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Untitled Fanfic


By: Shelly Byrne

Chapter One: The Keeper

Link rode Epona to Hyrule castle. He jumped off and walked to the Temple of Time. Whenever he felt like this he went to the temple, he felt closer to the goddesses and felt like he could talk to them. Of course he knew this was insane. No one had talked to the goddesses. Well, except back many thousands of years ago when the world wasn't as evil. He had banished Ganondorf, but there were still thieves and murderers. Link wondered what it was like back then, you could actually walk with the goddesses. Link snapped back to reality, he had heard someone enter the temple.

"Who are you?" Link asked. The person who stood before him was wearing a black robe. He had a hood over his face so Link couldn't see who it was. The old man's beard was long thin white hair that touched the floor.

"Link, I am afraid it is time Hyrule needs you..." the old man's voice trailed off. Link was confused, millions of questions popped into his head. Was Ganondorf back? Who is the strange man? How did he know my name? Where did he come from?

Link shook the questions off and answered, "Why do they need me?"

The old man turned around and began to walk off as he answered, "You must obtain the knowlege of the sacred power." Suddenly the man disapeared in a mist.

"Wait!" Link shouted, but it was no use; the man was gone. Link had to find some answers.

Link teleported to the Chamber of Sages. Most of the sages were there, but Nabooru and Saria were at their temples. Rauru called them to the chamber and they appeared. "What is it Bro?" Darunia questioned.

"I was at the Temple of Time when an old man appeared, he said Hyrule needed me once again. He also said I needed to obtain the knowlege of the sacred power," Link answered. Everyone looked confused but Impa, she had a terrified look on her face. Link noticed and asked, "Impa, are you okay?"

Impa didn't answer for a moment then she covered her face with her hands and said, "Oh, I hoped it would never come to this, I hoped the prophecies were talking about a different hero." Everyone was shocked, what was Impa talking about? She knew of other prophecies? Impa finally broke the deafening silence, "There are a lot of things I have hidden from you, one of which is the prophecies which tell of a hero who obtains the knowledge of the sacred power. There are three signs which start the beggining of  the end. The first is the old man who appeared to you, Link, he is the keeper of of the sacred power. The second is a yong man who deceives many and turns them evil. The last sign is the death of sages'; it does not say how many, but I do know some live. After those three signs the circle is complete. The end of Hyrule has begun. It will last one week. It tells of meteors hitting Hyrule, diseases, famine, plagues, war, the sun and moon turning black, and the great deceiver. It is written that he deceives a sage and that results into the death of the sages. He will rise up an army, using the sacred power. Only this time it is prophesied that Evil conquered all. Depending upon the heart of the surviving sages, Hyrule may or may not be destroyed. The sacred power was created before the dawn of time. The goddesses created many worlds, one of which is Hyrule. The oldest planet, Rokilisia, which is a paradise, was blessed by the goddesses and made it a world free from evil. Until one day the goddesses created a power almost equal to their own, it can do the same as the goddesses, but yet is a little weaker. Whoever uses that  power will be corrupt, but only while they use the power. Rokilisia has not used the power given to them, because they know it brings nothing but death and destruction. Hyrule on the the other hand has used the power not very long ago. So it will eventually take its course and destroy Hyrule. We are fighting for a lost cause, Evil will eventually win, but so help me goddesses, I will do everything in my power to stop it." Impa ended there. All the sages were confused, they had so many questions.