Shadow: Part 1
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"Shadow: Part I", prologue

Shadow: Part I

By: Okichan


I was but the ripe age of seventeen when Ganondorf was sent away, into the darker world, the realm where the nightmares and demons of past times dwell. I hoped for a long time that he would never return. But I was wrong, it was not my doing, or anyone in the court of Hyrule, but a young man. I can't recall his name, but I recall his eyes, gray pools full of corruption and a powerhungry stare. Using his body, Ganondorf was returned to our world, the Hyrule was set into a panic that I had never witnessed in all my years of living at the castle. I stepped in once again, I had sworn by my soul I wouldn't let the demon get another taste of power that he had before, he tried to take me with him.

He tried, and failed. And when the quivering inhuman form that was Ganondorf died, part of myself seemed to die as well. It may seem like a strange concept, in fact, i thought it strange myself.

But I locked away my sword and hung up my duty. It was a time of rest, a time of peace. But my stirring heart wouldn't rest there, I pained for the open air of the world. it sickened me at what i had become in my two years after that, helping Zelda and th Sages, who barely talked to me anymore, I set out once again, I was only twenty, and my heart still searched for something more in life, my sword had not quenched it's guideing hunger, nor the taste of blood it felt so often. I finally left, heartbroken when Epona, my loving companion pasted away from a strange sickness, I couldn't stand being in Hyrule any longer, and when a relative of the great mare I fled.

I headed west, wondering what would go beyond the dunes, what laid there that I had not seen yet with my own eyes? and so I rode, beyond all recognition of the land, the parched sand blowing in my face, beyond the desert collosus I fleeted away, and my spirits rose again, the excitement drew me in. Until I collapsed, I don't remember much, but what I do would stay with me forever after it.

The Gerudo have never been kind to me, for the most obvious reason of being a man. I was captured by slave traders of there race, and thrown into a training program. I realized I had to leave, to go somewhere else. But as the night approached when i would make my escape, the most curious thing happened, I remember it very clearly.

"What is your name?" The young savior asked as i exited into the courtyard, tip toeing away, it was instantly suspicious, the young calm and deep voice asked again, light feet, his face was covered by a cowl. I didn't trust him, until I witnessed what was behind the guise, only to see another familair one. There stood the image of Sheik, no, not Zelda's digsuise to hide from ganaondorf while he was still pulsing with life.

"I know not who you speak of." He said when I finished my ranting of why the high queen of Hyrule would be out here and how I must take her back right away. I was 'Sheik', the one Impa had talked about once, the clan leader of the Desert Dragon, one of the last Sheikah clans left in the world, i didn't suprise me in the slightest that she would know and image Zelda after this great man. I stayed with the caln for manyt months, learning about culture and various things like that, and as i stayed with them, sheik and I grew close as friends, but I never got to see his face under one night when he decided to reveal his true identity of why he saved me.

Red and exotic eyes, scurffy blond hair, and a face that barely smiled, much like myself but not. "I am your cousin, and you are a courter Sheikah." He explained bluntly, I withdrew with mistrust. His face resembled mine almost exactly, and that is when I excepted it, I had found my only family in the world, and I was content. He told me that his Sensei had had a vision before I arrived in Ca'mbella, the desert city where I was brought by my captures. He said that I was a part of him, that I was his only family as well, but I never asked what happend to his own mother anf father, or if he was an orphan, I never knew.

We hurried back to Hyrule, myself and my cousin. And there Sheik had taken up the position of Gaurdian for Zelda. It was two years later, when i was twenty four, that another wonderful person would come into my life. I remember that adventure away from Hyrule very vaguely, only that she would come back with me.

Four hundred years in the temple of time I flew back without memories, and found a young Hyrule, the first king who had the name of Luthien. And there, by the tribe of the anceint Moblins, who where magical and more friendly then they where in my time, nurtured me for my stay as I was hunted by something terrible. And I met the leadre, his name was Kono, the shaman.

And there I met her, Mayoree, a young women who knew her left from right, eyes that glisened with an intelligence I remembered in Zelda and many of the Sages. She decided to come back with me, come from her own world back to mine, in has been two years since, and i am grateful now, Hyrule is finally at peace, for a time.

Link J. Calamara