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"Under His Spell"

Under His Spell

By : Alexandra Spears

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is based on the cartoon.  Just so you know which Link and Zelda this is!

It was a beautiful spring day in Hyrule, and Princess Zelda was taking a walk with her friend Link, the adventurer who had helped guard the Triforce of Wisdom from the evil wizard Ganon. It was even more beautiful because Ganon had been finally defeated by Link mere weeks ago, and Zelda now had possession of the Triforce of Power. "I'm glad I finally got rid of ol' Pig-Face," said Link. "Do you still want me to hang around, or what?"

"Why not?" asked Zelda. "The Triforce is pretty powerful. There will always be someone wanting to get his hands on the Triforce." All three Triforces-Power, Wisdom, and Courage-were now kept locked in a secret vault in a locked room in the castle. The Triforce of Courage, which Link had possessed, had materialized when he'd defeated Ganon.

"I guess I could use a break from adventuring," said Link. "Besides, there are-other things I want to pursue, here in Hyrule."

"Like what?" asked Zelda, tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

"A certain pretty blonde wearing blue, purple, and pink," Link said airily.

Zelda was wearing pink leggings, a purple blouse, and a blue vest. "Would her name happen to be Zelda?" she asked coyly. She'd seemed to take more of a liking to Link since Ganon's defeat.

"Maybe," said Link.

Zelda laughed lightly. "I think it's about time you finally got a kiss from me," she said. She turned to him and slid her hands over his chest, around his neck.

"About time you started paying up," Link smirked as he put his hands around her waist.

"You going to talk or kiss?" asked Zelda. Link said no more. His lips touched hers, caressed them.

After a few moments they finally broke it off. "Where did you learn how to kiss like that?" asked Link. "That was good!"

"You're my first," said Zelda.

"Let's see...not counting that Gibdo that turned me into a frog, and not counting-not really-your evil double, I'd say you're about the first girl I've kissed," said Link, sounding mischievous.

"How was my double?"

"Too cold." Link took her hand and they headed in the direction of the castle. Link wasn't bad at all, Zelda thought. Maybe a little unrefined...but maybe that was what she liked, rather than the stuffed-shirt types. Her father certainly liked Link and would approve of a romance between Link and Zelda.

Behind them they heard a horse neighing. Link and Zelda turned around and saw someone on horseback. "Princess Zelda, I presume?" asked the rider in a cultured voice. He had jet black hair and stormy gray eyes, and he wore a gray tunic. A magenta-colored medallion seemed to glow on his chest.

"Yes, I'm Zelda. What's your name, stranger?"

"I am King Torin of Kayrn, to the extreme southwest of here," he replied. "I have heard of your beauty even from my relatively distant land, and I came to see if the rumors were true. And they are." Link narrowed his eyes at the man. Great, just what he needed.

"Perhaps you'd like to come to the castle and meet my father?" Zelda suggested. "Oh, and this is my boyfriend, Link. He saved our kingdom from Ganon."

"Charmed, I'm sure," said Torin, in a voice that indicated otherwise. Link, however, felt better when she said that. Still, he didn't like or trust this guy. "Care to ride with me, Your Highness?" asked Torin, holding out a black-gloved hand.

"No, thank you, Link and I were walking," said Zelda. "We'll meet you at the castle."

"Very well then, I'll see you there." He rode off ahead of them.

"I'm glad you didn't leave me behind this time," said Link, his arms folded.

"Link, you don't need to be jealous. It's you I love," said Zelda.

"You finally admit it?" asked Link, the look of jealousy fading from his face.

"I kissed you, didn't I? I wouldn't let you kiss me if I didn't love you," she replied.

"Still, there's something odd about that guy," said Link. "I don't trust him."

"'re just mad because he was flirting with me," Zelda chided. "Come on, let's go home." She took his hand.

Later that afternoon, as the sun was starting to set, Link, Zelda, and Zelda's father King Harkinian sat in the den with King Torin. Zelda was wearing a pretty green off-shoulder dress, and she'd found a nice tunic and leggings for Link to wear.

"I came to Hyrule hoping to find a wife, as I am lonely," said Torin.

"I have but one daughter," said Harkinian. "My only child, Zelda." Link bit his tongue to keep from making a cutting remark. Sensing this, Zelda gently reached over and touched his hand. "And it appears that she already has a suitor," Harkinian added, smiling in Link's direction.

"This-this ragamuffin?" Torin demanded, letting anger creep into his voice as he gestured towards Link.

Link grabbed the handle of his sword. Zelda clutched his hand to hold him back. "Torin, Link has saved our kingdom, as I've told you before," she said. "I am in love with Link."

"Torin, please, let my daughter decide for herself. She is eighteen and old enough to make her own decisions-intelligent decisions," said Harkinian.

"Of course. My apologies." Torin reached up and touched his medallion. "I was hoping that Zelda would at least like to visit me at my castle and see whether she would like me-or her adventurer."

"Of course I would," said Zelda. "You don't mind, do you, Link?"

Link looked confused. "Like your father said, Zelda-you're capable of making intelligent decisions."

"It's decided then. I'll take you with me tomorrow morning," said Torin with an air of finality.

Link was fuming later on in his bedroom as he got ready for bed. "Link, she's just going to visit him, not marry him," said Spryte, the fairy princess who lived in the castle. She dodged the flying tunic.

"Spryte, she told me that she loved me! What is going on here!?" Link demanded, throwing his leggings in Spryte's direction and tugging on his nightshirt. "If she loves me, why is she going with this jerk? Tell me that!" He bounced on his mattress and jerked the covers over himself.

Spryte threw the leggings off her and flitted over to his bed. "Trust her, Link. If she says she loves you, then she does."

"It's him I don't trust. He seems to have some kind of hold over her. I just hope Zelda realizes who really loves her," said Link as he hugged his pillow.

After breakfast the following morning Zelda packed a few things. "I'll only be gone a week, Link," she said.

"Might as well be a year," said Link. "Couldn't I come along?"

"My horse only carries two," smiled Torin.

Link took Zelda into his arms and gave her a long kiss. "Just remember who loves you," said Link as he cupped her cheek in his hand.

"She will," said Torin, taking Zelda by the arm. She looked like she was about to protest. He touched his medallion.

"I'll be fine, Link. Go have some fun while I'm gone," Zelda said cheerily.

Link was watching Torin closely. He was very suspicious of this character-and of the way Zelda acted around him. "Be careful, Zelda," said Link. Zelda waved good-bye as she rode off with Torin.

Three long, lonely days passed by for Link. "Don't worry, Link, Zelda will be back soon," said Harkinian as he placed a hand on Link's shoulder, as Link stared out a window.

"If she loves me, Your Majesty, why did she go with him?" Link asked. "She even told him-in the forest a few days ago-that I was her boyfriend!"

"I'm afraid I can't explain that. But I'm sure everything will turn out for the best." He patted the boy's shoulder and walked off.

"Turn out for the best for whom?" Link muttered, crossing his arms. Link turned and walked down the corridor. By and by he saw a messenger talking to the King. Maybe there was some news from Zelda! The messenger had gone by the time Link caught up with Harkinian. "Any word from Zelda?" he asked anxiously.

The King was staring at the message in his hand. " daughter Zelda...she is going to marry King Torin tomorrow evening."

Zelda gasped with awe as she and Torin entered the castle gates in his kingdom of Kayrn. "Long have I awaited a beauty such as you, my fair princess," he said. "Perhaps Kayrn and Hyrule will become one land."

"Perhaps," Zelda said as she looked around. "This is a beautiful kingdom...I've never been here before," she said.

"Of course not, it's so out-of-the-way," said Torin as he escorted her inside his castle. "My maid will see you to your room."

Sure enough, a plumpish middle-aged woman came up. "You must be Princess Zelda," said the woman. "Right this way, dear, Torin has a room all ready for you."

Torin chuckled to himself as he clutched his medallion. "Kayrn and Hyrule will become one kingdom...and the Triforce will be within my grasp, thanks to you, my little gem," he said.

Zelda looked around the pretty room, which was done in pink. A canopied bed was in the middle, decorated in pink and purple, and a coordinating dresser and armoire were against two of the walls. "How pretty," she said to herself as she looked around. She went to the only window the room had and looked out. What was she doing here? she asked herself. Poor Link. He must really be bored and lonely. Well, she would visit this king-then she would go home and give Link a big kiss for trusting her and being so patient.

A blue dress lay on the bed. A note on it read, "Zelda, please wear this to dinner, as it would look lovely on you. Signed, Torin." Zelda fingered the velvet. He knew how to make a girl feel special. But then she remembered that white knight, that prince, and how he had treated her-he would rather see Zelda carried off to the Underworld than get dirty. Well, she'd do this to be polite. Still, she wondered why she'd come here.

"You look very lovely, my dear," Torin said that evening when Zelda came to dinner wearing the dress.

"Thank you," said Zelda, a bit uneasily. She liked the dress. Its long sleeves puffed at the shoulders-but it had a neckline that went so low that it showed the sides of her breasts. Now that was a bit uncomfortable. And she knew fully well that he was looking.

"Tell me, my dear, what do you think of me, and of this kingdom?" he asked as a servant laid down the first course for them.

Zelda took the tiniest sip of wine. "Your kingdom is lovely. And you seem to be a nice man," she said.

"Let me be blunt. I want you to be my wife. Hyrule and Kayrn will be one kingdom eventually," he said.

"What?" asked Zelda. "Torin-Your Majesty-I really can't. I'm in love with another man. Not with you," she said.

Torin stood up. "Let me tell you what happens, Princess, if you don't marry me. My kingdom is full of mercenaries, and I can hire one to kill Link-just like that," he said, snapping his fingers in her face. "I want that Triforce and you are the key to my owning it."

"So that's what this is about!" cried Zelda as she stood up. She remembered telling Link only the previous day that others might one day be after it. "You don't want me, you want the Triforce! I'm leaving!"

"You can't. I instructed my guards not to let you leave," smiled Torin. Zelda ran to her room, in tears. She threw herself on the bed and lay there, crying for what seemed like hours to her. She raised her head up as she heard a click coming from the door. She rushed to the door and there her suspicions were confirmed-she was locked in. This pretty room was now her prison.

It was now three days since Zelda had left Hyrule. She was still locked in the room, with no way to warn her father or Link about Torin. The only person who saw her during that time was the guard who brought her her meals. Zelda was sitting on her bed that morning, still in her pink nightgown, crying brokenheartedly. The last few days had been a nightmare. She hadn't been abused, at least not physically-but being shut in here for the past few days, the shutters to her window locked so she couldn't even see the sun, was torture. The days had blended one into the other and Zelda spent most of her time either sleeping or crying. She missed her father and she really missed Link. His handsome face, his dark hair, his brown eyes were what she dreamed about whenever she managed to sleep.

Zelda heard a key turning in the lock. She sat up as Torin entered the room. "'Tis a happy day for this kingdom!" he said grandly. "You and I are getting married tomorrow evening!"

"No, we're not," said Zelda.

"You can't back out now. I already sent word to your father, and a coach will be arriving for him early tomorrow morning, as it is nearly a full day's ride from here," said Torin, ignoring her. "Naturally Link is not invited-he'll lie to you and convince you that he loves you and I don't."

"Link does so love me!" Zelda flared, standing up. "He's risked his life for me countless times. He's proven that he loves me time and again!"

"Remember what I said," Torin reminded her. "I'll have him killed. I know that you're going to look upset tomorrow if I don't do something...but I have a remedy for that." He left the room and locked the door.

Zelda flew to the door and tried turning the handle. She pounded on the door. "Let me out right now!" she screamed. Realizing that it was hopeless, she slumped to the floor, her back against the door, and started crying again. "Link...why didn't I listen to you...oh, Link, I miss you so much...," she sobbed.

Zelda could do nothing but cry all day. She dared not try to escape, or Torin would send a mercenary to kill Link. But she didn't want to marry Torin. Either she could escape and risk losing Link, or she could marry Torin, lose Link anyway, and have him take the Triforce. Right now neither option sounded desirable in the least. All she could do now was hope that somehow, someway, she could get out of this.

Link was outside practicing his swordfighting-or, more accurately, he was swinging his sword at some dummies, taking out all his anger and frustration on them. "She lied to me! She lied! She lied!!!" Link screamed. Angrily, he flung his sword to the ground, and it stuck straight up. He sat down, his back to the castle wall, and tried to think. Only a few hours ago a notice had come that Zelda was marrying King Torin the following evening. A coach would be here early in the morning for King Harkinian-and of course Link was not invited.

"Because he knows I'll take his head off!" Link said out loud. There was still something odd about that guy. He forced himself to calm down, to think. In his mind's eye, he saw the unearthly glow of that medallion. Funny-every time he'd touched that medallion, Zelda had become something of a different person.
That was it! He must have a spell on her! Odd that in one breath Zelda had told that fool that she loved Link, and in the next she was willing to go to Kayrn with that fool! "I have to ask the Triforce of Wisdom," said Link.

Link entered a passageway through the castle's dungeon. Only he and Zelda held the keys, as they were the protectors of the Triforce. He pushed against a wall of the dungeon, and it slid open, making a hollow scraping noise. Link entered, and the section of the wall slid back in place. Taking a magic candle from his pouch, he made his way down the long, dark corridor, which twisted and turned for a good two hundred yards. At the end of the corridor was a dark green door, the ancient crest of the Kingdom-the Triforce-engraved in it. Link took out his special key and fitted it into the lock. The door swung open, and the Triforces shone brightly, bathing him in red, green, and blue light. They were in their triangle formation, Power on top, Wisdom on the bottom left, and Courage on the bottom right.

"I wish to seek the advice of the Triforce of Wisdom," said Link.

"Speak, Protector of the Triforce," said the Triforce of Wisdom, its light pulsing with each syllable.

"Princess Zelda is to marry King Torin of Kayrn tomorrow," said Link. "But I don't trust him. Not only that, he has this reddish-purple medallion and I think he's somehow managed to hypnotize Zelda with it!"

"He has found the Hypnosis Medallion. He has but to touch it and make eye contact with the person he wishes to hypnotize. The effects last but a short time," said the Triforce of Wisdom, no longer speaking in those annoying rhymes Link was used to. "Destroy it, and the spell on Zelda will be broken."

"Thank you," said Link. "I'm just glad I sought your advice before I went making a fool of myself."

"Truly you are worthy of the Triforce," said the Triforce of Wisdom. "Also-Torin seeks to possess us, the Triforces, by marrying Zelda. You must stop him."

"You bet I will," said Link. Link rushed out of the room, which locked behind him, and through the corridor. Placing the candle back in his pouch, he flipped a hidden switch and the section of the wall moved for him, allowing him back into the castle dungeon. He was relieved that Zelda apparently didn't love that guy-but at the same time he was worried, wondering what she was going through.

"You say Zelda doesn't love him?" King Harkinian asked early the next morning as he waited for the coach that would take him to his daughter's wedding.

"He hypnotized her, Your Majesty," said Link. "I asked the Triforce."

"What should we do then?"

"Just act like nothing's out of the ordinary," said Link. "I plan on going there myself and crashing Torin's little party." Just then, the coach arrived. Link, on his horse Catherine, stayed out of sight. He watched as the driver helped Harkinian into the coach, then got up into his seat on the top of the coach. "Let's go, Catherine," said Link as he urged her to a gallop. "Time for a hijacking." Catherine was faster than the horse pulling the coach, plus she wasn't pulling a lot of weight, so Link was able to pull up to the driver in minutes. The driver did not have time to react before Link jumped on. "Stop the horse!" Link ordered.

"I was warned about you," said the driver as he stopped and pulled out a crossbow. Link slammed the driver down on the top of the coach, knocking him out. Then he put the driver's long black cloak and floppy black hat over his own clothes and left the driver in the road.

"Good show, Link," Harkinian called.

"Let's go make sure your daughter doesn't get married today," said Link as he urged the horse forward.

Zelda was numb as a lady-in-waiting helped her into a white wedding dress. It was useless to escape, she realized. Guards were all around the place. Torin came into the room when Zelda was fully dressed. He wore white this time, that ever-present medallion on his chest. "You're happy to be marrying me today, aren't you, Zelda?" he asked.

"Yes, very happy!" Zelda chirped as she looked into his gray eyes.

"Then shall we walk down the aisle, my love?" he asked as he held out his elbow. Zelda took it willingly, and together they walked into the ballroom of his castle.

It was getting on towards evening when Link, driving the coach, arrived with King Harkinian. It was easy for Link to figure out where to drop him off at, as there were hundreds of coaches around the castle. Link pulled up to the entrance everyone else was going into, and he hopped down and helped Harkinian out. He then escorted him inside. Link had no idea how the castle was laid out, but all he had to do was follow other nobles and their escorts. So far, so good-the cloak did a fantastic job of hiding his identity. And Harkinian was doing his part by keeping quiet so he wouldn't blow his cover.

Music started playing as Torin and Zelda, elbows linked, walked slowly down the aisle. Torin hadn't used the medallion on Zelda the past few days because the spell only lasted a short while and wouldn't be worth the time. But he'd had to use it today, otherwise things wouldn't go so smoothly. Zelda smiled when she saw her father sitting in the front row, and he smiled back at her. Soon she and Torin were at the altar. A priest of the kingdom of Kayrn was there, waiting to perform the ceremony.

"We are here to witness the joining of Torin, King of Kayrn, and Zelda, Princess of Hyrule," said the priest. "Firstly, anyone who gives good reason why these two should not be wed, speak now-"

"I have a good reason," said one of the guards.

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded Torin.

"He has her under a spell-that medallion!" said the guard, who threw his cloak off. It was Link! He threw himself at Torin and ripped the medallion from his neck.

"Guards! Get him!" shouted Torin.

Link held the medallion. "I think they should be called off," said Link, looking into Torin's eyes.

"Never mind...we can settle this amicably," said Torin. The guards were confused, but they stayed put.

"Link-Link!" Zelda squealed happily as she threw her arms around him.

"Let's just get out of here," said Link. He looked at Torin again. "We'll have safe passage out of here in that nice coach I was driving."

"Let me drive, and you two sit back and talk," said Harkinian, once they were at the coach Link had been driving earlier. Harkinian ambled up, and Link and Zelda sat in the coach together.

"Oh, Link, I never loved him. He had that spell on me," said Zelda.

"I know, Zelda, I know." Link hugged her tightly as she cried tears of relief on his shoulder. "When we get back we need to destroy this medallion."

"Link, can you ever forgive me?"

"Zelda, of course I can. It wasn't your fault," Link assured her as he kissed the top of her head. "I just have one question for you."

"What is it?"

"Will you marry me?"

Zelda threw her arms around him and kissed his lips. "Yes. And you don't need a medallion to get me to say it, either."