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“The Return of Majora”

The Return of Majora

By: Richie S.

A rooster crowed as day broke over the Western Ocean and the Zora Hall in Termina. The Sun began to rise setting a gold hue over the water, it was a beautiful site to behold. A man standing on the beavh couldn't care less. He was the mask shop salesman. He had come to the Western Ocean for a reason. He reached into his backpack and pulled out Majora's Mask. He proceded to set the mask on the ground and he then took a small treasure chest out of his backpack, he then proceded to put the mask into the chest and he then closed it. Finally he proceded to take chains out of his backpack and he secured the contents of the chest.

"It's almost over..." he said to himself quietly. Then he put himself, the chest and his backpack on a small skiff that was resting on the surf. Stepping on board he pushed himself from the shore. Using the paddle that was in the skiff he rowed aboout 40 feet beyond the Naval Observatory where he then heaved the chest overboard. "It is finally finished." He said to himself as he rowed back to shore. The only ones who could now get to that chest are Zoras, and assuming they gave the chest a second glance and opened it the mask would probably have decayed in the ocean to a peice of mildew wood and rust, after all the chest was not water-proof.

The skiff ran agroud and the Happy Mask man felt like dancing a merry jig. He had finally had ridden himself of that infernally hexed mask! Or so he thought. For though the mask was defeated by Link the evil spirit of Majora had not been totally destroyed. While at first appearance the mask seemed to be an innocous peice of wood and metal, any great amount of malicious emotions or an evil spell could revive Majora and then it would be only a matter of time before Majora returned to full strength, however even Majora had limits, he would have had to be revived before the mask had decayed into mildew and rust in the water and the mask was now at the bottom of the Western Ocean where it woud soon decay... or would it?

"This is your underwater combat training exercise." A tall Gerudo woman who was dead ringer for Hyrule's Nabooru stood in a skiff with a handful of Gerudo recruits. "There is nest of Like-Likes beneath the boat. This is what you've been preparing for. You will dive off one at a time with your weapon, then you will select a Like-Like and you will kill it. Then you come back up. Very simple. If you find any treasure from the Like-Like you may keep it. Now we begin. You," she pointed to a young female who was around the age of sixteen, "Janice (for that was the young woman's name) go."

Janice dove into the water and prepared her weapon, a machete. She then looked beneath the water and saw the nest of Like-Likes, picking out a Like-Like that was isolated form the group she began to swim towards it. Staying at a safe distance she studied her target, looking for a weakness. Just as she felt her lungs begin to ache for air she saw the Like-Like move towards it's side to suck up a fish, seeing her oppurtunity Janice moved in for the kill, quickly slashing the Like-Like, dodging the retalitory attack and slashed it again, diving to the right out of the Like-Likes range she slashed it a third time, and quickly moved out of range. After a breif moment the Like-Like turned a reddish-tan and began to implode untill eventually it had distintegrated, leaving a small chest behind. Quickly grabbing the chest Janice kicked up and towards the surface. Breaking the surface she took a big gulp of air. Nabooru helped her back unto the skiff.

"Congratulations my child," Nabooru said, "you have shown your courage and skill." Back onboard the skiff Janice took her chest to the back of the skiff and inspected it. Hmm... locked? Well nothing a machete couldn't fix after a few moments she had managed to work the lock off and the lock and chains hit the floor of the skiff with a loud thud. Quickly throwing the lock and chains overboard Janice finally opened and looked into the chest. Looking inside the chest Janice found a mask. In fact it was one of the very strangest masks she had ever seen before. It had a metallic purple chin, two big yellow eyes a purple face and spikes on the sides.

"Strange," Janice muttered to herself as she tought quietly, "Hey!" she whispered to herself, "the man who owns the Oddity Shop would pay great money for something like this!"

Majora felt its lifeforce flickering. "Ahh... the delicious sensation of Greed. While the thought itself was only half-hearted it was enough to slightly increase his power to at least now Majora had higher level of consciousness, before he was on;y half-conscious, now he was fully self aware. "What was the girl whispering to herself about, something called an Oddity Shop?"

To be continued...