The Oracle's Orbs
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"The Oracle's Orbs", prologue to Session 2

The Legend of Zelda: The Oracle's Orbs

By: Blind Blitz

Link, Hyrule, Zelda, and all of the characters from the games Legend of Zelda are in no way my characters. All rights are to Nintendo.

Song lyrics come from the song Whatever Happens by Michael Jackson's newest great C.D., Invincible. All right's to that song belong to him and his company.


"Long story, you want to hear it. Well, here it goes."

The sand whipped out, and the air was cutting at their throats. The blue haired man strode easily across the desert, while a dark colored man stomped ahead. They had been walking for several days, and they were still energized. The blue haired man stared at the horizon and his stare was cold. A couple of years ago, he had fought a great hero, and they fought each other until they both died. The memory of his draw still haunted his mind. He walked for another day. His stare never wavered. He had gained so much strength that he could beat the hero now. The man ahead of him was a great fighter when he transformed. He had fought the same hero when the hero was still green. He had lost to the hero, and he was banished into the sacred realm. The only reason that he was walking through the desert was that the blue haired man has restored him back to the solid world. They looked for the large ocean, known as the Endless Blue, and they had been searching for it for about a week. The blue haired man had a strong build that was not only for wielding powerful swords. He was blessed with superhlyian strength, and his political strengths had surpassed that of the former king. The other man was frighteningly tall and strong, and he carried a sword at the moment. He preferred lances, but the Split-Edge sword was good for taking out dragons. The hill ahead of the two men was somewhat more solid and taller then the rest. The blue haired man climbed the hill, while the other man walked around the hill. The blue haired man walked through the burning sand, and tripped over something. His face was covered in the hot sand, and his exposed scar on his face was like fire. He punched the spot that he tripped over, and his hand hit a curved groove. He dug around the groove, and a stone alter with holes that seemed to hold something was excavated. Two glowing orbs sat in the grooves, and one groove was missing. The man's eyes widened as he read the imprint that lay under the grooves and orbs.

"Ganondorf! Get over here! I found something that might interest you!" The blue haired man yelled. As he rose, the light glinted off his electric blue eyes. A scar on his hand was glowing, and light started to rise from it. He grinned, as his energy flowed from this discovery. The secret of this alter could change everything.

"What! What do you want?" Ganondorf hollered. He stomped up the hill, and looked at the alter. His yellow-poison-like eyes widened like the blue haired man's did when he saw the alter and read the inscription. Ganondorf picked up one of the orbs, the red one, and images of great things flashed in the orb. He saw births, birthday parties, marriages, fun times, and him. The blue haired man stared at the orb, and saw him too. The man that caused all of their problems. The hero stood in a room, a baby was clinging to his leg. He stared into a beautiful woman's eyes, and he looked completely happy. Ganondorf frowned at the thought of his nemesis being in a heaven on earth. "Donovan, his good days have to end!"

Donovan nodded, but he secretly envied the hero's life. He remembered when he was like that. "Ganondorf! We need to get to Hyrule, and use these orbs to bring forth the greatest artifact of all time. We have to find the third, and then all of our problems will end." Donovan picked up the blue orb, and the pictures inside showed Donovan, Ganondorf, and a man in a light blue tunic, and a face that was painted. Donovan looked puzzled. "How could he be in these relics. He's dead!"

Donovan gathered strength, and he started to teleport. He and Ganondorf appeared in Hyrule. The lush spring landscape flowed before them. Ganondorf raised his hand, and the sky darkened. There was a huge storm, and the wind almost knocked its creator over. Donovan stood, looking forward to his battle, but first he had to figure out how to use the relics he found.

Tim found himself in a strange land. The ground was wet from the sudden storm, and the clouds swirled as if a whirlwind was to commence. There was a huge castle to the east, and a great mountain in front of him. He scratched his curly hair, and looked at the mountain. He had never seen a ring of clouds swoop over the mammoth peak of a mountain. It was smoky, and the mountain was erupting. Tim set his glasses and studied the swirling cloud. It was changing to a red-pink color, and the mountain had a great cloud of smoke. To the south, a whirlwind touched down a few miles behind him. He wished that he hadn't of followed those tough-looking guys. He saw them in the desert and followed them. He was a nomadic scientist, and he had been traveling for thirteen years, but he had never seen anything as wild as the teleportation move that the blue haired guy did. He wanted to find that man, so that he could master the psychic teleportation maneuver and become world famous. Tim walked towards the blue guy who stood in the horizon. He ducked behind a rock and listened to what the two fighters said. The blue haired guy was standing, looking contently into the horizon, and the other guy was explaining something to the one guy. The blue guy stared as if he was bored of the big guy.

"Donovan, the plan is simple. Almost every house in Hyrule was made by the Marauders. They were the helpers of Din, and they are extremely powerful. If we can get them to fight on our side, then we can eliminate Hyrule, and at the same time, find the other orb." The big guy yelled. Donovan, the blue haired dude still looked opposite of the big guy.

"Ganondorf, how do we get them to join us?" Donovan said lifelessly.

"Well, the leader could be persuaded to help us." Ganondorf stated.

"Ganondorf, why don't we just kill the leader. Kill the leader, the others fear you." Donovan was so cool. Tim wanted to be just like that guy.

"Interesting. Those two radiate a strong evil, but the coexist. Very interesting indeed." Tim waved his curly hair out of his face, and took a sip out of his canteen.

"Uh.Good idea. I don't see why you are so good at this. So, when do we strike Link. Do you just want to kill him now?"

"No. we wait for him to get angry, then we will see his true power." Donovan said. He never even flinched.

"Okay. So when we get this army, what will happen?" Ganondorf asked. His voice was dark, but Ganondorf didn't have a clue when it came to magic of military strategy. Tim chuckled to himself, thinking of all of the poor saps that were similar to Ganondorf.

"The Marauders will commence an attack on all of the major cities. Caldalbog was already destroyed, so we can't test them. After the main city and Karkariko Village are targeted, then we will start the attack. We will lead the main Marauder Army, and we will kill every living thing, while searching. I have sent a team of minions to attack the forest. That's where I think it is. We will put a fire citadel in the Lost Woods, and we will kill all of the Kokiris. Link will have started interfering, so we will let him start his adventure. The rest is still being planned." Donovan still stood completely still.

"Wow, interesting. That strategy is the best Iron Strike strategy I ever heard!" Tim said. Donovan slowly turned his head towards Ganondorf.

"Ganondorf, did you gain some weight? It felt like I was teleporting three people when I brought us here."

Ganondorf cocked his eyebrow. "I weight the same. Do you think someone got into your carrying field?"

"Wait, look at the rock!" Donovan yelled. Tim dropped his canteen and ran. The two ran after him, and after four minutes of running, Tim felt something pierce his back. He reached and pulled out a bloody arrow. He limped forward, the two evil guys had stopped following him. He limped forward, until he became faint, the arrow got some internal organs. He saw a coach with a beautiful white stallion with a golden mane. He limped faster, and pounded on the coach door. The door opened, and a gorgeous blond opened.

Session 1: Racing the Storms

Three lights shone through the vast clouds, separating the chosen ones from the ordinaries. In the center, a great hero in green stood holding a green orb. To his left, an old friend in red stood holding a red orb. To the green man's right, an old enemy stood as a new ally, and he held a blue stone. The sky welcomed them, and the Earth bowed to them. Ahead, the stairs to the end were welcoming them, and at the top were two enemies. One stood for domination, blinded by greed. The other glanced on, motivated by bitterness. He had a troubled past, and he was going on so that he could bring someone back. The three strode up the steps, not knowing death. Then a flash of light blinded their eyes.

Link snapped awake. He had been dreaming that dream again, and he was sweating. He glanced over at Malon, who was sleeping peacefully. He could always look at her and calm himself. He stroked her face a couple of times, and got out of bed. He put on his tunic and his cap. Link lit a lamp in the main room, and his old equipment was glowing from the light. He gave a look of sorrow at his equipment. He had faced down a great enemy with that golden-blue sword, and his shield was battered with the battles he took before. He walked out side and stared. This storm just started, and it has already destroyed half of our fence! He found a nice, big, cow that didn't have the Lon-Lon Ranch seal on it. He took out his dagger, and gave it a quick slice across the neck. He dragged it back to the house, so that Malon could work her cooking magic on it. Halfway back to the house, he felt the cow get a lot lighter. He opened the door, where Malon had woken up and was getting a fire ready. He kept the cow behind him, and Malon beamed at her strong husband.

"Malon, how's this one? For some reason the cow got lighter halfway there." Link stated.

"Link, have you seen Tele?" Malon wore a puzzled look, and Link took one hand of the cow and scratched his head.

"Daddy! I finally got to help!" a small, enthusiastic voice yelled.

Link picked up the cow, and his son had appeared. He was small, but he was only about two years old. He had Malon's red hair, and he had Link's old childish face. He was wearing blue overalls, and he wore a black t-shirt under that. He was strong for a two year old. He had Malon's red hair and gentleness, and Link's looks and strength, and for some reason, he had Toray's enthusiasm. All around, he was a well-balanced mix of everyone. Looking at Tele always reminded Link of his friend Toray. Toray had helped Link during the Deity war and the Grand Sages resistance. He was incredibly powerful, and he was very enthusiastic. He left two and a half years ago, and went to find out about himself. Link and him had great training memories, but the most remembered was their match in the Fighting Tournament. Link had barely beaten Toray. Link wondered when Toray would come back.

"Ah, look at my little boy! He is so much like everyone!" Link yelled, as he put Tele on his shoulder. Malon grinned at their activities.

"He is just like you! He loves a challenge!" Malon joked.

"Look at this boy's arms." Link told Tele to make a muscle, and Tele's was huge, "Look at this, this kid is powerful! He's going to be as strong as I am one day! I love it!" Link exclaimed.

"I just hope he doesn't get a weird accent like the Bostinsans. They had such a weird accent. It made me want to laugh." Malon said.

"You do not lie, Wero," Link said in the accent the Bostinsans had.

"I never lie, Bo," Malon joked. They laughed hard, and they continued talking.

"Have you looked outside? Man, it's really pourin' out there. It was a blue sky yesterday." Link pondered

"Link, Why don't you go and start another adventure." Malon stated this in a sarcastic tone. Malon knew that when Link got a question, he would do anything to figure it out.

"I don't think that was very." Link was interrupted by the door. Three knocks, and Link strode to the door. He opened the door, and a jumped back. A curly haired man fell into the house. His glasses were broken, and his back had an arrow sticking out of it. Link stood the man up on the wall, and the man opened his eyes.

"L.i.n.k." He coughed up some blood, and grabbed his chest, "Link, they are after you. A Gerudo and a Palinon have banded together to kill you. They have got an army, and they are putting a temple in the forest. They are going to tear apart this land, and they will find it."

"Malon! Get me some golden potion quick!" Link yelled. Malon ran into the kitchen, and Link suddenly remembered something. "Hey, your Tim, aren't you. I remember you from Caldalbog. What are you doing here?"

"I am a traveler. I was hiking the Desert of the Eternal Rest when I started following the two men. Link, they want the orb. You mustn't.let" Tim fell back to the floor, and a note from Zelda fell out of his pouch. Link picked the note up.

Dear Link,

This man is near death, and I can't help him. Come to my castle, and I explain everything. He was able to explain everything, and Rauru knows about the legends he spoke to me about. Link, get over here now!

Princess Zelda

Link gave the note to Malon and sighed. "Malon, I guess it's gonna be one of those days. I must go, but I'll have to get my weapons. I have a good idea on who the Gerudo and Palinon is who started this. Good bye, for now." Link walked to his equipment, attached the straps, unsheathed his sword, and walked out. Malon had nodded, and put some potions in his pouch, and let him go. Tele stood next to a training dummy, and his eyes were glowing gold.

Link ran out of the Ranch and ran at break-neck speed. The storm raged, and the clouds lowered onto the ground. The cloud spun viciously, and it roared out. Link felt himself getting sucked into the cloud, and he kept going. His mind was pulsing. He thought he knew, who had started this, But the Grand Sages killed him. Link ran, and he sped onto the drawbridge. The area around him twirled, and his attention was focused on the sky. He saw, on top of one of the pillars, a silhouette of a strong figure, Lightening struck and his face was illuminated. He triggered a thought in Link's memory. That man was Donovan's strongest minion, and he was the only person that survived the Donovan Training Ground Incident. He grinned maliciously at Link, then he stared off into the distance. Link looked over, and gasped. A large black cloud raced towards him. An army of monsters came. They were large, they had huge claws, they had menacing fangs, they wore cloaks around their thick necks, and they were showing their flaming hair. They reached Link, and Link attacked. He struck one with an upward slash, and cut another with a thrust. Then he was struck in his back. He fell forward, and he was hit into the air. He landed in the moat, and the monsters flew in with him. They beat him underwater, and his pain was killing him. His weakened body blacked out.

Session 2: The Lessons of Tim and Rauru

Link opened his eyes, the bruise around them made it hard to move. He slowly turned his head over, and listened. A melodious voice hummed the Song of Time. Link relaxed and let the reality sink in. Those monsters were the same monsters that Link had fought when he was a teenager. He had saved the ranch from them, but they were a lot more powerful now. Link sat up, his ribs aching, and his arm was broken. His leg was severely bruised, and his face had a huge gash on his forehead. Link was in a lot of pain. The voice stopped humming, and Zelda was looking at her brother. She smiled and gave Link some gold potion. He downed the potion, and his gashes and broken bones healed instantly. Link stood up and brushed some dust off his tunic.

"Zelda, where are we?" Link asked. He had never seen this room.

"We are in the West Tower. It was built after your battle with Fierce Deity. Do you like it?" Link nodded. The floor was a red silk carpet, the ceiling had golden draping, and there were paintings of Link, Malon, Tele, Toray, and Zelda herself. It was incredibly beautiful.

"Well, the note said to come to you, so what did you need to tell me?" Link asked.

"Okay, I had a dream about this." Zelda stated.

"NNNNNOOOOOO!" Link yelled. Every time Zelda said that she had a dream, then Link went on an adventure that would almost kill him. He cursed under his breath.

"Link, shut up! In the dream, three lights shone through the great clouds, separating the chosen ones from the normals. In the center, a great hero in green stood holding a green orb. To his left, an old friend in red stood holding a red orb. To the green man's right, an old enemy stood as a new ally, and he held a blue stone. The sky welcomed them, and the Earth bowed to them. Ahead, the stairs to the end were welcoming them, and at the top were two enemies. One stood for domination, blinded by greed. The other glanced on, motivated by bitterness. He had a troubled past, and he was going on so that he could bring someone back. The three strode up the steps, not knowing death. Then a flash of light blinded their eyes."

Link's eyes widened, and his breathing quickened. "Zelda, I had the same dream! I dreamed that exact same dream!"

"Link, the stones they talk about is documented in Tim's notes. He says that they are called the Oracle Orbs. Red for Din, Blue for Nayru, and Green for Faroe. They are the true key to the Triforce. If they are gathered, then the user can summon the three pieces, and he will get his wish. If they use the blue and red one, then they can do a temporary fusion. Then when the time is right, the third will combine, and the fused ones will have the power of the Triforce."

"Zelda, Donovan is back! He will use the orbs!" Link blurted out.

"I have bad news, Ganondorf has escaped the Sacred Realm. He is in this two. Tim's notes confirmed this. Tim said that they were working together to kill you. Tim said that Ganondorf is planning to use the monsters that attacked you to destroy Hyrule. This is bad."

"Zelda, when are they gonna leave us alone?" Link groaned. He got his equipment.

"Link, Rauru want me to tell you about the Marauders that attacked you. They are the Grand Sages workhorses. They created most of the houses and buildings. Link, they can't be beaten. They can destroy only the houses that they built, which is almost everything. You need to find a weapon with a Marauder breaker, and you will need some safe houses. Link, this castle, the ranch, and the Gravekeeper's house are safe. Link, Those are the lessons that were given. Now go, and be a hero again."

Link walked to the balcony and stared at the horizon. Link smirked to himself, and jumped out of the balcony, and he landed on the soft ground. He looked at the clearing sky, and he knew that the world was depending on him. Link, do you hear them? The voices of the sky, the voices of the Earth, the voices of life, they're all calling for you. Go forth, and answer the call, and show the world your true power! Link grinned, and he knew that his future was bright

Donovan sat in his chamber, and looked at the sunset. He put on his robe, and looked at his broken mask. He had been an enemy, an ally and now an enemy again. Link was gaining strength, just like always. He reminisced the times when he would help Link, by being the Sun Mask Guy. They confronted each other in the Grand sages lair, and Donovan put himself on the line to help Link. Now they were enemies. If Link knew why I was doing this, then he would help me.Penelope. Ganondorf was punching a bag to get stronger. He's going to screw me over the first chance he gets. I have to get that wish! Donovan held the blue orb tightly, his dream swirled over it.