Shadow: Part 2
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"Shadow: Part II", chapter 1

Shadow: Part II

By: Okichan

Part 2: Friendship

Leaving home has always been hard for me, never knowing what's out there, or what I would find or see. but what's stayed in my heart the most are the memories, of Zelda, Sheik and Mayoree, my dearest companions and loved ones.

I had to learn about the meaning of friends and the importance of friendship and love in different ways then many people. As a child I knew only a few young children, most of which where unlike me. And I being the different one haunted my thoughts for many years, even to this day I sometimes wish I was born into a world where I knew my parents. But I'm also relieved that I know so many amazing and interesting people.

My identity was also shrouded in mist, and so I made up a full name for myself in my moments of empty wondering and questions to who I am. But now I know, I am another piece of a universal puzzle that I could not begin to explain.

In our life time, our identity is always changing. and the emptiness in our hearts we must fill with experience and the interaction from others around us. We cannot function without others, without friends or friendship. We my lose ourselves just as I had as a child. And the emptiness in my soul grew, until I found my true value.

And that value was my sense for adventure, my destiny. But what is a destiny without others to share it with you. this is the never ending circle of Human thought. And along with the companions of destiny and love we may all find our own self value.

Adventures seeks me, and so I seek them out as well, with the company of others in my presence, my friends.

Link J. Calamara

Chapter One: Mists

The mist rose over the cold snow covered glaciers in the morning sun. Setting them alight with what little sunshine their was. It was the middle of winter in the eastern mountains, snow swirled in the early morning as the gray black clouds swirled over head like they had been for the last month and a half or so. The trees where sprinkled with the snow drift, the air had a wintery dry smell to it that could freeze anyone to the bone.

The sound of traveling horses echoed off the canyon walls, the black steed was as strong as any horse in the land of Hyrule, a fast breed beast with eyes as red as a flaring blaze and black fur that shimmered the sun lights ray's in a blinding fashion.

"Come now Lev, quicken your pace where falling behind." The rider urged on to his horse, tugging the reigns and kicking the stirrups into the majestic animals side.

"Come on, where all most to the ridge Link, hurry up!" Yelled a voice ahead of the rider, who took in a deep breath of air, exhaling it as pearly mist. He adjusted his cloak and pulled the cowl of it over his face, the morning was very frosty and chilly, even in the confines of his cloths Link felt the dry air penetrate him like needles.

"All right!" Link shouted ahead loudly, he could barely make out the rider in front of him who was his companion for this long trip he was forced to venture on. I was only a matter of weeks before this that Link could remember his homeland of Hyrule and it's many wonders and riches. But he could also remember why he left, he went over the details quickly as he and his black steed quickly paced up to his companion.

"Do you think the Shadow is growing cousin?" Link asked as he put his horse into a trot next to the brown mare. The rider, almost bathed over with the black cloak he himself was wearing turned to regard him.

"From what Raura told us friend, it grows everyday, remember the demon you swore to have seen just the other night?" He said sharply, Link could just make out his tilted red eyes from under his white cloth mask.

"I do."

"I believe the Shadow realm might have something to do with it's mutation." The mysterious muffled voice confirmed. Link nodded quickly, Sheik was right. Of course Link couldn't really recall when he had ever been very wrong about anything, Link just smiled and looked forward, into the grayish black sky that ever swirled above them.

"A blizzard is approaching from the western sky, not far off if I'm correct." Link commented, brushing his short strawberry blond hair from his blue eyes. Sheik looked to the left for their position also.

"We will be safe in the gouge Link if we can make it by noon, the storm will pass by without whiting our vision out if we are inside." Sheik confirmed. Link nodded and made forward a little quicker with Sheik trailing him, he needed this quiet moment to think before they got into a noisy town below them.

The hero of time sat quietly on horse back as Lev carried him on over the mountains sloping hill, he didn't even care to see the town already coming into view. what he thought about was last night, he swore he had heard foot steps not far from their camp, but Sheik was asleep because it wasn't his watch quite yet to look out for dangerous beasts.

Because Link knew by experience that the mountains where full of Wolfos and blue or preferably named snow tektites, small bug like animals that buried themselves in the snow until someone walked over them and then they struck by leaping up and poisoning the creature with there bite.

Link closed his eyes and concentrated on the image of a blurry shadowed figure with a long robe fleeting away threw the thin woods, shivers raced up his back as he thought about it. But he couldn't ever quite see it's face, it was hidden in the robes folds to much to see, but he could have sworn he had seen it somewhere before.

"Link, wake up!" Came sheik startlingly close and annoyed voice. Links eyes popped open and he looked forward, they where nearly their, Link knew they would beat the storm.

The tavern smelt of smoke and cooking grease, which Link crinkled his nose at, looking about at the crowd of towns people which that gathered. talking and drinking fowl tasting ale and wines. Link hesitated before entering with his current garments on, his green tunic and hat would stick out sorely with the other people, some where already staring at the two, Sheik also wearing his usual bright blue under suit and tattered over shirt with the symbol of the Sheikah eye of truth.

The two walked over to the bar and sat down, an older, tough looking man approached them from behind the counter. "yer both new here, ain't ye?" He asked, looking back and forth between the two he slammed mugs down in front of them.

"Do you know of any beings in these mountains that carry any mystical items friend?" Sheik asked abruptly, to the point as always. The man grunted, squinting at him.

"Yer eyes are red, Sheikah?"

"I am..." The bar tender was silent for a few seconds.

"Don't see many of yer kind around here lad, tell me what you want to drink first!" He smirked at him profoundly. Sheik starred at him for a second longer, his expression was hard to tell from his mask, but Link thought he was a little confused, this guy had said that so fast and in a heavy accent.

"Ale." Sheik said clearly.

"And what about you lad, what will you be havin' ?" he asked roughly, turning his beady eyes back on Link.

"Same..." Link said. the man turned about and quickly opened the gauge of a big looking hogshead barrel, pouring out the fowl smelling ale and slamming it down again with his thick arms.

"You two stayin' here with are Inn?"

"Yes, we will be staying the next night to catch up on our energy, we've come a long way."

His eyes popped open in interest and he scratched his chin. "where are yer from?"

"Hyrule..." Link answered simply. that turned the heads of a few people in the room, link realized that the room was suddenly silent, and that it had been for a while. he noticed sheik had also turned to look behind him at the starring roughly built townsmen, many looking menacing enough to stand up and challenge them to a fight. someone coughed.

"You be Link?" yelled one voice from the back of the room, sending whispers about the tables. Link held his breath, great, these people knew who he was. Link could remember how many fights he had gotten into over his identify, many people liked to fight him and see if they would win against him to prove there own worth. Link never had gotten the idea of seeing if body strength could really prove anything, warriors didn't need to have all braun and no brains.

The bar tender was also wide eyed, he motioned for the few wenches in the back of the kitchen to come out and see. Sheik looked at him calmly.

" If your challenged turn it down..." Came Sheiks voice, link as about to respond with 'I know' but then he realized that he hadn't heard that through his ears, but it had muttered into his head. Link knew Sheik could use telepathy, and that he used it only in desperate situations when he wanted to address someone specifically in private, or giving orders without talking.

"We have a hero in our midst boys!" the bar tender yelled, and cheers arose around the tavern, many bringing their mugs up to show no hard feelings and drunk laughs as the yellow stuff spilled over many of the men holding them. Link breathed a sigh of relief and couldn't help but smile. "Wench, get these two some good food, we should be kindly to them while there here!" The man put a large hand on each ones shoulder.

Sheik turned back to the bar and looked at the man squarely in the eye, then slipped his mask down over his nose the mouth and slipped his hair out from under the part that covered his head, revealing his face that Link hadn't seen in almost a year.

Sheik turned towards him and Link studied his features. His eyes still had that same determined look that Link had, except the corners of his eyes where tilted upwards, which showed his races trademark features even more.

"I still say we could have been brothers..." Link remarked taking a sip of the ale and trying to pretend it tasted good. Sheik merely grunted and took a sip of his own.

"I had a brother you remember..." he commented, Link noticed how much he sounded like himself also, but sheik didn't smile all that often either, which was another difference between the two. Link sat back and tried to enjoy himself, tonight he would rest in a warm bed and get a good nights sleep, tomorrow they would be out on the road again, since they where on a course into the glaciers in the west, and the blizzard was keeping them slowed down. Link closed his eyes, that was where the ice medallion was suppose to be hidden he told himself.

Link felt a huge hand rest on his shoulder, Link turned up to see the bar tender. "Me names Tarhnon if your wondering lad." He said with a smirk. Link nodded, good to know.

"Where do you suppose we should head to to look for the medallion?" Link asked from his bed, looking over at Sheik, who was working away at translating symbols into Hylian text, he turned his head around slightly.

"I don't know, that bartender never answered my question Link..." Sheik said, running a tired hand over his blond shoulder length hair.

"I heard some talk about a wolf demon floating around in the woods, maybe that was the thing I saw the other night, do you think a demon might be guarding it?" Link suggested, he rose out of the bed and sat on the side of it, starring at the sack of supplies on the floor next to the wooden chest.

"That might be Link, but I do not know where we would start, this journey may take years on the road, and we may not find all of the medallions, many might even be destroyed in the couple of years the dark realm and Triforce have been created and rejoined, it is impossible to tell." Sheik said straightly, scribbling down something that Link couldn't see over his shoulder. But the Hylian wasn't paying that much attention anymore, he stood up and walked over to his sack of supplies and looked inside. feeling around until he grabbed a stiff piece of round wood and pulled it out.

Link stood up with the thing in his hand, the fierce deities mask. it's shape was that of Links face, with eyes that had no pupils, war paint was etched into it's wooden face, and the hair was pure white, rather then Link golden blond. Link flipped the mask over, though it seemed harmless enough, Link had regretted ever putting the thing on so many years ago. Link felt sheiks eyes on him suddenly and turned around. The Sheikahs eyes drew to the mask.

"Old memento, got it in Termina." Link mentioned, holding it firmly in his hands and looking into those white, emotionless eyes.

"It resembles you Link, does it have a name?" Sheik asked.

"The fierce deity mask." Link said under his breath.

Sheik still kept his eyes on it. "It has a power to it, a magic spell?" Sheik asked, curiously interested in it's design, because frankly it was a perfect simulation of Links form.

"Yes, but I would rather not say..." Link carefully put it back in the bag and wondered over to where Sheik was working out the translations. Sheik went back to his parchment and pointed to a strange picture in the book.

It was the picture of a disc, with a hole in the middle shaped like an icicle, it had the same strange writing around the outer disc as on the book of shadows. "what does it say on the outer tract?" Link asked, since he couldn't read shadow letters Like Sheik could, but these where outdated even for Sheik to translate perfectly well.

"It's commonly spoken of as the ice jewel is what I've determined, and it say's that a beast of great power in the mountains of the eastern sky will hold it for all eternity." Sheik said, he leaned back in his chair. "But that will not help us with our search very much, the beast could be anything you could think of..."

Link was silent for a second, thinking. "Sheik, how did the prophets know so much about these medallions and things, they even predicted the future straight and to the point, and the size and shape." Links voice became excited and serious.

"My people where always known to be very connected with time and nature Link, I have a bit of future seeing myself, and so do you from what I've heard about your dreams of future events."

Link leaned over the desk, resting his forehead in his hands. "I wish we knew more about this before venturing off Sheik, leaving everything, and everybody..." Links voice trailed off, and he just sat their. Sheik cleared his throat, he knew what links mind had wondered into.

"Your thinking about her..." Sheik said softly, folding his arms. Link narrowed his eyes threateningly and stood up, his stomach tightened in embarrassment.

"It was to dangerous to let her come with us..." Link answered simply, Sheik thought Link probably found it to hurtful to continue on the subject, because Sheik wasn't their the night before they left so he turned back to the parchment, curious but respecting Link privacy to his own thoughts.

Later that night, turning his head over to the window and gazing outside in wonderment. it was dark outside, snow and frost had melding on the edges on of the window pane on the outside, and Link could see the thinning snow still sprinkling down in small drifts, it was a beautiful sight to watch for those few moments. he concentrated on those beautiful flakes, then slowly turned over, facing the ceiling the placing his hands over his lap.

"Another unfamiliar ceiling." Link whispered.

Link was thinking about Hyrule, his heart twisted a little at the thought of it's beautiful forests and fields and people, people he owed so much to over these years. Link thought about how old he was, he really wasn't sure though, he suspected twenty five and twenty six, but he didn't really care except that he was still young.

Link took in a calm breath and closed his eyes, he felt himself falling asleep, he could see Mayoree for a minute as he started to fall into a soundless dream, her long waving auburn hair, her dark amber eyes smiling at him. Links heart jumped a little as he saw her, replaying their first meeting. He could see her humming her sound in the castle courtyard, dressed in her peasant cloths and twirling about on her light feet, link could feel himself smile at that image. But suddenly that image melted away.

Their came a dark crimson shape, it covered his eyes, Link could see the Garo from a few months ago, starring at him. It's hideous glowing eyes starring right into his heart, it lifted it's shadowing robes, revealing the two scimitars in it's hands. "Blazeraven!" Link heard sheiks terrified voice call at it. the Garo melted away again.

The darkness turned into trees, a woods of tall giant conifers and pines, faint moonlight shown through there branches, Link was scared of them for some reason. Mist flowed through the almost naked needles, something moved. it's eyes where blazing yellow fires, claws and teeth that he could see clearly as it ran forward through the night woods. black and white fur shimmering from the frosted snow on it's back, it heaved in breaths of air, a monster of an animal. Link could see it's wolfish face, it had rings about it's eyes like a mask of black fur, it's ears where long and pure black, while the rest of it's body shown with white fur. it ran swiftly through the trees, braking branches, was it on a mission?

link could see it's fearsome yellow eyes reflecting something, a torch light? No, town lights.

Link suddenly realized, this wasn't a dream, it was happening right now! He swung out a bed, the cold taste of sweat in his mouth, he could see that Sheik wasn't in the room, but the lantern was still on. Links ears suddenly perched up to a noise outside, he could see that the snow storm had completely stopped and the lights of the surrounding houses glowed over the window. Link flung open the window pane, his eyes wild in fear.

" The wolf demon, it's coming out of the woods!"

"It's come to take another!" People screamed out in the streets as many fled inside, Link could here the churches bell ringing out down the abbey. Link fled down stairs, grabbing his sword and shield and strapping them on clumsily, many where still inside the tavern, peering out the windows, but Link still couldn't find Sheik.

Link rushed over to the bar, where Tarhnon was sitting nervously behind it, tapping his fingers over the table. "have you seen my cousin?" Link asked, out of breath as he finally strapped on his shield over his back. the tall scruffy man pointed outside.

Link shoved a few people aside as he hurried out into the ankle deep snow, cloak over his back as he headed in a full run towards the stables on the other side of the tavern. Link rounded the corner, Sheiks brown mare was gone from it's stall. Link unstrapped Lev and led him out into the cold of the night. Link could feel the temperature drop hit him hard, he could see his breath even by having almost no light at all from the surrounding shops and houses.

Link kicked the horse into a fast run, he somehow knew where Sheik was out in the mist. Link rode out farther, kicking the stirrups into Levs sides.

"Be weary young warrior!" Came a woman's yell as Link passed her, riding on down the main street and out into the open tundra, the golden fire lights fading behind him.

Link stopped Lev, his stomach turned over in fear as a blast of blinding mist swept over them, blinding vision to only a few feet or so.

Lev suddenly reared in fright. "calm Lev, the demon will not harm you..." Link whispered to the animal. Lev danced backwards, not wanting to venture any farther into the misty scene. his ears scanning around them, Link realized he could barely see behind him in the eerie mist. The horse could sense fearful vibes and evil spirits, Link had seen Epona act this way before when he tried to urge her to come into Hyrule castle town during ganons wrath, she had resisted stubbornly.

"Sheik!" Link shouted, he heard his voice echo off of the mountains. their came a faint voice back out of the dead winter silence, an inhuman voice almost. then Link could see the eyes, huge yellow eyes of the demon, it's head shown threw the blanket as it rounded past him., behind the horse, Lev neighed in fright and skittered in a circle, panting.

Link could see it's outline for only a split second, a ghostly figure that sent chills up his spine as it turned and sped off on for clawed feet. Link ordered Lev to start forward, the horse did so hesitantly.

Link knew this mist was to heavy and to concentrated to be natural, as soon as he was engulfed by it, he was lost inside of it, Link knew what had happened to his cousin in an instant.

"Sheik?" Link shouted louder, turned Lev in a circle and spanning through the silence and the white blanket of cold air around him. A dead silence for a few seconds.

"I'm here, the wolf, it's behind you!" Sheiks voice shouted back from somewhere to Links right, but before Link could make a move to go that direction he heard a close howl from the left, the sound of heavy breathing followed, getting closer. Link looked just in time as the creature sprang into the air, hitting Link off his horse with a loud bang. Link heard Levs terrified bleats and the sound of hooves speeding away into the mist. Link was face down in the snow, he could only hear his breathing as he tried to move. the snow stung him like needles it was so cold. a sharp pain stung him in the back. Link could see his right arm torn open in a long gash that ran from his the middle of his lower arm to his shoulder. Link supported himself on his left arm, slowly turning over on his back, he felt the hot breath on his neck as he did. Link looked up into the demons snarling features.

He didn't move, his body was rigid in fear, the demon was starring right down on him, maw open as it breathed. it's blood thirsty eyes locking with his. Link could see the horrid yellow eyes of a giant Wolfos, no wait. this demon was also part wolf, not the mindless killers of the species called Wolfos.

"Link, roll backwards!" came Sheiks close voice. link heard sheiks horse coming to his aid, Sheik galloped by, Link heard a low whistling sound. The beast threw it's head back in pain, letting out a cry of agony. Link did as he was told and rolled away, getting to his feet again and grabbing his sword with his left hand, feeling his right arm sting from the wound.

the demon fell to it's knees, breathing and baring huge fangs. Link saw the mist melt away a little, the creature rose back up, link could see an arrow shaft sticking out of it's side, he saw the blood spatter on the snow, and it hissed and bubbled like acid, turning the snow to steam.

Link could see much better now, he could see Sheik behind the animal, Links fairy bow in hand as he loaded another shot. Link charged forward with his Biggorons sword in one hand, the demon sped to the right almost impossibly fast. Links sword hit air. he recovered balance as the wolf gained momentum, Link saw it running swiftly into a u turn to come at him again. it opened it's wide mouth and screeched loudly, Links sword felt cold in his hand as he waited for the right moment to strike. The demon leaped into the air, claws in front. Link rolled to the side at the last instant and came up slashing in an uppercut into it's belly and side, cutting a long line of blood. the monster didn't even seem to be phased by the wound, it's rage turned higher. it turned around slowly, stopping on the icy landscape and panting. Link didn't have time to call Lev to him, though he needed the horse to possible gain an edge over the beast.

The wolf sped forward, barreling into Link as sending him skidding into the snow ten feet away. Link didn't have time to react this time, the wolf was on him in seconds, it jumped over him, mouth open and kicking up snow. Link managed to get his arms clasped under it's upper and lower jaws. his arms strained as he held the mouth away from his face, Link gritted his teeth, his sword, he just needed his sword. link heard the sound of two more arrows piercing the wolves side. it didn't phase it at all. Link shouted in rage and tossed the things jaw to the side, flipping the animal over in a war cry. Link tossed the demon into the snow and flipped it on it's backside. Links eyes turned wild, he kicked the wolf repeatedly as it struggled to claw at him, managing to rack a few cuts over Links back. Link managed to slip his legs over it's rib cage as he struggled to keep it's jaw away from his face.

In blind hatred Link kicked it in the neck repeatedly, in snarled and barked. Link heard the zip of another arrow fly past his face, nicking his ear. Their was another horrifying screech of agony. Link jumped from the animals stomach, gripping his gashed arm.

The demon gave a low cry of pain, Link could see the arrow shaft sparkling right in between the animals eyes, it rolled into it's feet tossing it's head lazily back and forth, it turned and looked at Link, it's yellow eyes blazing in pure hate. Link locked with that horrible gaze for what seems like minutes, it's eyes sparkled as it's ears flattened, it's breathing slowed, and it's beautiful but fierce eyes closed, the animal collapsed into a heap, the creature felt it's life fade away, and world turned dark for the last time.