The Decision
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"The Decision", chapter 1

The Legend of Zelda: The Decision

By: Andrew

Chapter One: The Surprise

On his back he lay, devoid of emotions and oblivious to everything happening around him.  Only his thoughts remained, the one thing that reassured him that he was still among the living...for now.  Everything that he wished and everything that he fought for was...wrong.  He couldn't deny it, it stood there before him-like a sick, twisted picture portraying his fallacy.  It was enough for him to lay back and accept his fate with no struggle.  However wrong his consideration was, he still weighed both decisions, against his better judgment.  Thousands of answers and reasons for it raced through his head.  He analyzed each answer and made his final verdict.  This was going back.  Zelda...forgive me.  But, lets start from the beginning:

Link awoke to another morning enriched with hope and ecstasy.  On this particular day he awoke with a smile that stretched across his face.  He had no explanation as to why he was smiling, but something deep inside of him declared today is your day.  Link sat up from his bed, noticing that he had just been sleeping at the foot of the bed.  He shook his head as if to say 'nothing ever surprises me.'  He stood and stretched for a second.  After pulling at his tight muscles he gazed upon the mess that was supposed to be a floor.  His clothes were strewn about all inside of his house.  Link was by no means tidy.  He really did not mind seeing everything in his possession at his feet.  Looking and searching through closets and drawers was not something he enjoyed.

Link bent down and searched through his clothes to find something fairly clean to wear, something that did not look or smell too acrid.  He pulled the green tunic from the pile of clothes.  He pulled it over his head and then drew the tunic the rest of the way down his chest. He grabbed his belt and slipped it through the belt hoops at his waist.  The belt was pulled taut and fastened.  He turned to grab his sword that hung on the wall, but he stopped.  What am I doing?  I don't sense anything wrong today.  I sense nothing but benevolence.  There is no need for my sword.  The realization that he did not require his sword was a welcome thought.  He retracted his hand slowly and smiled at his fruition. 

As he walked outside the brilliant and warm light of the sun greeted him.  The sun's rays touching his skin were absorbed inside of him.  While inside, the captured light produced joy-a sort of photosynthetic reaction.  He watched as the Kokiri scurried about the forest, performing chores or just enjoying a walk around the forest-as did Link from time to time.  Link descended his ladder and made his way to Saria's house.  As he walked in he found Saria cleaning her home.  Saria was the complete opposite of Link: she was a clean freak.  She looked up towards the door, and through her green hair that was draped over her eyes, she spied an image that was very rarely seen: Link smiling.  She smiled as she asked, "Why are you so happy?"

He stepped inside of her house, careful of where his feet were as he did not want to track dirt in or slip on the water that was on the floor.

"Good morning to you too."

She stopped washing the floor and stood.

Brushing her hair back behind her ear, she said, "Oh, I'm sorry.  I just never see you smile that often."

"Well, today is different."

She raised her eyebrow, hinting that he should elucidate.

"Today I feel like...I don't I own the world."

Saria giggled at his absurd explanation.  Link took a slight affront at her laughter.

"Link, something must be wrong with you.  Are you feeling okay?"

He contorted his face some at how insensitive she was being right now, but it was quickly replaced with a smile as he said, "Of course I feel okay.  In fact, I feel great.  I can't remember the last time I felt this well."

Saria knew he was telling the truth.  Too many times she found him moping about and wallowing in self-pity.  This new attitude was a different and more productive change.  She looked at his face, enjoying his smile for a second, and asked, "Well, since you're in a good mood, why don't you clean your room?  It hasn't been cleaned in over a month.  And, while you're at it, wash your clothes."

Link smiled more brightly as he listened to Saria's demands.  She was always on him about cleaning something: his house, his clothes...himself.  He liked that about her.  Link did not find it bothersome at all and enjoyed it ironically.

"I'll do that later.  Now, I just want to spend time with my friend.  Why don't you put down that sponge and come with me?"

Saria was never the one to stop in the middle of something.  Whatever she started she finished, even if it meant missing out on pleasing activities.  However, since Link had found this new emotion she sure he had forgotten, it seemed almost wrong to say no.  She quickly asked to Link's surprise, "Okay, where do you want to go?"

Link was waiting to hear the words 'I'm sorry, I have to finish this.  Maybe some other time,' but he was surprised to hear her approval of the idea. 

"Alright, just follow me and true delight can begin."

Saria trailed behind Link as he led her through the Lost Woods.  They walked through the twisting corridors and tunnels until Saria was led to a section of the forest she didn't know existed.  In this unknown meadow Saria gazed upon the flowers that were in full bloom around her.  Many of these flowers were new to her.  Saria collected every flower that grew in the forest, but she was amazed at the beautiful flowers she did not yet own.  Saria looked up at Link, who towered above her, and said with enthusiasm, "Oh Link,  How did you ever find this place?"

Link smiled at her and replied, "While I was walking through the forest one day I just decided to explore some of the tunnels and areas that had not been previously explored.  As soon as I found this place you were the first person that I thought of.  I hope you like it here."

"Of course I do, I love this place.  Oh Link," she threw her arms around his waist, " you're the best friend anyone could ever want.  Thank you."

Saria ended the conversation with a wild dash to the center of the meadow of flowers.  She searched through all of the flowers and began picking the ones she did not have.  One by one she picked every flower she had no specimen of.  After picking them, she laid in the bed of flowers.  Link walked over to her and sat down next to her.  He picked a flower himself and smelled it.  The sweet scent of the wild flower wafted into his nose, relaxing him and easing his mind.  Saria sat up and looked at Link, who was enjoying a flower. 

"Link, you are too sweet."

"Well, you are my best friend. And I know I haven't been there for you for a while, so I decided to make it up to you.  From now on I promise to do more with you and not take your friendship for granted."

She leaned over, hugged him, and pulled his face down to kiss his cheek.  She squeezed him very firmly and said, "Link, you have never taken my friendship for granted.  You have always been there for me and that is all I really ask of you."

"Wait, you ask another thing of me that I really don't like."

Saria didn't know what it could be.  She slowly felt panic edge its way at her.  She hoped it was nothing bad.  She asked wearily, "What?"

"You always ask me to clean my room."

Saria mentally sighed.  She even laughed at herself for thinking otherwise about what Link could mean.

"Well, if you cleaned it I wouldn't have to get on you about it every day."

They both laughed and continued to enjoy their time together.  Link truly loved her as a friend and would do anything to make her happy.  This was just a small gift to show her his appreciation towards her.  The two friends sat there for a while longer, talking about random topics and studying the flowers that surrounded them.  Then, Link remembered why he was so happy today.

"Oh gods, I totally forgot."


"I forgot that today is when Zelda gets back from her trip."

Zelda had left Hyrule with her father on a business trip.  Before she left she asked just one thing from Link, that he be there when she returned.  They were very in love with each other for just being married two months ago, and being without each other hurt.  The trip was only a week long, but it felt like an eternity for both.  Zelda and Link were very eager to see each other again.  The only satisfaction Zelda got on her trip was that, soon, she was going to be back in the arms of the man she loved.  Link noticed that it was midday and she would be returning in a couple of hours.

"She wants me to be there when she gets back.  I really have to leave.  I hope you are not angry or disappointed about this."

Saria grabbed his hand and clasped it very gently.

"Why would I be angry or disappointed?   I enjoyed this time we had together.  I understand why you want to leave.  I know how hard it probably is to be torn between girls all of the time.  You go and I'll stay here for a while longer."

"Okay," he stood and walked away, "I'll see you later."

He waved back at her and she returned it.

Link began his trek to Hyrule castle.  It wasn't that far away from the forest, but if you weren't fit it would take you a while.  Link was in good shape.  Through all of his training he became very strong and very athletic.  He exercised every morning and trained with his sword on a regular basis.  For being only twenty, he was stronger than most men twice his age.  He arrived at Hyrule castle and walked through the entrance.  The guard that stood watch there gave Link a nod.  Link waved at him and continued his way through Hyrule Market.  Just about everyone knew him.  He was a hero in many people's eyes.  He saved Hyrule from the oppression of an evil man named Ganondorf.  Every person  thanked and offered him just about anything he wanted, but the only thing that he asked of them was to not make a big deal about it.  He appreciated their hospitality, but it really wasn't for him.  He was a very modest person, some people even say that he is a class 'A' extrovert.  When he came to the inner gates that led to the castle in which he and Zelda lived, the guard waved him in.  They just recently married and Link was now a member of the royal family.  Even though Link didn't prefer the life of royalty, he still enjoyed how Zelda lived.  Servants and someone to wait on him hand and foot was not for him.  As soon as he moved into the castle he told everyone that he did not want to be serviced by anyone.  Zelda and Link had the perfect life: they were with the person that they loved and nothing could ever happen to upset the delicate balance of their love.

Link entered into the castle and walked through the corridors to his and Zelda's room.  He opened the door slowly, hoping that Zelda was not waiting in there for him.  He would kick himself if he wasn't there to greet Zelda when she got back.  He peered inside and saw nobody.  He gave a sigh of relief and walked into the room, shutting the door as he entered.   He walked over to their bed and laid on it.  Waiting there for Zelda to return was almost unbearable.  If he had no self-control he would have probably gotten up and ran to Zelda, who was probably in Hyrule Field at the moment.  Link did not like to wait.  He wasn't impatient, he was just a very anxious man.  Link couldn't just lay on the bed and wait for Zelda to come.  So, he got up and walked around the bedroom.  He stood over Zelda's vanity and looked at the note she had left him before she left.  She didn't wake Link before she left because Link needed the rest.  Too often Link deprived himself of sleep by staying out and guarding the castle.  She told him many times that he was not machine, that he needed sleep to be capable to protect the castle.  There were a couple of occasions when he didn't listen to her, that was when she would have to order him.  He was a knight, but he was still below Zelda and had to follow her orders.  He picked up the letter and read it again:

Dear Link,

I have to leave you, but I leave behind with you something only you would understand: my heart.  You are the only person who really understands me.  Whenever I am feeling depressed or I'm just not feeling adequate, you are always there to comfort me and tell me how good of a person I really am.  You always know what and how to say something to get me in a good mood.  I feel so honored and lucky to have you as my husband.  We have known each other for over four years, and with each year that goes by I find myself loving you more and more.  I have watched the type of man you have grown into and I must say, I love him.  You are the most important thing to me and you have fulfilled my biggest fantasy: being married to the perfect guy.  You live up to every expectation of mine (no matter how unreasonable they can be at times) and more.  You please me in every way and you fulfill my every desire.  You know that I have said some things that have hurt your feelings.  I am sorry, but you must know that I meant none of them.  I love you Link and nothing you ever do or say could ever change that.  I love you Link and I want you to wait for me when I return.

P.S.: I also have a surprise I want to tell you when I get back.

From your dear and loving wife,


The surprise...  I can't wait to find out what it is, though, if it is a gift... Link never enjoyed gifts.  He would only accept them if the person insisted.  Zelda went out of her way sometimes to get Link something or to make him happy.   She was the best wife anyone could be wed to.  Link dropped the paper and turned his head towards the door as he heard the squeaky hinges grind against each other.  He watched with joy as his wife walked through the door.  Their eyes locked and smiles appeared on both of their faces.  She dropped her luggage and they both ran towards each other with open arms.  As soon as they felt each other they closed their arms very securely around each other.



"I can't believe that you're back.  I missed you so much."

Zelda pulled back and looked up at him.

"I think I missed you the most."

They both reached forward and began kissing.  Without being able to see or touch each other for so long, their pent-up passion began directing their movements.  Link let his hands explore Zelda's body.  She allowed him and even encouraged this probing of her body.  Link pulled both of them to the bed and they collapsed on it, with Link coming to rest on top of Zelda.  Link began running his hands everywhere over Zelda's supple body, wanting to feel every inch of her.  His gentle, yet demanding, touch relaxed Zelda.  She was now with her husband, the one she loved.  He could do no harm to her and he would let no harm come to her.  She wanted to stay there and have Link make love to her, but she had to stop, she had to tell him something.

"Wait Link."

She tried to sit up but Link kept her pinned down.  He said, with obvious lust, "Wait, we can't stop now."

She only needed to ask one more time.  Link never pressured Zelda into doing anything, even on their wedding night.  Link and Zelda talked that night about how they would consummate their wedding.  It took a while before both were ready to do it, but never once did he force her to do anything before that point.

"Link," she said softly but with authority.  Link sat up off of Zelda and she sat up next to him.

"Why can't we do this right now?"

"It has to do with the surprise I told you about in the letter.  You did read it...didn't you?"

"Of course I did.  But, is the surprise more important than this?" Link asked, wondering what could be better than being together and showing her how much he loved her?

"Yes, but don't worry, the surprise more than makes up for this."

"I would hope so."

Link waited a moment, giving Zelda a chance to speak about the surprise.  But, when she didn't say anything in that moment, Link asked with urgency, "So...what is the surprise?"

"I want to wait to tell you.  Lets spend the rest of the day together first.  I want to be with you- we haven't seen each other for a week.  Later tonight I will tell you the surprise."

Link uneasily nodded his head and they got off of the bed.   They walked around the castle and Zelda told Link about her trip.  It was mostly to establish allies and trade routes with other kingdoms.  She told Link about a guy that was trying to make passes at her.  He just simply laughed.  He wasn't jealous, he had no reason to be.  Link trusted Zelda fully, and nothing another man did to Zelda mattered; of course, if it was  harassment or a direct threat on her life, then that was a different story.  They ate dinner and made their way back to their bedroom at the end of the day.  They both laid on the bed looking at each other.  Link began tracing his finger along her arm, and then slowly to her side.  Zelda knew what Link was trying to do.  She wanted him to make love to her, but now she had to tell him about the surprise.

"Link, do you want to know what the surprise is now?"

"Sure," he said, still focused on trying to lead up to something with Zelda.

" you remember our wedding night?"

Link couldn't guess at what she was getting at, but he humored her, "Yes, why?"

"It was a month ago."

Oh no Link thought.  "Oh Zelda, I'm sorry about forgetting our anniversary."

"No, it's not about that.  Um..after that night of our consummation...I have felt something inside of me."

Link couldn't understand at the moment what she meant and replied calmly with, "Oh."

Zelda let Link think for a moment as to what she was talking about.  Then, like someone slapped him on the back of his head he understood.

"Oh," he said, now entranced with uneasiness.

Zelda smiled and said, "Link, it could be nothing, I won't know for a couple of weeks, but I may be having your child."

Link was speechless.  He didn't know what to say.  Just the thought of  Zelda possibly carrying his child was overwhelming.  Zelda reached forward and touched his face with her hand.  She was a little worried, but she knew that he was just in shock.


" child?"

His speech was failing him at the moment and he was feeling quite embarrassed.  Reassuring him she answered back, "Yes Link, you are going to be a father."

He felt he was in control of his body again and said, "Father?  I'm...going to be a father?"

"Yes, and you're going to be the best father."

"I can't believe it.  If this is another dream...I don't want to be woken from it.  This is the best thing that I've ever been told.  I truly hope you are having this baby because I've always wanted you to have my child."

"We are having this child, and I am certain that you will be the perfect father, just like you've been the perfect husband."

Link leaned forward and kissed Zelda on the forehead and said, "I will not disappoint our child."

He put his hand on her abdomen and smiled at her.  Link was having a child, something no one else in the world could give him.  Link never really thought about having a child with Zelda, but now that it was right here right now, he knew he was ready and willing to have this child with her.  It couldn't get better than this.