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“The TruForce Reunion”

The TruForce Reunion

By: Sage of Ice

Part One: Return of Courage

Chapter One: Endless Circle

Link grinned wide as he sat next to the fast flowing Zora's River. It was rare for him to have free time, but when he did he really enjoyed it. Epona neighed
from farther down the river, urging her friend to hurry. She was restless.

"I'm coming, old friend," he laughed, splashing some of the clear, cold waters into his face. He stood, stretching his tense legs and walked to where Epona
stood. She nuzzled his chest as he approached. "Ready to go home already?" he asked her. He glanced at the sky. Dusk was fast approaching, but he wasn't worried. The stalchilds that used the plauge the field when he was a child had long since been vacated. Now it wasn't uncommon to see the Hylians out at night. Nor any of the other races either.

Link sighed happily as he mounted his horse, readying to ride towards his home. The sun sank behind the trees.

Suddenly he heard a faint song on the wind. Something about the song drew Link, though he didn't know why. He followed the sound, stopping Epona near Lon Lon Ranch. He looked closely, expecting the singer to be Malon, his long time friend. But it wasn't. The singer was female, that he could tell from her voice. But even in the full moon, he couldn't make out much more. He saw her hair glow golden as a gentle wind blew around her. Link hid himself nearby, so he could listen to her song without having to explain why he- the Hero of Time- was spying on someone. As her song finished, Link decided he had to meet her, though he already felt as if he had always known her. He walked around the wall, and she spotted him. Her ocean blue eyes that mirrored the color of his own filled with suspicion and burned fiercly. She didn't hesitate as she drew her sword.

"Wait! I come in peace," he soothed. She glared, unspeaking. She was fast, he realized, as she raced towards him and spun her light blade. He ducked,
wishing that he had a sword with him. He rarely, if ever, carried one in these days of peace. Without warning, she relented. She turned, singing out a tune
with her clear soprano voice. A black horse thundered up beside her, and she mounted. Before she galloped off, she turned to him.

" Watch your step, hero," she warned, her voice cold and full of hatred. Her horse turned and she was gone.

Link blinked from his new seat on the ground, too surprised to get up. Epona walked up beside him, and prodded his back with her nose.

"I know, Epona. Something wasn't right about her," he shivered. Slowly he climbed to his feet and mounted Epona again. He headed towards his home, a small cabin near the Lost Woods. As he approached the tunnel that would lead him home he saw a figure dressed in black on a white horse blocking his path.

"Greetings, Hero of Time. You're out late," commented the Shadow Rider. Link recognized her voice immediatly.

"Hello, Impa. Or should I say Sage of Shadow?" he stated.

"I have no use for my title in these times. Not yet," she told him. "I have been sent on an errand by the princess. She wants to see you."

Link smiled. The Princess Zelda, the most beautiful woman in the land of Hyrule, and a sage to boot. He loved her, that much was obvious. He hoped to ask her father for her hand in marriage someday. He may be the keeper of the TriForce of Courage, but somethings were different.

Impa rode towards the castle and Link followed, prepared to meet the princess under any circumstances.