.

“This world’s a tortured place to be...” He said deeply, and he held out his hands and prepared himself for something.  What...he...he wouldn’t! Impa thought, as she finished the ‘bubble’ in which Kaytu was trapped inside.  I am prepared to fight this force to the end, Kaytu thought, as light purple energy started to form within his hands.  And only God can aid me.

“Look down on earth is where I am.  No wings to fly, no place to stand.  I’m on my knees, I am a stranger in these lands...!” Kaytu continued, as electric bolts of magic formed around him.  He was testing the limits of Impa’s shield, and he was determined to break it, even if it cost him his life.

Suddenly, Kaytu made fists and pulled his hands back, as the whole place shook from his power.  “ he wouldn’t!” Impa said, alarmed and fear slowly filling her eyes.  Kaytu did not stop though.  His eyes started to glow an almost white glow, as he tested the limits of power.  “F-ff...fool!” Impa said shakily, “If you were able to break this, the whole place would be destroyed!  You’’ll kill us all stop it you fool!!!” She yelled at Kaytu desperately.

Kaytu ignored her, and continued to surge his power.  Kaytu... Zelda thought, That’s not your power...that’s the demon’s...Well done, my friend.  You’ve conquered the demon.

“God is there and he is watching.  The signs are everywhere...” Kaytu continued.  But suddenly, Kaytu stopped and looked straight up at King Harian, and gave him a deathly stare.  Then, Kaytu straightened up, and the shaking stopped.  All was strangely quiet, it scared Zelda, something just wasn’t right.  “In six days, the universe was made...” Kaytu started, and did something very unexpected.  He, or rather his astral body walked right out of the shield.  Impa stepped back in shock, and Harian stood stiff with fear as the astral Kaytu advanced towards him.  “And from the dead the man was raised...”

“Impossible...this can’t be,” Harian choked, “’’s-”

“Supernatural,” Impa whispered.

Kaytu now stood directly in front of the king, and he continued his chant, “They say he walked across the waves...”  Kaytu got right up in Harian’s face, his snout-like nose touching Harian’s forehead.  “And I shall believe it to my grave.”

Suddenly Kaytu’s astral body shot right back into the real Kaytu in the blink of an eye!  And the ‘sky’ blacked as the mists clung to the ground.  “But I can see it coming...” Came a whisper of Kaytu’s voice, as he reopened his eyes, which were no longer glowing.  “You’re not so far away...”  Kaytu stood, and suddenly...

All of hell seemed to let loose.  Kaytu stood, closed his eyes, and his rage seemed to surge throughout Hyrule.  “Because I can feel your power...SURGING THOUGH THE WHOLE OF ME!!!” He shouted, as his voice rang out clearly throughout the lands.  The shield exploded!  And as it did, Kaytu’s left shackle was blown off and crashed to the ground with a thud.  Kaytu shouted out the word ‘God!’ as his power took over his body.  Everything seemed to explode at his feet!  But no living being was hurt.  The shield was exploded away, then the whole castle seemed to topple!  It stood, but Kaytu’s magic ripped its way through half of the royal castle and shattered that half into nothingness.  An immense yellow light ran out from Kaytu’s body and aura, and all the time his shout and yellow light rang out for all to heed.  Kaytu’s energy started to form a huge pit underneath them all, and it grew until it was the size of a small crater.  “GOD IS THERE AND HE IS WATCHING!!  THE SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE!!  GOD IS THERE AND THERE’S NO DENYING!!  IT’S SUPERNATURAL!!!” Kaytu’s voice boomed and seemed to dominate all.  From within the earth other craters like the one beneath him started to open up with beams shooting out of them into the deep purple sky.  “GOD IS HERE!!  ...EVERYWHERE!!  GOD IS THERE!! ...IT’S SUPERNATURAL!!!!”

Kaytu’s blast suddenly seemed to get sucked back into his body, and he fell to the ground and landed on his feet.  “” Harian stammered as he slowly got up out of the dust and rubble.

Kaytu brushed by him, and replied with a whisper right by Harian’s ear, “Some things...just can’t be explained.”  Kaytu brushed past Harian, then smiled to himself.  I’m free... He thought as he closed his eyes.  Kaytu’s smile widened, as he fell to the ground.  I’m free.

Impa slowly arose form the light rubble, and stood by King Harian.  Zelda stood looking at Kaytu.  When Kaytu hit the ground, a black mist escaped from him, and hissed, and disappeared.  The demon was gone; it died without a host.  “He did it,” she said quietly, and held the Ocarina of Time to her heart.

Harian was scared stiff, but he somehow managed to stammer out the words, “...G-g-guards!  Take him!  T-take him away!”

“NO!!” Zelda yelled as she stared at her father in disbelief.  “Daddy, no!” Zelda ran in front of Kaytu and held her arms out.  Only she separated Kaytu from the guards and king.  “Daddy, you can’t do this!  I won’t let you!  Don’t you see?!  Kaytu isn’t a monster.  He’s just different.  Just because he looks different and believes in things differently does not mean that he’s bad!”  Harian was taken aback, hearing all this from his mere seven year old daughter.  “Kaytu told me that he doesn’t believe in the goddesses,” Zelda explained, “He said that he believed in a merciful God instead.  He said that God died for his people and would always love us, no matter what, and that we should love him back.  Father...I believe what Kaytu said.  I’m sorry...but you can’t hurt Kaytu!  He’s my only true friend.  Please, daddy...”  Harian stammered, he didn’t know what to say.  My own daughter doesn’t even believe on the Goddesses anymore...and she did it all right under my nose...  “Daddy...please?”

“...Zelda,” Harian said, tears filling his eyes, “I...I......I’m so sorry!” Harian fell to his knees and hugged his daughter.  “Guards!  Leave Kaytu be.  I was wrong.  Can you ever forgive me, Zelda?”

Zelda smiled through her own tears, “Of course, daddy.  And I’m sorry that I don’t believe in the Goddesses.”

“It’s all right...” Harian said calmly, “That choice is yours to make.  But what about the Triforce, dear?”  Impa smiled, and picked up Kaytu.  He was actually very light, as he was shorter than a human.

“Well,” Impa said, “Perhaps we will never truly know who created the Triforce.  All that matters is that we don’t abuse its power.  Now, you men!” Impa pointed to some of the remaining guards, “Help me take this...person to the doctor!  Now!”

“Yes, madam!” The guards said, and together they carried Kaytu into the castle and to the doctor.

“I love you, Zelda.  I was so worried that you were going to get hurt that I didn’t see through the illusion.”

“I love you too, Daddy, and I always will.  But I also love Kaytu.”

Chapter Nine

“Must you go?” Zelda asked as she tugged on Kaytu’s pants.

“Yes.  This isn’t my home, I can’t stay here forever.” Kaytu said as he watched the sunset, “I must find my past.  I’ll miss you very much, little Zelda.” Zelda smiled as she sat on Kaytu like a horse again, watching the colorful horizon.  “I’ll miss you too.” Zelda closed her eyes, and recalled the time that they had spent together after Kaytu healed, “These last two months...” 

"Catch, Kaytu!”

Wow, Kaytu can run really fast.  He’s like a big brother...I always wanted a brother...

“Hey!  Got it!”

This is a fun game.  Zelda has such spirit...she’s like a little sister to me...

“Here, your turn, Zelda!”

Oh, I’m gonna catch it...

“Yay!  I caught it!”

Daddy will be proud.  That was a long throw.  If I try I bet I could throw like Kaytu!  This is so much fun...

“Good throw!”

This is so very nice...

I really wish that...

Things would stay like this...


“...Have been a lot of fun!” Zelda finished.

“Yes.” Kaytu nodded, and looked back at Zelda.  She looked up at him and smiled.  She was so smart, but still a child at heart.  She had brought out the child in Kaytu, and the soul.  He smiled warmly, his eyes beaming.  The sunset seemed to make his eyes stand out even more, as the blend of the colors were ever changing.  “If only things didn’t have to change...”
Father above us, watch over these people, they’re special. over the girl Zelda.  Perhaps her light will shine to others someday...

“Kaytu?  Kaytu what are you doing?”
What a weird position...Kaytu is bowing his hand and putting his hands together.  He’s not even moving a muscle...what patience.

 “I’m praying, little Zelda.”
Hmmm...heh.  I guess she’s never seen someone pray like this, has she, father?

 “Oh...oh I see now!  May I...join you?”
I hope he says yes...

 “Of course.”
Hmm...thank you, Elohim.  Amen.

“But they must,” Kaytu said, as his smile grew weaker.

“Don’t worry Kaytu...” Zelda said, trying to hold back her own tears, “I’ll never forget you.”  Kaytu smiled, as tears came to his eyes as well.

He took one of his short fingers and wiped away Zelda’s tear, “And I shall always remember you.  And I’ll come back someday...just you wait and see.”

Zelda took Kaytu’s hand, and put his palm facing hers.  “Kaytu...silly, you have only four fingers!”  Kaytu looked at his hand, and looked at Zelda’s.


“Differences in appearance do not matter.  It’s how we look at those differences.  I see them as blessings.”
Harian seemed to agree with me.  ...He’s holding out his hand.  I can’t just star at it...what am I supposed to do?  I shall put out my own hand...

 “Hahaha!  Well, that wasn’t the way I planned a handshake...but I think I like this better, Kaytu.”
Silly fellow, he put his palm up to mine.

 “You see?  A blessing, this is.”

Our differences are there...and yes, they are a blessing.
 “Yes...yes this is true, my friend.”

“I guess I’ll leave you now...” Kaytu said slowly, as he put his new black cloak over his body.

“No!  No Kaytu!  Please...please stay?” Zelda pleaded.

Kaytu bent is knees and pt his hand on her shoulders, “Listen to me, child.  No matter where I shall journey, no matter where the world takes you, no matter what evil attacks the golden lands, I will always be with you.  I am you, and you of I.  We are each other, we are brother and sister in Christ.  Whenever you need me, I shall be by your side.  And when the storm has made me weary, I shall think of you, and purge forward.  We will always be one within each other, and I shall always be with you.”

Deep in the desert, Ganon stood.  I was defeated.  I am shamed.  Koume and Kotake stood by his side, along with a mysterious dragon...named Volvagia.  “That power...I lust for it...I crave it.  It’s immense.  ...It’s supernatural.”

“How could he posses such strengh?” Volvagia hissed.

“I don’t know,” Ganon replied.

“...I know.”

“What?!  Who...who’s there?” Ganon asked as he turned slowly.

“Foolish.  It is a power you could never have...”

“...Why?” Ganon asked the spirit, “Why can’t I have this power?  What must I do?!”

“It is not a power that you create!  It is a power that comes from one’s soul.  You must believe to earn this power...”

“Kaytu...Kaytu promise that you’ll come back?” Zelda said as he sat her down on the morning grass.

“I swear upon my soul that I will come back.  Because you will always little Zelda.”

Note: Yet again a huge thanks to Dc talk.  Without you guys...heh, I’d just be a big case of writer’s block.  ‘Supernatural’ lyrics and song by Toby MacKeehan, Michael Tait, and Mark Heimermann.