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"The Legend of Zelda: The Saga Continues"

The Legend of Zelda: The Saga Continues

By: Mosli

Episode One: Feelings and Memories

The golden sun was shining brightly in the limpid blue sky; the crystalline water of Zora's lake was surging, producing a soft musical tune. The singing birds awakened Hyrule; their delicate theme soothed the ears of all that listened to it.

Death Mountain stood in its place. It was said that whoever scouted this hazardous highland vanished without a trace. However, The hilly places of Death Mountain were a terrific hideout for bandits and thieves.

The mysterious Lost Woods, the largest forest in all of Hyrule, remained foggy; not even the light of the sun could cut through the thick fog. The moaning of the wind and the rustle of the leaves made a frightening melody, threatening all the people who entered it. But there was only one place in this horrifying woods that was free from this curse; Kokiri forest, where the Deku tree stood, the provider of the Kokiri people and the defender of the land of Hyrule.

The soft melody of Mother Nature was spreading out through the kingdom of Hyrule, enlarging by the second.

Yes, Hyrule was safe once again. The evil wizard Gannon was exiled from this beautiful land by the hero of time, the courageous lad that would remain a legend, Link. Yes, the sound of his name struck fear in the hearts of all villains and monsters.

The Triforce, the divine relic that was the basis for Hyrule's providence, slumbered in the sacred realm connected to Hyrule. If the Triforce were to be held by a person, it would alter according to the person's character. Its great powers are locked away in a place that was never meant to be found by any scoundrel who would use it for his own purposes.

He stood alone on the balcony of Hyrule castle, looking back at his past, feeling the pain that he had lived through.

He had never seen his parents; he fought many battles in his childhood days. Link had nobody to turn to when he was hurt physically, or emotionally.

Thank you God. If I had never met Zelda, I wouldn't be the man I am today.

This was one of these moments when Link reasoned and judged himself. Many images clashed in his mind, struggling within him.

Why am I thinking about him? Why is he haunting me?

Zelda changed my life. She made me realize my capabilities.

We have known each other for a long time. Does she really have feelings for me?

No, she doesn't. If she does, she would tell me. Or maybe she's hiding her feelings...

Nah. Why would she do that? She is a princess and I'm just a Hylian swordsman...

No, I'm the hero of time, I'm the holder of the master sword, and it is my sworn duty to protect the princess of Hyrule, regardless of her feelings for me.

No, I can't. Every person has feelings, and I won't put my or her feelings aside!

Does she love me? Do I love her?

That was the question Link could not answer. Second after second the same question circulated in his mind, halting all the other thoughts and images. It was like a wall that couldn't be penetrated.

Just stop thinking about it Link. You're spinning in circles, going nowhere fast. I will know when the time comes...

The wind started blowing at his face, he felt like he was floating on a cloud, going where the cloud would take him, and he didn't care, as long as he was alive and happy. It took him long to realize that. He smiled at this thought which lingered and lingered in his mind.

I'm on top of the world!


She entered the balcony, and her face was filled with terror. Her voice slashed through the image of Links daydreaming. Link startled at first, and then turned slowly towards her.

"Zelda. You scared me. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I was just looking for you all day. I haven't seen you for a while," she said.

Her beautiful smile showed brightly. Her azure eyes sparkled brightly like the glimmering water at night. Her long golden hair rustled as the wind was blowing on her face.

Yes, Zelda was fair. She is the most beautiful maiden in Hyrule, Link thought. He gazed at her azure eyes, and he kept on gazing like there was no tomorrow. Zelda blushed, as she understood his look; the look of amazement, the look of friendship, the look of love.

"Are you alright Link?" Zelda asked. She asked in amazement, hiding her feelings towards him. Her feelings were like a shadow lurking in her mind; she couldn't express her feelings to herself, or to Link.

Do I love him? Does he love me?

"Sorry Zelda. I don't feel well today."

"I think your imagination is running away with you Link. You look fine to me. Come on. Cough it up. I know you are hiding something," She said in an amusing way.

"I've been having strange dreams about my uncle for the past few days."

Link looked at the ground, wondering what happened to his dear uncle. He disappeared after Link came back from his so called 'dream quest' when he saved the wind fish from the nightmares of darkness. Link was recalling his past memories with his uncle:

"Hey Link! Hand me the hammer will you?"

The afternoon sun was fading in the western horizon, the wind was whispering, the clouds vanished out of sight, orange joined with the azure sky, formulating an unusual color. The singing of the birds was softening by the second. The sound of the flowing water of Zora's lake was increasing, producing a gentle melody.

"Well Link. Hard work does pay off after all. We finished before dark."

"It's a masterpiece Uncle Wil. I don't know how you do it."

Wil was breathing heavily. He smiled as his nephew started jumping around him.

"Ok you little rascal. Let's go inside. It's getting dark."

Link quickly rushed inside the wooden house. Wil looked at the deep, orange sky. He remembered his brother suddenly. I wish that you could see how happy your son is.

He entered the house. He saw link jumping on the bed.

"This is great Uncle Wil! I like what you did with the furniture." Link never felt happier in his life.

Wil sat down on a chair next to the window, looking outside, wondering if there was still a world out there, waiting to be discovered by an adventurer, an adventurer who cared go the distance. Someday, I shall be Hyrule's greatest adventurer.

"Hey Link. Bring a chair and sit next to your uncle. I want to talk to you about something."

Link obeyed. They both stared out the window for a while.

"Well Uncle, what's wrong? You look troubled."

"You remind me of your father Link. He really loved you."

"If he really loved me, why did he leave me?"

A single tear fell from his azure eyes.

"Where is he now uncle? Where is he?"

"He is in a place far far away from here."

"Is...Is he coming back?"

Silence was in the air. Wils crimson eyes stared at the innocent lad.

"Don't let your hopes down my boy." Wil was trying to encourage him.

"You are all grown up now Link. You are a person with many skills and gifts; you have feelings, you are good with the sword, and most of all you are gifted with great courage. I'm sure everybody in Hyrule realizes that after you defeated Gannon."

"I wish my father was here to see what I have done." Link said.

"Trust me lad. If your father was here, he would be very proud."

Link's frown turned into a smile. He hugged his uncle tightly.

"T-thank you Uncle Wil." Link's eyes shaded with tears.

Stars began to fill the black sky. Suddenly, lightning struck, and rain was pouring hard. Thunder was roaring. Leaves were rustling wildly.

"Get some rest Link. I'm going out. I won't be late." Wil said firmly.

Is he mad? Nobody would go out now, Link thought.

"Be careful Uncle." Link shouted.

It was all coming back to him now. He remembered when he went to the castle. He remembered when he found the secret passage and found his uncle hurt. He remembered when his uncle gave him his sword and shield to fight the soldiers. He remembered when he entered the castle and saved Zelda.

"Pssst! Link!"

Zelda's voice broke Link's reverie again. Link lifted his face from the ground and looked at her.

"Sorry if I worried you Zelda. It was just a memory."

His childhood memories affected him very badly, as if he was still going through them. Zelda noticed his blue paled face, so she attempted to cheer him up.

"Link, I know I cannot feel or go through what you have gone through," she started, "We all admire your courage and we still do. That is your symbol." She was determined to cheer Link up, so she continued what she started. "Forget about the past and start thinking about your future," she said as she walked out the balcony.

Destiny was what joined Link and Zelda; they both had the same ambitions, they both had the same enemies, and they both would risk their lives to defend Hyrule. Link knew that, but in some way, he wasn't convinced. This was the first time Link was not thinking clearly.

He closed his eyes, trying to meditate; trying to fight his fears, his confusion; and most of all, trying to forget about his painful past. He was in deep thought, so deep that he visualized his uncle standing beside him in the foggy lost woods:

"If you see with your eyes, you will be trapped forever. But if you hear with your ears and see with your eyes together, you will uncover the exit of this maze."

Link opened his eyes, as if he was sleeping. He understood what his uncle meant. He rushed down stairs and looked for Zelda frantically, until he found her walking in the garden.

"Please wait Zelda!" He yelled, as he ran towards her.

When he was beside her, he caught his breath first and then said, "You live your life once. But if you live it well, once is only enough."

Zelda was puzzled from what Link said. But before she could say something, he continued, "You were right. I wasn't thinking clearly. I didn't think of the good things in my life. My courage; my adventures; and most of all, your friendship; are very important to me. I care for you because you are a part of my life. Destiny wasn't what joined us. It was friendship."

What about beyond friendship?  Link asked himself.

What if it's love?

Zeldas smiling face shone brightly as the orange sun was setting. Her long, golden hair was blown behind her face. She suddenly hugged Link tightly, and she would never let go, never.

"Where would I be without you my hero?" She whispered.

"We would be lost forever with out each other. I promise that I will never leave you as long as I live my fair princess."