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"The Goddesses Prophecy"

The Goddesses Prophecy

By: Super Nova Gurl

Chapter One: Oceanthia

Epona's hooves clattered noisily on the trail, dust flying behind her. She slowed when Link eased up on the reins, and shushed her.

"Shhhhhh, Epona, easy girl. What is this place?" he said, half to himself. His eyes roved over the quickly changing landscape. Suddenly, Epona's hooves flew across the sandy path, clattering very loudly. Link pulled as hard as he could on the reins, but she kept on going. It seemed like hours until she finally stopped. She was sweating heavily and had a scared look in her eye. She was trying to tell him something. She hadn't wanted to run, something had made her, like something had pulled her towards this destination. Link's eyes jumped from place to place, and he couldn't comprehend what he was seeing at first. This couldn't still be Hyrule, could it?

Epona had halted at the edge of a sea Link had never seen or heard of before. A strange looking wall rose three times as tall as Link to his right, and there was an arched opening in the middle. To his left, a tunnel led off somewhere, with a bright multi-colored light swirling in its depths. In front of him, two suns hung high in the noon sky, one of them the normal one, and the other... was nothing like he had ever seen before. It was the shape of David's Star, and was slightly smaller than the other one. It was an iridescant blue, with a white core, and was completely transparent. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms grabbed him from behind and dragged him off of Epona onto the sandy ground. Everything went black as he struggled but was subdued by his unseen attacker.