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“The Shadow of the Hero”

The Shadow of the Hero

By: Shadow Link

Writer’s note: After many attempts of trying, this is one of the stories I have stuck to. If you think it’s boring and stupid, just stop reading, I understand. Even though, I’m not a gifted writer, I tried my best on this one, I basically spilled my sweat and blood and heart into it. This story is set after “Ocarina of Time” so yes, it will feature the faired-haired, blue-eyed Link we know so well! I have introduced a new character; here is some basic info about her.

Name: Vy (the y as in “eye”). Full name is “Vian.”
Description: Shoulder length brownish black hair, chestnut brown eyes.
Status: Shadow of the hero
Comments: Vy is a forlorn and lonely character, she is not like other girls.


This tale begins with Link and Princess Zelda up in the sky after Ganondorf’s defeat.

Chapter One: Starting over

“So I guess this is it,” Zelda spoke in a quiet voice.

“Mmm,’’ Link mumbled softly.

“It’s time for you to regain your lost time,’’ said Zelda. Zelda paused. She then slowly extended her hand to Link. “May I have the ocarina of time?’’ she asked. Link slipped the precious ocarina out of his pocket. He took one last glance at it, and then rested it on Zelda’s hand. Zelda rested her delicate hand on top of Link’s hand, which was still clutching the ocarina. “I’ll miss you, I really will, but you deserve this and it would be selfish of me to keep a valiant man like you here,’’ Zelda mumbled. Zelda removed her hand from Link’s. He let go of the ocarina, lightly stroking it. Zelda held the ocarina close to her heart, stroking it as if it were a delicate enfant. “Goodbye...Link,” she choked. Slowly, she lifted the ocarina to her lips.

 “No, wait!” cried Link. Zelda looked at Link in confusion. “Princess, give me the honor of protecting you once more. I feel more evil lurking out in Hyrule. If I go back to my time, both realms could be destroyed.” Zelda looked happy, yet heart-broken at the same time.

 “Like I said once before Link, it would be immoral and not right to keep you here in this time.” A small tear formed at the tip of Zelda’s eye.

“Zelda, please!” he begged. His pleading eyes captured Zelda.

 “Okay then, I shall play the prelude of light.” Zelda lifted the ocarina to her red lips and blew the notes to the “Prelude of light.” The song warped Link to the temple of time.

Chapter Two: Restoration

The hero opened his eyes. He was standing on the Triforce mark in the Temple of Time. He took a glimpse at the altar with the three spiritual stones. With that he smiled a little. “I guess I should be going now,” he thought. When link stepped outside, he gasped. Everything was restored as it was seven years ago, when Link was a child. In wonder and amazement, he walked around staring at the new features. The sky, instead of its dark, evil mauve color, was the original light-blue tint. Instead of Ganon’s menacing tower peaking out of the clouds, it was the beautiful Hyrule Castle.

He ran off gleefully, heading to the castle. The market was restored, all the Redead were gone, and the crowd of people and liveness was back. As he walked through Hyrule castle market, he noticed a lot of girls staring and cooly studying him. Shyly, he turned his face away from them. They were all very pretty and attractive, but they did not succeed in winning the boy’s heart. They all lacked the elegant aura and feeling of Zelda, a feeling that Link adored and desired.

When he got to Hyrule Castle, he saw Vy standing there miserably. Vy was the cold, shadow of the hero; her job was to help and assist the Hero of Time. Vy had known for a long time that she had this role, but being cowardly, she did not help Link in all of the trials. She showed up when Link was about to venture through the Water Temple, but that was the only temple she helped Link in, she refused to enter the last two. Link was beginning to lose faith in her, but, at the last battle with Ganon, she showed up and assisted him in defeating the evil tyrant.

Vy was a very plain looking girl; she was neither gorgeous nor beautiful, yet she was not ugly either. She was a medium height girl, with a boyish-like figure. Shoulder length dark-hair fringed her shoulders and thick, round glasses shielded her cold eyes. Mystery always shrouded her. “Hello Vy , what are you doing here?” Link asked.

“Well, I wanted to see the Princess, to see how she was doing, but he guard wouldn’t let me in because of my clothes,” Vy answered. Link looked at her. Her tunic was in tatters; her hands and face were covered in bruises and scratches. Link was surprised that she was not healed yet. Vy sighed. “I guess it serves me right, I do look like a barbarian and I also think it’s my punishment for not helping you Link. When in presence of a Princess, one must dress properly.” Vy began to leave.

“See you Vy.”

“Yeah, see you.”

 A castle guard made his way up to Link. “Hey, you’re Link, the hero of time right?’’ he inquired.

“Uh, yes.” Link nodded.

 “We’re holding a ball in your honor, so please attend it!”

 “Yes, sure, of course,” Link answered.

 “Great, the princess is resting now, but I’m sure she will greatly look forward to your arrival. Well, until then great hero,” The guard said heartily.

 “Hmm, she’s resting, I guess, I’ll just put off meeting her until tonight,” Link thought. Link left Hyrule castle and the market. For the first time, Link strolled Hyrule field in pleasure. Link was beginning to enjoy his adulthood. As a Hylian child living in the Kokiri Forest, he had always felt out of place. Mido, the so-called boss of the Kokiri, constantly picked him on because he had no guardian fairy of his own. When Navi came to him, he was thrilled and really thought he was aK, but when he claimed the title of the “Hero of Time” he found out that he was really Hylian. Now, strong, tall and handsome, Link roamed the fields, confident and feeling in place at last.

Chapter Three: The Sun, the Moon

A few yards ahead of him, Vy was walking slowly to Zora’s River. She turned her head around suspiciously, to see if anyone was following her. She began to quickly jog towards Zora’s Domain. “I wonder where she’s going?” Link thought. He began to follow her, his curiosity rising.

Vy came to Zora’s Domain and walked through King Zora to get to Zora’s Fountain. She hopped across the ice blocks to get to the Ice cavern. Link discreetly followed the mysterious girl. Inside, she paced around, until she found a spot of ice. From her pocket, she pulled out a bottle of blue fire, unscrewed the lid and dropped it on the ice. Instantly the ice melted. She walked into a secret spot, which Link never noticed before. Vy drew her sword, Hylia’s blade, and slammed the sword into an ice pedestal. A small explosion of ice and snow burst out of nowhere. A round ball of blue light was hovering above the pedestal. Link gasped in surprise, and quickly covered his mouth with his hand.

“Maia you wanted to see me,” Vy presumed.

“Yes,” the ball of light replied. “Vy, I am very concerned about you. You are not trying very hard to uphold your title of shadow of the hero. You seem to not be even trying. I can sense that you feel very reluctant that you have been chosen to be the Shadow of the hero.”

Vy stared at the ground and clenched her fists. “Out of every girl in Hyrule, why me? I know there are more braver, stronger, and courageous girls out there, but I don’t understand, why me? I am no one special, and I have no skills at all!” Vy shouted.

 “Vian, destiny chose you because you are special, you have powers, that are still sleeping inside of you, that will soon awaken. You just have to try,” Maia explained.

 Vy nodded reluctantly. “Okay, then I will try to assist the Hero of Time,” Vy promised solemnly.

“One more thing, Vian. You seem to be very lonely. Why don’t you try to be around people more? Spend some time with Link? Get to know him a little better, because you’re going to be with him for a long time,” Maia advised.

Vy turned her head to Maia. “I don’t think so Maia. Why would such a great person like Link, want to spend time with a boring person like me? I will just get rejected as I often do.”

 “ Just try. You’ll never know the results!” From the Maia, two glowing spheres dropped to the pedestal. When the light died down, the two spheres were actually two pendants. One was a pinkish-whitish color and was shaped like the crescent moon. The other one was a bluish- yellow tint, and was shaped like the round sun, with pointy rays emerging around it.

 “Maia, what are these?” Vy asked.

“They are connection pendants, you must give one to Link, and where ever you two are, you two will be always connected, just as the sun and moon are. They are also complex puzzles that nobody has ever figured out. There’s a saying that comes with these pendants,” Maia answered.

“Figure the mystery of Sun and Moon, where ever they are apart. One will go the east, the other to the west, but will be connected by heart. When Sun and Moon meet again, they will soon merge, shortly both will become one, and a power will emerge, ” Maia recited.

“That makes no sense,” Vy said.

 “That is why they have never been solved, but if you believe, you might......” Maia slowly faded and then disappeared. Vy grabbed Hylia’s blade from the pedestal and slipped it back into its scabbard. She then sat down on the icy ground, cross-legged with her head rested on her hand. She stared hardly and coldly at the ground. Without thinking, Link wondered over to Vy. Vy stared up from the ground, her eyes widening with shock.

“Link?! What are you doing here???” she asked.

“I, uh, sort of followed you,” Link responded.

“Hmm, I guess you’re mad at me aren’t you?”

Link shook his head. “What ever gave you that thought? I’m not mad at you. You know, come to think of it, we rarely seem to spend some time together. The castle party isn’t until tonight, so do you want to have some fun?”

Vy, surprised, pointed at herself. “Me!??” she asked shockingly.

 Link nodded. “Of course you,Vy.” He held his hand out invitingly. A moment stilled. Vy grasped his hand and got up from the ground. “Now, let’s get out of this ice cave. Something tells me that you come here often,” Link mused.

“Hmmm, well you got that right. I usually come to visit my guardian spirit Maia, or just to be alone.”

“It must be very lonely,” Link commented.

Vy shrugged. “You get used to it after a while,” she answered, “Oh, wait Link, Maia wanted me to give one of these pendants to you.” She pulled out the two pendants.

“That’s alright Vy, I don’t wear necklaces,” Link said.

 “Come on, Link, Maia sounded very serious when she was talking about these. Here pick one,” Vy persuaded. She held her hand out. The crescent moon and the sun sparkled.

“Hmm, I have a very strong feeling from this one.” Link took the sun pendant. He slipped it over his neck. “Whoa, it feels, like it was made for me!” he exclaimed. Vy slipped the moon pendant over her neck.

“Yeah, me too.”

The Ball at the Castle

The pair had lots of fun that afternoon. They went on an exhilarating ride on Epona around Hyrule field, and then entertained themselves in Hyrule Castle town. Soon the sun began to set and they walked to Hyrule castle gate. Instead of the usual guard standing in front of the gate of the castle, a snobbish butler stood there. Pretty and beautiful girls in glamorous gowns with their dates and escorts were flooding in the gates.

Link and Vy started to enter the gates themselves. Suddenly the butler stood himself in front of them. “Excuse me young lady, but if you want to enter the party, you should go home and wear something more formal and less...torn,” he scoffed. Vy looked down at her tattered purple tunic. Link was getting mad and was ready to argue with the butler, but a crowd full of butlers, maids and guards started to push him into the entrance.

“Welcome, hero!!” they chanted as they pushed him in.

 “I’ll wait for you when the ball ends, so don’t worry about me. Plus, remember to act like the perfect gentlemen when you meet the princess!” Vy reminded.

“But Vy!!” Link stuttered, “I wanted you to come to this ball!”

“Who cares about me! Just go and don’t worry!” In the castle, Link saw Princess Zelda sitting on her throne, a bored expression on her face. Her sparkling, cerulean-blue eyes lightened when she saw the green-clad boy.

“Link, you came!” she exclaimed happily. Link smiled.

 “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He bowed politely and took her slender hand and kissed it. Zelda giggled pleasingly.

 “This is a very big and formal affair, so the butlers are going to be awfully picky, so let’s get you some new threads.” Zelda clasped Link’s hand and led him up to one of the castle’s royal fitting rooms. Inside the room, she opened a wardrobe and took out a white, royal-looking coat made out of silk. The buttons were made out of polished diamonds, and on the back, on the left shoulder was embroidered with the Triforce, sewn with pure gold thread. She took out a pair of matching trousers. “Here Link, wear these, they’ll look much better than that torn Kokiri tunic.”

Link took a look at his tunic. Like Vy’s, it was in tatters. Zelda left and closed the door. When Link changed into the regal clothes, he looked at himself in the big, jeweled mirror. He was amazed with the reflection that stared back at him. No longer was he the frail-looking boy in the old tunic, but a regally dressed prince. Link opened the door and walked out of the room. Zelda was leaning against the wall, patiently waiting for him. Her eyes glinted with delight the minute she saw him. For an unknown reason, Link knew exactly what to say and do. He bowed politely. “Can I escort you, your majesty?” Zelda smiled brightly.

“I’d love to,” she spoke. She gazed lovingly at Link. He truly looked like a royal prince. Hand in hand, they made their way down the long stairs of the castle. They looked like the perfect couple, and got the attention of everyone in the huge ballroom. Link held out his hand.

“May I have the honor of having this dance with you, Princess Zelda?” Zelda dropped her long-fingered hand onto Link’s strong one. Zelda placed her arms around Link’s neck, and Link wrapped his arms around her slender waist. Together they floated across the room. Link gazed into Zelda’s eyes, and felt so enchanted. They were so blue, blue as the sparkling ocean, blue as the baby-blue sky that everyone longed for in times of evil. “Link, will you be my protector, always?” she whispered. Link’s sapphire-blue eyes softened.

“Yes, always my dear,” he answered back in a sultry voice.

 “Oh Link!” Zelda happily said in a passionate tone. Link’s desire for the girl rose quickly. After the dance, the couple decided to go on a moonlit stroll around the castle.

Chapter Four: A Shadow Left Behind

Outside of the gate, Vy shivered from the cold. “This is just great, stuck outside in a cold night when a grand ball is going on. Just my luck,” she thought bitterly. She stared at the castle with her cold eyes. The coldness seemed to melt, but soon returned with its full briskness.

“My, is this how they treat the next hero of Hyrule? How cruel!” a voice remarked. Vy spun around; it was the mysterious Poe keeper. “Hello Vian,” He greeted.


 “So, why are you out here and not in there?” The Poe keeper pointed to the castle.

 “Well, they didn’t let me in because of my appearance. I’m waiting for Link,” Vy replied. She began to shiver uncontrollably. The Poe keeper shook his head.

“No. I will not stand here and watch the next hero of Hyrule get treated unfairly.” He pointed his wooden rod to the gate. Instantly, the gate swung open slowly. Vy backened in surprise. “Go. Go inside and get warmed up. You deserve to be inside there as much as any person in Hyrule,” he told.

Vy shook her head hastily. “No! They’re sure to kick me out, or throw me in the dungeon for trespassing!” She exclaimed.

 “Somehow, this time, I don’t think so,” the Poe keeper replied knowingly. He began to leave, slowly.

“Wait, Poe keeper! I want to ask you something,” said Vy.

He stopped. “Yes, what is it?” Vy took a step forward towards the Poe keeper.

 “Ever since I have met you, you’ve been saying that I’m some sort of hero, and that a carry some sort of ancient spirit. I don’t understand, please tell me!” Vy pleaded.

 “What I can tell you is that you are more important than you think. One day, the fate of Hyrule and its people will rest on your shoulders. I believe in you and I know you will do the right thing. Trust me, destiny has not chosen wrong. Just believe....” The Poe keeper back-flipped and vanished. Vy looked at the gate and started to walk in.

“I hope the Princess will understand,” she thought. While halfway there, she saw Link and Zelda walked towards her.

“Vy, Vy, why are you out here?” cried Zelda when she saw Vy. Zelda glanced at Vy. “Aren’t you the girl who helped Link fight Ganon?” Zelda asked. A shameful look crossed Vy.

 “Well, I didn’t do much,” she mumbled.

 “Nonsense! I saw you fight along side with Link!” Zelda swept a loose blonde strand of hair off her face. “So, why aren’t you at the ball?”

“Well, your guards and butlers wouldn’t let me in,” Vy answered.

 “Imbeciles,” Zelda scolded as she frowned. Link lurched up guiltily to Vy.

“Vy, I’m sorry! I forgot about you,” he said.

“That’s all right. “ She looked at Link and his new attire. “Link, you look exceptionally handsome tonight,” she commented playfully. Link blushed, in pleasure. They all went inside and Zelda gave Vy a Zora tunic to wear, and an extra Kokiri tunic. They looked like the tunics that Link wore, except on the left shoulder bladed, there was a Triforce symbol sewn on. Link and Zelda carried on to enjoy the rest of he grand affair. They were both very popular, and since they were both polite, they danced with anyone that asked them. At the second last dance, Link was with Zelda again. It seemed almost everyone had somebody to dance with, except Vy.  Every girl at the ball was wearing a very beautiful gown, or dress. Vy did not own a lot of beautiful garments; they were mostly old tunics and hand-me-downs. She was very tomboyish.

While the couples were all dancing passionately, Vy watched them, all alone, sitting on one of the velvet guest chairs. Soon the song was over, and the palace got unexpectedly quiet. The King of Hyrule stepped on a platform. “Ahem, fellow citizens of the kingdom of Hyrule. As you know, today with happiness, we are gathered here to celebrate the victory of the Hero of Time, Link!” he proclaimed. Link slowly paced to the king and bowed respectively. The king smiled. He beckoned to Zelda, who briskly made her way up to him. “Now, for the ceremonial dance between hero and princess,” the king announced. He grasped Zelda’s hand and gently placed it into Link’s hand.

 “Father, uh, may I make a suggestion?” Zelda asked.

 “Of course, go ahead my dear.”

“Since Link and I have already danced, give this dance to someone else, someone who truly deserves it.” All the girls in the ballroom started to stir up and get excited, while their dates began to get a tad bit jealous. “I choose...” Zelda said as she pointed at...

Chapter Five: Moonlit Dance

Zelda had pointed at the dark-haired lonesome girl sitting on the chair. She had pointed at Vy! Vy rose from her chair. The king stroked his gray beard thoughtfully. “Zelda, my darling, why this girl?”

 “Well, um, because...” Zelda fumbled. “Oh no, how will I explain this?” Zelda thought. If she told everyone that Vy had helped Link fight Ganon, they would just not believe it. She also couldn’t tell them that Vy was the shadow of the hero, because that was just a legend that everyone knew that wasn’t true. “She’s a special friend of mine,” Zelda finally answered.

The King turned towards Link. “Well, do you mind? Link smiled and shook his head.

“No, your highness, it would be an honor.” Vy stepped nervously towards Link.

 “Um, Link, are-are you sure? Don’t you want to dance with the Princess?” Link didn’t say anything. He clasped Vy’s hand and together, they started to dance. Moonlight poured through the window, transforming the castle into a dream-like illusion. Link felt so calm and tranquil, holding the Vy’s cool and soft hands. It was a feeling he often experienced when he was around this mysterious girl. Moonlight illuminated her face. They danced slowly and steadily, in a rhythm that could not be broken. After a time that felt like eternity, it was over.


Chapter Six: End of the Ball

The grand, magnificent ball was soon over. The only ones that were still in the ballroom were Zelda, Link and Vy. Vy started to leave. “Thank you for letting me in your castle, Princess Zelda.” Vy bowed. She started to the door.

 “Vy, wait!” Zelda called. Vy turned around.

 “Yes, your majesty?”

“Where are staying tonight?” Zelda asked.

“I’m going back to my shed at Lake Hylia,” Vy replied.

“Lake Hylia? That will take you until morning to reach if you don’t have a horse!” exclaimed Zelda, “I insist you stay here for the night.

Vy blinked. “Well, I wouldn’t want to intrude...”

“Don’t worry, you’re not intruding, it’s fine,” Zelda assured. She glanced at Link. “Link, I think you should stay here for the night too.” Link smiled.

“Okay, thanks Zelda.” With that, Zelda led them to their rooms. She showed Vy her room first.

“Thank you,” Vy mumbled faintly. Without notice, she collapsed into the bed.

 “Wow, she sure is tired,” Zelda remarked.

“Yeah, I think the battle against Ganon, and everything she has been through has took it out of her,” Link added.

“Hmmm,” Zelda mumbled. Link pulled the covers up on Vy. Zelda stared at her thoughtfully. Link looked at Zelda.

 “Something wrong, Princess?” he asked.

 “Um, no, it’s just, that Vy sure looks like... this person, when she’s sleeping,” Zelda answered.

“And who would that be?” Link asked playfully.

“She looks like, oh, never mind.” The two left quietly out of the room. Zelda then led Link to his room. It was an enormous master bedroom made for a king. A new Kokiri tunic was neatly folded on the king size bed with satin sheets.

“Wow! Thanks Zelda! Mmm, today was such a great day!” Zelda arched an eyebrow and smiled.

 “Really? And what made it so great?” she asked.

“Well today I got to spend some time with my partner Vy, and that’s something we rarely do, and tonight I got to dance with a beautiful princess and a mysterious maiden.” Zelda giggled.

“Yes, seems like a great day.”

 “Yeah, and I found another side of Vy. Behind that shield of coldness is just an ordinary person who just simply wants to be accepted,” explained Link.

“Well I guess I better go, I wouldn’t want to keep you from getting your rest. Goodnight, my charming her,” Zelda spoke quietly. This time, Link giggled.

“Goodnight.” Zelda left the room and closed the door. Promptly after she left, Link changed back into the new Kokiri tunic. He then kicked off his Kokiri boots and then crept into a well-deserved sleep.

Chapter Seven: Unexpected Intruder

Deep into the night, Link heard a huge “thumping” sound, and muffled “yelling?” Startled, he jumped off his bed, slipped on his boots and headed to the kitchen, the place where the sound was strongest. The sight he saw was not pleasing. There was a shadow-like figure holding Princess Zelda!! The figure had no other describing features, except for two maniacal gleaming blood-red eyes. It was the treacherous Dark Link! One of his hands was clasped across Zelda’s mouth to prevent her from screaming out. His other arm was wrapped around Zelda’s thin waist, confining her.

“You!” Link growled.

 “Ah yes, so we meet face to face again, my good counterpart,” Dark Link scoffed.

“Grrr, let the Princess go!!” Link drew out the Master sword and got ready to fight. Dark Link held Zelda in front of him, using her like some sort of barrier or shield. This made Link furious. “Coward! Draw your sword and fight!” Dark Link smiled.

“I don’t plan to fight you. I challenge the shadow of the hero to duel me,” said Dark Link.


Dark Link scoffed. “Why would I tell you? So if you ever want to see your beloved Princess ever again, bring me Shadow Link!!”

“Shadow Link? Who is he talking about? Could it be Vy?” he thought.

“So, where is he? Bring him here to me now!!” Dark Link demanded. Link’s thoughts were in a mixed and panicked state.

“It can’t be Vy, Dark Link seems to be referring to a boy!”

Dark Link growled ferociously. “I see you’re not agreeing. If you ever want to see Zelda ever again, go to the Water temple! Bring Shadow Link!”

“Mmmph! Mmm!!” Zelda struggled. She desperately tried to get out of Dark Link’s hold. Link snapped back into reality.

 “Don’t hurt her! She has nothing to do with this!” he shouted.

“Oh I won’t, for now! Ha, ha, ha!” he laughed. He moved back and disappeared with Zelda. Link jerked back in surprise. He looked around and then dashed into Vy’s room.

“Vy get up, quickly!” Link exclaimed, “I need your help!” Vy slowly got up and rubbed her eyes.

“What’s happening?” she asked weakly.

“Sorry, no time to explain, we have to leave now!” Now Vy’s eyes were wide. She fumbled around the night desk for her spectacles and slipped them on her eyes. She pulled on her lack boots and got on to her feet.

 “Where are we going?”

 “To the Water Tempe!” Link answered. They ran out of the castle, out of the market and onto Hyrule field. It was still night and the only thing that illuminated the field was the round pearly moon. Link pulled out the fairy ocarina and played Epona’s Song. Trusty Epona came speeding towards Link and Vy. Link climbed on the horse. “Come on Vy, hop on,” he gestured. Vy climbed on Epona, behind Link. They sped to Lake Hylia, and then to the Water Temple.

Link pulled on his Zora tunic over his Kokiri tunic and put on his iron boots. Vy already had a Zora tunic on, so she just helped on to Link while they sank to the bottom of Lake Hylia. They went inside the Water Temple. Inside, they ran their ways to the room where they first met Dark Link.

 “It’s about time you showed up.” Link spun around and saw dark Link leaning on the tree, his arms crossed impatiently. Beside him, Zelda was imprisoned in a round water crystal sphere. She was unconscious and limp like a wilted flower.

“No!!” Link yelled. He ran up to the sphere and started hitting it wildly.

“Try all you want. You will never penetrate through the water diamond orb,” said Dark Link. Link stopped. “So, now, where is Shadow Link?” asked Dark Link. Vy winced but then regained her composure. She drew out Hylia’s blade, her trusty sword, and the Master Sword’s counterpart.

 “I am here,” she replied boldly.

 Dark Link started to laugh maniacally. “You? The shadow of the hero? Impossible!” Vy glowered at him. Link ran to Vy’s side and took out the Master Sword. Dark Link shook his head. “Even though you have some features of the hero, you cannot be the shadow, and I will prove it.” He revealed a water whip and shot it at Vy. It coiled around her, constricting her arms and legs.

“Aah!” she yelled. Link swung his sword at the whip, but it went right through it.

“What the-,” he stammered.

“It is water you insignificant idiot! Now we’ll see who’s right,” muttered Dark Link. He focused a water beam at Vy. It was strong truth magic. It could recover a Triforce mark. The symbol of the shadow of the hero was the Triforce mark, except for that the middle was filled in. The Triforce of shadows itself, was the middle space in the Triforce. The Triforce began to faintly glow on Vy’s left hand, but it would not fully reveal itself to the black truth magic. Dark Link’s bone-headed pride prevented him from seeing the quaint mark. “Ha! See, I was right! That girl, is nothing but a lowly dog,” Dark Link sneered.

Vy was coughing and sputtering. “Ugh, stop!” she sputtered.

Dark Link grinned. “Gladly.” He pulled the whip, which was still wrapped around Vy, and pulled it towards him. He swung it around once, and then let it go, causing Vy to collide into the wall.

“Aaah! Eeeeyahh!!” Vy screamed. She crumpled to the ground still constricted by the water whip.

“Oh no!” Link shouted. He ran to where Vy was sprawled on the ground, blacked out. Link looked down at the motionless girl and clenched his fist. He raised his sword, ready to fight.

 “So, ready to battle now huh?” Dark Link drew out a humongous sword. He slashed it at Link’s boots and tripped Link. While Link was on the ground, Dark Link slammed his fist into Link’s back.

 “Ahh, uhh!!!” Link screamed in pain. From inside of the orb, Zelda was waking up. She gasped in horror when she saw Link and Vy sprawled out on the ground.

“Dark Link, what have you done to them,” she thought. “I do not want any more pain to happen to them, somebody, please help them!” she begged. Maia, Vy’s guardian spirit, heard Zelda’s plea. Suddenly a bright light surrounded Vy and Link, and lifted them to Maia’s fountain.


Chapter Eight: The Soothing Ice and Snow

Maia was there waiting. Without notice, she took form of a beautiful water princess. Link slowly got up. “Maia,” he mumbled. Vy tried to move.

 “Maia, is that you?” she asked.

 “Don’t try to talk, it’s sapping your strength,” Maia cautioned. Maia raised her hands. Soft snow began to drift and swirl around Link and Vy. The water whip dissolved off Vy and the snow healed them both. They got up.

 “Thank you,” Vy thanked. Maia walked toward Vy.

“You are finally gaining courage. I am proud.”

 “Thank you.”

“So, why are we here?” Link asked. Maia looked towards Link.

 “I want to help you. I will grant this sword technique, it is called Malia’s curse. This is how it works; Link, you must take your Master Sword and fuse it with Vy’s Hylia’s Blade. Together, these legendary swords will form a very powerful sword “the Malia sword.”

“This is amazing,” said Link as he smiled.

“Yes, but a great power like this one does not come without a price,” Maia warned.

“Fusing and using this blade will erase memories of the wielders of this sword.”

“What? What are you talking about,” Vy inquired.

 “It means you will not remember Link and Zelda and they won’t remember you. You will disappear from Link’s life and your memories of fighting and even spending time together will fade away, forever.” Maia glanced sadly at Vy. “I doubt you will even remember me or being the shadow of the hero,” she mumbled. Vy stared at Link and then at the ground, fingering her crescent moon pendant.

“When it comes to ranking, the Princess and Hyrule come first, and we have to save them at all costs, even if it means sacrificing our friendship,” Vy softly spoke. Link looked forlornly at the icy ground. Thought they weren’t the closest of friends, Link had felt a sort of special, unique connection to Vy. “We must rescue Zelda. She is Hyrule’s destiny. She is your destiny. I feel, and I know that you’d always be more happier with her then you’d ever with me,” Vy explained.

Link extended his hand toward her. “Goodbye then. Friends... forever?” Vy clasped his hand.

“Let us be connected like the sun and moon. Though they will never meet, they will always be connected, like we will always be. Think of me when you gaze at the moon, and I will think of you when I feel the sun’s warmth.” Link nodded sadly and slowly. Vy smiled. That was the first time Link had saw her smile. Vy rarely laughed or smiled. Their grips were strong and they held each other’s hands for a while. Maia smiled sadly at the pair, tears in her eyes.

“Link, Vy, I will now grant you Malia’s curse. Receive it now!” Tiny shards of ice shot out of Maia’s palms and slammed into the Master Sword and Hylia’s Blade. “You haven’t got much time left. I will transport you warriors back to the battle,” said Maia. Link and Vy were once again teleported.


Chapter Nine: Malia’s Curse

Soon, Link and Vy were once again teleported. Soon, they were both back in Dark Link’s room in the Water Temple. Zelda peered at Link from inside of thee orb. “Help me, Link,” she begged in a strangled voice.

“Don’t worry Zelda,” Link called out.

“So, you’re back. What’d you do? Run away?” Dark Link snorted, “Well this time, you won’t be so lucky!” He drew out his huge sword once again.

“Ready?” Vy asked.

“More than ever,” Link responded. Link and Vy took out their swords and crossed the blades, forming an “x” shape. The swords pulsed wildly with light. Slowly, they began to push the handles of the swords together, trying to fuse them.

“Ugh, I don’t think I can do this, it’s too hard!” Vy exclaimed. Link looked determinedly at Vy.

“Keep trying! WE must become one!” Soon, after perseverant effort, they managed to fuse the blades. Simultaneously holding the swords, which were now combined, Link and Vy slammed it to the ground. Red and blue fire swirled around the new refined sword, transforming it into Malia sword. Not only the swords polymerized, the two’s spirits combined. Physically, they were standing as two beings, but their minds, hearts, and spirits were one. Link and Vy were holding a majestic sword. Its blade of pure diamond, the handle a mixture of gold and silver. It was split in two so two people could hold it.

“Nice trick,” Dark Link muttered, “but is it strong enough to withstand my power?”

“Enough!” Link/Vy said. Vy/Link slashed the sword at Dark Link. It was a direct hit. They finished him with a half-spin attack. It whipped Dark Link onto the mirrored floor. The floor started to penetrate him, swallowing him into oblivion.

“Ah! I’ll get you, I swear I will!!” Dark Link cursed. It was finally over, Dark Link had been vanquished! Link and Vy’s spirits were split into two again.

“I can’t believe it! We’ve defeated dark Link,” Vy breathed. The orb around Zelda vaporized. She smiled sweetly and ran to Link. She wrapped her arms around Link.

“Thank you, thank you so much. I will always be in debt to you and Vy.” She leaned her face towards Link. AAP! The Malia Sword tore into two separate swords again. The whole room began to fill with a blinding white light.

“Malia’s curse, it’s happening!!” Vy shouted. Link growled. “Ugh! Why so soon!?” Vy took one last glimpse at Link. “We won’t know each other anymore, but please, just try to remember a little morsel of me!! Fare well........” From then on, the hero’s shadow crept back into the dark.

Well that’s the end of this story. Did you really think I would let it end like this? No way!  Watch for my next sequel, called “Legacy of Evil.”