Ruto's Wish
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"Ruto's Wish", chapter 1

Ruto's Wish

By: Pogiforce14


Author's note: This is my first fan fiction, and I just want to let you know the way I work. So you don't get into it and end up so bored you fall asleep, hit your head on the keyboard, and erase your harddrive. I aim for an adventure, with a fair amount of action, though usually throughout the story, it obviously becomes as much a romance as much as an adventure.  It never is my original intention, but that's just the way it is. Hope you like it. All zelda characters are copyright to Nintendo.

Chapter One: Memories and Pains

It was another beautiful day in Hyrule. The sun was shining brightly and plenty of light was coming through the entrance of Zora's Domain. Young Zora children were playing happily while the adults gambled there rupees on the Diving Game. A beautiful Zora princess came down the stairs from the thrown room, and looked forlornly out across the domain.

Just like the rest of her people, the princess had fins on her forearms and hips, with a rubbery blue colored skin on her body. She had webbing between her toes and between her fingers. She had a figure like a Hylian. She was considered very attractive by many of her people, but she only had eyes for one man. Her name was Ruto. His was Link. She was the Sage of water. He was the Hero of Time.

After watching the children play for a while, she softly turned and followed the path towards the entrance. She reached the entrance behind the waterfall and jumped through to Zora River, her wet body reflecting the light off the curves of her form. She walked over by the Zora well by the entrance, and sat down to rest, dangling her feet over the edge as the sun slowly rose into the sky. Alone. I've always been alone. she thought sadly. Even among my own people. She sighed, and looked at her reflection in the water below. I've aged much since I last saw him. She thought, observing herself in the water. We were together so often. I loved him so much, and we played a lot whenever he visited. But with duty as Hero of Time, he no longer has time to spare to visit me. The last time Link truly visited Zora's Domain was the month after he returned from Termina and told all of his friends about his adventure. Since then, he has worked as a global super hero, and went wherever the princess of Hyrule, Zelda, sensed trouble. He had been so busy; he no longer had time to visit.

Princess Ruto was so caught up in her memories, she hadn't noticed the blue tektite that had slowly sneaked up on her. A blue tektite that had a special power. By now it was noon, and she stood up to return to the domain. Suddenly the tektite lunged at her, creating deep gouges in her left thigh. Crying out in pain, she turned to face her attacker. But before she could defend herself, the monster slammed itself into her, causing her to go reeling backwards towards the well. As she fell in, her head slammed into a rock, and she sank into the water Link she thought as she started to loose consciousness. If only you were here. And she continued to sink to the dark tunnel below.

Ruto groaned and rolled over. There was a severe pain in her left leg, but she dismissed it and kept her eyes closed. Suddenly she jumped up, remembering the events that had occurred. Her sudden movement caused a shock wave of pain throughout her body, and she sank to her knees. Gathering her breath, she leaned back to view her surroundings. She appeared to be in some sort of cabin. The object she had fallen from was a bed in the corner. A torch sat beside the door on the opposite side. To the left were a couple of jars, with a table and chairs sitting next to them. A chart was to the right of the bed on the wall, a window over the bed. She grabbed the sheets and pulled herself up to a sitting position on the bed. She examined her thigh to see how bad the wound was. It had scabbed over, but the sudden jerk of her muscles in getting of the bed had torn it back open. Fresh blood oozed from the wound. It ached terribly. As she lay back down, she heard someone come up some sort of ladder outside. She grew tense, worried about the person coming. Would he be nice? She found out as soon as he stepped through the door.