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"Lost Woods Secret Meetings"

Lost Woods Secret Meetings

By: Pika

    After Ganon's permanent demise, Link and Zelda could finally get used to normal life again. Even though Link was hiding a deep secret which he hadn't even told Saria. Yet Link didn't know Zelda was about to discover what he had been hiding, sharing only with those of his 'kind'.

    As the morning sun rose over the beautiful land of Hyrule, every Kokiri child was searching frantically for Link.

"He is seventeen- he'll be fine."

"But he didn't leave a note or anything, he's never been gone this long before. I'm really worried," Saria was going over all the places she thought he could go.

"Maybe he went to live in Hyrule castle, you know what a cute couple they make."

"Who makes a cute couple?" said Mido as he came striding towards the chatting Kokiri girls.

"You know, the Hero of Time and princess Zelda," spoke up a girl called Anna.

"In other words, Link and Zelda," commented Saria.

"Links the Hero of Time!" exclaimed mido, with a look of pure shock on his face.

    Zelda was fast asleep in bed with her good friend 'Wolfy' sleeping beside her after much hassle last night. Strangely, Wolfy seemed uncomfortable with anything that seemed too 'girl and boyfriend' stuff. When Zelda finally woke the next morning, unaware that Wolfy's human form was 'missing'. She gently woke Wolfy and her blazing green eyes met his baby blue ones.

"You know Wolfy, your one of my bestest friends next to Impa and .what was his name, oh yea, Link. Mind you we never had a chance to get to know each other as adults, shame really as his eyes were the same color as yours," Zelda sat thoughtfully as she was thinking how Link and Wolfy would have  gotten on together. She was completely unaware two of her best friends were staring at her lovingly, enjoying her soft hands stroking him.

"Zelda, breakfast's ready!"

"Coming." Zelda wrapped her warm dressing gown comfortably around her, and began to walk out of the room. But she stopped halfway and spun around seeing Wolfy staring transfixed to the window. Suddenly Wolfy turned around and walked to Zelda's side and gave her a puppy-dog eyes look. She smiled and carried on to the breakfast room. After eating their breakfasts, Zelda ran up to her room, got dressed, came back down and decided to go to Kokiri forest to see Link. Unaware he was 'missing'.

    Once in Kokiri forest, Zelda headed straight to Saria's house and found Saria crying.

"What's wrong Saria, you're usually playing with all the other strangely missing children. Saria.. was it something I said?" asked Zelda, softly. While the two girls were talking, 'wolfy' took his chance and sneaked silently out of the house towards the Lost Woods. After a while Zelda stood up and said "I better go after Wolfy and keep a look out." She followed Wolfy's giant footprints to help herself navigate through the woods and find wolfy.

    I know I'm being followed by someone, but who? I'll wait here and pounce on them.

As Zelda passed where he was hiding, he pounced on her. Not being able to fight this colossal creature, snarling menacingly, she stared up into its Wolfos eyes only to be met with the boy that had saved her from Ganon, said he loved her, and disappeared leaving Wolfy.

"What happened to wolfy." Zelda was beginning to cry.

Before Link knew what he was saying, he confessed to Zelda every thing. One, he never actually realized he was not woofing, he was talking in hylian. Two, he never saw Zelda's shocked look on her face. After ages of talk, Zelda simply reached for one of Link's hands still pinning her to ground, looked at the golden Triforce and put it back down. Then she turned to Links guilty face because his hand was a hand, and smiled.

"I knew there was a connection between you and Wolfy, but where are you going?"

"Wolfos gathering thing."

Zelda had that I-want-something look again and said, "Can I come? Please?"

"Well I don't think you should," Zelda looked really upset, "but okay. Follow me." With that he turned back into a wolfos and slinked of towards a solid wall going straight through. Zelda stopped right infront of the wall and read the ancient Hylian.

Only those hearts belong to a wolfos spirit running wild and free, may penetrate this wall

    She reached out a wary hand toward the wall and was sucked through the darkness. The other side was thousands of trees guarding one central tree from which came a female wolfos. Zelda didn't know how she knew it was a female, she guessed it was a girlthing. The female wolfos turned out to be named Siab, and the leader of the pack. A cold nose pressed her forwards. Strangely enough Zelda understood every bark and howl.

"Come forward to me," barked Siab. Zelda walked toward the lead Wolfos and knelt before her.

"You came with Link, right?" Zelda nodded. Suprisingly, she felt at home in this clearing surrounded by trees.

"Then you are worthy, let us begin." After these words everything disappeared leaving only her and the surrounding wolfos.

"Do not be alarmed by the following events," said Siab as she gently cut a wound in either their hands or paws. Zelda and Siab put the two cuts together and Siab howled the following words

"Sister to sister, let our blood flow as one." Zelda realized her hand was now a paw!

"You can always switch between both forms," Siab said looking at Zelda's face.

    The clearing was filled with wolfos howling in delight, though the biggest wolfos, its size now rivaled by Zelda, was looking very concerned. Checking that no one was looking (not seeing Zelda trotting up to him) slipped down a path with a sign that said 'alternate route'. Repeating this trick she followed him down the path to wherever he was going.

    "He's missing as well!!! Two people gone in a couple of days?!" Saria was furious. Mido had gone missing with prince Toko the second Zelda had gone into the Lost Woods.

"Toko probably saw Zelda, thought she was right for him and persuaded Mido to follow."

"Most likely. After all Toko did come to try and marry Zelda, completely unaware of her childhood relationship with Link."

"And the fact that Link could easily slice his head off, beat him in a duel. Need I go on?"

    Meanwhile, Link had caught Zelda following him and now they were walking the alternate way to the wall. Halfway they met Mido and clumsy prince Toko. They immediately recognized Zelda, as she had turned back into a human. But they never thought the snarling beast guarding her was Link. In a foolish attempt to ward him off, prince Toko threw a stone the size of a man's fist at Link. He stared at stone as if it were a speck of dust, raising an eyebrow as if to say 'is that the best you can do?'

Zelda walked up to Link's side, and said, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" It looked weird, a girl 'guarding' a creature five times her size (thanks to the wolfos size multiplication power. This made him extra big, as he had always been the biggest wolfos anyway).

"Zelda! Get away from that thing, your dad wants you back in one piece."

"I'll come home on my own.oh, and with Link," with that she turned with Link still growling hungrily and teleported to her room in Hyrule castle. Eventually Mido and Toko came out of the Lost Woods, told every one what had just happened and Mido said that he would take Toko back to his guest room and look for Link.

    When Mido and Toko arrived in Hyrule castle, Link had already become human again and was sitting in the living room with Zelda, talking about something or other.

"I see you got back safely," said Toko eyeing her suspiciously.

"With Link guarding me, I couldn't get hurt if I tried," She smiled, evilly.

"I 'm sooooo eager to meet him, when can I meet him?"

"Now if you want," she said getting up and trying to pull Link out of his seat.

"You'll have to come and sit in that chair and we can talk." Toko shifted into a chair.

"I'll go and get some drinks, what do you guys want?" Toko looked shocked

"Mind your language young lady!" he was furious. Link stared at him as if he was an alien. Then breaking the silence, said

"I'll have a glass of coke please," sliding further into his chair. Toko looked disgusted,

"Let me show the proper way to address a woman, *cough cough* excuse me miss but would you perhaps not mind getting me one of your brilliant drinks of coffee please?" Zelda replied

"Get stuffed you weirdo." Toko looked a bit embarrassed.

"Sorry," he murmured.  Zelda shook her head and walked into the bar area.

"Um.Link, err. Well.can you stop staring at me like that? Anyway .um.where do you come from? I meant it when I said stop staring at me.really."

"I'm hylian born, but raised by the Kokiris."

"How did you and Zelda meet?"

"I saved her life."

"Oh. Who endangered her life?"

"Ganondorf, Ganon. Whatever you want to call him."

"And you killed him."


"I see." Zelda came back into the room.

"I gave you an extra strong decafe. You need It.," she said to Toko. He gave a weak smile.

"For the last time Saria, they wouldn't let me through the front gates. But he must have stayed there last night because I never saw him come back to the village."

"Never saw who come home last night?" Link was leaning against the entrance to Kokiri forest.

"LINK!!!" cried Saria running to him "where the hell have you been?"

"Come inside and I'll tell you."

The End