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"The Wild Horse Chase"

The WIld Horse Chase

By: Mosli

The silver moon glowed in the darkened sky, the stars sparkled like fire flies glimmering in a forest, the beautiful voice of the nightingales soothed all that listened to it. Link and Zelda were waiting impatiently in the throne room. The King of Hyrule stared at Zelda, showing how worried he was.

"Where are those Guards?!" the King yelled. "They've been gone for about four hours!"

"Don't worry father. They'll be back shortly."

"That's what you said half an hour ago Zelda," Link said, as he stomped his right foot on the ground. "Shouldn't I go check what is taking them so long?"

"Relax Link. Besides, you've done enough," Zelda said as she walked back and forth.


"But nothing Link! You checked Lon Lon ranch. You combed Hyrule field for horse tracks. You even swam Lake Hylia looking for Talon and the horses. Aren't you tired?!"

"As a matter of fact, yes I am."

"Then go to bed and I'll do all the worrying. Or better yet-" Before Zelda could continue, a guard came in.

"Your Majesty," he said, as he panted heavily.

"Yes, yes, was the search successful?"

"Yes your Majesty. We found the horses in Gerudo Valley, and we found Talon sleeping in Kakariko Village in one of the houses. But-"

"But what? Why does there always have to be a but?" Link interrupted.

"As I was saying your majesty, we couldn't stop the horses. Now the Gerudo people are in trouble. A stampede of horses are heading towards their base at this very moment," the guard said, still panting.

Link and Zelda were shocked at this terrible news. "Send a team of guards to hold them off. Now!" the King ordered. The Guard dashed out of the throne room. Link and Zelda tried to be calm and cool. Every problem has a solution, Zelda thought, trying to encourage herself.

"Basically, we need help. This is not working," Link said.

"But who will we turn to?" Zelda asked.

"Why don't we go see Malon? After all, she knows a lot about horses," Link suggested.

"It's worth a try. Wait for me outside while I ask my father about this." Link rushed out of the throne room. Zelda noticed that her father was sleeping at the most critical moment. Zelda caught up with Link outside the castle. The blanket of night covered the land with its darkness. Link took a lantern out of his trusty item belt and lit it.

"Good thing I got ready for this," said Link.

"Let's just hope none of the beasts are roaming around near us," Zelda said with the flame of terror burning in her eyes. Just then, an army of Zombies came out of the ground in a form of a line. Zelda shrieked as she held on to Link tightly.

Link pulled his sword and said, "We don't have time for this! Zelda, Keep holding on and don't let go." Link raised his sword in front of him, and started stomping his legs on the ground rapidly. Then he suddenly dashed like a bolt of lightning, cutting through the formed line of Zombies as if they were bushes. Parts of their bodies scattered as he kept running them down until they were all defeated. "Are you all right Zelda?" He said as she still held him tightly.

"Yes I am. Aren't you going to stop running now?"

"That is what I'm afraid of." Link could not control himself. He kept on running until he reached the doors of Lon Lon ranch, and he still could not stop.

"Zelda, Let go!" She flew to the ground as she let go of him. Link crashed through the door and still kept on running. "I'm bound to crash into a wall sooner or later, but can't afford to wait for that now!" He took out his hookshot from his item belt and fired on one of the crates he bypassed. The edge of the hook hung easily to the crate. Link pulled himself toward it until he crashed with a loud thunder.

Malon who had just came out of her cabin, ran towards the fallen Link. She and Zelda reached him at the same moment. "Speak to us Link! Are you all right?" they said, as they shook him and tried to wake him up.

"Oh. My aching head. I have to get used to these Pegasus boots. I haven't used them for a long time," he said, as he tried to catch his breath.

"Are you hurt?" they said helping him to stand up.

"No. Nothing serious. Let's not worry about me. We got bigger things to take care of."

"Let's go talk inside your cabin," Zelda said. They all went inside the cabin and sat down around the dining table. Link explained the situation to Malon. They sat there desperately trying to decide what to do.

"I almost forgot. I found a very strange thing inside the stable. Take a look," Malon said, as she took a ball of cotton and a long strand of hair out of her pocket.

"It's only a piece of hair and cotton," Zelda said.

Link examined the clues carefully. "Correction my dear princess, this is a whisker and this is a ball of fur," he said.

"Name me a furry creature that has long whiskers," said Malon.

"A cat maybe," answered Zelda.

"How can a cat frighten a horse?" Asked Malon.

"Besides, a cat's whiskers isn't that long," Link stated. They all went back to thinking. Suddenly, Link and Zelda were struck by a brainstorm.

"Why don't we-" they both said.

"Ladies first."

"Why thank you Link. I was saying that why don't you call Epona with your ocarina and maybe it will lead us to the rest of the horses."

"Splendid idea Zelda. Let's go." Link, Zelda, and Malon ran out of the ranch. Link took his fairy ocarina and started playing Epona's song, but it was no use; the steed did not come. The burning flame of hope has lit its last candle, Zelda thought. Just then, they noticed a flying object heading towards them.

"Oh no. Not that big owl again," Link exclaimed.

"Hello there my boy. My you've grown since I last saw you," the Owl yelled, as he got closer to them. The Owl Landed in front of them. He stared at Link with his golden eyes. "Perhaps I could be of some assistance?"

Link stared at the big brown owl and said, "Do you know where the horses are Owl?"

"While I was soaring over Gerudo valley, I noticed that the fortress was destroyed, and now, the horses should be here any minute now."

"And what about the team of guards? What happened to them?" Just then, they all felt a rumble under their feet.

"What was that?" Asked Zelda.

"There is your answer." Malon said as she pointed in front of her. The team of guards bypassed them, yelling and calling for help.

A guard stopped in front of Link and said, "Sir Link! The horses are coming this way, and a giant monster was spotted in Hyrule field!" The guard left without saying another word.

"Zelda, fly with the owl to Lake Hylia. He'll drop you at the fisherman's lake. Give him this paper," Link ordered her as he gave the Owl a strange look.

"Malon, get me a rope now!"

"But Link-" the two women said.

"No time to explain. You must make haste." Zelda nodded and rode the Owl's back. It flew away until it was out of sight. Link took two bombs and a dagger out of his trusty item belt. He cut the first bomb in half like an apple and emptied it from the black powder, and scratched through the second bomb until he had bored a small hole. Then, he took one of his arrows out of the quiver behind his back. At last, Malon returned with the ropes.

"Link what are you going to do?" She asked as she handed it to him.

"Watch and learn Malon." Link inserted the head of the arrow in the second bomb where the hole was bored and finally secured it with the rope.

"Link. I can see the horses from here. They're getting closer."

"Where is Zelda and that Owl?" Link asked impatiently.

"I can see them to. There!" She pointed up towards the sky. The Owl flew faster than the running horses, so it reached Lon Lon ranch first. Zelda jumped out of the Owl's back just as it was a few inches away from the ground.

"Link. That fisherman gave me a 'this' in exchange for the paper." She handed the object to him. It was almost the size of a bomb, and it looked like a fishing lure. He placed it in the center of one half of the bomb then secured both halves by tying them together with the remaining shards of rope. Link approached the Owl and started whispering in his ear.

"I extended the fuse, so you got thirty seconds. Do it!" Link said his last words aloud as he patted the owl's back three times. It suddenly flapped its wings and flew above the ground, and snatched the bomb out of Link's hand with its sharp claws after Link had lit it. Suddenly, Link, Zelda and Malon felt the rumble under their feet again.

"They're here," Zelda said.

"Wish me luck, because it's going to be a 'blasting' situation, and by the way, go hide inside the ranch where it's safe."

"Why do heroes have all the fun?" Zelda grinned. Link took his bow and arrow-bomb and aimed at the sky at a specific angle. Wait until the right moment Link, he said to himself, as the horses were passing him and the ranch. NOW! He fired the arrow at the sky. It glided for short seconds and then dropped on the ground like a lightning bolt a few meters away from the stampeding horses, and caused a large explosion. The frightened horses suddenly headed in the opposite direction. "Objective one completed," Link said happily, as the Owl flew passed him.

The Owl caught up with the stampeding horses. Three, Two, One, Now! It let go of the bomb as it exploded. Thus, a net was landing above the horses, and after a few moments, it caught them all.

"I don't believe it! The net bomb worked!" Link yelled.
Zelda and Malon ran towards Link, and their faces filled with excitement and joy. They both hugged him tightly.

"You were great Link!" Zelda said.

"Once again Link, you saved our kingdom," Malon yelled.

"Girls, you're squeezing the life out of me," Link said, as they both let go of him and started to blush. Link noticed the Owl flying passed them. "Great show old chap. Why don't we get together and have a spot of tea sometime?" he yelled.

"Sure. Until then, Hero of Time," the Owl yelled back, as it disappeared out of sight.

"Why didn't you come up with this plan in the first place?" Zelda and Malon wondered.

"I did, but you were so excited about your plan Zelda you didn't give me the chance to say mine, and besides, I wanted it to be a 'blast'!" They gazed as the sun came up and lightened the dark sky. The birds started to sing their beautiful song, awakening the creatures of the land. A new day was starting for the party of three. But one thought revolved in Link's mind: "Who caused all this?" he wondered, as he said it aloud.

"I did hero," a voice said, as it was followed by an evil sneering laugh.

"What was that?!" Link, Zelda, and Malon exclaimed.

They turned behind them slowly, and found themselves face to face with a strange white monster. It was about as large as the Owl, and it had long ears like a bunny and long whiskers like a cat. Shriek! "What is that?!" Zelda and Malon screamed.

"I don't believe it! A Pole Voice! I should've known," Link exclaimed.

"I am the 'The Executioner'. The remaining survivor of the Pole Voices. Feel my wrath!" It laughed. The creature was floating above the ground. It scared the life out of Zelda and Malon, but Link stood his ground like a true hero.

"How can it talk like that?" Zelda wondered.

"It's psychic," Link answered.

"You killed my brothers, and now I shall have revenge!" The Pole Voice said, as it slowly made contact with the ground. An odd looking turtle was flying above him holding a fishing rod.

"Hey you up there! You supposed to make me look that I'm flying not falling, so get it right," it whispered to the flying turtle.

"Oh boy! A Pole Voice with an attitude problem. That's something you don't see everyday!" Link laughed.

"Silence! You insignificant mortal! I shall show you my true powers," It said.

"Put me down now," the Pole Voice whispered. It touched the ground gently. Then it turned its back on Link and the girls and started saying strange words. Flying lesson number one: the 'dashing' battering ram, Link thought, as he stomped his feet rapidly on the ground. He put his shoulder in front of him and dashed passed Malon and Zelda. He battered into the Pole Voice, which caused it to fly until it was out of sight.

"Link! Look out for the flying turtle with the fishing pole!" Zelda yelled. Instantly, Link pulled his sword and slashed the creature into half. They all thought it was all over. The three friends stood there gazing at the beautiful morning sun. They wish that this moment would pause for them. Just then Malon remembered her father. I'll deal with him later. I'll make him milk the cows twenty-four hours a day.

"Would you ladies care to join me for a drink of water in my cottage?" Link said.

"Yes. But after we calm the horses down. They had a rough day," Malon said.

"The Pole Voice psychic powers confused the horses which made them do all this," Zelda said, offering him the explanation for the events of the day.

"I think you got it Zelda. Don't worry about him, I think he's falling in the pit of doom right now," Link said. Meanwhile, in the volcano of death mountain. The Pole Voice was falling to his doom.

"When I get out of this volcano, I'll execute that blasted Link to death. I'll get you next time Link! Next time! Now where is that Lakitu?"

Just then, another flying turtle with a fishing rod appeared. "You called sir?"

"Get me out of here and fly back to Captain W. He will be pleased to hear the 'good' news. Ha Ha Ha!"

To Be Continued.