Ocarina of Time
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"Ocarina of Time", prologue & chapter 1

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

By: Midgetboysk8



"Sire, we have recieved messengers from the Zora and the Gorons."

"Send them in."

"They would not stay. But they have brought word that the treaty has been accepted."

"And what of the Gerudos?"

"Nothing, sire."

"Damnit, will this land ever see peace? Nevertheless, we are closer than we have been to it in more than a decade. Give the Zora and the Gorons my thanks. In fact, I'm amazed that they sent word back so quickly. Only a day since the messenger was sent. Go, and find about the Gerudos. Is there any word from the forest?"

"They still refuse to fight on either side. They will defend themselves, but we can expect little more than that from them, sire."

"I think the rest of us would do well to learn from them."

"Captain, why have we not heard from the Gerudos? They can't possibly think they can destroy us with both the Zora and the Gorons on our side. And they have known for months about the alliance."

"There is news from the desert, sire, but I don't expect you'll like it..."


"The messenger was killed. A recent raiding party found him in a dungeon, with three arrows in his back."

"Damnit. What could they possibly want? Why do they not want peace?"

"There's more sir. They raided two civilian settelments yesterday. One Hylian and one Zora. No survivors. We have evidence that they plan more in the coming week."

"Any idea where?"

"No, sire."

"Post defensive troops around all Hylian cities. And send word of this to the Gorons. I believe the Zora are already aware." "Yes, sire."


"Gods above! Look!"

"What is it.... Gods help us! It's the Gerudos! They're headed this way!"

"Take Link and go. I'll distract them."

"You'll never survive against that many Gerudos!"

"Take him and go! Now! We will be lucky if any of us survive! Save yourself, and Link."

"I'm not leaving you here! I will not let you sacrifice yourself for me!"

"Fine. Let me sacrifice myself for Link. If you go now, both of you will survive. If you stay here, none of us will."

"But you could come with us!"

"They would track us. I'll throw them off."


"Shut up and go! If I the gods are not with me today, then that is my last request. If they are, then we will meet again anyway. Go, NOW!"

"Fine then. I will grant your request. Goodbye, my love. I'll love you for the rest of my life-"

"Thank you, but GO! The rest of your life will be about two minutes if you hang around here. Goodbye, my love. And goodbye, Link. May we meet again."

And so she fled, vowing that they would indeed meet again. She would not let herself believe otherwise. She fled, watching constantly over her shoulder. She ran. She wept. She screamed. She did not, however, see the Gerudo at the edge of the forest. Nor did she see the spear until it was too late.


Naburoo did not see the shape coming towards her in the forest. She was not thinking about how to win the war. She was thinking about home. She was thinking about how stupid it was that she was standing here ready to fight the Hylians, the greatest benefactor of the Gerudos. She chuckled. They were not intentionally benefactors. The Gerudos had lived by stealing from the other species for centuries, most of all the Hylians. Yet, there was an art, even an honor in thievery, one that Naburoo took much pleasure in. A good thief never causes physical harm to her victims. A good thief never takes more than she needs. Above all, a good thief never steals from children, or from anybody who is unconscious, or sick, or in any way incapable of defending themselves. Not like Kuome and Kotake, the twin sisters who had become co-queens since just before the war started. They did whatever they could to get whatever they wanted at any cost.

So why am I fighting for them?

Naburoo had thought of this constantly for days.

Why am I fighting for what I do not believe in? Before I even took the training course, I vowed to steal with honor, and never to fight anybody unless they defied the code of honor.

Unless they defied the code of honor. Naburoo was suddenly ashamed.

I am fighting for those I have vowed to fight against.

I will have no more of it.

She stepped out from behind the tree, about to head back to camp. She was just in time to see a shape hurtling toward her. She instinctively brought up her spear to defend herself. The figure ran right into the spear, but kept going right past Naburoo. Naburoo did not see the face of the Hylian woman. But she did see the face of the Hylian infant in her arms.

The force of what Naburoo had just done hit her.

I have killed a mother carrying an infant. I speared a woman who was doing nothing but trying to save her baby. What have I done? I am becoming Kuome. I am becoming Kotake. I am becoming a ruthless murderer.

Naburoo had seen many of her friends and even her sisters fall in battle without shedding a tear. Yet now, she collapsed to the ground and wept.

I have become a ruthless killer. I have killed an innocent bystander. No, worse. I have killed somebody who was trying to save a child.

She had done the unspeakable. She had murdered a defenceless victim who was making no attempt to harm her, and she had done it for Kuome and Kotake, the evil twins who did this sort of thing for fun.

She looked up, with hatred in her eyes.

This is what you stand for, Kuome and Kotake. I killed many warriors, and did it for you. But now, for this heroic Hylian woman, I will kill you. That baby will surely die. But now you will die for that baby.

Even as a spear entered the Hylian mother's shoulder, she did not let herself think that she might never again see her husband, or that her baby might not survive. All she thought about was getting him to the heart of the forest, the only peaceful place in all of Hyrule, the only place where he could be safe.

She stumbled. She felt the pain in her shoulder. Yet she kept going. Only when she got to a clearing did she slow down.

She stumbled, and this time she could not stay up. She collapsed. She looked up, and the world swam before her eyes. She saw a tree... but no tree could possibly grow that huge.

She could hear the tree speaking in her mind. It was asking her... no telling her to make a request. Could trees talk? She couldn't remember. Nothing made sense anymore. She only had one thought that stayed clear in her dying mind.

"Take care of Link."

Years later, a root grew over the lifeless body of a Hylian woman. Her baby, however, lived.



Chapter One


A root slowly reached out. It was not easily noticeable, but it was still growing much faster than a normal plant does. Within two hours, the lifeless body of the Hylian mother was covered by the root. Yes, I will take care of Link.

The tree's branches creaked. It was the sort of sound that is quite common in the forest, one that few people would even notice. But Navi did notice. She came at once to the tree, responding to the call as if by reflex.

"Yes, great one?"

I have already informed the unclaimed tree of it's task. It will house this boy, Link. Take the boy there, and do not let the other Kokori see you. They must not know this boy's origins, or Mido will surely have him killed, even if I say them otherwise.

"But they are bound to find him eventually, and when they do, they'll know."

Leave him in the tree. The Kokori will simply assume that he was born, as all kokori are, from the tree. It wouldn't be the first time I authorized a new birth without telling them in advance, and since those two were killed last year by Wolfos, it shouldn't even surprise them. They will be expecting some newborns.

"Yes, great one."


Naburoo silently entered the bedroom of the co-queens.

Stealth. The gift of thieves. And she was one of the stealthiest. She stood over the bed with two large blades in hand.

She hesitated. If one was killed, the other would know instantly. She would be on her feet and ready to fight, and to wake her guards. They must both be killed quickly, maybe even simultaneously.

But what would happen when they died? Who would take over?

Naburoo glanced at the third bed, that of Prince Ganondorf. Naburoo had not met him. She did not know anything about him. But there was one thing she was sure of. He couldn't possibly be any worse than the twins.

Naburoo held up her blades, then quickly brought them down on both her victims.

Perfect. Silent. Right through the throats. They could not even make noise to warn others. They were dead before they even realized anything had happenned.

Again Naburoo glanced at Ganondorf.

Surely he will be better than Kuome and Kotake. Surely there is nobody who could be as evil as the twins.

She thought this, but it gave her no comfort. As she heard Ganon chuckle in his sleep, she was suddenly terrified. She did not know why. She did not have any idea of what Ganondorf might do with his new position of power. She had no reason to believe he would not be the best leader in Gerudo history.

But still, her blood froze at the sound of that chuckle.


"Sire, the new Gerudo King, Ganondorf Dragmire, has expressed interest in your treaty."

"Peace at last. Inform the heralds. Let it be known that Hyrule is once again peaceful. Send all the entertainers throughout the land, to celebrate this glorious day. And send Ganondorf my thanks. But alas! I cannot extend the full treaty to him! I have nothing left to give him. I cannot give him the emerald, as the Kokori have it. And the Gorons and the Zora were given the ruby and the Saphire as part of the treaty."

"Sire, what about the Ocarina?"

"The Ocarina shall never leave the hands of the royal family. It must not fall into the wrong hands, and I do not trust the Gerudos enough."

"Ganondorf said that giving him the right to come to the palace as a Gerudo ambassador is enough. He says that he is particularly interested in the hylian lore, especially that of the Temple of Time. He wishes to learn more about that."

"I will pay any price for peace, even if it means giving a Gerudo access to the palace. Though I am reluctant, I must accept this offer. Send the message immediately."

"Yes, Sire."