Sul Mio Senso Domestico
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"Sul Mio Senso Domestico"

Sul Mio Senso Domestico

By: Orion Miller

Chapter One

Link, accompanied only by Epona, was making his way to Lake Hylia to do a little fishing.

The past winter had been the time when he met his friend Kei. He claimed to be better at magic, but Link had beaten him every time the former challenged him. That was what bothered Link. Kei had an unnatural ego, that got very annoying, becuase his family and friends in Calatia had always given him more praise than he deserved, thus making him a spoiled brat.

Lately, he'd been less than active, and didn't want to argue with Link, which was their favorite pastime.

"I guess he'll be okay," Link said, and Epona snorted in reply. "I mean, maybe he's just having a bad day or two, you know? But, I'm not going to worry about it now. I'm gonna catch that damn fish." There was a fish that lived in the bottom of the pond, and Link had tried many times to catch it, but had never succeeded. So now he sat on the bank of the pond, the lure at the bottom of said lake, and although he'd gotten a nibble from about every fish in the pond, none had been what he was waiting for.

The man behind the counter, while occasionaly scratching under his arm, said, "Well, son, are ya jus' gonna sit there all day?"

Link gritted his teeth.

"I mean, them there fish ain't gonna just come up thinkin' 'Oh, I'll just bite this here fishin' hook that guy there is starin' at!' "

Link tried not to say anything rude, "Please be quiet,"

"Oh, I see, I see. Tryin' ta' concentrate? Okay," and he stopped talking.

It was silent.

An hour or two later, Link emerged from the fishing pond, grouchy, becuase another morning of his life had gone by, and all he did was sit on his ass and wait. "Fate hates me." Epona nudged him to try and cheer him up. Link patted her nuzzle and smiled, "Thanks, Epona...We better get back to town, I'm starving,"

The market place was as crowded as it had always been, so Link had to leave Epona outside in the field. He walked in and tried to ignore girls calling out at him from their windows. He wasn't interested in finding any kind of 'girlfriend' any time soon.

On his way in, he saw Kei coming out of a shop, holding a map open, and looking at it curiously. Link came up to him, "Kei! What are you doing in town?"

Kei looked up. "I bought this map," he said. Then he showed it to Link.

It was a map of the western half of Hyrule, a desert, and, as labeled, Calatia. Link looked at it for a moment, "Why did you buy this? Maps of places outside of Hyrule are really expensive," he said, and looked back up at his friend.

Kei shrugged and rolled the old parchment up, "I was thinking of going home."

Link was even more confused, "Why?"

For a while, neither of them said anything. Kei looked to the side sadly, "Link, Hyrule is a great place. It's really beautiful here....and so historical." Kei was very interested in history. "But I miss my home. I haven't seen my family or my fiancee--"

"You were engaged?"

Kei nodded. "Yeah. In Calatia, it's customary for the bride's mother and father to choose her groom. They chose me becuase I was 'responsible' and knew a lot about Calatia. But she was so nice to me, Link...No one I've ever met could compare to her."

Link understood, in a way, "Okay. Do you want to go to the Inn and talk about it?"

Kei nodded.

Though they had been tossed out occasionaly for their pranks and troublemaking, Link and Kei made it to the lobby of the Inn without much from the owner or bartender. They took their usual seats; Two leather chairs by a large window that faced Death Mountain. In between the chairs was an elaborate coffee table that either or both used for a foot rest.

Kei sat and put his map on the table, and kept his gaze fixed on the window. Link took his chair and leaned forward a bit, "Now, tell me the whole story."

Kei nodded. He didn't say anything for a minute. Then, he picked up where he left off, "I really want to go home. I miss Estella more than anything....and my family...When I left, it was just days before Estella and I would make our wedding plans."

Link looked confused again, so Kei had to explain, "I had to sneak out of my own home, since it was so close to that day...My parents were so happy for me. Estella is from some refined family and we were kind of middle-class...So marrying into a rich family nearly gave them a heart attack. But I wanted out. It wasn't that I didn't like Estella, becuase...God....I hadn't lived my life yet."

He looked away from the window, then directly at Link, "I've lived my life now. I want to see her again."

Suddenly, Link understood. His friend was homesick for his fiancee named Estella, and for his homeland that Link constantly mocked and made fun of. "Kei...If you want to go home, then you should. But I want to go with you."

Kei smiled. It was the kind that he and Link shared when they'd done something dispicable; Like when they'd set bees loose in the Inn's owner's office for throwing them out. His eyes sparked again, "You got it."

That night, they rented rooms again, since Link didn't have a house yet, and Kei had never intended on staying in Hyrule long enough to have his own home. Usually, they'd get two rooms seperate from each other. But now, they took one of the rooms with two beds, since they were running low on money, and it cost more to get two rooms.

Link was fast asleep, but Kei could hardly keep his eyes closed. He stared out the small window to the west, where his destination was, "What if they don't like him becuase he's Hylian? What if Estella likes him and she tries to have an affair behind my back?? I mean, there are alot of chicks chasing after him..." he whispered. He turned to look at Link over his shoulder.

It was very unselfish of Link to come with him. There were times that Kei deeply envied Link. He was admired by guys at the bar, and girls would croon over him, and he had beaten Kei at magic battles over and over.

"Why are we even friends?" he asked himself. "We're so different. He's like....My better half."

Link muttered in his sleep about the Princess. Kei scoffed and retreated to staring out the window.

The next morning was slow enough to kill. Link didn't get up untill Kei threw one of his boots at him, missed horribly, and sent it crashing to the floor with a bedside lamp. Needless to say, that woke him up.

Now, they were shopping for things that would help them in their journey. Link took the lead, pointing to this and that, and Kei had to hurry to run over and buy them, while Link kept going down the street, considering, and pointing.

They came to the end of the street, and Kei had about had it with shopping. He dumped all the stuff on the ground, then joined them, "This is tiring work, Link," he said.

Link folded his arms. "Right, well, we're gonna cross a desert," he said, matter-of-factly. He handed Kei a brown over-the-shoudler bag, "You ready?"

Kei nodded. He put all their purchases into the bag and stood up. Then, he brought out his map. "We should go through the Gerudo Desert, right here." He pointed.

Link nodded, "Right."

Kei blew out a breath, "Let's go."

They cut through the feild to Gerudo's Fortress, and Kei became paranoid. "Why are they staring at us...?" he asked.

Link didn't turn around, "They don't know you. But they won't do anything to you as long as I'm here." And then, he waved to one of the Gerudos, she clapped her hands, and the gate to the desert opened.

Kei scoffed and cursed Link under his breath. They went through the open gate, and as they wandered into the desert, they were met with a powerful gust of wind and sand.

Link seemed to have forgotten how hard it was to navigate the desert, and brought his arm up to keep the sand out of his eyes. He saw the River of Sand, and turned around, "Kei!! C'mere and grab ahold of me!"

Kei had no idea what was going on. He hadn't taken this direction when he came to Hyrule, so he had to trust Link. The latter was standing on an old box, aiming his hookshot. Kei, rather embarrassed, held onto Link.

Then, Link let go of the trigger, and they suddenly went flying. Kei had to try not to cry out. He looked down and saw the quicksand going by, and gripped tighter to Link's waist. Sand blew into his eyes, his mouth, and his hair, but he hardly took notice.When they stopped, they were standing on the other side of the river, and Kei promptly let go of Link.

The rest of the journey was a battle between the two of them and the sand. Link didn't want to think of what was ahead. He'd never even heard of Calatia untill Kei stumbled into him, a long time ago...


*flashback. yaaay....*

Link was walking around Hyrule Feild, being bored. He had nothing to do. He'd given up at sitting in the Inn's lobby, becuase there was no one to talk to.

As he wandered around, though, he saw bright red flashes coming from around Gerudo Desert. He didn't like the feel of that--Seeing as what it was, and where it was coming from. He began to run over.

Once he got there, he saw a young man of about his age aiming fire attacks at posts, and missing horribly. "Excuse me, you're not alloud to do that. You'll set the whole feild on fire."

He looked up, and luaghed. "What are you, the police?"


"Nevermind. You must be stupid."

"I am not stupid!!You're the one missing the posts!!"

They kept fighting, untill Kei luanched an attack at Link, who dodged it. "What do you think you're doing?!"

"I challange you to a fight, and we can only battle with magic!"

Link luaghed, mockingly. "I guess you're gonna loose, then."

"Do you accept?!"

"Fine, sure, whatever."

And they fought. Link and this guy, one against the other. They created several flashy attacks, untill finally, the other boy fell to the ground, panting.


Link stood proudly. "Ha! Now, tell me your name, so that I may mock you!"


Link grinned. "I'm Link. Where are you from?"


"Where the Hell is that?"

"I'm not telling you."

And they hit it off from there.

*I feel corny.*

Kei's ego was what got the better of him. He had once told Link that every boy was tuaght magic by his father, and Kei had cuaght on early, and the praise of his father had gone to his head.

He turned around. "What's the map say?"



Kei took out the map and looked it over, then pointed to his left. "That way!"

Link nodded and kept going.

After walking for three days and only stopping at night, they were long past the sandstorm. Kei had overtaken the lead while Link was a few feet behind. Kei was daydreaming about Estella, and would occasionally say a few words that compared with her.


Link looked behind him, then back at Kei. He was a little nervouse.

"so beautiful..."

He didn't get it. Why couldn't he fall in love the way Kei did?Here he was, coming home after running away, and the only thing he could think about was the Estella girl.

"I can't wait to see her again...." Then, Kei took off running.

Link stood there for a minute, a little confused. "KEI!!WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

Kei didn't stop, so Link began running after him.

They ran for awhile, which is tiring in a desert. Especially for Link, who wasn't used to the hot weather. When he cuaght up with Kei, they were staring at a large gate off in the distance.

Kei turned, panting and grinning, and pointed to the far-off sight. "Those are the Gates to Calatia. We're almost there!"