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"Trapped", chapter 1


By: Understatement

Chapter One: Zelda's Attacker

Tyrone lay awake in his straw-filled twin size bed. He can’t sleep. He knows anytime soon, it will happen. The second he closes his eyes, nature will take over. His hands will become paws and his fingers will be claws. His whole body will be covered in fur and fangs will spring from his mouth. He will slouch on all fours and take the shape of what he is by night...a Tackton beast....

Link woke up early the next morning. Since moving in to the castle with princess Zelda, he hasn’t been able to get to sleep. Probably because he wasn’t used to having so much room to roll around in. He figured it was ok since he was planning to get some sword practice in his schedule. He rose out of bed, put on his usual outfit of a green tunic and white leggings with his famous green hood. He grabbed his sword which was displayed above the fire place in his room. He takes a step back, sword t hand to just take in the fact he had a fire place in his room. He would always tell Zelda how grateful he was that she had given him such a large room. It really was too big for Link’s taste but he didn’t want to seem ungrateful to his princess and his crush.

Link stepped out into the courtyard. He was started by the sudden amount of light and had to squint his eyes. “Better get started,” he said to no one.

Link started with several of his basic sword moves. He swung left and jumped back as if a lizaflos was actually swinging back at him. He did a front flip, raised his shield and swung to his right striking the imaginary foe in the hip. He was so caught up in his imaginary battle that he didn’t notice Zelda looking out her window, watching him.

“You know you love him,” Impa said in a girly voice, unusual for her. Zelda just looked at her, rolled her eyes, and turned back to the window.

“Impa, you’re like my mother and my best friend but you can’t keep on bothering me about my love life,” Zelda said, her back turned to Impa. “Link and I are, have always been, and will always be, just friends,” she adds.

Zelda really did love Link. He was her hero, the man who risked his life for her. Alas she, like Link, was to shy to speak of such matters. The two would speak of almost everything, except their feelings for each other. Zelda thought it was best. She didn’t want their relationship to be broken by the chance he didn’t feel the same way. So she put them off and acted like they didn’t exist. Suddenly Link looked up toward her window. Zelda quickly closed them and shut her eyes.

“Oh, I hope he didn’t see me,” she said under her breath.

“Would it be so bad?” Impa questioned. “You’re a young woman now. If you don’t choose a husband, you know your father will choose for you. I know you don’t want that to happen Zelda.”

Zelda swallowed hard. She couldn’t evade the inevitable truth. She knew in two weeks, on her twenty-first birthday, if she hadn’t chosen a future king, her father would. She knew if she wanted to escape a fate she didn’t desire, she would have to tell Link her feelings. But, she would have to think of that later. She had more important things on her mind...

After several hours of swordplay, Link walked in sweat drenched and gasping for air.

“That was a good session,” he managed to say between gasps. He removed his hood and wiped his forehead. By now it was already eleven and the castle was bustling with servants, guards, and knights. He walked back to his room to change his clothes. On his way, Zelda passed him. She looked busy, but she took time out of her schedule to smile and wink at her friend. Link blushed and continued to walk. Unfortunately, he walked right into a wall and the servants around him chuckled quietly.

“Drake, what are the reports from town?” The king questioned his head knight.

“Sire, there have been several reported murders in the poorer area of town. The bodies were completely mutilated, and torn apart. It appears to be caused by some kind of animal. But, there have been no recent sightings of any kind of carnivorous animals. So either we search for the Hylian eater, or search for a murderer.” He reported and bowed his head.

Just as he finished, Zelda walked in late as usual. She took a seat at the massive marble table, brushed her golden hair back and pretended that nothing happened. Her father had noticed and wasn’t very pleased. He stared at her with the typical fatherly look of displeasure. Zelda avoided eye contact however. She looked in Drake’s direction, but only got a nasty leer. Drake has had his eye on Zelda. She was promised to him if Zelda couldn’t choose a husband. Zelda hated the head knight, which made her want to confess to Link even more.

“Zelda, you must learn to come to the morning reports on time,” Hyrule’s king stated calmly. Zelda smiled at her father trying to hide her “I don’t care” look. Zelda, although wise beyond her years, was a typical 21 year old girl. She loved her father, but hated him at the same time. She personally hated monarchy. She thought the people should decide the laws. She knew it wasn’t her father’s fault that he was king, but hated her father for not stepping down or even listen to her reasoning.

The morning reports went on as usualm Drake, eyeing her continuously, and her father rambling on. She was glad to get out of that room and have at least ten minutes to herself. She opened the door to her room and flopped down on her bed. She started dozing off when she heard a slight rap on her door.

“Zelda. Are you in there?” It was Link’s soothing voice. Zelda woke up and called for him to come in. Link’s clothes were changed and we had showered. Zelda motioned for him to sit down on her bed. He sat down and looked at Zelda. She smiled and looked at her lap.

“You have been busy?” Link prodded. Zelda looked back up to him and nodded.

“I am always busy. I am lucky if I have 10 minutes to take a short rest.” Link shrugged. He knew it was hard for Zelda. She didn’t have many real friends, and was always busy. He looked down and mumbled

“I wish I could understand. I know it must be hard for you.” Zelda thought this was adorable and couldn’t help kissing him on the cheek. Link looked back to Zelda. The kiss surprised him, but in a good way. He turned red. Zelda didn’t have time to think about her actions. Suddenly it hit her hard, and she to, blushed.

Tyrone woke up lying on his wooden floor. His mouth and hands were covered in blood. He awoke startled and looked at his hands.

“Not again!” he sobbed. “When will it stop? I have had enough of this! I must control myself!” He grabbed his head and shook himself leaving bloody hand prints on his head. “All right, if I tie myself to my bed at night I won’t be able to go and kill!” He thought this way would work. So, he decided to try it. That night, he grabbed rope, tied his legs to his bed, and had a friend tie his hands to the posts. He fell asleep uncomfortably.

Zelda was sleeping in her bed that same night. It was about two in the morning, and Zelda’s slow breathing sounded natural with the breeze echoing throughout Hyrule. The window was open to let the room breathe fresh air. The peaceful scene was broken when an intruder climbed into the open window. It breathed loudly and was hunched over. He eyed Zelda up and down, and crawled onto her bed. He raised his massive paw over his head, ready to strike. Saliva rolled off his lips and landed on Zelda’s blanket.

Suddenly, the door flung open, awakening Zelda. She looked to see the face of a hideous creature looking down at her, his paw still in the air. The man in the doorway ran towards her bed and grabbed the beast by his neck, locking him in an uncomfortable headlock.

“Get your hands off of me Hylian!” the beast roared. It swung its body sideways, tying to knock the man on it’s back off. He didn’t budge.

“Let the princess alone!” Zelda recognized the voice and saw it was Link. She rolled off the side off her bed and slid under it. She pulled out a small dagger and, as hard she could, stabbed the struggling beast in its upper arm. He let out a sound that sounded like a baby crying and an animal roaring. It finally shook Link off and jumped out the window.

Link lay on the floor, a bit shaken up, but otherwise ok. Zelda ran to his side. “Link, are you ok?” she asked searching his body for any wounds.

“I should be asking you the same question,” he said, a touch out of breath. He took Zelda’s hands and stood up. “What was that?” Link asked.

“I don’t know Link. But it’s responsible for the recent murders.”