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"Go Green Machine!"

Go Green Machine!

By: Mosli

A New Emanation

It was a cloudy Saturday in the kingdom of Hyrule. All the forest creatures hid in their homes, expecting rain and thunder. However, the citizens of Hyrule gathered in Hyrule market for a special meeting. A platform was set up in the middle of the market so that the king himself would make the special announcement. Occasions like this didn't often crop up, so it was a good opportunity for the citizens to be more active. Everyone wondered what was so important about the gathering. Rumors circulated among the people gathered in the market. 'I heard a new king will be crowned,' said one. 'Link will marry the princess,' said the other.

A ruckus was formed in a matter of moments. Each citizen shouted his 'rumor' out loud. Our friendly neighborhood hero stepped in to control the situation.
"Hear ye, hear ye," the Hero of Time shouted. "The king will be arriving shortly. I want everyone to stay calm." Link stood tall, wearing his usual green tunic. His shiny, silver Hylian sword hung behind his back. He was also curious about the purpose of this gathering. All of a sudden, the trumpets sounded, and the castle guards cleared a way in the middle of the crowd for the king to pass. The red carpet was rolled from the castle entrance to the platform.

"Presenting the King of Hyrule, his daughter Princess Zelda, and the princess of Zoras, Ruto," the spokesman said, as the castle gates opened.
While everyone had a 'what?!' look on their faces, Link had a cirtain 'oh no!' look on his, for he would never forget what happened between him and Ruto.

The King, princess Ruto, and Zelda walked on the carpeted road to the platform. They all looked at Link and smiled. Link managed to come up with a smile, and Ruto's reaction was a red face. The King approached the platform first while Link, Zelda, and Ruto formed a horizontal line behind him.

"Rejoice citizens of Hyrule! I have great news," the king started. "It is known throughout the world that we do not like to travel, because many of our ancestors who did in our past history got lost and never came back. It is my responsibility to solve this problem. If we cannot see the world, why don't we let the world see us?" Confusion and puzzlement spread out through the crowd. The king did not react and that is what made the people even more perplexed. After a few moments, the king stepped back, and Ruto approached the platform.

"Greetings citizens of Hyrule," she started, "Do not be alarmed. I will explain what the king means." She paused for a moment and started, "For the past few months, me and my fish folk have been working on a vessel, a vessel which can go through many obstacles and dangerous weather conditions of the great blue sea without being scratched. We will travel through out the unknown world (to us) and we will announce our brand new emanation."

Zelda approached the platform, and stood right next to Ruto. "I hereby declare this day to be the first day of 'Hyrule Tourist Holiday Season'!" Although it was a wacky name, the crowd cheered and yelled, 'long live the king. Long live the royal princesses. Long live the Zora's!' Link was very thrilled about this new season. Since his last adventure when he encountered the wind fish and his 'dream world', he hadn't ventured out. He looked forward to seeing new faces and maybe even 'old ones' if he was lucky.

"We need two parties of volunteers: A party of ten people who will accompany with some of the Zora folk on their journey, and I recommend that they have some sea experience," Zelda stated. "And a party of workers and builders to work on building a few houses and inns southeast of the castle, between Lon Lon ranch and Kokiri Forest." The crowd was excited and citizens began to volunteer, raising their hands in the air crying "me!" as if they were third-grade pupils. The King said that he would form the parties tomorrow. It has been a long day for him.

Link decided to spend the rest of his afternoon at fisherman's lake in Lake Hylia. He liked spending most of his time there. It calmed him down immensely when he started fishing. He also liked talking with the owner of the lake, Sid, who was an adventurous man in his younger days. He was a seafarer who traveled to many places. A short rivalry ensued between him and Link; They loved comparing their journeys and adventures to see who was better.

It didn't take long for Link to reach Lake Hylia. He got off his trusty steed in front of the gate. Epona snorted loudly and Link realized that his steed was tired. He patted her Affectionately and scratched behind her ears. It was his special way of saying 'thank you'. "We'll walk home together," Link said as he walked to the Great Lake. The brave hero wandered around before entering Fisherman's Lake, and he noticed a slight change in the place.

"So that is what he was doing in his free time eh? Not bad," he said sarcastically as he examined a newly palled entrance to Sid's lake. It was a wide wooden bridge, with safety ropes on both its sides. It was very well made; firm, solid, and safe. It was definitely a shortcut to Sid's place across the great Lake Hylia. Link managed a smile as he tested the firmness of the wooden bridge. Looks like I won't get wet this time. He remembered the times when he had to swim through Lake Hylia to get to Sid's place. Link entered without knocking. "Sid. I'm Back!" he shouted.

The place hadn't changed much. Link wandered around the living area as he waited for Sid to show up. He was looking at the so-called 'treasures' that Sid hung up at the wall in front of the counter, when he felt someone pat him on his shoulder....

"Ahoy Link me lad! How be ye?"

Link turned around and faced Sid. He always wondered where did he pick up that strange accent, but he didn't want to know. "All is well my friend. I came to visit," Link said.

"How nice of ye lad. I don't get many friends these days," Sid gagged.

Sid and Link sat down by the Lake on the soft green grass where they usually chatted. Sid looked at his reflection, and sighed. I'm just an old timer now, he said to himself, with a blue look on his face. Link instantly noticed and he attempted to cheer him up. "I've got great news for you friend," He blurted out suddenly. Sid wasn't that anxious to listen, but Link was determined to tell him. He told Sid what had happened at the market that day. Sid sighed as a reaction to this. "If you tell the king about your sea-experience," Link started. "I'm sure that he will make you captain of the ship."

This was a chance of a lifetime for Sid. Ah! To venture out at sea like in the old days, he thought. He looked at his reflection again, but this time, a more determined and adventurous Sid looked back at him. "Now that you mention it Link me lad," He said. "I'd like to show ye somthin'." Sid stood up and headed for his room behind the counter and Link followed anxiously. Sid opened the door and invited Link in. The Hero of Time's jaw dropped as he looked around the room...

The room was filled with treasures and antiques. It was like a giant treasure chamber. Various kinds of weapons were hung on the wall, and many old chests and boxes were scattered throughout the room. Link grew more anxious as he passed each item, hoping that Sid was going to show him something glorious. At least he stopped walking, Link said as they had reached Sid's bed. Sid bent down, reached under the bed and took out a brown box marked with a question mark in white paint.

"I've collected many item's throughout me adventures as ye noticed lad," He started as he sat down on his bed. "But what I'm going to show ye is my prized possession, handed to me by me pappy." Sid opened the brown box, and took the item out for Link to see.

"A flower?" Link gave a confused, dissatisfied look. It was a white flower, with a glowing crimson sphere in the center of it. Sid handed the flower to Link. "It is beautiful," Link commented as he examined the flower.

"Me father used to tell me stories about it." Sid took a deep breath and continued. "He said that he stole it from a place where mushroom people inhabited the land. He told me that it was a magical place, just like Hyrule. Boxes like the one I showed ye floated in mid air, so the mushroom people couldn't reach it. Me father was tall enough to grab one. It was rumored that the items in the boxes had magical powers, like the flower you have in your hand, but how to use it, was a mystery."

Suddenly, Link had a brainstorm. "Do you still have your father's maps?" he blurted.

"I have them stashed away somewhere among the items in this room. But why-"

Link cut him off and continued, "Please Sid. Think about what I told you. You can be the captain of the ship if you show the King your sea status. We want this season to be a complete success. The voyage is about a month away." Sid was silent; he didn't say anything. All he did was look at the ground. "I have to go. I'll give you some time to think it over friend," Link said as he walked out. Halfway in the living area, Link suddenly realized that he was still holding the flower. He came back and wanted to return it but Sid cut him off...

"Keep the flower Link me lad. Consider it a present from me," Sid said. Link smiled graciously and silently walked away...

The orange sun was diving down into the Great Lake Hylia. The gentle Hyrule breeze rustled the green leaves. The blue sky was mixing with an orange color, producing a beautiful sight. The clouds started disappearing and Hyrule began to darken, as the night approached and covered the afternoon light. Ah yes! An exciting day has ended in the kingdom of Hyrule. Yet, Link did not show the 'Hyrule spirit' as he walked home with his steed beside him. He was wondering, wondering what could be out there in the world besides this peaceful kingdom. He had the spirit of an adventurous courageous man. The success of this new emanation depends on Sid being captain. He really had faith in Sid. "Don't let me down Sid my friend. Don't let me down."

Shattered Refelctions

Two weeks later.

The Misty Mountains were located in the south edge of Hyrule, east of Lake Hylia. These Mountains were known from the mist that covered their peaks and the chilly climate that inhabited this rocky terrain recently. Many strange herbs grew freakily in these mountains, which made it the main source for medicine in Hyrule. The shamans of Hyrule harvested fully-grown herbs every summer at exactly the same time.

Across Misty Mountains lay golden sands surrounded by palm trees and various kinds of tropical fruit, inhabited by crustaceans and filled with exquisite seashells of all sizes and color. This tropical paradise was known as Rainbow Beach, the biggest seashore in Hyrule. So called because of the non-stop rain and constant rainbow that covered it skies. Some people explained by saying that the climate of Misty Mountains affected Rainbow Beach in some mystical way.

Link strolled on the beach happily, admiring the scenery around him; the orange sun was rising of the vast open sea, big palm trees were everywhere he looked, the golden sand sparkled like gold coins in a treasure chest. Ah yes! What more could a person want than this heaven? Link asked himself.
Scenery was not the only thing that Link loved about the beach. He loved the sound of the ocean waves and the rhythmic squawking of the seagulls. Link walked with the beat, joining the waves and the seagulls in this glorious song of the beach. He couldn't resist it; it was music to his ears.

The pier came in view as Link continued walking, and what a beautiful image it was. The wooden dock was shimmering like an emerald. The docked boats and ships moved from left to right dancing with the waves. This was Oyster Harbor, the only harbor in Hyrule. As Link reached the pier, he couldn't help noticing how dormant the place was; there wasn't a worker in sight, no departing or returning vessels either. He went in search of the harbormaster's cabin. Luckily, he found the door open.

"Harbormaster Edgar," Link read the sign hung on the door aloud and entered. It was a surprise to him that he found the so-called 'Harbormaster' sleeping in his chair, and snoring like a bear. Frustrated by the sound, Link moved closer to Edgar. Let's have some fun, Link said to himself. "Land ho!!" Link yelled.

Startled out of his sleep, Edgar pointed his finger to the sky and said, "full speed ahead!" and fell off his chair. Link smiled ironically as Edgar positioned himself upright. "Oh a visitor!" he said as he looked at Link. "How may I help ye lad?"

All Link did was stare. "Those eyes, that look. Could it be?" Edgar said as he looked back at him. "Link?"

"It's been a long time, Scurvy. I didn't expect you to remember," Link said sarcastically. Scurvy was Edgar's nickname.

"Indeed it has. I bite off more than I can chew, so don't expect me to forget that look of yours blue-eyes," Edgar said in the same sarcastic tone.

Link helped himself to a seat in front of Edgar's desk, and both sat down steadily, staring at each other. He thought of a way to start a conversation with the sea dog. "I noticed that things are quiet today, as if the place was haunted or something," he started.

"Many of the ships were dragooned a few months ago by pirates. I decided to keep quiet 'bout this so that it won't cause any panic."

"Any background information about the pirates?"

"I got a report a few months ago after the incident that they were heading east. That is all I know me lad." Silence was in the air. Link looked at Edgar anxiously, waiting for him to start another topic, and that's what he did. "What brings ye here today lad?" he started.

"Well, I have to inform you that the Zora vessel is due to dock here today at the afternoon," Link answered, hiding the fact that he almost forgot about that.

"Then you should get some rest Link. There is a cabin next to the cargo and supply shelter if you want to rest y'know," Edgar suggested. Scurvy was right; Link needed the rest. After all, it was still early. Link nodded and bid farewell to scurvy.

He got out of the cabin, and bypassed the pub in front of it, until he reached the cargo and supply shelter. From there, he headed to the cabin Edgar had mentioned. He entered the cabin, jumped on the bed, and drifted to sleep. Let's hope everything turns out well in the end. This was his last thought before falling fast asleep. A lonely drop of water falling from the sky of Hyrule turned into a tear rolling from a plumber's azure eyes...

A tear rolled from Luigi's azure eyes and splashed into Mushroom Pond. A tear filled with joyful memories of his elder brother, when they lived in Brooklyn, before they discovered this fantasy mushroom kingdom. He remembered when he used to make breakfast for his brother. Mario always scolded him when he was late with his breakfast. He chuckled at the vision as it lingered and lingered in his mind. There was another time when they faced the most dangerous plumbing job in their carrier as the best plumbers in New York. Luigi recalled the visions in his mind:

It was late at night, nine P.M. to be exact. I knocked on the door of the mayor's office, while Mario stood behind me. The door began to open slowly. We entered the office as it shut behind us, and walked slowly toward the desk. The Mayor's chair was facing the glass behind it, and we assumed that he was sitting on it, looking through the big glass window. We noticed the frightful and gloomy overview of Brooklyn; it was dark, as if a black mist surrounded the place. The only thing we could see was the streetlights, and the only thing we could hear was police sirens and the sound of breaking glass. Finally, he turned to face us. He was a handsome fellow. He wore a brown tuxedo, with a small brown hat. He had black eyes and had short golden hair. He was known to be a kind and polite person, and from the way he looked, I definitely agreed. Going straight into business, he explained that some people were experiencing flooding in their bathrooms and there were a few people who claimed that sewer snakes were coming out of the sink. Shocked at the news, Mario and I instantly guessed that the problem was from the main sewer system under the city. The mayor took the blueprint of the city's sewer system out of his drawer and slammed it on his desk. Then, he begged us to go down the sewer. My bro and me talked it over, and we finally decided to go and take the risk. We both rushed out of the office, giving each other a look of comfort. We were ready for the job of our lives. We had our blue overalls on and our power tool belt around our wastes. Oh yes! This was the pride of the Mario brother's at stake, and nothing would stop us proving that.

It didn't take a lot of time to reach the sewers. I climbed down the ladder, and Mario was following. The sound of the sewage water splashing echoed around us as we jumped from the ladder. We looked at our surroundings, and noticed nothing but rats, dirty water, and an endless tunnel. Mario took the blueprint out of his overalls, disgusted by the sewer sight, and unfolded it. We pinpointed where the main problem was and started walking, looking around us as if we were being watched. The sound of the swashing water was the only thing we could hear...

Despite the maze we were in, we navigated through the sewers easily. We reached the destination and noticed that the water valves were wide open, and some water pipes were badly damaged. We looked at each other and sighed, and we immediately got to work.

We had everything looking ship-shape by four in the morning. Our eyelids were as heavy as rocks. I thought that at things couldn't get any better, until I heard a hissing sound. We looked behind us, and our hearts were pounding from what we saw...

It was a big sewer snake, the biggest snake I ever saw. Mario took a wrench out of his tool belt, and I followed him by taking a plunger out of mine. 'Let's-a go!' Mario yelled his battle cry and attacked it first. It was able to evade Mario's attack and countered by charging at him. I watched him fall back and hit the wall behind him. Then I realized that he was out cold. It was about to bite Mario until I threw the Plunger at it like a spear. The blow wasn't hard enough and it was injured slightly, but now it was looking at me with monstrous, black eyes. I took a screwdriver out of my belt and charged at it. I was able to pierce its rattling tail, but it started attacking me wildly as if it wasn't effected. I managed to evade all its attacks, by running in circles. It almost caught me, but I kicked it forcefully. It fell back hissing in pain, but it wasn't over yet. I dashed at it wanting to finish it off, but I tripped over Mario's unconscious body and fell face first to the ground. Yelling in pain, I turned over and tried to get up, but I wasn't able to move my legs. I crawled back as the snake came nearer, until I was cornered; there was no where left to crawl. It gazed at me, sticking its tongue out, determined to bite me to death. I shivered in fear, and knew this would be over soon, until...

'Yahoo!' Mario screamed as he punched it on the face. The snake hissed and attempted to bite Mario, but he reacted swiftly and kicked it in its jaw. The snake was down, but it wasn't finished. It suddenly threw itself at Mario, trying to bite him again, but he held it back by gripping its neck. Then, with raw strength, Mario threw it to the wall. It slammed hard, screaming in pain. Its hissing voice faded away slowly; it didn't have any fight left. Mario took his wrench, held it in his two hands, jumped in the air, and banged it on its head.

Mario walked towards me and helped me up. 'Where's the Ninja Turtles when you need them?' he said laughing. I smiled and thanked him. He looked at me, smiling back. 'Care for some pizza for breakfast Luigi?' he grinned. 'My treat' I answered. 'Anything for the best brother I ever had.' He looked at me sarcastically and said, 'I'm the only brother you have.' With all of our body parts aching, we walked out of the sewer and went to pizza parlor. Those were the good old days. But now, they are nothing but forgotten memories.

Luigi gazed at the cloudy sky of Mushroom Kingdom, wondering if those days would come back to life. Another tear rolled out of his sad azure eyes. A tear that represented his sadness, his loneliness, and rejection. From the first time he and Mario set foot in this magical world, something unknown had kept them apart. Mario was determined to save this kingdom from evil, and this determination still continues.

From the first time Mario saved the Mushrooms from the wrath of Bowser the tyrant, Luigi was nothing but a blind follower; he did what he was told without thinking about himself, without suggesting his thoughts. He was a clone that agreed with Mario in every thought and went where he went. This is my entire fault, Luigi thought to himself. I didn't have the determination that he had. High determination was what kept me apart from him, what made him forget about me, and what made the people reject me. He was in deep meditation, planning his future actions, wondering if anyone asked about him. Sigh, I need to clear my mind of all this. I have to do something soon...

He missed many adventures in his period of absence, and he knew that quite well. He wished that for once that he would have an adventure of his own, a never-ending adventure. He pictured himself punching boos and stomping on Goombas like what he used to do with his Brother in the old days. Despite the fact he rarely showed up in Mushroom Kingdom, he was able to accomplish many things in his period of disappearance. He trained continuously in his spare time. He was now more swift and powerful than before; He used his weight advantage to jump higher and to move quicker. He also had time to work on developing his favorite hobby: inventing and designing, which he kept this a secret to himself. Even Mario didn't know that he had the 'smarts' to invent something. He had a private workshop, hidden between the trees where nobody would know about.

He decided to calm his nerves by taking a stroll to his workshop. He started walking away from the pond and heading for Bandit's way. I'll start working on another invention, he said to himself, as he hummed along the way. The water of Mushroom pond started to wave like the ocean...

The shimmering water of the vast never-ending ocean waved like a hand that waved goodbye from afar. The afternoon sun was an orange that was being eaten by the ocean as time flew by. Hylian loaches popped out of the ocean bay, jumping continuously out of the water. This rare kind of fish usually stayed quiet under the sea, but somehow, they looked quite joyful this afternoon. Seagulls soared above the ocean in flocks with various kinds of formations. It was a beautiful sight, filled with the magic of Mother Nature. One of the seagulls circled above a ship, a big azure ship, and finally landed on the mast.

The Zora ship had departed from the cave a while ago, and now it was nothing but mere miles away from reaching its destination: Oyster Harbor. The tide was low, lower than usual, which helped the massive ship cut the ocean faster. It was strange that the ship departed from the Zora domain easily, since there wasn't a single exit that the ship was able to depart from in this huge underground cave. Only time will tell the answer of this mystery. The citizens of Hyrule waited impatiently for the ship to arrive...

A Hero's Promise

He floated alone in the dark, infinite space with vengeance lingering in his evil thoughts. His Marble-like, crimson eyes were flamed with hatred and anger when the thought of his defeat a couple of years ago struck his mind. He let his master down by not exterminating his enemies, so he was exiled from the living world. He was now in a world of his own. A cell with no door as he referred to it.

He liked absorbing the pain of his memories and storing it in his empty heart. A black heart with no feelings and no happiness, just pain; only pain. It tickled his feathery, jet-black body when he talked with his consciousness, even though he liked being alone. Strangely, his ego started a conversation with him:

"Are you just going to sit there and not do anything?" A voice asked.

"Leave me alone. You don't understand," he answered coldly.

"You'll die if you don't find a way to go back to Earth."

"I do not need to go back. It feels better here," he answered.

"You are nothing but an emotionless bird that'll never be remembered!" The voice screamed angrily.

"You are so right my friend," He laughed with his yellow beak wide open. "I will never be remembered. That is the best part because I will never be bothered."

There was a momentary pause, until he heard the voice chuckle. "What are you laughing at?" he asked.

"I take back what I said. I bet that you are in the thoughts of many people at this very moment," he sneered.

The Raven looked puzzled. "Leave me alone!" It yelled, holding his head as if he had a headache.

"Remember your master. Remember your enemies. You were one disgrace of a monster. Every time they think of you, they laugh. They laugh real hard until they die laughing!" the voice yelled.

"You lie! Why would anyone remember me?!" The Raven yelled, as if someone was stabbing him.

"No one would ever forget how you lost against a puny Dinosaur and a baby. You were worthless and you are still as worthless as junk!"

"No! Lies! All Lies!"

His so-called 'consciousness' was getting the better of him. The Raven held his head weeping like a baby.

"Get out of my head!" he kept yelling in pain, tossing and turning in dark space, trying to free himself from this prison, but to no avail. The voice was still whispering, 'You will be remembered,' 'You have to take action,' 'You must seek vengeance...'

Suddenly, he stopped screaming, and stopped holding his head. He rose his head slowly, eyes closed, and then suddenly opened them wide...

His eyes were burning red, as if he was in a trance. He kept repeating words: 'Must seek vengeance...Must eliminate those who think of me!'

"Yes! Yes! You have done well my feathery friend!" The voice echoed. "It is time for you to receive my powers!"

Bolts of lightning struck the helpless Raven, and he let out a scream as he was being electrocuted. Bolts were flowing through his body, bolts of power that nobody could ever imagine. He started laughing as he noticed the new power energizing his body.

I will be invincible! He yelled, as lightning stopped striking him. The white fog cleared and the Raven floated forward, gazing at the planet he was exiled from. His evil glare could easily break a mirror.

"What about me? What about the Raven?" He asked himself. "Never more, never more shall I stand the pain and suffering. I shall vanquish those who stand in my way. I shall terminate those who stand between me and power. I will kill..." He answered his own question, as he floated closer and closer to the planet. A shadow appeared behind him, watching its evil scheme going according to plan.

If I won't have the golden power, no one will. These were its last words before disappearing out of sight.

The people of Hyrule clapped and cheered as princess Zelda smashed a bottle on the front side of the Zora vessel. At long last the Hyrule Holiday season had officially started. The princess could see the joy in every face she smiled at. She wore her usual pink dress. Her azure eyes glimmered like the blue sea, and her golden hair shone like the yellow rays of the sun.

Link gazed at the Zora vessel. It was the most extraordinary ship he had ever seen. He had never seen anything like it. The Zoras have talent, he said to himself, still gazing at the gigantic vessel.

The ship had a unique and creative structure. The hull was shaped like a heart; both sides of it were very bowed. In addition, the hull was made from wooble; a magical mixture of wood and marble, which gave the ship strength and swift movement. Mixing marble with wood lightened the color, giving the ship the golden hue of the Triforce.

Besides the hull, the ship had two masts and triangular sails, with the symbol of the Triforce inscribed on the sails. Also, the ship had a high stern, on which was engraved the trademark: a blue ruby that twinkled as the rays of the sun reflected on it. The ship was named 'Ruby' after the great queen of the Zoras.

Link was lost in thought. He gazed at the Ruby as if it was almost a part of nature. A few short moments passed until his reverie was interrupted by the loud voice of Zelda, who was now on deck.

"My great people of Hyrule." She got the attention of the people. "You realize by exploring unknown land, we will take our first step to a new era. That is, if civilization exists across the dangerous seas. We pray that our brave voyagers get positive results and return safely from this sea quest."

The people of Hyrule applauded Zelda's words of wisdom, including Link, who was behind the crowd. The hero of time realized that he was strangely unnoticed.

Times change. The torch has to be handed down to other people, he thought to himself. He knew that this was a new chapter for Hyrule, and that his saga was now a page of history. His battles and sacrifices for Hyrule would never be forgotten, and his saga would live on and be the greatest tales that were told. He felt uneasy, but he started looking at the bright side; I can have some quiet time relaxing, not having to fight evil again, he chuckled.

Princess Ruto appeared next to Zelda as Link shifted his focus to the Ruby. The Zora people were almost identical; the white thin body, the green long fins between their elbows, the flat flippery legs, and the whale tail that stuck out from the back of their heads. But for some reason, Ruto was a little different; her head was shaped like a big shell, and she had thinner, taller fins. She looked more beautiful than the other Zoras.

Time can sure pass if your thoughts are running away with you, he said to himself, just as he noticed Ruto's appearance. He predicted that she was going to say some 'words of wisdom' as Zelda did, and he was right as usual.

"I am glad to see your faces filled with the lights of happiness," she started. "But I feel the presence of uneasiness lurking between you land-dwellers. You fear that our fellow voyagers will be lost at sea, like what happened in the past attempts. Am I right?"

The people were silent. Ruto was right; they had a bad feeling about this. Even Link started to have the same premonition.

'Worry not, my dear friends." She slashed the silence that engulfed the air. "Thank God that we found a volunteer who has traveled the unknown land, and has all the means to lead us there. It would be a great pleasure to introduce to you the Captain of 'Ruby': Captain 'Scurvy' Sid!"

Sid appeared next to Ruto and Zelda out of nowhere. He wore a back jacket with a red suit under it. He had a black hat on which was marked with the symbol of the skull and crossbones. The hat covered part of his tall, brown hair. He had the classic, pirate look on his face only a few people could recognize. His Brown eyes were filled with excitement and joy, as he raised his hand above the air, posing for all the cheering people of Hyrule.

Link had that sarcastic look on his face. I'm going to hand my torch to him? He smirked. Even though he was glad that Sid was taking his place, he didn't show it.

"A vast ye landlubbers!!" Sid yelled. "Don't ye worry to much, because I have all the means to lead us where me father traveled in me younger days. All ye have to do is pray for our safe return!"

The crowd went wild. They roared as Sid finished his speech. The people's spirits were up, and now they stopped worrying and looked at the bright side.

Sid's words of wisdom. I don't think that they ARE words, Link said ironically, as he clapped slowly. He was glad that Sid listened to him and introduced himself to the Princess. And now, Sid was off to become Hyrule's next hero.

"I'm not finished yet." Sid drew the attention of the silenced crowd. "I have to thank one man who lifted me spirits up and reminded me of me younger days. That man is non other than Link, the defender of Hyrule!" Sid pointed at Link who was at the back.

The crowd looked back at the hero of time, who stood there looking back at them with a wide smile on his face.

"And to show him my thanks and gratitude," Sid continued. "On behalf of the princesses Zelda and Ruto, you are now first-mate of the Ruby!"

Another cheer was let out from the people of Hyrule. But this time, they were chanting Link's name.

Looks like I will not need to hand the torch after all, Link thought. The overjoyed hero started walking to the Ruby. The crowd opened a way for him. He climbed aboard the ship, finding Sid there to greet him.

"Thank you," said Link as he hugged him. "No, thank you for showing me the way," Sid answered.

Link walked toward princess Zelda. His azure eyes met hers as the afternoon sun parted Hyrule, heading towards its setting. Link smiled at her, and of course a hero's smile meant words. I'm going to miss you...

"I'm going to miss you my hero," Zelda said, with tears shading her eyes.

She was looking at the ground, and softly Link touched her chin raising her head until she looked at him. There was a pause, as Link looked at her and smiled. "You did this for me, and I promise you that I'll return. And a hero's promise will live, as you taught me this once," He said to her.

Zelda forced a smile, and hugged Link tightly. He hugged her back and whispered in her ear, "Remember me..."

The crowd hailed this romantic moment. Remembering that they were being watched, Link and Zelda fell back blushing.

" Tomorrow, The Ruby shall depart, and head to uncharted land, which rests peacefully in the east. We shall awaken the sleep, and lighten the dark. We shall not leave a corner undiscovered!" Ruto yelled one last time, lifting the spirits of the people of Hyrule.

Stars began to cover the purple sky. The sun had just departed Hyrule, heading to the other side of the world, where the unnamed land slumbered. Link noticed a star shooting to the east. He wondered what kind of adventures lay there awaiting him, and he hoped that he would get there soon.

The morning sun brightened the mushroom land with its rays of light, and welcomed its inhabitants to a brand new day. Even though the sun was still hiding behind the highlands, it sparkled like a hundred super stars. The field of fire flowers glimmered brightly as the sun continued to shine. The blanket of the previous night had already unfolded. The leaves of the mushroom trees rustled, as if it was alive and dancing to the tune of the whistling birds. Rays of light shone upon the capital of the land: Mushroom Kingdom.

The citizens were awake already. Each mushroom was experiencing his usual daily routines; the children were playing outside, the elder people were sprinkling the plants, and the castle guards chatting. Unexpectedly, a human passed through the entrance doors. The mushrooms' attention diverted to the human; they stopped doing their normal activities. He continued walking, and it seemed that he was heading to the castle. He looked at the staring faces of the mushrooms as he bypassed them, and he greeted them with a smile.

Finally he reached the castle. The guards instantly let him in, as they recognized him in a flash: He was Super Mario. He wore his usual outfit; blue overalls, a red shirt, white gloves, brown shoes, and most importantly, his red baseball-like cap with the letter 'M' printed on the center. He glanced at his surroundings as he entered the main hall; the red silk carpet he walked on was neat, the marble walls were like mirrors, the two marble pillars in the center of the room were trademarks to the design of the castle.

As he reached the golden doors of the throne room, he halted a moment and combed his black mustache using the doors as a mirror. The plumber admired his looks for a while, but then eventually shook it off and pushed open the golden doors of the throne room.

He glimpsed at the settings of the throne room, just like he did in the room before it. It had the same structure of the main hall, except that there were two windows in each side and the room was more spacious. He noticed a woman looking through the window, lost in thought. She was beautiful. Her azure eyes glimmered like the blue pearl she had on her pink dress. Her long golden hair showed the beauty of her face. Her small crown indicated that she was royalty.

"Good day your highness," Mario addressed her.

Mario's voice interrupted Princess Toadstool's daydreaming. She shook her head and looked at Mario.

"Oh Mario! You don't have to be so formal you know," she said to him jokingly.

Mario nodded playfully and walked towards her, keeping his eyes in contact with hers.

"Well Peach," he started. "I came here to bid you farewell."

"Why do you have to leave Mario? What if Bowser kidnaps me again?"

"I'm surprised you still remember that big piece of junk," Mario said. "You're not trying to change my mind about leaving, are you?" Mario said in a sarcastic tone.

Peach looked down, and tears started to fill her eyes. "I'm gonna miss you," she said sadly. "What don't come back?"

Mario felt sorry for her, but nothing was going to change his mind; he had to leave. Bending down to look at her face- while she was still staring at the floor-, he said to her, "I promise that I'll be back. Count on it. A plumber's promise is his plunger; he always sticks to it," Mario gagged.

Peach giggled at his comment and hugged him tightly as if she would never let go. "I promise..." Mario whispered in her ear.

"Psst! Princess!"

Peach was startled; she awakened from her usual daydreaming. The voice of Mario started to slip away from her mind. She looked around, and saw the person who had awakened her.

"Sorry Sarah. I wasn't following you," she said to the person.

Sarah was the princess's personal guard. She wore a green silk robe, a green pointy hat, and had a unique sword hung behind her back. Her green eyes were innocent and cute, and she had bright green hair that matched the leaves of the trees.

"You miss him, don't you?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, I sure do," she nodded.

"I think we'll talk about...umm...what we were talking about later. Is that a good idea?"

"Thank you Sarah. I'm going for a walk in the garden. Inform me if my father returns," she said, as she stood up from the chair.

"As you wish, your highness," she bowed in respect.

I wish you were here Mario. Please come back soon, she thought about him every step she took to the garden, and prayed that he was safe...