The Legend of Zelda: Trapped in Time
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"The Legend of Zelda: Trapped in Time", Chapter 1

The Legend of Zelda: Trapped in Time

By: Brian Manderville

Chapter One: The Perfect Duo

Author's Note: This story takes place 3 years after Link defeated Majora, I do not own Zelda Nintendo does, I do; however own the characters I made up thank you.

     The hot sun shone over Link as he entered a town called “Ninso” he needed to refill his supplies so he can continue his journey back to Hyrule. He spotted a tavern to the right of him and thought to himself “There is a place to take a break”
     “Wait here Epona” he ordered and got off and entered the tavern. As he entered he saw a bar with a person about a year older than him. He walked over to the bar and asked for a bottle of water and a loaf of bread. “Sure thing that will be 25 rupees, by the way I haven’t seen you around here what is your name?”
     “It’s Link.” he said.
     “Hey you’re the person from Hyrule who beat Ganondorf and Majora! My name is Exavius pleased to meet you.”
     “SHUT UP!” Link bellowed
     “Oh right there are lots of followers of Ganondorf in here” Exavius whispered. Before Link knew it this man got up and yelled “I KNEW YOU WOULD BETRAY US! WE WILL KILL YOU AND LINK!”
     Link found this pretty amusing and replied “Whatever I’d like to see you try… oh wait you wouldn’t even touch me.”
     The whole table drew their swords as Link drew his kokiri sword. The men laughed and said “Are you going to fight us with that little dagger?” “What do you think?” There was an uncomfortable pause to this but the group yelled “GET THEM!” Link and Exavius ran at them and started fighting them Link with his sword and Exavius with a funny-looking staff. It seemed over before it began. Link did his spin attack strait on the mob and killed all of them as he yelled “WHY CAN’T A 13-YEAR-OLD GO INTO A TAVERN WITHOUT GETTING MOBBED!”
     After about 30 seconds the whole mob was killed.