To Shatter a Stone
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"To Shatter a Stone", prologue

To Shatter a Stone

By: RaiaGirl

Prologue: Inner Turmoil

It’s just not fair.

A man of twenty-three knelt by a newly dug grave, trembling in a mix of grief and anger. He ran one hand over the stone that bore his father’s name—the name of a great king, probably the greatest his people had ever known. Not too far away, another stone marked the final resting-place of his younger sister. Both graves were shrouded in a light mist, almost giving a serene feel to this place of grief. But in the mind of the new king, the place was everything but serene.

His was a people at war. The desert people far to the southwest had been laying siege on the whole of Hyrule, Zoras and Gorons included, for nearly a year. They did everything they could to upset the peace of his homeland, from attacking trade caravans and sabotaging weapons supplies to attacking his people head-on. It was in this latest attack that the king, the princess, and a few others were killed.

Why was I spared?! The young ruler threw his head back in agony, thoughts cascading from his grieved mind like an erupting volcano. Why were my father and sister taken and not I? Varabeth was too young to die, and Father was such a good ruler! How can I even begin to take his place? His heart was in utter torment, yet no tears escaped his dark eyes.

The sound of a woman crying interrupted his rampant thoughts. Nearby, a young woman, no older than twenty, had made her way to one of the new graves. Behind her was an older woman, looking just as heartbroken but not in tears like her younger companion. The young monarch recognized the two of them right away; they were the mother and younger sister of his best friend Brec, who had also died in that last attack. But unlike himself, at least they had each other. His mother the Queen had died when Varabeth was born, and now that both Varabeth and the king were gone, the new ruler had no one to turn to. At the age of twenty-three, he was completely alone.

“Big Brother?” A timid voice came behind him.

“What do you want?”

“Umm, I hate to bother you...” The newcomer’s voice was shaky. “But there’s a messenger from Hyrule Castle waiting to meet with you in your chamber.” The young king breathed a heavy sigh.

“Can’t anyone leave me be?” His words came out in a growl. “Tell the messenger that I will see him in a few minutes!” Saying nothing in response, the newcomer fled from the graveyard and back down to the king’s chamber. A few moments later, the young ruler stood up; taking one last look at his father’s headstone, King Darunia turned and left the graveyard.