The Coral Reef
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"The Coral Reef"

The Coral Reef

By: A Link from the Swamp

Link hurried down to the Kokiri Forest curious about who will win the Champ's Contest! (It comes to Hyrule and Kokiri Forest every 6 months) The people in the Contest were Kokiri #1, Kokiri #2, Kokiri #3, Kokiri #4, Kokiri #5, Mido, and Saria.

"And the Winner is. Mido!" the announcer shouted. Hardly any cheers went on, mostly "BOO!" and stuff. That makes Mido first place in the competition, Saria second, and Kokiri #2 last.

"Sigh, Man another for Mido," Link sighed. Suddenly the Memory of the Hyrule contest came zapping back! That's it! Maybe someone I know will win in the Hyrule contest! Link thought. He Hurried to Hyrule Castle showed the Guards his pass and went in the castle before it was too late.

"And the winner is. Scott!" the Announcer shouted. A huge fuss started and everything got so confusing!

"Scott? Who's Scott?" people started asking.

Who is Scott? Link thought.

"That would be me!" a man shouted. The room silenced. then started again.

"That makes Scott tied with the King of Hyrule, Guard #12 second, and Zelda third!

What's with the guy and what's with all those weird clothes and. a mask! Link thought. Link ran up stage and pulled off the Mask. It was.. Link? Link tore off the other mask and it was.. it was ..Majora's Mask? Link tore off the costume and there was nothing but thin air! Majora's Mask was back! What was it doing in Hyrule? The audience filled with sighs and gasps.

"Boo!" Majora's Mask joked. The audience gasped.

"Boo!" Link joked back.

"Damn you!" Majora's Mask joked back.

"**** You!" Link joked back.

"Stupid piece of poo!" Majora's Mask joked back.

"******* piece of ****!" Link joked back.

"Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!" Majora's Mask laughed. Link spit at Majora's Mask. "Haut dow!" Majora's Mask screamed. Link and Majora's Mask were warped to the Temple of Time. The Sage of Light ran up to the two to see them . hump? Majora's Mask was trying to get on Link so it could control him. Link took out his sword and started to power up. After two minutes of surviving, he unleashed the attack and hit Majora's Mask at the wall! Rauru threw a force of Light at it and it fell to the ground. The Sages sent it to the Evil Realm . never to be seen again!

"Nooooo!" Majora's Mask's voice echoed. "There's a target!" Majora's Mask said as it flew over to Ganondorf, went on his face, and with the two combined they broke the Evil Realm's Gate and all the monsters flew out! The Sages were repairing the gate after all the monsters flew out, but where was Link at that moment? Where else would he be? In Kokiri Forest, telling Saria what happened. Just as he always does!

"And then zap I was warped and we started to go crazy and I used my sord and beet majua's mast and then a force of pie came from nowhere and zapped majua's mast bat to the Evel Relm!" Link made no sense!

"Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!" Saria said. "You aren't making any sense at all! I don't get what you're saying!" Saria exclaimed. "So go back to your tree house and get some sleep! You'll need it," Saria finished.

"Gold poit!" Link said as he went back to his tree house. Still nobody knew what was going on in there. There was annoying music coming from Link's tree house. All of a sudden it stopped! The only thing you could here now was some light snoring. "**** You Navi! Stupid piece of ****! You screwed me up so many ... **** You Navi!" Link mumbled in his dream.

Afterwards everything was destroyed by evil monsters except the snoring guy!

The End