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"The Boy Who Loved the Farmgirl"

The Boy Who Loved the Farmgirl


Link gazed out into the sunset. After Ganondorf's defeat, Link had a chance to relax. Malon sat beside him.

''Malon, will you stay here and live with me, here in the forest?'' Link asked.

Malon looked around. It was so peaceful in Kokiri Forest, but Malon wasn't used to such calmness. And, she was just a simple farmgirl and Link was a hero. Besides, she was only nine years old. Link was ten. But the bright side was that she would be away from Ingo, but she couldn't leave her father alone with him, because Ingo did some strange things at night-while he was drunk.

"I don't know, Link," Malon replied, "I would be away from Ingo, but I can't leave my dad alone with him."

Link put his arm around her. "Don't worry, we'll think of something," said Link as he lightly kissed Malon's cheek.

Link smiled warmly at Malon. Malon stared in awe at Link. She gazed at him for a full minute then she said, "Well, I better get home now."

Link nodded his head and ran to get Epona. When he returned, he helped Malon onto the front of the saddle then climbed on himself. "Giddy-up, Epona! To Lon-Lon Ranch!" Link ordered.

Malon had never felt so protected in her life. Just looking at Link made her feel safe. She was so lost in thought about being married to Link, that she forgot to tighten her grip on Epona's reins as they turned sharply at the castle moat. Malon screamed and fell into the water.

"MALON!" shrieked Link. He jumped of Epona and dove into the moat. He swam to the bottom of the chilly depths of the moat and pushed Malon to the surface. Malon coughed.

''I-I need t-to get b-back home," Malon sputtered.

Link held onto Malon tightly and climbed out of the water. He ran toward the ranch as fast as he could, with Malon locked in his grip.

At the ranch, Link and Talon were pacing around the floor of the house. The Hyrule Doctor came out of the bedroom. Link looked at him, eager to hear if Malon was alright. "Well, Miss Malon is fine," said the doctor in his deep voice, "although she does have a small case of hypothermia, but just keep her warm and she'll be fine." He looked at Link. "I'm very proud you, young man!" the doctor exclaimed. He shook Link's hand. "You both may see Malon now."

Link dashed up the stairs. He ran over to Malon's bed. "I'm so glad you're all right!" he exclaimed. Tears of joy slid down his face. He hugged Malon tightly. "I love you Malon!" Link sobbed.

"I love you too Link," said Malon, patting Link's back, "I love you too."

Seven years passed. Link was seventeen and Malon was sixteen. Link and Malon were sitting at Lake Hylia, having a picnic. Link took a bite out of his sandwich.

"Alon," said Link with his mouth full, "ill oo arry ee?" Malon scratched her head. Link swallowed. "Will you marry me?" he repeated.

Malon sighed and shook her head. "Link, we've been through this before, first you asked me to live with you then you ask me if I want to date, but I-I just can't take marriage," replied Malon.

Link was heart-broken.

That night, after Link took Malon home to Lon-Lon Ranch, he sat at the pond in Lost Woods with his friend Saria. "I just don't get it, Saria," said Link, "I saved her life when we were young, but she doesn't want to marry me!" He threw a stone into the pond.

"Link, you should understand. Maybe Malon isn't ready for marrige yet. After all, she's only sixteen," answered Saria.

Link sighed and threw another rock into the pond. Saria did have a point.

"I'm gonna go home and get some sleep," Link said dully. He walked out of the woods.

When Link got home, he noticed a letter on his bed. He looked at it. It was an invitation--a wedding invitation. Link smiled. Suddenly, his jaw dropped and his blood ran cold. The inventation read: Please come to Malon and Jarred's wedding.  3:00 p.m. Wednesday Temple of Time.

Link tore the paper to shreds. He didn't want to go to the wedding. Actully, he couldn't go to the wedding--because he won't be alive! He reached into a drawer and pulled out a wooden box. Link opened the wooden box and pulled out a knife.

"Remember,Malon, I'm doing this because it'll make you happy," Link whispered coldly, "yes this will certainly make you happy."

Link raised the knife to his chest and plunged it in. He fell to the floor. His chest and lower body were soaking in blood.


The next day, Malon and her new husband came to visit Link. When Malon saw Link, she gasped. Running over to his dead body. She cried on his body. "I'm so sorry, Link," whispered Malon.

That night at the graveyard, all of Hyrule gathered at Link's funeral. After the Sages said their prayers, Malon dropped a bouquet of flowers by Link's gravestone. "I really do love you,Link," she whispered. Then she burst into tears. "I love you Link!" she called out to the stars, as if Link could hear her. It's all my fault, thought Malon, because of me, Link killed himself! She knew that's what happened-she saw the knife and shreded paper.
This is my first serious story and so don't e-mail me and say you don't think it's good enough for the web so be easy on me and give me some credit. If you write, you will find adventure in every word - MEGA-X