The Creation
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"The Creation", part 1

The Creation

By: Bongo Bill

Chapter One

Long, long ago, when the world and heaven were not, and the Void, which was both what was and what was not, was filled with emptiness, great beings roamed the Golden Land, the Sacred Realm. Some of these deigned to travel the Void, but even in What Was and Was Not, madness existed, threatening those who came there.

Perhaps it is not true that the Void was empty; the essences of Good, Evil, Madness, Knowledge, and Ignorance existed, and Madness ruled the other four.

In the Golden Land, the powerful beings knew nothing of Death, which was a disease of Evil, the weakest of the five Essences in the Void.

Of course, byproducts of Evil did exist: greed, mistrust, hate, and most important of all, lust. These four were present in all, but controlled few. The few who did; Majora, for one, were weak in comparison to the others.

They all lived much better than we do now, but still society was far from perfect. The only real difference was that there was no division, and that perfection was possible. The most notable citizens of the Sacred Realm were the Three Sisters, known today as the Goddesses, the Creators, the Golden; the Wind Fish, ruler of dreams and prophecy; Majora, the Slave to Evil, the Imprisoned; and the Nameless, the one who released the essence of Madness, the One Whose Soul Died. The Four, also called the Four Giants or the Guardians, were also prominent.

The Nameless was the mightiest of all the great beings of the Golden Land, and also the wisest and the bravest. Forgetfulness, in the vigor of its youth, plagued everything, whether in the Golden Land or the Void, worse than it does today. Therefore, nobody knew just who was the oldest; though many suspected that the Nameless (so called because he forgot his own name) was the true Creator, the Creator of the Creators, the King of All.

Majora frequently traveled to the Void, basking in the Evil which he worshipped, all the while hoping to become its master. Majora actually created the first mortals by animating part of What Was and Was Not and releasing it to the tainted glory of Evil. These still survive today; they are known as the Stalfos, the race of the dead.

The Nameless was plagued by the Essence of Madness; the Essence imagined it had a mind and then tried, often succeeding, to enter the Golden Land; even if its own ability to do so was the result of a paradox. Its insanity reached into the minds of all equally, though circumstances made some more susceptible than most. Eventually Madness consumed his mind, it was known among the Immortals of the Sacred Realm as the First Death. The last insane act of the Nameless was to use the power of Madness to seal both himself and Majora in Masks, hidden in the Void. In doing so, Madness was drastically weakened, causing Good to be the greatest of the five Essences and Madness to be the weakest.

After this, the Wind Fish prophesied that this was the first part of an endless cycle of five parts, with each part having one of the five Essences the most powerful because of gained or lost power, and then he foretold that Ignorance would be next. Because of this, he went into the Void, seeking Knowledge, claiming that it would be needed in the coming Age of Ignorance.

The Three Sisters decided that they must create something to fill What Was and Was Not; they forgot why, but they assumed it was to lessen the impact of the five Essences on the Sacred Realm. They traveled to the Void and began their work.

Din, who was by far the strongest of the three, albeit cowardly and (let us not mince words) stupid compared to her sisters, was persuaded to go first, creating land out of nothing. She gave her creation, which she called Metal, her blessing of strength, that nothing may break it unless it was stronger.

Next, Nayru, who was easily frightened and frail of health, but easily several hundredfold wiser than he sisters, created a system of rules to guide all existence in What Was and Is, and created Heaven as a reminder to whatever may be there that they were small. She gave the set of rules, which she called Law, her blessing of wisdom, so that you had to be wise to understand them.

Lastly, Farore, who would face any challenge in a heartbeat and never give up, ever, but paled before anything even marginally strong and could not think he way out of a medium-difficulty maze, created what she called Life; mortals who were not followers of any Essence except by choice. To these simple beings she gave her blessing of perseverance. However, some of the life received more perseverance than was healthy, these became stubborn; those who received less as a result of this became gullible.

Then they sat down and tried to puzzle a name for what they had made; or rather, Nayru puzzled over the name while her sisters sat about trying to compare noodles to armadillos or would it be armadilli, which was difficult because neither existed yet and neither was a good name for a world. Suddenly a flash of insight hit Nayru. She suddenly remembered a word that she didn't even know she knew, much less what it meant. She called the place Hyrule.

Some of the other immortal beings began to travel to Hyrule, each giving the land his/her blessing and adding something. The Four Giants, for example, created a land not unlike Hyrule, and then forsook the Golden Land forever to protect it because the Wind Fish predicted it would come near to destruction one day.

The Wind Fish was very crucial in the early stages of the world; he created the names for many places and then made the oceans and the fish. His last great work was to create Koholint, the Dream Island; he hid the island in everyone's dreams so that evil could do little to harm it. The island, although id did not exist in the "real" world, sat deep within the boundaries of the Essence of Knowledge so the Wind Fish could live there forever and do what he loved.

Din, Nayru, and Farore, however decided they could not, or would not, stay in Hyrule forever. So they started to fly away and leave, when surprisingly they all thought of a brilliant idea. They would each create a race and place their race throughout Hyrule. Man other Immortal beings decided they would do so as well, so soon a lot of different races were running about Hyrule. Well, they weren't actually running; they weren't doing anything because Time did not exist in Hyrule yet.

Din made the Gerudo; the Hylians were a creation of Nayru, and Farore is credited with calling the Sheikah into existence. The Four made the Gorons, the Zora, the Deku Scrubs (after whom the Deku Tree is named) and the Garo.

A bizarre mix of the Hylians, the Gerudo, and the Sheikah existed on Koholint. That is all that needs to be known about the Dream Island.

Some other things that exist as a result of the Immortals' work are the Dodongo, the Oktoroks, the Tektites, the wolves (who, when they die of a curse, become Wolfos), and many other monster and/or animals.

The Nameless, still imprisoned, still had a hand in things. He made the Mad Race, the Moblins, to infect everything (including the dream world).

Majora sacrificed all the power he could give without dying to the Essence of Evil so that it could infect the minds of mortals.

One day, as the beings of the Golden Land were about to go home, they noticed two things missing. One, there was no magic in Hyrule. Two, neither was there any Time.

To remedy the former, somebody opened up several portals to the Sacred Realm, where magic fills all existence to overflowing, so it would fill the air. This didn't work as well as he had expected though. The magic appeared in the form of jars. Don't ask me why.

For the latter, they all said, in unison, "oh well. Let's go home." All, that is, except one.

That one had just come into Hyrule, and she was unusual. For one thing, she was invisible. For another, she had power over the one thing no one else did: Time.

meanwhile, They were all returning to the Golden Land. The Three Sisters accidentally hit their heads together on the way out, leaving a relic of unspeakable power: the Triforce. Nobody except the Wind Fish really knows why that happened, and he won't tell.

Many readers out there may be wondering, "what about the Kokiri?" Well, as soon as everyone else returned, a family of very weak Immortals used most of their power to come to Hyrule, so much that it would take generations for them to gain enough power for just one to return. They appeared in a secluded corner of Hyrule. These Immortals decided that, since they could not return to the Golden Land, they might as well make a gigantic tree at the center of a mysterious and secluded forest named after their great uncle, Kokiri, who stayed home. Don't even try to follow immortal logic.

After all that was said and done (in a sense), the strange invisible goddess created Time and poured it onto the world. Time effected everybody except the Kokiri, who were really immortal. This goddess, however, used so much energy to make Time that she died, this is, strangely enough, also known as the First Death.

What happened to the Kokiri, you ask? Well, I'll need a whole new chapter to explain that.

Chapter Two

The Kokiri were not always children. They had adults as well, and while they existed, they were the wisest, strongest, and foremostly bravest of all living things in Hyrule. Then, one day, the Essence of Evil put a curse on the Deku Tree. This curse was known in the Golden Land as the First Curse. All the Adults tried to stop the evil, but since they had no weapons, it was rather difficult. However, they did have magic, and they used that magic to beat the curse down to an inch of its life (this was in a day when people could beat up intangible things.) and sealed it away in the temple they had been building, because they were too tired to kill it. The curse filled the temple with undead things. The four Poes who inhabited the temple, Joelle, Beth, Amy, and Meg, are the spirits of four Kokiri who led the attack on the Curse and died in the process.

After that happened, the Deku Tree died, leaving behind a single sapling, because it had lived for so long with the Curse that it could not live without it. Because the Kokiri adults (yes, they did exist once) suffered many losses at the hands of the Curse, they felt guilty and willingly went into exile in some hard-to-find corner of the lost woods, which was the path the Curse took to get to the forest.

They left behind several weapons made with the help of the fairies, a byproduct of the magic that was released into Hyrule. A short sword, a slingshot, and a bow were entrusted to the Second Deku Tree so that the Kokiri could defend themselves if need be.

This leaves only one question: why, then, were the Kokiri building the temple in the first place? Well, this was the time that the Hylians had decided to make a defense against the inevitable rise of Evil. They sent a message to each race commanding them to build a temple over the nearest entrance to the Sacred Realm. The Hylians built two; one on either side of their portal. The Zora, Gorons, Gerudo, Sheikah, and Kokiri each built one, as well; however, they unknowingly missed some.

Then each race chose the greatest advocate of good in their society and sent them forth to the Hylians' temple, the Temple of Time, which was where the Three Sisters had left the Triforce. There, they crafted the Master Sword and placed it in the ground under the relic. The ones who made the Sword were each given a medallion containing their powers and their duties; they were to pass it down from generation to generation in preparation for the eventual comings of somebody. Who "somebody" was, they did not know.

They sealed the chamber of the Master Sword with four keys; a musical instrument and three objects whose purpose would not be known until they were needed. Throughout they have been stones, medallions, and even people.

Meanwhile, in the land that had come to be known as Termina, a society based less on magic and prophecy and more on the tangible things in life. Deku Scrubs had migrated over from the Kokiri Forest, forming a complex monkey-hating society, if an oppressed one. The Gorons who lived there took more to colder climes than the lava of Death Mountain their Hylian cousins knew. The Gerudo of Termina, rather than dwelling in the desert, lived in a seaside cave and pirated rather than robbed. The Zora formed a culture more akin to the one we know today, but not much different from the society of their cousins in Hyrule. The race of the Garo fought a huge war against the Stalfos over Ikana Canyon and doomed the place to be a dead land, forever devoid of bounty. The Garo knew the most of the prophecies of Majora's return, so with them was lost the world's best defense against his evil. By this time, the Nameless' mask had lost his soul, only his body remained trapped within.

Deep within the Third World, the realm of the dead and the not yet born, two great souls were made. They were to be the ones who would wield two parts of the Triforce and conquer the one who would hold the third for all time. The Immortals had two names for them: the Doomed, because they had to be born and reborn again and again for as long as there was anything; and the Forgotten Heroes, because though they would save the world from beyond saving time and time again, there would never be any record of their doing so.