The Trezen’s First Trial
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“The Trezen’s First Trial”, chapters 1 & 2

The Trezen’s First Trial

By: Spirit of Halo

Character Profiles

Name:  Carl (Last name is classified)

Age: 20

Weight:  180

Height:  6’0

Blood:  A

Appearance:  Short cropped brown hair, hazel eyes, goatee and mustache, blue rimmed glasses with yellow tinted lenses.  Medium build, left handed.

Carl’s past is clouded in mystery and he has a real chip on his shoulder because of Ganon Corp. stealing his Mobile patent.  All of his family has died.  His mother from a disease, his father a horrible lab accident which Carl was involved in as well, and his sister that was shot and killed in a store robbery that went wrong (she was the victim).

Name:  Ambrosia (Amber)  Hailee

Age:  19

Weight:  140

Height:  6’0

Measurements:  38c-34-36

Appearance:  Black shoulder length hair, blue eyes speckled with hazel.  Slender build that packs a wallop of any unsuspecting creep that tries something with her, right handed.

Amber has moved from Kakariko to Hyrule Castle Town on a quest to find the elusive Trezen.  However, planning that she really won’t find the elusive mercenary, she doesn’t know what she will do when she finds it.  Her family was killed when their mobile went rouge.

Name:  Kathy

Age:  --

Weight: --

Height:  --

Measurements: --

Appearance:  When on a computer or vid screen, she chooses the form of Carl’s deceased older sister;  Fair skinned, blond hair, pale blue eyes, twenty three years old.

Kathy is the computer program that Carl designed to help him with the cybernetic output of his body.  She can be a real pain when she is in a teasing mood.

Name:  The Trezen

Age: Unknown

Height:  Approx. 6’

Weight:  Approx. 370lbs.

Appearance:  A forest green suit of armor. (appearance much like Priss’  hardsuit in Bubblegum Crisis 2040)  Helmet has a red visor and antennae that appears to have the purpose of letting Hyrulian ears ‘breathe’.  Left arm is equipped with a gamma wave blade approximately three feet long, right arm is equipped with four 45 caliber machine guns on the top and under of the arm.  Each foot and hand is equipped with five  foot/knuckle bombs that can easily put a hole through just about any armor, activated by a kick or punch.  Hips and back have jets on them for flying short distances and to help with jumps.  There is a possibility that The Trezen is male.

The Trezen is a powerful suit of armor, possible with a Hylian inside.  It appears to be only interested in destroying rouge mobiles and was not wanted by the police until it murdered five teenage boys.

Name:  Mobiles

Height: From 5’7 to 6’5

Weight: From 220 pounds up to half a ton

Appearance:  Mobiles can be designed to look like anything from a typical robot to a very attractive female.  Their functions can range from deep sea mining to waitressing.

Mobiles where the original idea of Carl’s father until Ganon Corp. stole the patent from Carl.


5012 AIP.  It has been five thousand years since Link, Zelda, Sage, Emily and the Ronin Warriors defeated Talpa and Ganon for good.  And, like all things, their accomplishments have been long forgotten by time.  Because of this long peace, Hyrule has become one of the largest countries in the world.  Hyrule Castle Town alone has thirteen million citizens and takes up all of where Hyrule Field once was.  With magnificent glass and marble and concrete buildings that touch the sky, it is the center of the world’s commerce.

With the five millennia has also come advances in technology; industrialization, automobiles, flight, even A.I.  Machines called Mobiles now help police the streets, repair and construct buildings, just about anything.  So successful are these creations that the Ganon (pronounced Gay-nen) Corp. is the wealthiest company in the world.  However, every once in a while, a mobile’s core (or processing module) goes ‘rouge’ and starts destroying anything and everything in it’s path.  The usual Mobile appearance is that of a robot (except for secretary and waitress models), made of titanium alloys and are very strong.  Its a good thing that a person who calls itself The Trezen appears and destroys these mutated monstrosities by crushing their core.  Not much is known about this mysterious person who runs around in a green metal suit.

But one girl intends to find out, her name is Ambrosia Hailee, Amber for short.

Chapter One: No Need for Introductions

The name’s Carl, you don’t need to know my last name. I’m the reason Ganon Corp. is so successful. Those bastards, I showed them my Mobile and they stole the idea as soon as they threw me out on my ass! Now I have to live in the worst part of town. But I’m not bitter or anything. Walking along a pot holed street, Carl pulled his trench coat tighter from a gust of night air. The flashing neon lights of a vid arcade caught his eye and he looked inside. “Hmmm, never seen that girl there before.” Intrigued, he went inside the open aired arcade and up to where she was battling with another man in the sword play arena. “Wow, going against Aaron no less.” Each contestant had on a special suit to simulate a hit from the laser sword each held. Five hits or twenty minutes is all you have to defeat your opponent. Aaron had scored three to the girl’s one at the seven minute mark. Aaron made a charge at the girl which was perried and left a large opening. 3 to 2. Angry at himself, the blonde teen tried to sweep the legs out from under the black haired teen. She let herself be hit and on the way down, sliced and hit Aaron’s knees. 3 to 3. “You are beginning to anger me!” Aaron said heaving for air. His opponent said nothing and ran at him and swung at his neck. Aaron easily blocked and was surprised when a boot connected with his face, but recovered in time to score a hit to her shoulder. 4 to 3. “Give it up Girlie, you can’t beat me.” Aaron said with blood running out of his nose. “Now I know you just didn’t call me that.” The blue eyed fighter warned moving the blade horizontally beneath her eyes. “What if I did, Girlie?” He and his pals started laughing but stopped when out of nowhere, there was a hit to his throat. 4 to 4. “Match point!” The computer’s voice warned. “You still as confident?” The thin girl taunted. Enraged, Aaron rushed forward. The girl side stepped him and stuck out her foot and watched Aaron fall flat on his face. A hit to the back and it was all over. 4 to 5 in the fifteenth minute. <Wow, she’s good!> Carl mused. <She even beat Aaron. Heh, let’s see if she can beat me.> “Arg! you’ll pay for this girl!” Aaron shouted in anger as he and his gang walked out onto the street. “No-one beats me!” The girl had on a smirk as she wiped her brow and watched their retreating backs and felt a tap on her shoulder. “Mind if I challenge you to a match?” Carl asked. “If you’re good enough.” Her blue eyes looked him up and down. “Heh, heh...well I’ll try.” “Fine, then you pay.” The girl said. Carl nodded and put in the ten rupees required to play and grabbed an awaiting handle. The blade lit up and his clothes were replaced by the sensor suit. “Ladies first.” He invited. “Well how kind of you.” They tapped their swords together a few times before the real fight began. At the ten minute mark they had drawn quite a crowd with the score being one all. Carl leaped back from a swing. “I’m quite impressed, not many people are this good.” “Thank you!” She accented with a dodge and perry. “You’re quite welcome.” He smiled. <Just be thankful I’m not using my cybernetic joints.> “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Time up!” The swords went dead and their clothes returned to normal. Carl extended his hand. “Nice match, I hope to see you again.” “Oh, same here!” She smiled. <By the Three I could look at that smile all day!> Carl thought. “By the way, my name is Ambrosia, er, Amber, Hailee.” She crooked her head in question. “What’s yours?” “Carl.” Came the reply. “No last name?” He shifted nervously. “Uh, yes, but I’d rather not tell......” He took Amber’s hand and kissed it. “Until we meet again, Miss Hailee.” He turned and began walking. “Wait!” She caught up to him. “I’m hungry, you wanna go somewhere? Two fights like the ones I just had takes it out of ya, ya know?” “Now that you mention it, I’m a bit hungry as well. Okay, you’re on.” As they walked on, Carl made small talk. “So Amber, where you from? I haven’t seen you around here before.” “Oh, I’m from Kakariko.” “Really? Well what brings you here?” Carl asked setting down with a hamburger on his tray. “Well, its kinda silly.” Amber said shyly, doing the same. “Try me.” He said with a kind smile. “Well,” She crossed her feet under the table and bit her lower lip nervously. “I’ve come to find The Trezen.” A chill came down Carl’s spine and he nearly choked on his food. “The Trezen, huh?” “I told you it was silly.” She said beginning to blush. <She gets even cuter when she does that.> “Why do you want to find him? Even if he exists?” “I believe in what he is doing, my parents’ and my baby brother’s lives were taken when our mobile went rouge.” “I’m so sorry to hear that.” “Don’t be, its not like it was your fault or anything.” <Yes it is........> He thought sadly. They ate the rest of the meal talking about this and that until the hour became very late. “Oh by The Three look at the time! I’ve been having such a good time I haven’t noticed the hour! I need to get home.” Carl stood as she did. “Thank you for accepting my challenge, it was quite invigorating.” They said their good-byes and parted in opposite directions. A moment later, Carl heard a familiar female voice in his right ear. “That was a nice little date.” It said teasingly. Carl rolled his eyes. “Shut up Kathy. I didn’t ask for your opinion.” Kathy, a small computer that fit into and behind Carl’s right ear that controlled his cybernetic output and monitored his vital signs huffed in his ear. “You wouldn’t be jealous, now would you?” “I am not programmed to be jealous.” A loud female scream alerted his hearing. “Kathy, which way did that scream come from?” “Analysis shows that it is three blocks to the north.” “Okay, level two to knees, hips, and ankles.” “Done.” Carl was off in a flash.
Chapter Two: Reconstruction

Thirty seconds later, Carl had arrived at an alley. “This the location?” He asked Kathy.

“Correct location.”

Carl nodded in affirmation and shouted into the shadow formed ally. “Anybody down there?”

“Ah, shit! Move!” Carl heard five sets of feet run off.

He began to run after them, but saw a body propped up against a wall. He skidded to a halt and looked closely. “It’s Amber!” He gasped. “Kathy, status report!” Carl laid his hand on the girl’s forehead.

“Subject: Hailee, Ambrosia. Heartbeat; 45bpm, breathing; 20bpm, body temperature; 96.3 degrees F, two pints blood lost. Massive fractures to her arms, legs, and ribs, punctured and collapsed left lung. She’s in terrible shape, Carl.”

“I can tell, what’s her blood type?”


“Good, I can give her a transfusion. Hmmm, all right, set leg cybernetics to level five, I need to get her home!”

“Done.” Carl raced home taking to the roof tops with Amber clinging to life in his arms.

“Oh, wh-where am I?” Amber slowly turned her head to the side and saw a vital signs monitor. Her arms were covered in wires and she hurt all over her body.

“Go back to sleep.” A some-what familiar male voice commanded of her.

Looking over, she found a pair of hazel eyes peering down at her behind yellow lenses. The man was dressed in a doctor’s operation garbs that was splattered in blood. “You are not well enough yet.”

She slept for what seemed like months before she once again opened her blue eyes. She still hurt all over, but felt alittle better.

“Aah, you’ve awakened!” Carl said joyfully from across the room. “I was beginning to think you wouldn’t. I’ve been down here every day waiting for you to awake.”

“What happened to me? Where am I?” Amber put her left hand to her head and shrieked in horror as she saw metal instead of flesh. Carl began to walk toward her. “What the hell did you do to me!?” She yelled angrily. Carl was at her bed side by the time she had finished. Amber took a swing while sitting in the bed which was easily caught by Carl.

“I have to tell you some things, but you have to calm down okay!?”

She stared at him with wild eyes but regained her composure and Carl let go of her hand cautiously. “What-” She looked up at him. “What happened?”

Carl began with a sigh. “I found you beaten very badly in an alley. I took you here, my home, to treat you. You did well in the reconstruction surgery but...” He trailed off.

“But? But what?” She pressed.

Carl slowly removed the sheets from Amber’s body. The girl’s eyes teared up as she saw gray metal from her shoulder to her hip on the left side of her body. “It was too badly damaged for me to repair. I also replaced your joints with cybernetics. Say hello to my friend Kathy.”

“Hello Amber.” The female voice came into her right ear. Amber gave a little jump at the voice and replied in the same manner. “I will help control your cybernetic output just as I do for Carl.”

“Then that means...”

Carl nodded. “Ankles, knees, hips, writs, elbows and shoulders.”

Amber smiled. “Cheater, and here I thought I was the same caliber as you were.”

“You are with out my cybernetics, it would hardly seem fair if I beat you that way now would it?”

“Guess not...I’d like to stand.”

Carl sat up and helped the naked Amber from the bed. He tried not looking too much as he ‘ahemed’ and gave Amber the bed sheet.

“My arm stings real bad. And why am I so weak?” She asked, wrapping the sheet around her body with a slight blush.

“Its the added sensitivity of your electronic nerves. The good thing is you have quicker reflexes now. The reason you are so weak is that I kept you asleep until your bones healed, you’ve been out for three months.”

“Uh hu.” Amber breathed as she moved her metal fingers.

“Don’t worry. I haven’t had the time to put on the prosthetic skin yet. I’ve been...busy.”

“You can say that again.”

“Shut up.”


“Oh nothing, Kathy is just being a smart ass.”

“Am not!”

“Anyway, this is my home, such as it is.” He spread out his arms to signify the fact. What Amber saw impressed her. Medical equipment that rivaled the best hospital in Hyrule was spread out over one side of the room while on the other side appeared to be some type of workshop with spare parts strewn about. It was alittle messy over all, but Amber figured it was just a guy thing. She decided that it might need a woman’s touch. And she was a woman after all.... “This is just my shop,” Carl’s voice brought her back from her thoughts, “my real home is next story up.”

“Just what the hell happened to you that night anyway?”

Amber closed her eyes and looked at the ground. “Aaron got his payback for me beating him.”

“I should have figured.” Carl frowned. “You’re welcome to stay here until you have recovered fully.” Taken aback by his own forwardness, Carl blushed and quickly looked away.

Amber giggled. “Thank you, yes I’ll take up that offer.”

“There are clothes in the closet near your bed. They were my older sister’s and they should fit you. I’ll be back later, I have to take care of something.” His face was suddenly dark but lightened up just as quickly. “Make yourself at home.” Carl turned toward the stairs.

“Carl where is your sister, did she move out?”

“She’s dead.” He began to walk up the stairs.

“Oh I’m sor-” She stopped as Carl just kept on going without paying her any heed.

“Hey Kathy?” Amber asked when she was alone.


“How old is Carl?” She asked slipping on a T-shirt.

“Twenty years, three months, fifteen days, twelve minutes.”

“Uh hu, has he told you his last name?” She pulled on a pair of gray sweatpants.

“I am programmed with all of Carl’s statistics, abilities, and life history.”

“Could-could you tell me?”

“I’m afraid not.”

Amber frowned as she turned on the small color television that was in the room and plopped down on a vacant couch.

“I know Aaron is an asshole Carl, but is this really necessary?”

~Yes.~ (‘~’ means the beginning and end of a transmission, like walkie-talkies.)

“Fine, you’re the boss.”

Carl peered down from high atop a building across from the arcade. It had been two hours, now eleven at night, and no sign of his prey. His upper lip curled as he saw the blonde and others come out of the arcade.

“Target confirmed.” Kathy said.

~Good.~ Carl followed them rooftop to rooftop until they turned into a dark alley.

“You smoked them all again Aaron!” One said of the victories Aaron had compiled that evening.

“Eh, it was easy.” Aaron mimicked his moves swiftly down the paved alley.

~Heh, but what of the girl that beat you those months ago? Surely you haven’t forgotten her?.~

“Who said that?!” Aaron looked at his pals in rage, grabbing the collar of one of them.

~It wasn’t them.~

Aaron turned turned his head to see a forest green suit of armor descending from the sky to them.

“What the hell are you?” Aaron asked in terror as the armor landed.

A psyonic blade winked to life from the armor’s left arm.

“By Din! Its-” The blade lopped off the boys head.

“Damn it!” Aaron pulled out a gun and began shooting at the figure, the bullets ricocheting off.

~I believe it must be my turn now.~ It raised it’s right hand and four small holes came up and began shooting. They tried to run, but didn’t get far as their bodies were filled with bullets, their blood covering the alley walls. Stepping over to the wall, It raised it’s arm and carved out ‘The Trezen’ with the blade.

“Police have been notified of the noise and are on their way here as we speak.” A female voice informed the armor wearer. The Trezen nodded it’s head and the jets on the hips and back flared up and raised him off the ground to safety.

Detective Moe Blin and Sergent Al Fos got to the crime scene. “What do we have here Charlie?” A pudgy Blin asked.

“Five murders, and look at this.” He pointed to The Trezen’s calling card.

“So It’s decided to start killing people now?” Fos asked. “Rouge mobiles are one thing, but now its our job. Damn it, looks like my vacation is going to be put on hold again!” The tall and skinny Fos complained.

“Oh shut up Al.” Blin sighed. “We better report this to you know who.”

“The Cheif?”


“Ohhh. Are-are you sure?”

Carl stepped down the creaky wooden steps and smiled warmly when he saw Amber asleep on the couch. Walking over he turned off the television and picked her up in his arms. <Ung, that metal has madeherheavy!> Amber instinctively nuzzled her head against Carl’s chest from the extra heat given off from his body and his heart sped up a bit.

“Someone’s in love, someone’s in love.” Kathy teased.

“Don’t make me turn you off.” Carl furrowed his brow as he pulled the sheets around Amber’s shoulders. He flicked off the light at the stair landing. “Good night, Amber.”

The next morning, Amber curiously made her way upstairs. What she saw surprised her. Instead of humble decor that she expected for someone living in this part of Hyrule Castle Town, she saw signs of wealth. 32” TV, a huge stereo system, a state of the art computer, a statue of the three goddesses, refrigerator, and all the other necessities.

Amber noticed the TV was on and peered around the corner to see the back of Carl’s head watching the news.

“...and it seems that The Trezen, if one really exists, has turned to killing Hyrulians as well as mobiles. This footage shows the aftermath of It’s attack. Five teenagers murdered in cold blood, one decapitated. Among the dead was Aaron Hodrom, a local...” She tuned the rest off the story out from shock, and what did she think she saw on Carl’s face? A wicked smile?

“Amber is watching you.” Kathy said.

“I know.” Carl mouthed.


“Well what?”

“You know perfectly well!”

“Okay, okay, I get the point!” He mouthed again.

Amber was quite startled to hear Carl’s voice. “You must be hungry, neh?” He said still looking at the reporter talking to Det. Blin.

“Oh, uh...yes. How did you know I was up here?” Carl simply pointed to his right ear where is Kathy unit resided.

“Thanks a lot!” Amber mouthed angrily.

“He already knew you were here!” Kathy said in defense.

Rising from the couch, Carl walked over to the kitchen. “All I got right now is cold cereal.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” Both reached for the box that was laying on the counter at the same time and their hands met. Each drew there’s back quickly and said, “I’m sorry go ahead, no you.” Each blushed and Carl rubbed the back of his head.

“Uhhh, go ahead.” He said. “So, still want to meet the infamous Trezen after what you saw on the news?”

“Yes.” She stated matter of factly. “I don’t believe it was him either. Probably someone trying to imitate him. Get him in trouble or something like that.”

“How do you know that The Trezen is a ‘him’?” Carl asked handing her a spoon.

“I just do.” Was the answer.

“Oh I just remembered something!” Carl said after they were finished. “I picked up some prosthetic skin for you last night, would you like me to put it on now?”

A vigorous nod.

“Heh, heh. Okay come with me.”

“Gentlemen, Ganon stock has tripled in the past four months.” A small round of applause. “Now, our distinguished President, Mr. Dragmire.”

A tall tan man wearing a business suit with a cybernetic right hand and a scared face stepped into the room with a sinister smile on his face. The bright red hair atop his head was slicked back. “Gentlemen,” He said oily, “I thank you all for coming on such short notice.”

“Why are we here anyway?” A man with a thin mustache asked.

“I called you here, to inform you all that your services are no longer needed.”

“What!” Another shouted standing.

Mr. Dragmire smirked and raised his palm. Black waves of energy emanated from his hand and began to surround the men at the table. The suited men began to scream in pain as their clothes, skin, muscle, and finally bone disintegrated leaving little piles of ashes.

The muscular man looked at his work with pleasure on his face and turned to the man that introduced him and dismissed him. “Yes Lord Dragmire.” The man bowed at the waist and hastily left the room.

“Oh, and call janitorial to clean this little mess up.” He sat in the leather chair that was at the head of the table and turned around. Pushing a button, a view screen activated on the wall.

“That Trezen has been a thorn in my side for the past two years.” Mr. Dragmire furrowed his brow in thought as footage of The Trezen played again as it destroyed a mobile by blowing a hole through it’s chest with a knuckle bomb.

He stood up and walked over to the wall made off glass and looked out into the late afternoon. He blinked as his shadow stretched across the floor. “I don’t care how long it takes Trezen, one day I will find you.”

As the faux skin began to solidify, Carl said. “Strip off your shirt.”

“Uh, what!” Amber exclaimed wide eyed.

“I said take off your shirt.”


Carl sighed from his throat. “Look, its not like I haven’t seen them before.” He rolled his eyes.


“It would be hard not to replace the left half of your torso with robtic parts with out seeing anything!” His voice started calm, but ended in a shout, furrowing his brow in aggravation.

“Just do it Amber,” Kathy said nervously in her ear. “You really don’t want to see him angry.”

Carl had calmed when he asked, “You do want me to put on the skin don’t you?” He let the silence hang in the air and half leaned, half sat on a table. He looked at the ground with is arms crossed. “Well?” he asked looking up at her over the blue rims of his glasses. “Its not like you can do it yourself.”

Amber scrunched up her face in anger and turned her back to Carl. “Well...all right.” She took off her shirt. The cool air of the workshop/medical facility stung her skin and she wrapped her arms around her chest. “But if you look at anything longer then I deem necessary, then I’ll make sure you’ll never be able to have children. Capishe?”

Carl gulped. “Uh, yeah.”

Amber turned around with a smirk similar to the one Carl wore earlier. “Then let’s get started.”

“Um, right.” Amber sat down on the table where Carl was sitting. “Okay, this will feel hot and it may sting for a moment or two.” Amber nodded and bit down on her bottom lip as the plastic skin formed around her hand and arm. Carl was right about it burning, but she couldn’t show him any weaknesses.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” Amber said cautiously as Carl formed the skin over her back.

“Uh hu?” He asked smoothing out the skin and carved out the muscle in the skin to make it the same as her real skin.

“How do you have access to all this technology? I thought only police, military, the extremely wealthy, and the royal family could have access to cybernetics.”

Carl answered her again with silence. She opened her mouth again to ask again.


Kathy’s soothing voice came to her ear. “That information has also been classified for Carl’s personal safety.”

“Got it?” Carl said curtly. “Raise your arm.”

“What’s with all the secrecy, Carl?”

“I said, raise your arm.” He said with an edge to his voice.

Amber raised her arm, nearly taking off Carl’s head. “I can’t trust you with that information yet. Its for your own good. Trust me.” Carl ran the fake skin around the girl’s side and around to her chest.

Amber turned her head as he did so. “Make it quick.”

Carl looked up at her, then back down sculpting the skin around her metallic breast and painting a nipple in it with incredible accuracy. Stepping back he approved his work with a nod. “Take a look in the mirror.” He invited.

She looked at him then stepped up to a full length mirror. She ran her fingertips experimentally over her prosthetic nipple and sighed. “It feels just like my normal flesh!” She said twisting her torso to see her back.

“That’s the way its supposed to be.” He informed her with a warm smile.

“Carl?” Amber turned around to face the twenty year old. “Thank you, for everything you’ve done for me.”

“Uh, that’s okay. I’ll do anything in my power to help you recover fully. Free of charge”

“Really?!” Carl kept his eyes on her as he turned his head to the right skeptically. “R-really.” Amber’s eyes glimmered with tears of joy and she rushed forward and took him in her arms. “Thank you!” She breathed as a tear of happiness rolled down her cheek. Carl hesitated before he wrapped his arms around Amber’s bare back. Kathy could feel both their pulses spike and suddenly felt something very strange. It was not really a feeling, but the way the electricity flowed through her circuits. And why was she suddenly mad at Amber for hugging Carl? Whatever the feeling was, she didn’t like it, or the events of how it came to be.