The Mist of Evil - Howler Moon
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"Mist of Evil", Chapter 1

The Legend of Zelda: The Mist of Evil

Howler Moon

By: Pichu*Star

Chapter One: An Outside Influence

June 18, in the 24th year of Hyrule's 16th era

Twenty-year-old Zelda and Link sat together in the fountain area in the castle gardens, like they had ever since Link had first defeated Ganondorf, the King of Evil. They had suffered many hardships since they had first met. Ganondorf and his minions had returned to take over the land of Hyrule many times, and each time, Link, the Hero of Time, had successfully defeated them. But...Link and Princess Zelda kept the thought of the King of Evil in their minds, even in this peaceful time. Everyday, Link and Zelda sat by the fountain, not speaking, but their minds wondering about what kinds of adventures lay ahead. And those adventures, that were destined to change their lives forever, were about to begin all too soon...

"Princess! Link! The king wishes to speak to you!" Impa, Princess Zelda's protector, ran up to them. The two stood up.

 "What does my father want, Impa?" asked Zelda.

Impa smiled. "I'm not sure, but he said it was great news. At least he looked pretty happy."

Zelda and Link exchanged glances. "Ok," said Zelda, "let's go see what he's so excited about." They entered the castle and walked to the throne room. All three bowed to the King Harkinian of Hyrule.

"Stand," commanded the king. "Welcome. Today we have two visitors." He nodded in the direction of two people, who stood nearby. One was a tall man with robes. The other was a young man about the same age as Link and Zelda, who had white, spiky hair with grayish-blue highlights (looks a lot cuter than it sounds). They looked as if they were royalty.

 "Hello," said the man. "I am the King of the Northern Lands, the ice lands. This is my son, Prince Nariff." Zelda and Link nodded, but Link felt disturbed. What was wrong?

"My daughter," began Zelda's father, "the Northern King and I have talked extensively over what way to form an alliance between our kingdoms, and we have made a decision-next week, we have decided that you shall marry Prince Nariff!"

Silence. If someone had screamed that the castle was about to collapse on their heads, it still wouldn't have been able to move Link, Zelda, or Impa. They were frozen with shock. I can't believe this! thought Zelda. I just met this guy five seconds ago, and now I'm marrying him? I thought that only happened in fairy tales or novels! "What?" she said out loud.

"Ah, she is speechless with happiness," said the Northern king, his voice dripping with slyness. Link gazed icily at him, his crystal-blue eyes gleaming fiercely. That Northern King has manipulated Zelda's father somehow. If the kingdoms united, Link knew that armies, land, power, and riches would increase greatly for both sides. Link had heard stories about how greedy the Northern king was from his friend Malon-and now he was starting to believe her.

Zelda couldn't believe this. "I can't possibly marry him! I just met him!" She looked at Nariff and could tell he wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea either. Her father rose from his throne.

"I thought you would be happy with this," he said in a flat tone of voice.

Zelda sighed. "I appreciate what you're trying to do, but..."

"Zelda, enough of that! I expect you to marry him for the good of the kingdom. Nariff is an excellent match."

Impa tried to calm the king. "Sir, maybe you ought to listen..." She trailed off at the stare he gave her.

"Impa, you will go to the Royal Dressers and get a nice dress for Zelda's wedding," he commanded.


"That is an order!" he said. Impa froze in shock, then bowed and left.

"Zelda, dear," continued King Harkinian. "You will like Nariff. After all-"

"What!?" shrieked Zelda, making Link stare at her in shock. "You have got to be kidding! How can you do this? Don't you care about how I feel?"

 "Zelda, don't even say things like that! We have to think about the kingdom, not ourselves. So, you will marry Prince Nariff." His voice left little room for argument. Zelda stood there, horrified. Then tears welled up in her eyes, and she dashed off to the fountains. Link stared after her incredulously. How can the King change like this? He was always peaceful and friendly, but now he's a bossy man.

"Link," said the king. "I have an assignment for you. You will go to the Gerudo Desert border in case Ganondorf returns." Are you trying to be obvious, or what? thought Link as he glared at the Northern King. You're just trying to get rid of me cause I'm Zelda's friend. How in Hyrule did the Northern King trick Zelda's father so easily? The Northern King's just trying to take power for himself!

"Go," said the king. "You will leave the day after Zelda and Nariff's wedding." Link smiled faintly, bowed slightly, and left to the fountains. There, he found Zelda, looking into the water, tears dripping into it.

"Zelda," said Link softly. "I'm sorry." Zelda looked up at him miserably. "I wish..." he said, "...I wish I could do something to help." Zelda shook her head and gazed down again.

"There isn't much you can do... unless you want to be punished." Both were silent. If the Northern King could make Zelda's father do all this, what else could he do?

"Why in Hyrule can't the fates be kind to us?" sighed Link. "I have the most awful feeling about this..."